#07: The Power Of The Ankh:
Gift Or Curse?

(The Illusion of Life's Realities)

The Ankh is the symbol which represents the power aspects of all the DoubleGates, regardless of the level (whenever the Ankh is seen, the processes of Life are present).

The Ankh is divided into two subsets of law which derive their power from The LifeForce/MindForce Pairing—The Magic Circle and The Broken Cross. It is interesting to note that the Ankh, itself, is not the barrier between any two layers of the Cocoon of Maya; it is merely that which governs the operation of the barrier by determining who shall pass, and under what condition said passage will be allowed, limited by the Alliance of the Rule, according to either The Magic Circle or The Broken Cross.

Many of the symbols which are known today are extremely ancient—the Ankh is but one of these. As with all symbols, the appearance of the Ankh has changed over the years. The many changes have come as a result of the changes in languages, changes in levels of understanding, changes in teaching needs, and, changes in the artistic eye of the priests of the era.

To our knowledge, the Lemurian pictographs that were used in the Temple Of Light (As in Fig. #1) are the oldest of all the versions of the Ankh. Some comes from the low lands of the sunken landmass known as Mu to some, as Lemuria to others. After the final sinking of Lemuria, the priests of Atlantis changed the Ankh to resemble the TwinSpecies: Human. Then, when the greater part of Atlantis also sank beneath the sea, the priests again changed the Ankh. Finally, when the last of Atlantis sunk, the priests of the colonies of Atlantis, the land that would someday be called Egypt, changed the Ankh to what we know it today. The actual reasons for the changes remain, to this day, unknown.

We do know, however, that the Ankh represented many different concepts on many different levels of the lower levels of Middle-Earth—home for the Astral Plane Of Common Reality for Planet Earth. Among the many concepts, the power of the Ankh was (and still is) a prime controller of the power which governs the barrier between this level of existence and the next three levels of awareness (while seldom spoken of, the Ankh also controls the DoubleGate called The BloodMendella—the power that prevents other life-forms from entering our physical body when we are not in it, such as when we are traveling).

Its power extends over all life-forms that inhabit Lower-Middle Earth [home for the TwinSpecies:Human], Middle-Middle Earth [home of Man’s higher-selves—The Ba], and Higher-Middle Earth [home for Man’s BaKa, and, home for both, Man’s individual Soul and Man’s Collective Soul].

It is our intention to explain only a part of the how the ankh governs the barriers without actually getting too explicit about the due process of how the Ankh governs the forces of a barrier without, itself, being a part of the barrier; but, for now, it is sufficient to realize that the Ankh accomplishes its task by reading the individual’s Karmic Chord.

This reading is recorded as a part of the individual’s Arkashic Record [on another level of awareness, this set of recordings is known as the individual’s Soul, it becomes a part of his Soul reading process], and serves as the prime key with which to operate the DoubleGate which the barrier contains.

The mechanism of this key is quite complex, indeed. It is a combination of magnetic-type frequency-bands. The individual’s different emotions, desires, hopes, dreams, deeds committed, deeds omitted are all recorded in the form of nodes which combine to form a psychic-sound that in many ways resemble a chord, not unlike the chords found in music. When it is used by the powers of the Ankh, it is read as-a-whole just like a musical chord is read as-a-whole.

It is possible that an individual could approach as many as twenty different DoubleGates along his travels... especially between the Nine Ruling Planes of The Earth Experience. However, a very important DoubleGate which must be addressed, if the individual is to travel to other realities, is the DoubleGate which guards his Ka; such that only his Ba may enter therein—this specific DoubleGate is called one’s BloodMendella.

The Magic Circle is never seen alone; it is always supported by The Broken Cross. Together, The Magic Circle and The Broken Cross are the duality which exists within the Ankh; thus, fulfilling the law which states: That which exists within the Chi shall exist dual in its nature, but Triune in its effects. Needless to say, there are many levels to The Magic Circle (as seen in fig. #2). However, regardless of the level in question, Unity, Duality, and Triunity will always be represented. There may be more, but never will there be fewer.

Unity is represented by the Circle, as a whole; Duality is represented by the spiraling inner circle (with its accompanying Now Zone) and the outer circle. Triunity is represented by the interaction of the inner circle (with its Now Zones) and the outer circle. Notice, it is the interaction between the inner circle and the outer circle, and not the presence nor the absence of the inner circle and the outer circle that holds the power.

In any case, as stated earlier, there are many levels to the Magic Circle... both visible and invisible. Regardless of which level of the Magic Circle is being discussed, regardless if the level in question is visible or invisible, regardless if the level in question is modifiable or static, Unity is always known as The Chi of the level at hand; Duality changes according to the level; and, Triunity will depend upon The-Law-Of-The-Moment’s A Happenings.

As an example of the many levels of Duality within The Magic Circle, consider the following:

  1. The First Level: On the first level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the primary forces of The Presence and The Absence. of all things.
  2. The Second Level: Upon the second level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the limitations of Illusion and the limitations of that illusion’s Reality.
  3. The Third Level: Upon the third level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes an individual’s inner world, and, that same individual’s outer world.
  4. The Fourth Level: Upon the fourth level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes Logic and Emotions within an individual’ inner world, within an individual’s outer world, within an individual’s illusions, and, within an individual’s multiple states of Reality.
  5. The Fifth Level: Upon the fifth level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes The Lower Gods (the lower gods are those things which cause the individual to descend deeper into his illusions) and The Higher Gods (the higher gods are those things which causes an individual to grow, such that they leave the more earthly pleasures behind as they pursue the more spiritual pleasures of life).
  6. The Sixth Level: Upon the sixth level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the games of the individual and the games of the world.
  7. The Seventh Level: Upon the seventh level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the individual’s spirituality and the individual’s mundaneness.
  8. The Eighth Level: Upon the eighth level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the individual’s wants and the individual’s shoulds.
  9. The Ninth Level: Upon the ninth level of the Magic Circle, Duality becomes the limits imposed on the individual by the individual’s dreams and the limits imposed on the individual by the laws of the individual’s realities.

This is but a few of the levels of the Magic Circle which directly affect the quality and the quantity of an individual’s life, so long as that individual remains within the governing sphere of The Cocoon of Maya.

The powers of The Ankh is one of guarantees; in that, each individual
will be able to live every moment that is allotted to them by Destiny.

The laws governing the Ankh’s Broken Cross are Royal in their nature; because, they govern the very nature of the creation of The Grand Maya, itself; and, to a lesser degree, they govern the nature of Man’s descent from the pure state [called Deluge] into The Grand Maya’s first level of The Oblivion, Lower Middle Earth’s Level of Man.

Again, we cannot impress enough upon the reader the extreme importance of fabric-type thinking if he is to understand the nature of the Broken Cross [fabric-like thinking is a type of thinking wherein there is no past, no present, and no future. Therefore, in fabric-like thinking, everything happens all at once, at the same time]. The concept of the fabric of law is never more expressed as it is within The Broken Cross; because, it is not possible to understand the nature of the Broken Cross without, at the same time, understanding many aspects of The Magic Circle, which sits on top of The Broken Cross. As we have seen previously, it is the combination of The Magic Circle and The Broken Cross which forms The Ankh.

In our attempt to understand the Broken Cross, let us, again, begin with an introduction to a very incomplete explanation of The Magic Circle, seen in Fig. #2 and in Fig. #4. The Subset of Recursive Dialusion called The Magic Circle consists of a set of laws which seems not unlike an ever downward spiraling circle; a circle which recursively interacts with both, the level above it and the level below it (Recursive Dialusion is the word that has reference to The Universal Set of The Laws of Creation).

An example of this circular nature of the law which governs The Ankh might be how the different life forms survive by eating other life forms; and, at the end of their life’s cycle, they, in turn, are eaten by still other life forms. The law which governs this action states: Life feeds upon life, and Death feeds upon The Oblivion [it is the separation of blasphemic individuals from the species, as a whole].

Another example of the circular nature of the law might be how, when a seemingly higher life form, such as Man, eats; his body produces waste matter which is food for lower life forms.

Still a third example might be how a higher life form, such as Man, processes the food from which he gains nourishment. Few realize that most of the food which is eaten by Man is not directly consumed by Man.

While plants are rooted into the soil from which they obtain their nourishment (as a result of this, they have very little mobility in space, but are free to travel in time), the members of the TwinSpecies:Human carries his soil within the physical body. It is within the internal soil that the life forms (in the form of beneficial bacteria) which digest the food that Man eats, live. As it does so, it produces a waste product (the same as do the microbes which live in the external soil within which plants live). It is Man’s internal soil’s accumulation of waste product upon which Man gains his nourishment. Man eats from his soil just as plants eat from their soil. In both cases, the life-form [both plants and Man] get their nourishment by absorbing the waste product of other life-forms. It is the law of Repeating Patterns at work.

Furthermore, very little of Man’s waste product is what remains of undigested food; in fact, the bulk of Man’s waste product is the remains of Man’s internal beneficial bacteria—the life-forms that live in the soil that Man carries inside of him. Still further, it is this waste product which Man expels that is broken down and re-consumed by still other [sometimes lower, but usually different] life forms.

This brings to mind two of Earth’s prime laws

#1. Kill and be killed; Eat, and be eaten;
#2. Life feeds upon life, separation feeds upon the oblivions.

For now, enough said about The Magic Circle. It is sufficient to remember that it is the interactiveness of the laws which governs the nature of the creation of Man’s form, size, and environment which sets the pattern between The Magic Circle and The Broken Cross.

It is Man’s form to which we turn our attention next; but, first, let us go on another small aside, just to remind ourselves that the Magic Circle created and used different layers or different levels as a pattern to create Man’s very existence. This process of using different layers or different levels during the creation of The Grand Maya is never more apparent as it is in The What If/But version of Man’s descent into The Grand Maya [The What If/But Manuscript tells one of the many versions of how the TwinSpecies: Human came to be caught in the trap of Maya—how man was covered by his Coat-Of-Skin]. Perhaps, time might be set aside to reintroduce ourselves to this version of Man’s descent before reading any further.

If it were possible to exit The Grand Illusion, the illusion which traps us within the cocoon of The Grand Maya, and, if it were possible to travel some distance, we might look back upon the cocoon of The Grand Maya.

The diagram of Fig. #4 shows us The Magic Circle at the top entrance (it is ever present throughout the cocoon of The Grand Maya, even if it cannot be seen); and, it shows us a pattern of different layers and different levels. In this illustration, only four layers are shown. The downward spiraling lines separate the different levels; and, represent The Presence and/or The Absence of Placental type barriers which separate the different levels along many different veins of creation.

The Royal Placental Barriers (the white spaces between the different layers) represent The Presence of The Now Zones [The Now Zones are such that only Orthodontiks’ Time governs—It is fabric-like aspect of time which governs all within The Now Zones. The Now Zones is that aspect of Creation that is both, within the illusion of Creation and outside the illusion of Creation. It is that aspect of time that seemingly converts the future into the past so Man can conceive of it, and, thereby experience it].

If we were to seek a top view of the internal structure of the cocoon of The Grand Maya, a view representing the four layers which are shown in Fig. #4, we might see the image shown in Fig. #5. It will be noticed that it follows the pattern of a box within a box, within a box; with each box having its own combination entrance/exit-type gate.

In layer #1, we discover The World Of Alfa—The World of Alfa knows both, LinearTime and FabricTime. However, it knows not Space. It is fitting that its place is at the innermost layer of the diatram, as, in life, The World of Alfa lies within the innermost layers of each individual.

The inner most layer, shown in Fig. #5, we see The DoubleGate leading into the Continuum of Life forms; Here, upon this level, the limitations are such that it is the residence of all the necessary laws which go into the creation and the modification of the continuum of life forms, themselves. It is these laws which make the difference between being born Man, as opposed to being born Mermaid upon Lower Middle Earth’s Astral Plane Of Common Reality.

On this layer, the specific layer of Law, many different life forms coinhabit the same time, the same space, the same physicalness, and, the same relative environment we call Earth. What’s important to remember on this level of experience is that Triunity is represented by the presence of all three levels of existence—Lower Earth, Middle Earth, and Higher Earth; each of which have their own respective divisions of lower, middle, and higher aspects of themselves.

On this layer of the cocoon of The Grand Maya, the claim to uniqueness commands that only single type life forms may exist; but, each consisting of many subdivisions within themselves [this means that only life-forms that have the relative ability to direct their own future, the ability to eat for themselves, the ability to breath for themselves, the ability to be born for themselves, and, the ability to die for themselves—no one can do these things for them, they must do it for themselves—may reside upon this level of existence].

This is the level of the individual life-form’s Inner World. It is the prime residence for all the life forms’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions—Illusions only are allowed there. Notice, however, there is a seeming contradiction resident, as well.

Language does not get its powers of creation because it is a tool that Man uses to communicate to others of his kind. While it is true, that is important to Man. But, Language gets its powers of creation because it is the only tool that Man has to communicate to himself!

While language is also a part of The World Of Illusions [The World Of Illusions is that part of reality that can only be touched by the Mind], the ability for language, itself, does reside within an individual’s Inner World—The World of Alfa.

Language is the prime tool with which the individual creates his reality. Therefore, it is the power of language that creates and maintains order within an individual’s Inner World. This is because it is the power of language that gives the individual the ability to be aware, to know, to see, and, to recognize that which is around them. Furthermore, it is the limitations of the ability for language and its value-systems that create and maintains disorder between the individual’s Inner World and the individual’s Outer World.

Usually, traveling to and/or from this level of existence by other residents of Lower Middle Earth’s Astral Plane Of Common Reality is not permitted—the claim to uniqueness prevents it. Only the most evolved life-form’s mind may enter the level of The Laws Of Their Illusion, as it is a state of being that is non-physical.

In layer #2, the second ring from the center, shown in Fig. #5, we see The DoubleGate Of Reincarnation/Reintroduction—it is space dominated, wherein a single life exists within the physical Universe [as opposed to being time dominated wherein many lives are in succession]. While it is true that the single life may be of any form, for our purpose, let us assume that it is the life of any human; as such, this is the level of the human’s Outer World. It is the space that is controlled by his time/Space Continuum wherein he lives, breaths, mates, and dies—it is also residence for all the human’s Common Reality activities.

It is the basic starting point which birth, itself, condemns us all. Usually, the predominate type of travel which is allowed by those life forms which has sufficient mobility is the traveling through the layer’s space. While it is possible for a resident of this level of existence to achieve a greater degree of mobility (such as the ability to travel through time and the ability to travel via thought), it is a very rare occurrence, indeed!

In layer #3, the third ring from the center, shown in Fig. #5, we see The DoubleGate Of Eternities—It is that aspect of beingness which gives power to the laws of our karmic bonds, thus, leading the individual into a single journey—a single journey which consists of many lives, each of which are but levels of a single illusion. The law of perfect judgment (reincarnation) reigns within this layer. Usually, the only travel which is permitted (by the residents of this level of existence) is governed by the individual’s karmic bonds. Usually, the individual becomes a pilgrim through Time, itself. It is in this way that an individual gets the chance to relive a time of trouble, wherein he accrued a karmic debt. The prime steering currents which governs this level of existence are The Law of The Moment and The Affinity Factor.

In layer #4, the most outer ring that is shown [of course there are many more levels that are not shown], in Fig. #5, we see The DoubleGate of Isis/Anubis [the DoubleGate of Isis/Anubis is the separation between that which is created and that which has not yet been created, but is destined to be created because of the individual’s Karma] which leads into The Grand Maya, itself. It is said to be the first layer of illusion—seed of all illusions.

When the TwinSpecies:Human caused itself to go into The Oblivion, it descended, via its thoughts, from the pure state called Deluge; it descended into the state of being wherein resides only eternals—Orthodontiks, therein, Man began his dream of separation from the All.

If we follow the tale of The Descent, outside the DoubleGate called Isis/Anubis, we will find The Sea of Un-created Futures. While it is said to be a state of being which has no space and no time, as we know time and space to be, it surrounds a still more mysterious state of being called The Now Zone—the first of the placental-type barriers which divide the purity of Deluge [a state of beingness wherein only pure energy beings reside, where light is the prime building material] from the impurity of creation, as we know creation to be.

This level of existence—Orthodontiks—is governed by Royal Steering Currents, only; As such, travel is only possible via one’s thoughts (traveling at the speed of thought is the fastest way possible to travel).

It is written that one should take care when one wishes; He who wishes just might get what they wished for. Remember the judgment of Freewill: And, They Wept For Want To Be Freed From Their Own Desires!

The greatest problem which thinking has upon this level of existence is that all thoughts are, in and of themselves, deeds; That is, on the Orthodontiks’ level of existence, it is the thought which commits the tie that binds an individual unto his Karmic Bonds. It is quite different upon the Astral Plane Of Common Reality—In Common Reality, it is not the thought that binds us to our Karmic Bonds, it is the deed, itself.

An important implication which must be taken into consideration when seeking to understand the level of existence known as Orthodontiks, is that it [Orthodontiks beingness, itself] is seed to the power of the pairing of LifeForce/MindForce, itself. It is the nature of this Pairing that makes the difference between being born a blade of grass vs. being born a human.

MindForce, although a Royal Steering Current unto itself (it is Royal to all life forms), is governed by the first two laws of creation:

  1. The creation of the One is, in and of itself, the implication of the creation of the Other;
  2. That which exists shall be Dual in its nature, but, Triune in its effects.

These two laws require that MindForce be both, dual in its nature, and be Triune in its effects.

Thus, it can be said that any life form's mind must be divided into at least two expressions, and, divided into at least three layers or levels. We will assume that all life forms’ mind follow the divisions which can be found in Man, albeit to a much smaller degree.

Firstly, it can be said that the mind of Man follows the divisions of The God-head; in that, it is divided on the one hand into two parts, and on the other hand into at least three parts (this satisfies the Duality aspects as well as the Triunity aspects at the same time).

The Duality aspects of the mind of Man is such that it has a known [a conscious] level and an unknown [unconscious or sub-conscious] level. While most individuals are totally aware of their conscious levels, they do not, necessarily understand everything [every thought] that occurs upon that level of conscious awareness; because of the trickledown factor of the unconscious and the sub-conscious becoming known via one’s dreams, confusion is often the norm rather than the exception.

The Triunity aspect of the mind of Man is represented by:

  1. Level One: The Ka’s MindForce (seed of common reality, seed for common illusions, such as games and roles);
  2. Level Two: The Ba’s MindForce (seed for the individual’s level of dreams, seed for self-expression, seed for the individual’s unconscious/sub-conscious level of awareness, seed for the individual’s laboratory);
  3. Level Three: The BaKa’s MindForce (seed for The Divine Presence, seed for the essence of the individual, seed for adaptation which becomes change, seed for all new learning, seed for the individual’s alter realities).

This division of the MindForce then becomes related, because of the nature of Man’s illusions, to The Grand Awakening.

The divisions shown in Fig. #6 are directly related to the different levels shown in Fig. #5; in that, Fig. #6 goes a long way toward explaining the Triunity aspects which are not so readily seen in Fig. #5. As shown in Fig. #6, The Triunity aspects of law is represented by the presence of the Triune division of each life form; specifically, the life form has its Ka [with which he lives, eats, and dies], an unseen, often unknown Ba [in some life forms, such as Man the Ba becomes a source of inspiration... more important to realize is that it can be said that each individual is divided into different parts, wherein each part lives out a different destiny, having a different set of hopes, dreams, moods, and feelings. The World Of Alfa is home for all these different parts. It resides on the Ba's level of existence], and a Divine Ka, the BaKa [few but the most developed life form ever get to realize that they are, indeed, guided by their Other World Teacher in the form of their BaKa].

Still, in level two, as shown in Fig. #6, The Triunity is represented by the divisions of the life form's limitations with respect to its illusions. The life form in question, in the case of Man, the individual’s limitations are such that his illusions limit him to a Common Reality [The World Of The Ka, wherein he lives his everyday life], an Unconscious Reality [if the Man is lucky, he has the ability to become aware of alter realities], and, a Divine Presence [only the most highly developed of the species ever come to know, much less communicate with, their higher self].

Upon level three, again shown in Fig. #6, The Triunity factor is represented by the limitations of the individual’s Common Reality; because of the nature of the individual’s basic, animalistic flair for violence, the individual’s Common Emotional-type Reality is divided such that he is almost totally governed, if not guided by, a Defensive Reality [which serves in the positive by protecting him from his true enemies; and, serves in the negative by forcing the individual to see only a potential fellow warrior, therefore an enemy, as opposed to a possible friend-for-life]; a Self-expressive Reality [with which the individual expresses not what he really is, but what he would like to be upon all who will listen to his babbling illusions of self-importance]; and, a reality which allows adaptations, in the form of a minor change within his basic personality/value-system if, but only if, said change can relieve some of the individual’s pain.

Finally, in the fourth level, as shown in Fig. #6, Triunity is represented by dictating the nature of the life form's possible growth patterns; in that, the life form will/must first master the trials of his Common Reality before it can come to know or experience the affairs of his alter realities. Only when the life form has a degree of mastery [that is, the life form can be self-supporting in his own way] over the cares of his Common Reality will he be able to, on his own, travel to alter realities. However, little does he know that with the mastery of his alter realities, the individual will find the secret door which will bring him to communicate, via the Grand Awakening, to his Higher self.

Again, as an aspect of Fig. #6 which might not be easily understood is the fact that each level is divided by placental-type barriers [like the placenta between a mother and her child, a placental-type barrier will let only specifics through; everything else will be prevented from entering] which are, in themselves, Royal Steering Currents for the level in question. In each case, there are both Royal Steering Currents and Local Steering Currents which rule or limit the nature of the illusions which are experienced.

It must be remembered that Royal Threads [Royal Steering Currents] are the effects of the interaction between an individual’s Walk Of Freedom and his Walk Of Predestiny, while Common threads [common steering currents] are the effects of the individual’s freewill. If we imagine that the diagram shown in Fig. #6 is circular, such that the two ends of the diagram actually touch one another, and, if we also accept that the system of crossed lines also exist between the two ends, then we have another possible example of The Magic Circle which exists inside the spiral seen in Fig. #4 & #5.

Again, if we wish to see still another, completely different, example of the interaction between The Magic Circle and The Broken Cross, we need only look at the diagram of Fig. #7.

Notice that the diagram shown in Fig. #7, in some way, seeks to combine the information found in Fig. #6, in that the descending cycle uses the threads of the individual’s Ka, Ba, and the BaKa to weave the downward spiral of the descent into The Grand Maya. It also seeks to combine the data of Fig. #5, in that it further explains the limits imposed upon each level of existence within the cocoon like levels of The Grand Maya. It also seeks to combine Fig. #5 in that it gives another example of the downward spiral of the individual’s threads of life.

As we have seen, if we consider all the data, all the traps, all the errant emotions which drive Man still deeper into his illusions, we have to wonder if the power which the Ankh gives to the TwinSpecies:Human is worth the price that has to be paid. Man had better enjoy himself; he’ll be here a very long time.


Truths are everywhere. In any language, words form phrases; phrases form sentences; sentences surrender to paragraphs; paragraphs succumb to pages; and, pages cast shadows of patterns. Patterns are what Arkashea and the inward search reveal. While to know patterns is to begin the journey of life, to understand patterns is to venture forth into the essence of life.