Monastery of Arkashea

Seeking Within


Greetings from The Monastery of Arkashea,

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Essenes of Arkashea. We Essenes are an ancient order, founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten in the year 1354 B.C. Akhenaten is believed to be the first, since the time of the fabled Atlantis, to achieve direct communications with the GreatForce (the higher forces), which is said to control existence, itself. In a period of history when the world at large believed in many gods (there being a god for each locality), Akhenaten believed in the existence of only one god. Akhenaten believed that if God was, indeed, God, He would be everywhere. However, the real power behind the throne at the time was in the hands of the priests of the local god--Amen Re. The priests of Amen Re perceived Akhenaten's process of believing in only one god a threat to their existing power; because Akhenaten's God was not Amen Re--it was the Aten (symbolized by the Sun's corona). Eventually, to protect their political power, the followers of Amen Re had Akhenaten murdered. However, before being poisoned, Akhenaten had developed quite a large following; most of which fled Egypt at the time of his assassination.

After a history of migrations in and about the land of Hebren, the Essenes of Arkashea settled among the thirteenth tribe of the land of Hebren (the tribe was called the Hokites). As years passed, corruption seeped into the fold; the splintering of our Order was inevitable. Because of the divisions caused by differing belief-systems, and because of a very severe drought which befell the land of the Hokites, many of our people re-entered the land of Egypt; there, to build the cities of Pharaoh. This division of belief-systems among our people, above all things, was seed for many denominations to come from The Fellowship of Arkashea (the true House of Egypt, the people known as the Hokites); the first of which was the House of Judea. From the House of Judea there came the House of Sheba, who was seed to Islam, and the House of David, which was seed for Christianity. Needless to say, the denominations that splintered from the House of Egypt deviated from the original teachings of Akhenaten. However, among the many splits, there existed a sect among the House of Judea, which continued to call themselves Essenes, as opposed to Essenes of Arkashea.

We, in this country, are a part of the original sect which still exists (we have kept true to the visions of Pharaoh Akhenaten). We are not known by the title Essenes, as are the Hebrew splinter from which Christianity comes. We are known by the title Essenes of Arkashea. The splinter group, which is known by the simple title Essenes, belongs to the House of Judea. We, on the other hand, belong to the House of Egypt. The sacred books of today do not make this differentiation when they speak of us.

We have chosen to remain hidden from public view since the time when Master Jesus was born in a grotto that served as one of our hostels. Yes, it is true that the bed within which Jesus slept as a newborn was a manger in one of our unused hostels that was temporarily being used as a stable. We were honored that the GreatForce should choose us to house the coming of such greatness into the world.

We were a sentinel society then, as we are a sentinel society now. We do so to keep our knowledge of Universal Laws from becoming tainted with politics; and, thus, we keep our knowledge from being used against others.

Again, we keep secret our knowledge for good reason; the people of Earth, in their seeming evolution, have left a trail of devastation (this trail must, if continued, culminate with the dilemma of possible world extinction). While we are guarded, we do not deny the entire world what we know. To these ends, we feel we must make ourselves known only to those who seek inward to find themselves. If such individuals find the way, they will find it only within themselves. And, if such individuals are truly seeking The Arcane Wisdom (out of truth, out of honor, and not out of curiosity or out of pain), they will knock upon the door that has been hidden from them, and the GreatForce will lead them toward our door. Was it not written that God has placed His commandments into the hearts of His people? Only from within can each find the sacred truths of Creation.


The word Arkashea (pronounced A-Ka-She-A before it was Americanized into Are-Kay-Sha).

  1. On the first level of understanding, Arkashea reads as the first independent thought.
  2. On the second level of understanding, the translation of the word Arkashea reads as having the first expression of Freewill.
  3. On the third level of understanding, the translation of the word Arkashea reads as being the first independent experience.
  4. On the fourth level of understanding, the word Arkashea reads as the first moment of independent awareness.

The word Arkashea, itself, comes from the root phrase Akashic Records (the origin of the concept of the soul). It [Akashic Records] is a history of what each individual has done within the manifestation of the LifeForce, as each experiences life within matter.

We, Essenes of Arkashea, seek to explore this history within ourselves, to retrace the steps that have brought us to this place and point in time. Then, as a tool for change, we use these tracings to achieve growth toward greater awareness.

As it is with all true growth, the opportunity for greater awareness is found within each of us. It is that part of us that within lies the place called Arkashea. It lies somewhere between the individual's relative truths and the individual's ever-changing, but ever-tangible, illusions of Reality. This place [this flowing river of experience where the individual will either find himself, or loose himself] is dictated solely by the desires of each individual; and, it is limited only by their power over language.

This is a place where truths can be unmasked. It is where the pilgrim of inner space becomes the listener of his own words. The traveler who is seeking the inward path learns of the difference that comprises his truths and the similarities that make up his prejudiced illusions. Everybody has the intrinsic ability to look inside himself or herself. Not all who seek to find these truths and their relative illusion will succeed. However, what is sad is that most individuals do not bother; they would rather feed their emotions and the emotion's need for satisfaction.

Truths are certainly everywhere. In any language, words form phrases, sentences surrender to paragraphs, paragraphs succumb to pages, and pages cast shadows of patterns. Patterns are what Arkashea and the inward search reveal. While to know patterns is to begin the journey of life, to understand patterns is to venture forth into the essence of life.

A simple framework of understanding is all that is needed to enter into this essence of life. Once the individual has entered the State of Arkashea, it is possible to learn answers to all which is troublesome, such that he becomes accountable to himself; he need only understand how to feel, how to behave, and, how to think within the framework of a firm introspective concern of what is good for the whole, as opposed to what is good for just himself.

In Arkashea, we provide a dynamic environment for this framework to evolve within an individual's conscious mind. Later, with enough control, some individuals even learn how to correctly apply these principles within the world of the subconscious, the true world of language, itself. It can truly be said that the power to create lies in one's language.

All the individuals who reside within the Monastery of Arkashea are, in a sense, a student of themselves; in that, they persevere at seeking higher forms of their own nature. In this effort, wisdom is sought persistently, yet patiently. Students become aware of the endless displays of wisdom's subtle diversities. The rewards are simple, quiet realizations of one's own thoughts, of one's own behavior, of one's own emotions, and, of one's own self.

Once the interplay of these states is understood, the student learns to appreciate the seemingly infinite number of different realities within which these interactions can take place. The goal is to acquire control, and, ultimately, the ability to free one's self from the mire of Maya [Maya is the grand illusion of which we (the residents of Earth) are all a part. It (Maya) is what we call Reality].

Life in Arkashea is not a life of seclusion. What is learned is shared with others via example. Neither are there mass gatherings for the purpose of group prayers. Instead, meditations and reflections guide each as each is in his own solitude. Religious activities are cloistered within the individual's mind. Spirituality, itself, is considered to be a private communication between the individual and his God, whatever he conceives his God to be. Our precepts are very simple. Ironically, though, it is the simplicity of our laws that make it difficult for most people to follow. A few examples of Arkashean Axioms are:

  • Do not follow blindly;
  • Always do your own thinking;
  • Understand, Forgive, and Love all who approach you;
  • Never do anything you feel or think is wrong;
  • Question all things that are not understood, but do not impugn.

Please understand, it is not our purpose to preach the right or the wrong aspects of what is chosen by others. Neither do we send missionaries into the world to pronounce our presence and importance, as do other belief systems; again, we are a secret society. Although we do our best to help, we have no wish:

  • to convert people to our way of thinking;
  • to persuade people to our way of behaving;
  • to override the free-will of others;
  • to strive for acceptance from others;
  • to seek special recognition from others.

Our sense of duty lies in our ability to benefit mankind, not in our ability to bring forth religion upon society.

The Monastery of Arkashea is an interwoven community that is guided under the umbrella of one foremost function. This function is to serve others in any way that it can, within certain limits. We do this by providing help to individuals in a one-on-one environment. There is no fee for this assistance, nor do we ask for donations. Helping others is our only reason for existing. It is our way of worshipping; it is our prayer unto the GreatForce.

Arkashea, the Monastery, as with Arkashea, the State, has been designed to afford maximum freedom for its residents. However, there is a distinct and strict structure to which all must obey. Freedom, for us, manifests itself within Arkashea in the form of paradoxes--we believe the more Man limits himself, the more he becomes free.

This might be an odd statement perhaps to some. To understand why this is true, the individual would need to adjust his or her own level of observation, such that it compliments the level of observation within the environment that surrounds him. In so doing, the individual will attain the necessary level of comprehension that will bring about the desired change. He who does not seek the wisdom that lies within may not fully understand this paradox.

Often, the complication comes when the individual gets lost between his wants and his shoulds. Once lost, the individual's emotions rule his desire. In such a state, all incoming data must pass through the psychological screens that were created to maintain the destructive level of preconceptions. This well of disguised, but deliberate, confusion is what creates the individual's incongruities. It will suffice for now to say that one may need further inquiry into the world from which springs the seeming incongruities.

The Monastery of Arkashea is divided into two major domains.
1. The Spiritual Domain, known as The Cloister;
2. The Political Domain, known as The Commonwealth.

The Cloister is a domain of The Monastery of Arkashea wherein dwells individuals who have not only taken a vow of poverty; they have also taken a vow of celibacy. The residents of The Cloister, on a daily basis, strive to better their understanding of themselves, of the world around them, of the relationship between the needs of Earth, the needs of the higher forces, and the needs of The Laws of Creation. The residents of The Cloister aspire to align themselves with the needs of the whole under the guidance of the GreatForce.

The Commonwealth is a domain of The Monastery of Arkashea where individuals reside that do not wish to lead a monastic lifestyle. These individuals have chosen a less restrictive lifestyle that mirrors the theme of mainstream society. The Commonwealth is further subdivided into the Hamlet and the Hoblet.

The Hamlet is a section of The Monastery of Arkashea where individuals reside who have chosen to take a vow of poverty, but not a vow of celibacy. As such, they can marry and have children, if they so wish.

The Hoblet is the section of The Monastery of Arkashea that receives all new arrivals who are seeking to initially align themselves with The Ways of Arkashea. The Hoblet also consists of individuals who have chosen not to take vows of poverty, or vows of celibacy. These individuals work for themselves and contribute to The Monastery of Arkashea's welfare whenever they can. Some individuals of the Hoblet live in the mainstream of society while others live in-and-about The Monastery of Arkashea's campus. In addition, the Hoblet serves as the prime seat of all charitable facilities and services for the public-at-large when funds and personnel permit.

Through our non-profit facilities and services, The Monastery of Arkashea aspires toward relieving some of the hardships encountered by many people. As our internal laws state, these facilities and services are provided free from religious overtones to anyone in need.

Donations from individuals, or from businesses, are always welcomed. However, we believe very strongly that charity begins at home. We do not feel it is right for us to pursue our charitable endeavors and expect others to pay for it.

Therefore, the bulk of our income is obtained through our own efforts via a for-profit, taxable business entity. This for-profit entity not only provides the necessary funds to support our devotions, it also provides a work base for the residents of The Monastery of Arkashea. In an effort to provide money for charitable causes, this entity is open to involving itself in any feasible, legal business activity that will further the goals of The Monastery of Arkashea's self-sufficiency.

On a spiritual note, the Laws of Creation are listed alphabetically (in the "Spiritual Lexicon" tab). Each letter has its own table of contents (a listing of all entries, and an explanation of the entries' content).

We thank you for your inquiry into The Monastery of Arkashea. We hope this brief introduction has helped the seeker to visualize the complexity of Arkashea (the State) and Arkashea (the Monastery) a little better. If we can be of service to you in any way, or, if you would like more information about The Monastery of Arkashea and/or its belief system, please don't hesitate to write at your convenience. We can be reached by email at: Monastery of Arkashea

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