Arkashean Q&A Session -- 002


CHARLES: You say that you don't... you just made a statement that if you're ... you can solidify, you don't have to be in Orthodontiks or... that you can solidify from any state, but you're not of that state. In other words, you have to be of the State of Orthodontiks to be able to solidify, right? Because if you're... in other words, you can move from whatever level...

THERRY: Your First Thought must be that of solidification.

CHARLES: Rather than of...

THERRY: Rather than being born.

CHARLES: So then, we all were at one time in some State of Orthodontiks and we kinda thought of being born into some level of existence...

THERRY: You're pronouncing that as though it was Dentistry. You have to accentuate the "K"...Orthodontiks,

CHARLES: Orthodontiks, okay.

THERRY: Otherwise, it sounds like dentistry.

CHARLES: Okay, I know what you mean! (Laugh)

CARLA: That's the North American Indians their belief... that every life form had a life force that was based on that understanding... of everyone... or everyone and everything coming from Orthodontiks time...


CARLA: ...and ending down so that it was all part of the life force?


CARLA: again, why is (sic) all planets spherical, why is that the law?

THERRY: You'd have to find out [and] ask the force who wrote the laws of conservation of energy and matter to know that. Obviously, if you think..., if you have something that's square and you spin it around in a medium, it ain't going to stay square very long. That's why is spherical.

CARLA Why did the American Indians used to say that there was power in circles, but not in squares?

THERRY: For the same reason.

CARLA Is there something too on other levels not only for planets, because they used to build their houses in circles?


CARLA And what is that concept for things that are not planets?

THERRY: When / If you join the cloister, you'll have more information.

CARLA (Laugh)

CHARLES: Charles, you said that, hmm,

THERRY: No, I didn't say that.

CHARLES: No, you didn't. Mel says that the "What, If, But" you described that as the Fools.

THERRY: The Fool.



CHARLES: And then, but the Fool then was before we became... before we decided to be born into this level, we were in Orthodontiks. So then, are you saying that people or whatever entity..., whatever is in the Orthodontiks state are the Fool because..., I mean, they did chose to be born rather than solidifying. They had that First Thought instead of solidifying, so was it after the process that the "What, If, But," took place and they were the Fool or was it beforehand and if they were all-knowing beforehand, why did they make that choice instead of solidifying why did they trap themselves in this if they were all-knowing?

THERRY: That's gotta be the longest question in history!

CHARLES: It was rambling, but you see what I mean. (Laughter)

THERRY: The Fool is the fact that they became a Traveler. It's independent of the individual themselves. The Fool is called the Fool because of his deed, not because of who or what he is. The Fool became the Fool in Orthodontiks. That's what the "What, If, But" is all about. It is The Creation...the Book Genesis of Earth, so to speak. That's the Fool, the Idiot that came to Earth and who is travelling throughout the Cosmos.

CHARLES: And did one become the Fool in that one became an individual or are they individuals in Orthodontik?

THERRY: No, there's no individuals in Orthodontiks in that sense of the word.

CHARLES: So, when one travels, then one is an individual, is that correct? So is it becoming the individual that you become the Fool?

THERRY: I don't think that you can cut it to that blanket statement because it's possible to be a traveler and not be individualistic, but become individualistic when you reach your destination.

CHARLES: I see...but being the Traveler, you are the Fool?

THERRY: Yes. Because the minute you become the Traveler, the process of becoming the Traveler, is the process of thinking the thoughts that trap you.

CHARLES: So what what would be...if you're in Orthodontik and you are all-knowing...

THERRY: Now we get into the absurdity of why the hell would you want to come down here.

CHARLES: Right, that's the question , why would you want to experience anything else and want to be a traveler and want to...

THERRY: In order for you to answer that question, you'd have to be up in Orthodontiks because it goes back to you using the language of Illusion to describe non-Illusion states of being. It can't be done. You could sit here and talk for years and the best that you could get towards understanding would be a very, very, very bad, comparison. There's no way you could do it.

CHARLES: So there's no way that we can, in the state that we're in now, understand why it was that...that any energy that was in Orthodontiks would want to be anywhere else?

THERRY: Correct. That's the same way as you would have to ask her, why she likes chocolate cake and you like vanilla. Obviously, there is no way that you can get the answer.

CHARLES: But if there's no individual in Orthodontiks, is it...

THERRY: Not in the same sense. Don't pick and chose half of my words, use them all.

CHARLES: Okay. Okay...And what they're all...(Laugh) In the sense that there's not an individual here. In the same sense...

THERRY: In the same's not individuality in the same sense as it is here.

CHARLES: But it's on a different level, there is individuality here, but it's a totally, different type of individuality?

THERRY: So different that you couldn't possibly conceive of it.

CHARLES: Right, in the sense this individuality

THERRY: Or understand it from this level...

KENO: Well, that clears up a lot of things!


KENO: It does! (Laughter)

CHARLES: So that, so that...obviously, whatever individuality state or entities or whatever are in Orthodontiks, they still have free-will in that state or they were impelled...


CHARLES: So it was out of free-will that they became Travelers and not if they were impelled (sic) from Primordial to become a Traveler?

THERRY: That's what we said all along, you can't override free-will.

CARLA: Isn't it possible or is it possible to find some of those why questions from this level by going into the Arkashic records?

THERRY: The number of people that can go there are so few, that for all purposes....(cut off).

KENO: Skie wants to know, what level is it that the Arkashic Record is on?

THERRY: The State of Arkashea.

KENO: So is that implying Orthodontiks?

THERRY: No, just below.

KENO: So, it's within Maya, but at the top of Maya?

THERRY: At the very, very, very top of Maya. As a matter of fact, it's in a "taint."

CHARLES: A what, I'm sorry?

THERRY: In a "taint."

CARLA: What's that?


  1. There are many taints in Maya and all taints are undefined;
  2. All taints are nested between two levels of creations; such as, between A and B, between levels of creation, between realities, and/or between that which is real and that which is illusion;
  3. All taints exists within their own unknown levels;

Example 1. Their is a taint between that which is real and that which is illusion. That which exits within that taint exits on its own separate unknown level is unknown and undefined... You can not say that the creations in that taint are real because their is far to much illusionary quality in them, but still you can not say they are illusion because they are too close to being real. It is not the presence nor the absence of that which is real and that which is illusion that creates the taint it is the interaction of the two although the taint is on an unknown level and is undefined it is often a very strong steering current for the needs of the moment.

Example 2. Among the many taints are:

  1. Their is a taint between Isis and Anubis which brings forth the
    operation of that double gate (the highest double gate of the earth
  2. Their is a taint between two lives ( we call that taint the
    in-between time)
  3. Their is a taint that creates all continuums (the first major taint in all continuums exists between the two ends of the continuum which contains all the points along that continuum then their are many taints
    between the different points along that continuum)
  4. Their is a taint between the sexes (the male and/or the female)

It T'aint Maya, but it T'aint Tree of Maya either. (Laughter)

CARLA: That's that ninth level that you were talking about in Maya.


KENO: I have another question.


KENO: I have heard that there's another level where you can go to, a much lower level where you can look at the Arkashic Record, but it's only, so to speak, a reflection of a true record. Is that true?

THERRY: Yes. Yeah, but because it is a reflection and because there are magnifiers that work it, it is not a true reflection.

KENO: Hmm. It is not a true reflection because of what you bring to it, or because of the filtering down from?


KENO: What level is that record on? That lower record.

THERRY: Actually it is on at least two or three different levels.

KENO: Is it on a physical level?


JULIE: The Hound of Hell, which Mel just referred to...I thought the Hound of Hell was the Teacher.


JULIE: Is that true? Oh, okay. So then anyone who is a teacher...

THERRY: Yes. You can always tell because on a full moon, he'll bray. (Laughter)

JULIE: So then anyone who is a Teacher is a Hound of Hell?


JULIE: Oh, that's what I thought then...

THERRY: The Hound of Hell is the Last Link of the Chain.

JULIE: And is the Hound of Hell on earth?


JULIE: Then there's only one? (Laughter)

JULIE: But you're the only Teacher on earth, right now?

THERRY: (Laugh) No-o-o-o! I wouldn't presume to say that.

JULIE: So, then there's gotta be more than one Hound of Hell on earth? If you're the Last in the Chain...

CARLA All Teachers aren't the Hound of Hell.

CHARLES: So what difference makes the?

JULIE: You mean they're just not the're the last?

THERRY: See, you're making an assumption.

JULIE: Really?

THERRY: You're making an assumption that states that if you're a Hound, therefore you're the only Teacher. Or if you're a Teacher, of course, you must be the Hound of Hell. That assumption is not accurate, because there are many, many Teachers who are not the Hound of Hell.

JULIE: And in order to be Hound of Hell, you have to be the Last Link in the Brothers of the Chain?

THERRY: That's correct.

JULIE: So then the other Teachers are not part of the Chain, they're...

THERRY: Yeah, they're part...they can be, but they don't have to be.

JULIE: Being the Last Link...

THERRY: Remember, there are many Paths to the Top of the Mountain and very few of them have leashes.

JULIE: Being the Last in the Link makes you the Hound of Hell?


CHARLES: So what's the differentiation between...or I should say, is the differentiation between the Hound of Hell and the other Teachers...Ahh...does it have to do with being solidified or being born? Or what's the differentiation between those Teachers?

THERRY: The job that you serve, the game that you play...

CHARLES: Specifically, what's the difference between them?

THERRY: Or the place from which you get your power from.

CHARLES: Ah-ha, so you're saying that the other Teachers would get their ...

THERRY: Churches are filled with Teachers and I wouldn't exactly call them Holy, but they are Teachers nonetheless.

CHARLES: Right. So they're saying they're fulfilling, not only the churches, not only the people in churches, but various Teachers, are fulfilling different functions and get their power from different places?

THERRY: Yeah. Many people get their power from their own imagination, but they're Teachers nonetheless.


KENO: Is there only one Hound of Hell per Planet or is that not necessarily so?

THERRY: Yes, there is.

KENO: There is only one?

THERRY: It's a qualified yes.

KENO: You wanna elaborate?


KENO: Didn't think so. (Laugh)

JULIE: What made you ask that? 'Cause I was going to ask him, but I wouldn't even bother! (Laugh)

KENO: I always make Therry tell me no, even though I know he's gonna. Why spoil the fun? (Laughter)

JULIE: Wait, I got a little bit mixed up before. You said in order to solidify, that would have had to have been your First Thought in Orthodontiks?


JULIE: Jesus solidified?

THERRY: Uh-uh. He was born.

JULIE: But didn't He solidify after?

THERRY: It doesn't change the fact that he was still born.

JULIE: Would He have been able to solidify at all, if it hadn't been His First Thought?

THERRY: One's got nothing to do with the other. He was born and therefore He's here with the rest of us and will remain here for the rest of us.

JULIE: And the ones that solidified, that was their First Thought and they can just continue...

THERRY: Right, the difference being, you're aware that there are aspects of thought. You can't just have a thought that's all conditioning. Thoughts are limiting by the nature of language, such that you can have a thought let's say that you're gonna go out in a red dress, BUT you're gonna to go out in red dress driving a black car, BUT you're gonna to go out in a car that is brand new. And is just one thought. Somebody else, on the other hand decides that they're gonna go out, but they're going to go out looking like a shmuck wearing a dog. (Laughter)

THERRY: It's still just one thought. So if you're thought is of being born on earth, then you're stuck. But if your one thought is to come to earth without truly being born, then you're solidifying.

CHARLES: Charles. What's you said, that what...the people who have solidified, or teachers who have solidified, their original thought was to solidify.


CHARLES: But you said that Jesus was born and then he solidified. Is that correct?


CHARLES: So, so is it possible for any of us who were born to solidify then?


CHARLES: And will, since we're in a solidified state if we do that, two questions, what's the process of that?

THERRY: There's no way that I'll answer that. (Laughter)

THERRY: The only thing that I'll tell you grow and learn.

CHARLES: Okay. Okay, right. So that if we can grow and solidify...

THERRY: You're limited to the nine levels of the Earth Experience.

CHARLES: Yes. So then just being solidified doesn't mean that we can move from Maya to Orthodontik.

THERRY: Correct.

CHARLES: But those who are in Orthodontik and as a First Thought decided to solidify can move back?

THERRY: Correct.

CARLA: That solidification is the process of solidifying the astral body, is that correct? Is that the solidification that you're talking about?

THERRY: No. Although it can be, it doesn't have to be.

CARLA: So it's not what you're referring to when you said that Jesus was born and He also solidified?...'cause I know that he solidified because of certain things that you do in the astral body. I know that to get on the Astral Plan...

THERRY: Right. No, but it doesn't have to be the astral body. He simply manufactures a body for this level and then take[s] it with him when he dies.

CARLA: You mean we manufacture bodies for other levels?

THERRY: Yes, as well as for this one.

CARLA: Which is called solidification?

THERRY: Yes. As opposed to being born on that level?

CARLA: I see. Every time you get on a different level, you can get more solid and build your bodies better. Okay.


CARLA: My other question was, is it true that there are six other Teachers similar to you on this Planet?

THERRY: Subject closed.

JULIE: I asked him already... he told me to shut up.

CHARLES: So, the case of Jesus now, he solidified after being born so that he is limited then to moving within the nine levels of Maya?


CHARLES: Now is the difference between entities which have not solidified and I correct in assuming then that Jesus can at will, because he has solidified, move between the nine levels at will because he has moved between the nine levels at will whereas we must evolve on one level and be born on the next level and then progress through it in a period time, is that the difference?



CARLA: How could that be the difference? If I understood his question correctly, he said that you have to be born here and evolve and then be born on the next level.

THERRY: No, he did not say that. He used two variables, Variable A and Variable B and asked what was the difference between the two.

CARLA Okay, I misunderstood his question.

CHARLES: And what I meant was that Jesus could do it at will, whereas we evolved through that and we don't necessarily do it at will.

CARLA: But we can do it at will. That was what my question was going to be if I understood that aspect of your question correctly, isn't it true that through the process of growth we can solidify a body and do it at will without being born on that level and evolving through it?

THERRY: Your question is based on the "if" factor. Well, if you do the same thing that Jesus did, then the answer's yes.

CARLA (Laugh)

CHARLES: If we can solidify, then that's what...we are able to move at will also?

THERRY: That depends on your Karma.

CARLA But the process of Astrating and forming a body is the process of solidification or it can be?

THERRY: No. In the normal sense of the word, no.

CHARLES: Charles. So the process of Astration then is much more limited or something? Is that just moving, say to one other level of Maya or is that?

THERRY: It's more limiting, yes.


THERRY: You're simply moving on a different point along the continuum of this earth.

CHARLES: What do you mean the continuum of this earth? I mean is that separate? What's different? Are you just on the same level of Maya if you're Astrating but...

THERRY: No, you're on a different level of it. For instance, you have this Ka. The mind force decides to take a trip and leave this Ka behind it takes the Ka of the next level up and so on and so forth.

CHARLES: But can it move between all levels or just one?

THERRY: No, it's limited.

CHARLES: So it can just move to the next higher level?

THERRY: Whatever...

CHARLES: Whatever the law is?

THERRY: Whatever its growth pattern is. Whereas if you solidify, you can go on any one of them. There are no barriers.

CHARLES: So are are the Teachers that are in Maya right now....

THERRY: There's an awful lot of them. There's a lot of different levels.

CHARLES: Have they been necessarily solidified after they've been born? Or some of them are stuck on a couple of levels...


CHARLES: Some of them are stuck on a couple of levels...Without being able to move freely?

THERRY: Yes. Is that it then?

KENO: I have a bunch of questions. I wanna know... I want to talk about the old religion of Egypt. Can we do that?

THERRY: I'd rather not, not right now.

JULIE: Oh, I had one more.

KENO: Well, I have lots of questions.

JULIE: Is it important for me to know who the Ancient Ones and the Near Ones are?

THERRY: That's what he was just talking about.

JULIE: Oh, how coincidental. Okay.

THERRY: Is that it then? Okay.