Arkashean Q&A Session -- 006

CORA: I guess I'll start by saying that I'm really scared of having this session. But I need to know anyway, so I'm going to have it. Now since I left Arkashea I've been going crazy because I was forced to make a decision and I kept [on going] back and forth and back and forth on what it was going to be. I should start off by saying that I feel good about the decision, but I guess I'm scared about the consequences.

THERRY: So long as you feel good about it, it doesn't matter. Anyway, go ahead, what's the decision? Feel good about what?

CORA: Do I have to if you already know?

THERRY: That's beside the point. That's your conversation not mine.

CORA: Well, it seemed that ever since the last taped session, even though I don't have a relationship in mind or anything I felt like I was forced to chose between higher or lower because I feel like I was stuck between trying to have everything and I never realized that I was before until the last taped session that we had and I'm not counting the session with Carla because I only asked a couple of questions...but I'm really talking about the session before that, and when I looked in my heart, I couldn't lie to myself or the Universe and I guess, I'm not saying this...

THERRY: Why don't you get to the point?

CORA: Well, the point is, I guess I'm choosing lower games than higher ones, the path to earth.

THERRY: So what? So what? You have the right. You got to remember you're not... your first contract with us is not over until you're away from Arkashea. You have to be away from Arkashea at least two or three months before you can really decide what you want or what you don't want. That's the reason why we refused to give you another contract, because you're still not finished the first one yet. Even though the first contract is over in terms of time, you have not finished it yet in that you have not gone away from Arkashea. After you move away from Arkashea and be on your own for two, three months at the very least, then you will be in a better position to decide what you really want. Right now, decisions you make are not valid. They won't be valid until you've been away from Arkashea at least two, three months and then, think it over and decide whether you want to be with or among Arkashea or outside.

CORA: Well, I really want a relationship.

THERRY: So what? So, go get one.

CORA: But I feel like when I got there last summer and took those vows that now I can't have them because that's the price I pay for being... for serving the whole, in not having a relationship. And that to me it seems like that...

THERRY: Now, you're talking nonsense. Let me ask you a question. If you study to be a brain surgeon, does that mean that you can go out and play the piano?


THERRY: Does it mean you can go out and fix a car?


THERRY: Why? You're limited to the area that you put yourself in, right?

CORA: Right.

THERRY: So? It's levels again, right? So why not keep things at their own level? If you want to work at one certain level, you're limited to working at that one certain level. If you want to work on another level, you're limited to work on what's on that other level. So obviously when you decided to change levels a while back, part of the power source was cut off because it didn't belong to the new level you chose . It's not a case of something doing good or something doing bad or not doing right. It's simply a case of, hey, you switch levels, things are different. You are limited to the level that you're on.

CORA: By choosing to have a relationship, am I choosing my own selfishness on the road of Maya, versus growth?

THERRY: So what? So what? It ain't the first time it happened. Remember we've told you for quite often that as far as we've known, you've thus far not made it within the walls of Arkashea when the walls closed. So what? It's not a big deal!

CORA: But I also have a big desire within myself to help people.

THERRY: See, right now, anything that you say, I don't find valid, 'cause you're still in the shadow. You're still in the shadow of everything you feel Arkashea's done for you. You have to get out on your own. You have to have no connection with us for a while -- at least two or three months after you're away from Arkashea and you've lived on your own without that Arkashea as being a bridge for you, then you'll be in a position of making valid decisions. Until that time, you're spinning your wheels. Hey, think, in the past, I remember you going from -- you hate Arkashea, you hate Therry, you hate everything is involved, all the way to fighting and arguing like hell because Arkashea would not allow you to join, wouldn't allow you to give up all of your possessions, would not allow you to take a vow of poverty. Hey! Remember?

CORA: Yeah.

THERRY: We didn't find anything you said valid. We don't find it valid now. Your choices right now as far as Arkashea is concerned are tentative thoughts. You don't really know for sure you're out of Arkashea's footsteps. When you're on your own and you've been off on your own, totally separate, totally away for at least two, three months, then Arkashea will take it with a grain of salt the things you say. Until that time, it's just spinning your wheels. The things you're telling me now, I listen to it, I accept, but along with it, I say, "Hey, wait a minute, it's Cora talking, so it'll change." After you've been away from Arkashea for a while, you'll stabilize more. You'll know more where you really are at, because you will really be independent.

CORA: What if I chose the same thing that I chose last night?

THERRY: So what? What's wrong with that? You have to bear in mind that when you came to Arkashea for aid, you didn't come to Arkashea to be trapped. You came to Arkashea to learn to be independent. That's what we promised you, remember?

CORA: Yes.

THERRY: So promising you to learn to be independent, that means you have to make the same decision you made last night, right?

CORA: But I made a decision to go deeper into Maya.

THERRY: So what?

CORA: serve myself.

THERRY: Big deal! So you know now you're basically selfish. Big deal! So what? Look at your past life. You have not had a chance to be on your own. You have never had a chance to be Cora. Always you were living according to what your Dad wants and for a while according to what Arkashea wants while Arkashea was training you. Now you're in a stage where you have enough wisdom and enough education to be on your own. So now's the time to go out and be on your own. ON YOUR OWN! Not in the shadow of Arkashea -- nobody's shadow.

CORA: When I made that decision last night, I felt seals being put on something... did I do something that I'll regret later?

THERRY: Well, they're different levels going on right now.

CORA: But I didn't feel it being cut off.

THERRY: Why should it be cut off?

CORA: Well...

THERRY: Why should we cut you off for doing the very things that we want you to do? That was what the first contract was all about, right? So you could learn to be independent, so you could go off on your own and be independent. Until that's finished and until that's accomplished you're not in no position to decide to go into Arkashea or out of Arkashea. You have to be on your own for a while to know what the outside is.

CORA: What if I try and I try and I find I'm wrong?

THERRY: So what?

CORA: Or that I'm Arkashean?

THERRY: So what? There's no guarantees in life. Nobody's perfect. You are going to do whatever it is you think you want to do, period! That is what an independent person does.

CORA: If I want to be in the outside world...Would I still be able to have a teacher?

THERRY: I don't see why not.

CORA: And I'd still be able to study with you?

THERRY: So long as you don't commit murder or blasphemy, nothing changes.

CORA: Even if I chose to go deeper into Maya for the rest of my life and have a relationship and...?

THERRY: The hell if I care! You can marry fourteen women and twelve men for all I care! It's none of Arkashea's business. That's what independence means. You do what you want, not what somebody else wants.

CORA: Is being independent.... But, isn't that breaking my vows to serve the whole?

THERRY: Well, let's say it fudges a little, so what?

CORA: Well, if I break my vows to serve the whole...

THERRY: I don't think you'd break 'em. I think you're delaying them, 'cause sooner or later, given enough time and enough lives, you'll serve the whole. You really have no other choice. Your higher self will make you see to that.

CORA: Why is... My chain kept feeling like it was going to tear me apart. Then what was that all about if it's not a valid decision?

THERRY: I didn't say it wasn't a valid decision. I said that Arkashea does not accept them as a valid decision. Remember you're dealing with two things here, there's Arkashea the State and Arkashea the Monastery.


THERRY: Therry deals only with the Monastery. When he uses psychic powers and aids as a channel, then he can give you information on Arkashea the state, but he does not rule the state. That belongs to the Universe.

CORA: When you say that Arkashea doesn't take what I say as valid...[what does that mean?]

THERRY: That's the Monastery of Arkashea.

CORA: That's the Monastery?

THERRY: And your teachers if you want to call him that is on the Monastery level, not on the Universal level.

CORA: Now I interpreted my guides as saying...

THERRY: Well, in terms of your guides, I'm not quite certain how much your guides is there or how much of it is Cora trying to get what she wants. I can't answer that.

CORA: I see that's why I was going to ask you if what I heard... if what I was telling myself was accurate.

THERRY: I can't tell you those things, Cora. I can't tell you if your thoughts are accurate, that's for you to decide. I can't live your life for you.

CORA: How come you told me before when my thoughts and my behavior were not in my best interests?

THERRY: Before you were under the thumb, so to speak of Arkashea, so we were trying to teach yourself so you will know and you can recognize it. But you're no longer under Arkashean law. You're under Cora's law. You're in the process of moving away from Arkashea...So there is no judge now to tell you, no one...that thought is wrong. No, Cora, that behavior will give you problems. Now life will do that for you instead of the teachers of Arkashea. It's not a case of right or wrong -- it just is. That's what independence is! You can't, on the one hand, claim you want independence and then on the other hand...the teachers you can't expect the teachers of Arkashea to constantly pass judgment on your behavior and their thoughts to give you feedback to tell if you're on the right track. You know, that's inconsistent. If you want feedback, let how you feel and the things that occurred to you and the things that happened to you as you do the things whatever it is you decided to do...let that be your feedback. If you find yourself unhappy, obviously, you're doing something wrong. If you find yourself in pain, equally as obviously, you made a boo-boo. Correct it. But you and you alone and your experiences are the only judge about what you should and should not do. That's what independence is all about.

CORA: Why do I... Well, I don't feel my chain shut off.

THERRY: Why should it shut off?

CORA: 'Cause I...

THERRY: By you deciding to move away from the Monastery of Arkashea, that doesn't mean you've moved away from the State of Arkashea.

CORA: But I thought that if I chose to go deeper into Earth that I wouldn't have my chain?

THERRY: Why? Why would you think that?

CORA: Because it's going lower instead of higher.

THERRY: I'm not sure Cora, but I think the lowest part of the Universe is also part of the Universe, wouldn't you say? And again, I'm not sure, but I think there might be some people down there that might need some help from counseling. 'Course, I don't know, you know.

CORA: What I interpreted from my chain and it was funny, I'm ninety nine percent sure it was from my chain and not me -- the only part that I'm not sure of was that I still wanted a Teacher and I still wanted to help people. And my chain told me that I could do that.

THERRY: Yeah, that's true. One's got nothing to do with the other.

CORA: And the other part was that I was sure it was pretty accurate because it was more neutral information...was that the Universe doesn't condemn somebody for being honest?

THERRY: 'Course not. Why should it ? That would be stupid, wouldn't it? I cannot see the logic in a force condemning its own creation.

CORA: Yeah, but when I made my decision taking it into account like you say...but still making my decision last night without knowing that information...when I felt like the reason I was afraid of making my decision was because I was afraid of the consequences of doing what I had to do...

THERRY: Hell, you've had that all your life!

CORA: And because I was trying to hold onto power...

THERRY: You've had THAT all your life.

CORA: But when I listened to the tape that we made from last time -- boy, those are hard to transcribe. So I listened to one, without transcribing and I've mostly done transcribing that session, but it said that you can't go back.

THERRY: That's true. You can't go back. .

CORA: And then you explained that you can't go back because you've already learned things and done things and have karma for things, so you're not going back even if you go lower.

THERRY: That's correct.

CORA: But you also said that you can't go lower because that's trying to go back and you'll have pain.

THERRY: That's right, you'll have pain. Remember the phrase, "it's very difficult to work or to walk with turkeys once you've been with Eagles." That's what you're dealing with.

CORA: So the pain...

THERRY: It's a trade-off.

CORA: So is the pain coming from having known something else and not being able to have it anymore?

THERRY: And it also comes from the recognition that there wasn't as much power there as there was, 'cause you're on different levels. Don't expect to study to be a brain surgeon and then expect to be able to play the guitar. It's not in the order of things.

CORA: And that's why I thought that choosing Earth was trying to go back and so that's why I thought I had more pain.

THERRY: No, it's not trying to go back. Well, it is in a way. It's going back to your specific selfishness, to the things that you want. But that's the way of the world. Until you get that out of your system, that's the way it is. That's the game you're caught in. You're trapped there. You can do nothing else.

CORA: ...'Cause the rest of the information was that I was trapped.

THERRY: You are trapped.

CORA: And I knew I was trapped and that also...

THERRY: What's more you trapped yourself, knowing full well, ahead of time.

CORA: You mean about being gay?

THERRY: Yeah. And in spite of that, you're willing to go lower on the rung willingly and wantonly in order to satisfy other things that you want. So that's fine, no problem there, except don't bitch when you have pain. You don't have that right. 'Course you have the right, but you can't expect...

CORA: But you said giving it away...

THERRY: You can't expect to be without pain 'cause it ain't going to happen. You're going to feel loneliness, you're going to feel frustration, you're going to feel anger, you're going to feel depression, you're going to feel deception, you're going to feel being used, taken undue advantage of, you're going to feel betrayed, left, walked over, all of're going to feel all of those on a fairly constant basis, 'cause that's the pain of the level you've chosen to be on and there's a few more that I haven't mentioned. But above everything else, you're going to feel a measure of emptiness and you're going to feel you are on your own. There will be nobody there to cry on. You can depend on absolutely nobody but your own thoughts, your own deeds and your own abilities. That's the trade-off of the level that you're going to or have gone to.

CORA: If that's true that I will be on my own... how do you still have a chain?

THERRY: The chain's got nothing to do with that.

CORA: I've always felt...

THERRY: That's part of the Universe too, you know.

CORA: I've always felt that I was never alone when I had the chain.

THERRY: Yeah, but you also weren't on that level either. And if you remember, when you descended, your chain and that feeling changed.

CORA: It changed but I can still feel like it's there and that it's on.

THERRY: Fine, but you're more lonely that you used to be. Now, you're beginning to feel a need to run around, to be with people than otherwise. To be alone is painful. You're beginning to need others. That's the level that you went to. Again it's nothing to so with right or wrong, good or bad. It just is.

JACK: Almost go away.

CORA: But I don't usually feel that. I felt that when I was trying to escape myself because I didn't want to make a decision and every time I was by myself all I did was brood about the decision. But now that the decision's made I feel better.

THERRY: Again, I hear what you're saying, I'm talking to Cora, so we'll wait a while and see if it changes.

CORA: Well, you...

THERRY: Go off either to California or to Tennessee or to Florida or wherever you go, but stay away from Arkashea for about six or seven months or so. Be really on your own, then come back and tell me that and I'll come back and listen, and I won't say that this is Cora. Let's wait a minute.

CORA: But I've never wanted to leave Arkashea, at least the Monastery, because as well as being my teachers, Kimm and Jake are my best friends...but Kimm especially, I feel close to Jake too. Part of me wants to go away from Arkashea.

THERRY: A big part, a very big part. That's the way that it should be. That's what the first contract was about -- giving you independence. So? We've finished our job, now it's time for you to do yours. There's a time when all birds must leave their nest. Big deal -- so it's a sad thing, we'll cry a while. Tears are like everything else. They evaporate and they dry up... more important, they all get lost in time.

CORA: The other part of what I interpreted was that being female, my body is beginning to wake up. And I sensed that with my chain and even with my higher level power...

THERRY: And it is going to be a living hell for you, but you'll discover that all for yourself. It's going to aggravate everything. It's going to heighten everything. Where before it used to was that you could spend a nice afternoon for weeks alone...Hey, that ain't going to be anymore. You're body's going to cry and yell and scream. Take me places, I want to meet people. It's just part of the level that's you've gone to. And for a long time, it's going to be doubtful that they'll be satisfaction on earth where that is concerned, 'cause your body will turn around and say, big deal, what did you do for me today?

CORA: Yeah, but is everybody really like that?

THERRY: You'll discover that for yourself now. Don't bother to take my word for it.

CORA: No, but I have friends...

THERRY: Experience is the best teacher.

CORA: I have friends that have no sex drive at all or very little.

THERRY: Cora, in every Bell Curve, there is a position at least twice on each opposite end of the Bell Curve where there are some people who have no sex. That, Cora, is not the norm. If you're going to talk about the people as a whole, don't think about those few.

CORA: But is this sex part of the nature of being female?

THERRY: Is what part of the nature of being female?

CORA: Having your body wake up and drive you crazy at more or less middle or young adulthood?

THERRY: Oh, you know that already. You don't have to ask me that. You know that males reach their prime more or less at twelve, thirteen and eighteen, women reach their prime when they're about [their] thirties, forties...

CORA: So what happens with a woman who chooses a spiritual path when they're young and reach their sexual peak in their thirties, forties?

THERRY: Again, it's a case of training. The body has a memory. The same way the mind has a memory. If you teach it something intentionally it's going to want more. If you train to reduce certain energies and it becomes less...

CORA: Well, you told me all the bad things. Aren't there going to be any good things?

THERRY: Sure, you're going to be free. That's what it's all about. You come as you go, no pun intended, you go as you go, you make your own decisions they'll be no-one to tell you, "Cora, you're doing wrong." You'll do exactly what you want. Given your limitations, of course, you will do exactly as you please.

CORA: So what are the rules to this lower level of power then?

THERRY: You'll have to find that out for yourself, Cora. That's what being independent is. There's nobody there to tell you what to do. You're on your own..

CORA: But I thought you said I could still have a teacher?

THERRY: Sure you can have a teacher, but don't expect that teacher to sit and tell you how to live your life. When you have a specific problem, because you're in a specific pain, having that teacher means you can go to that teacher and ask him why, how come and what can you do. He or she will respond, but don't expect the teacher to tell you how to live your life. It's a no-no.

CORA: Speaking of which...on that tape, we talked about relationships first for a short bit and you said that I always served myself never the relationship which points out to me that there must be if you do have relationships and that's your goal, there must be another way to have them where people aren't serving themselves. Is that true?

THERRY: Yes, relatively so.

CORA: Even with female relationships?

THERRY: Relatively so. Is it a relationship?

CORA: Yes. But...

THERRY: Did I put any codicil to that?


THERRY: So then it must be included.

CORA:...Because at another time, you told me that relationships were certain people serving themselves even there.

THERRY: Okay, you have to bear in mind that there are levels here. Basically, on the very, very, basic thing everybody always serves themselves. If they enter into a relationship with somebody they do so with the purpose of saving themselves. Now the next level down is that you are either selfish or altruistic in your relationship. You thus far has always been selfish in your relationships. Remember, there are at least three levels in any successful relationship;

  1. Things that you do for your self;
  2. Things that you do for your partner;
  3. Things that you do for the relationship.

CORA: Is serving the relationship more of a way to have them last longer?

THERRY: Yes. They last longer and they're more rewards coming from them because they are more mutual, assuming the other person's doing the same of course. If you get into a relationship like you did [with] Carol where each were too busy serving themselves and to hell with the relationship, then obviously all you had was war.

CORA: She was doing that too?

THERRY: Sure. A big percentage of the world, that's all they know. They're in so much pain that they seek relationships as a way of easing that pain and all they do is demand and expect.

CORA: So the long term relationships that I've seen, that I've talked about would have to do more for the relationship... in order to have them last?


CORA:...because I know that partners are limited by the relationship.


CORA: I guess it's a commitment to something...


CORA: ...besides the self.

THERRY: Yes. Now that comes into two forms. It's either a commitment to the relationship or a commitment to the other person. If it's a commitment to the other person, that gets old after a little while. The newness wears off, then they start looking around in a little while, they start double-dating, so to speak. But if it's a commitment to the relationship itself, that can last for years and years and years.

CORA: Now what's the difference between the commitments.

THERRY: You'll find out. The attitudes are tremendously different.

CORA: Because in both situations you're giving to something else besides yourself.

THERRY: Other than yourself, yes. But in one you can feel used, but in the other, you don't. In one you can get the feeling of [being] taken advantage of, unfairly and in the other ones you don't.

CORA: Why...when I put my golden rope chain in my mouth last night...

THERRY: The tasted different, wasn't it?

CORA: Actually, the taste wasn't different. What happened was that there were two little explosions which I guess were the crystals. I remember I had a dream where you put three in my head and you said the fourth would be too irritating and I never knew what you meant, but after these last couple of weeks, I know what you mean, because whatever was going on, was literally driving my body nuts. It felt like it was going to be torn apart and you said on other tape as far as choosing versus losing, that if you chose something that you would would still have the pain, but you would adjust your attitudes, whereas, you lose it, it's different, you don't adjust your attitude.

THERRY: Yeah. One is your choice, you can adjust. The other is not your choice, it's Universal choice because of Karma and the change is swift, hard and there is no comeback from it. It's final.

CORA: Is the one you chose yourself not as final?

THERRY: Right, because choices allow you to remain in freewill. The other flips you into Karma and you have no freewill.

CORA: So, is it better to give something up even if it's painful?

THERRY: I believe I once told you that the Universe gives you a certain amount of time to solve a problem or to do what you should be doing. If you don't do it, the Universe will.

CORA: When you say it's final, it'll last a whole life?

THERRY: It'll last forever.

CORA: Forever being for ever long as it takes?

THERRY: Right.

CORA: I noticed also that I was afraid to have sex again.

THERRY: I think that's a smart move regardless of where you're at.

CORA: Why is not having sex a good thing...

THERRY: You'll find out.

CORA: I know of the risks of herpes and AIDS and I certainly wouldn't want to be promiscuous...I guess the other thing you're talking about is the way you train your body...the more you do it, the more you train it. But I was also building walls, because I was afraid to turn my chain off by doing something by getting too attached to someone.

THERRY: Doing the right things for the wrong reason is the same as doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

CORA: Because it felt bad to me, it felt like I was building walls again and I don't want to do that.

THERRY: That's not the reason to abstain. To abstain for fear of the chain-of-power turning off...that's a no-no. If you're going to abstain, abstain for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

CORA: Well, I still wanted to nurture an aloofness towards sex as an attitude because I think I think it makes it easier on me, living a life because I remember how much pain and anxiety it causes being in continuous relationships.

THERRY: Lots of luck.

CORA: Will... well, actually sex toys help.

THERRY: Lots of luck. You're going to discover that when you get into a relationship with something there's nothing that'll destroy it faster than aloofness.

CORA: Well, I kinda meant aloofness towards sex when you didn't have wasn't there, instead of yearning and searching for it all the time.

THERRY: Aloofness is aloofness is aloofness.

CORA: It's like...trying...

THERRY: You can't get into a relationship with aloofness and having had a relationship, aloofness becomes meaningless because your body won't let it. It's like leaving your umbrella home and going out in the rain. You're going to get wet regardless if you believe its raining or not.

CORA: So it's the rules of the game?

THERRY: It's the rules of the game.

CORA: So would you say that it's better not to play with old sets of reference points on a new level?

THERRY: You decide that on your own. That's part of your own decisions. But you're gonna discover on your new level you're not going to do the things you used to do because they won't work.

CORA: Can you be more specific? You mean coping mechanisms?

THERRY: The coping mechanisms won't be the same. They won't work the same. Your aloofness won't be the same because those things will be disastrous on your new level. Levels of honesty will change, levels of commitment will change, levels of truthfulness with your new partner relatively so will change depending on the partner, the value, the situations and the purpose. How you treat time and space will change, everything's different. It's a brand new game.

CORA: And yet when I was making or trying to make this decision, I experimented with how it would be to give up what I thought I wanted being....

THERRY: It's not valid.

CORA: It's not valid?

THERRY: Anything that you do while you're in a game in order to find out what it would like to be out of that game is not valid.

CORA: Well, I couldn't give up what I thought I wanted. Even though I know that mankind cries from release from his desires...

THERRY: So long as you know it, it doesn't matter, but be prepared to eat your words. I remember Cora, sitting there bitching, angry as hell, telling me, but these people that know, why do they do the things that they do? Don't they got any smarts? Apply that to you now. Perhaps you can have a better understanding of what makes people do the things they do. Perhaps you can condemn them less and understand them more. Among these people who came running away the same way was your Mother and your Dad, in their own ways. People have to do what they have to do what they have to do and that's it. They don't do the things that they have to do because they want to sit there and figure out how they can be malicious. They just do what they feel they must do. In this case, you paid for it 'cause she was gone, so now you'll repeat the cycle. You'll be doing exactly what she did. That's why you find welfare children on welfare as adults who breed welfare children who are themselves on welfare as adults. It is in that way that the sins of the parents are vested upon the children.

CORA: How is it gonna be the same when you say I'm going to repeat what my mother does?

THERRY: Just give it time and experience it for yourself. Since it's going to happen anyway, there's no need to talk about it. Experience it and maybe with the experience, just maybe, you'll learn and just maybe you'll change the next life. If not so you'll do it again. Sooner or later, one of these days, you'll change when the pain gets big enough, but not before. Let's hope that you are a little more honest than your folks are though.

CORA: Is there still anyway to still gain wisdom from the place where I am now?

THERRY: A person can gain wisdom regardless of where you're at.

CORA: Really?


CORA: Pure wisdom?

THERRY: There is no wisdom that is barred from any level. Every time a person learns to be better, that's true wisdom all on its own.

CORA: I heard of a quote from a book that said, you don't have to do good to fight evil, just be less barbaric than the last guy is an improvement.

THERRY: That is correct. That is true wisdom.

CORA: I guess I won't be able to help anybody with my chain-of-power and all, am I?

THERRY: Let's wait and find out. That's between you and Arkashea. It's not between you and your teachers.

CORA: I asked to be able to do that if it was allowable.

THERRY: There is a price for that.

CORA: There is?

THERRY: Usually the price is you get what you want so that they can get what they want or need.

CORA: Well, I've also been thinking that my desire for twenty five or thirty year relationships has been because I wanted guarantees and maybe it doesn't matter if you have serial monogamy. I can't decide if that's just a coping mechanism for my lifestyle or a realization of truth.

THERRY: Maybe it's a little bit of both? You can't look at heterosexuality and say that's a measuring stick because the same problems exist there as they exist in the other relationships.

CORA: You're right, because most of the people I thought had great marriages. They last longer but they still get divorced and they still go on to the next one.

THERRY: Because the sins of the father are vested upon the sons. Crimes of their mothers are vested on their daughters. The implication there sarcastically is, women are without sin they only commit crimes.

CORA: And I guess you can't tell me if I'm at a level that allows sex for sex's sake without shutting off my chain?

THERRY: That's correct.

CORA: I guess I'll just have to find out for myself. See that's not fair because I did that last time and you tell me...

THERRY: What're you talking about..."That's not fair, Cora?" Do you want to be independent? Don't expect the guarantees of both worlds if you want to be independent, you're on your own. That's what independence means. If you want to be under a set of laws where you have no freewill then that's something else, but don't expect to have both because it doesn't exist. It's not in the order of things.

CORA: You're right.

THERRY: Fairness is a word that people use when they're pissed off because they can't get what they want.

CORA: So let me ask you something else. How do you, as a pattern, you told the last tape that I always traded things off and then always looked back and say, "Oops, I wish I hadn't done that!" because I hadn't looked at what I was trading off in the first place.


CORA: But if you don't know what you're trading off because it's trial and error then how do you do anything else?

THERRY: That's the way the ball bounces, that's the nature of the game and that's the reason why the world is the way it is. We taught you to think. Now you're on your own. If you choose selective forgiving and selective forgetting 'cause those thoughts might stand in your way of getting what you want, that's your right.

CORA: No, I'm not selective forgetting.

THERRY: Hey, we taught you every law which was capable for your level. If you don't take the time to go through every one of them when you make a decision, that's your fault, not mine. If you sit there and use the excuse, "Well, I can't do that. Good lord! If I do that I'd never be able to make a decision." Hey, that's your job. I do it. So if I can do it, you do it too, because I'm no better than you. We both have the same capacity.

CORA: But you also said that each new level has new, different rules.


CORA: So how do you know which ones apply to the level you're on? Like how do I know which ones changed and which ones are the same?

THERRY: Ain't you lucky: You get to be independent. That means you get to learn all by yourself. Trial and error. Hopefully, you'll use your head rather than your experience. If not, experience is a harder teacher, but it's just as good. You'll learn just as much. You'll just cry a whole lot more, that's all. Boy, that smells good.

CORA: I also interpreted that I was still supposed to meditate and that I was still supposed to come here.

THERRY: Arkashea doesn't turn its back neither does the Monastery of Arkashea. When the day comes when you're no longer affiliated with the Monastery of Arkashea it won't be because Arkashea turned its back against you. It'll be because you turned your back against Arkashea. You will find yourself sufficiently free that you won't need it anymore. So while you're about playing among the waves, you'll forget that there's a heaven or a cloud somewhere up there and you used to was... a part of. In due time...'cause the games that you play on the level that you're on cannot be played up there.

CORA: If that's true then...I know that the statement that you just made is true. If that's true, does that mean that I'll be lost amongst the waves so to speak...

THERRY: Hey, you can't have everything. You want independence, right?

CORA: But then.

THERRY: Use it! Independence does not mean you lose your mind. But it doesn't mean you lose your brain either. Let those two become very friendly. Think!

CORA: What I don't understand is how can you still be Arkashean?

THERRY: Because down there is always part of the Universe. Arkashea is part of the Universe, period. All parts of it. So long as you're still in Arkashea, you still can have Arkashean thoughts. You will have them only according to your freewill.

CORA: I don't want to get all hateful and angry even if all those things do happen to me.

THERRY: That'll be your choice. That's the beauty of independence.

CORA: Is that what a teacher helps prevent?

THERRY: No, a teacher cannot help prevent that, only you can. A teacher is only as good as a person using him. A teacher is like a river. If you don't go over there and bathe in it, don't expect to be cleaned or expect to get wisdom. Likewise, if you go to a teacher and you ask for it, and he gives it to you. Be it wisdom and you turn around, say, "Hell, I don't need that, that's not valid and then go off and do your own thing, hey, why bother to going to the teacher?

CORA: If someone chooses earth and earth games are they still part of the New Covenant?

THERRY: Sure, the New Covenant extends all the way down.

CORA: Not that I wouldn't be allowed to participate in that Arkashean ceremony of power anymore? Is that true?

THERRY: Yeah, that's true. But that doesn't mean anything. That doesn't mean you can't still affiliate with Arkashea and be peripheral. And you still have the same welcome as you always had. That's unconditional.

CORA: But I thought when I read that ceremony that it said that all Arkashean do it at Christmas.

THERRY: Peripherals are not resident Arkasheans. Remember when you go away so to speak, you'll be on a different level. Now there's no reason that you cannot have or share that ceremony in your heart from your perspective level. It's the same on all levels. It's just that from the level of earth it becomes like being a religious ritual rather than renewing... recharging your golden rope chain of power. Residents of Arkashea see it as an acknowledgement of the laws of creation and its following. That's why...Remember that there is a difference between a religious ritual and a spiritual contact with the New Covenant.