Arkashean Q&A Session -- 016

EMELLE: And aside from helping me get rid of my cold, something happened in it that I wanted to ask you about which you may or may not answer.


EMELLE: And that is, I was meditating, which I've never done in your room before, but it didn't feel like I shouldn't, so I did. I didn't sit before the alter that's in your room or anything. And ah, the part that was odd was that, you know, I felt everything was okay and I felt my chain pretty good; stronger than usual. I guess `cause I was near the alter, and then I heard something that didn't make sense to me, and that's the part that I wanted to ask you about because it started saying something like, um, I didn't write it down, so I don't have everything verbatim, but it started saying something like wake up from a deep sleep, or something, and go towards um, I don't remember what it was going towards. I guess higher knowledge or wisdom or whatever. The part I really remember because it was the part I didn't understand, I mean everything else felt fine, was um, something about walking away from the path of Arkashea, and I thought, wait a minute, this doesn't sound right at all, and, uh, so I wouldn't say it. I was kinda listening to some things, and repeating some things depending on, you know, what seemed to be called for, but at that point I was, it seemed like I was possibly supposed to repeat that, but I wouldn't. I said, you know, I know that I don't live in the Monastery, but I'm part of the state of Arkashea, I took my vows to the state of Arkashea, and in my understanding I'm still on the path of Arkashea, and so I will not repeat that. I said, I don't know who you are, or what you want, um, but I'm not going to repeat it. I think I might have said a curse word, but I don't really remember. And I just said um, so anyway, instead I just kinda made up my own thing about I'm going to be part of the state of Arkashea for eternity, and that was my vow, and that's what I want to do, and I'm going to walk that path. And that sounded fine, it just didn't seem to be the same thing that was talking before; I knew that was mostly me, and uh, then a different voice that was more my usual guide said um, or usually the thing, it just sounded and felt like my daily person I talk to um, was saying something about the path of Arkashea is um, always there, even on the lowest level if you want to find it to put your heart towards there and regardless of how low you fall or what lifestyle you choose, anywhere, for any level, in any reality the path of Arkashea is there and you can find it, which sounded more normal to me. And after that I had this experience where I went through this kind of barrier. Um, the thing that confused me was that other voice or force was still there. I mean I still felt it even though I was trying not to pay attention to it for like a good fifteen minutes saying something about walk away to the path of Arkashea, from the path of Arkashea, and I just say, no, I'm not going to do that; go away, and I tried different mental tricks I used to stop myself from distracting myself. You know, erasing certain things, and visualizing certain things in my mind `cause when I meditate, sometimes if I have too much other stuff on my mind, I have to try to quiet myself down, and I could still feel it for like, I don't know, a good twenty minutes I guess, and then it went away, and, uh, I think it might have even still been there; like I felt it's presence when I walked towards this barrier. Um, and it kind of worried me, but I didn't think the barrier had anything to do with the voice; maybe it did, maybe it didn't. I don't know. The barrier, or the symbol was this thing that was all aflame. It was like a symbol of fire, and it was a circle and probably had a symbol in it that I didn't know what it meant. It looked kind of like an ohm, but I don't know, it just had kinda things in it. It was kind of like an Ohm in Sanskrit or something, but I walked through it. I mean, it was just like, it didn't block me and I just kinda passed right through it and then I was, um, then I was holding somebody's hand and I was going, like a guide or something, and uh, I don't remember what the guide looked like, it just felt kinda safe to do that so I did. I didn't really look at what he or she was wearing or anything, `cept I think it was a robe. And I went, like, up this stairway and as I was going, I kinda looked back at the barrier. When I looked back at the barrier I broke my concentration, and uh, just opened my eyes. But what I wanted to ask about--I mean, I'm full of questions and I don't know if you'll answer any of them, but the one that really disturbed me was the part about walking away from the path of Arkashea. I mean what was--

THERRY: Why don't we just wait. Give yourself a little time. That and everything else that's part of it will come, become self-evident with time.

EMELLE: Well, does it mean I'm walking away from the path of Arkashea? Can you answer that aspect of it?

THERRY: Why don't we just wait. Give it a little time.

EMELLE: I guess I'm concerned about it. I started thinking about it-I can accept that you say give it a little time-- but I'll just say that I started thinking about it and I wondered if it was a test about doing your own thinking. Um, I don't know; maybe it was or maybe it wasn't, but uh, I don't know, it just worried me because I didn't think that just going about living my life was breaking my vows to the state of Arkashea. And I guess that was why that aspect of it concerned me. Especially if what you said is true about serving the whole on your own level from where your heart is because people have been coming to me to talk to me, and I've been open and available to them, and wanted to be. Anyway, I guess that concerns me. You can't say anything about it?

THERRY: All I am willing to tell you for now is that every relationship has its own price.