Arkashean Q&A Session -- 023

PADRO: Can you explain why you want to keep people out of 'your world'?

THERRY: Why would I want to keep humans away from my world? Okay. Let's give you a possibility. Again, this doesn't mean what really is but it is a possibility. Let's say you are a highly evolved life form; that your basic building block is psychic crystals, okay? All of these humans, they break everything they come in contact with. And, some of these tools, these crystal tools that we use for psychic phenomena can't be replaced. What would you do?

PADRO: I would keep them from the children. I won't let humans get near them.

THERRY: In other words, you're going to take and prevent the humans from coming on to your world.

PADRO: Yeah.

THERRY: That answers the question.

PADRO: I would like to go on to my next question. You use things that you can't replace? Are they coming from?

THERRY: Higher levels. There are some things that are irreplaceable.

SCHELLE: How do they get there to start with?

THERRY: You are taking this conversation as though we were talking about real things.

PADRO: So what's your plan for being here? I'm not talking about the residents. People come and ask questions and have answers and then--

THERRY: Giving them the opportunity to learn.

PADRO: Okay. Because you said you can only fight evil inside yourself. So this had nothing to do with the idea of the Catholics, like monks praying for--

THERRY: Good waste of time.

PADRO: Good waste of time? Like fighting evil for everybody, even for me so I can do anything wrong?

THERRY: Yeah, good waste of time. What better way of telling people that you don't have to worry, you don't have to take responsibility for anything that you've done. Somebody else does it for you. These monks are over there fighting evil for you so you can take the time to become evil. It don't matter.

PADRO: Don't you think among them, there are some evil numbers?


MICHELLE: Somewhat? Some evil...what?

PADRO: Numbers.

MICHELLE: Numbers?

PADRO: People.

THERRY: No, I don't.

EVAN: Well, do you think that there are people amongst those numbers who are other...I mean they wouldn't have to be monks, but that are doing what they're doing because they truly believe that this is the way to help themselves and the human race?


EVAN: Regardless of how misguided they may be.


EVAN: Well, in my mind organized religion is just as corrupt as politics.

THERRY: There's no difference between the two. Organized religion is politics.

PADRO: So what is the point that the residents spend time here at the monastery, I mean what are they doing here? Are they learning to fight evil in themselves?


PADRO: For themselves or for others?

THERRY: No, people over here --The best way to answer is to have somebody who lives here tell you why they live here.

PADRO: Okay.

THERRY: Alright? Padro, Tina, he asked a question what is the purpose, what is the benefit of living here, being a resident here. Why do people want to live here?

TINA: I think there's different reasons for different people. I would say to learn the wisdoms.

THERRY: Why can't you learn the wisdom and live in New York, let's say? Or in Paris?

TINA: Because there's certain things that are only available through making certain trade-offs. And one of those trade-offs would be coming to a place where those wisdoms, have to live a certain life-style. Well, I don't know if that's necessarily accurate. A lot of those things simply aren't available out in the world. The Monastery keeps them cloistered.

THERRY: What kind of wisdom are you talking about?

TINA: The Laws. The Universal Laws.

THERRY: What else?

TINA: Understanding all the patterns of behavior. Um, learning how to apply Understanding, Forgiving and Love.

THERRY: Yeah, but why can't you learn to apply all those out in the world? Why do you have to live here?

TINA: Well, I don't know about anybody else but I don't know if a person would be able to do that out there. I couldn't. There are things that I only felt that I could get from here.

THERRY: Are you saying that it's awfully easy to be holy if you're on the top of the mountain? But difficult to be holy if you're among the regular people of the world?

TINA: Well, it was more than anything; it was just empty out there. There wasn't anything left. At least for me. I don't know about somebody else.

THERRY: Okay. What about the things that you learn here? That are non-physical?

TINA: You mean alter-realities. I don't know if a person could have, could get those out in the world. I don't know what other people's experiences are. But there have been a lot of things that I've experienced living here, learning how to travel, learning how to go places, understanding what projection is, understanding what Astration is. One is projection; that's where you stay in your body but time and space move all around such that you are here but you are viewing a whole different time and space. Astration is where you actually go to that place and you are in a new time and space. And those are the things that are taught here and they are worked on very extensively amongst everybody on their own level. And, you're the only teacher that I know that taught that. That wasn't what drew me. The feeling of unity is what drew me, and the level of intimacy, not a physical intimacy, and total non-judgment. Those are things that drew me.

PADRO: Quite a task.

TINA: Well, that's what I felt here and out in the world there's a great deal of the opposite. A great deal of judgment. There's a lot of people and they're very alone. A lack of understanding. I feel that in order for me to be of any use I have to begin freeing my own traps and I can do that better here than anywhere else.

PADRO: The question is not so much why you're here but what for? Is it in order to be useful?

TINA: To serve.

PADRO: To serve? What are you aiming to do being here?

TINA: I serve--I suppose it's a little nebulous to say that I serve the Universe, um, but I don't know how else to say it.

PADRO: Because when you say 'I serve the Universe' I felt like this is the idea when you said like fighting evil everywhere but you said you can fight evil only inside yourself. So what does it mean to serve the Universe?

TINA: Well, if you say to be more specific you're serving the species. But you don't see us going on street corners with banners saying 'we can save you' because we can't save anybody. People can only save themselves. So, if a person chooses to come here they've decided to help themselves. We simply can be guideposts. We don't change them.

THERRY: Umm, somewhere here we learn... there's an entry called Other World Teachers.

TINA: Other World teachers.

EVAN: How about you, LeSa?

LIAM: What are we doing here or why am I here? What is the question?

THERRY: Why are you here? What brought you here?

LIAM: Is that your question?

PADRO: No. My question is what are you aiming for here?

LIAM: That's quite different. Umm.

THERRY: But the second one is built on the first.

LIAM: Okay. Well, basically what brought me here was the... I was searching for some kind of spiritual group and there were lots of groups out there who were doing lots of things. In fact, there's so many it's unbelievable. And you go, you know, to every little group and this group believes it can do this, this, and this, you're going to be enlightened. Then you go to another group and they believe separate things and every group has its own beliefs and there's so many of them it's absolutely unbelievable. You go out there and you've got people that are experimenting kind of, all sorts of things that they believe in and I really, you know, couldn't get the types of answers that I wanted that, you know, there were a lot of experiments out there but it was difficult to get, I guess concrete answers about some things. And I was able to get that here. And it was more, really, along philosophical lines. That's the reason I was drawn to this place. It really was out there--people believe that there were metaphysical things. It was like they believe they existed but they really didn't have any idea how to go about achieving that and I was able to get those types of answers here. Through laws. That was what brought me here and because everything checked out as far as that goes, those types of things I wanted to know.

THERRY: What keeps you here?

LIAM: I suppose a measure of contentment that keeps me here. Not only the logic checks out but also the emotions as well. Also, there's just about, you know, I always wanted to be in a group of people who are doing certain things and I have a big list about the types of things I wanted to do and just about every single thing that I ever wanted to do Arkashea's doing. I really couldn't find the people out there that could hold together enough or have any kind of concrete direction as to how to go about getting those things. And I haven't found any other place that is better at it than this place. So, things move along quite rapidly here as far as I'm concerned.

THERRY: With reference to your second question about what is it that we hope to attain, how can what we do help anybody or anything. Let me have Padro read an entry from one of the books. Padro.

TINA: Read Other World Teacher?


TINA: Alright.

THERRY: Now, you asked why would we want to go to alter-realities. Why would we want to go to other dimensions, other places? Why would we want to travel through time and space? That's built into your question of what was our goals. That would give you an example.

TINA: Other World Teachers. Teachers of the two sides of life. To understand the old ones it becomes necessary if we are to understand the two sides of life. The mystic, because of the nature of reality is able to travel to and from alter-realities. His thinking does not limit him to this level of awareness. To him astral travel was as common as common could be. Most of the old teachings were dedicated toward getting the individual ready for his first journey into the other aspects of the wrappings of the multi-layered cocoon, as well as getting the individual

PADRO: Would you read this again?

TINA: Read it slower?

PADRO: No, no, just the last sentence.

TINA: Most of the old teachings were dedicated toward getting the individual ready for his first journey into the aspects of the wrappings of the multi-layered cocoon.

THERRY: Let's do this. Let's read the whole thing for the tape and then we'll go back sentence-by-sentence.

TINA: As well as getting the individual somewhat familiar with the pattern of basic laws which govern the multi-layered cocoon of Maya. He had to come to know that each level of the cocoon might have a different subset of laws. The individual had to come to realize that how he thought was going to determine what was possible for him. If he disbelieved in something or if he doubted something then that something was not available for him. It was out of the boundaries of his existence. It was a simple case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind; out-of-mind, out-of-existence. Anything that was out of existence automatically brought another barrier, which had to be broken down if the individual hoped to achieve on that level. The belief was if the individual was a man of peace he could free his Ba, the eternal aspect, from his coat of skin.

Once freed from the effects of his coat of skin, the individual could wander into other worlds. Once there he could learn greater wisdom. If he chose to return to Earth, he could help others free themselves. The only way he could do this was by acting as an unseen steering current to the individual he was trying to help. All he had to do was implant ideas into the individual's mind from the other side of life. It was like an individual entering another's dream to give the needed information.

This, however, had many limitations. To be helped, the individual had to want the influences of an Other World Teacher, a light-worker. He had to know the path which mortal man may not walk alone. He had to want a special teacher. The individual could not have the attitude of being an island unto himself regardless of his ego state. In his dreams and in his wake state he had to inwardly seek a spiritual teacher. This teacher could be either from the other side of life or this teacher could be from his own side of life. What is more important, the individual could be taught in either his wake state or in his dream state. If the individual was from the other side of life the teachings were limited to the not-awake levels of the dream. If the teacher was from his own side of life then it became much easier. The lessons could be taught in any of the levels in which the teacher had dominion. The individual could free himself, that is, he could change by having his Other World Teacher or his light-worker direct the life force in the proper direction. He could walk towards the proper thinking process, toward a more acceptable behavior pattern. What made this most difficult was that the light-worker had to achieve the implant without the individual realizing he was being controlled by another. Still, the light-worker could not override the individual's Free Will.

The mystics of old believed the greatest curse man could suffer was to have cycles of life and death stop. If such a curse were to befall an individual there would also be two possible versions of the curse. What was the most frightening part of the curse was that there was no way of telling which of the two versions the individual would be forced to endure. The first version would be that the individual's body would continue to grow old regardless of how old the body got the individual could never die. This in time would bring about a set of experiences, which would be far more painful than anything the other version of the curse could possibly create. Because the body continued to grow old it would continue to become sick and it would continue to deteriorate. The speed of the aging process would determine everything. Most of all it would determine how many active years the individual had before he could no longer move.

The second version would be that the individual's body would stop growing old. The individual would remain the same age for the rest of the time he had to spend on that level of existence. Under this version of the curse, the individual's body would not get sick nor would it deteriorate. Any damage done to any part of the body regardless of how that damage was done or regardless of why that damage was done would heal itself so very quickly it really wouldn't matter if the individual were hurt. If there were any broken bones in the healing process they would automatically set themselves without any outside aid without the need of splints.

Furthermore, if that was not bad enough there was no way of telling if either of the two versions forced the trapped individual to feel his body's pain. If the particular version of the curse allowed pain, the individual, as he grew older would be in a constant state of pain. If the version of the curse didn't allow pain, then the individual wasn't even allowed to have feelings of any kind. He'd be like walking stone. If the cycles of life and death stopped while the individual was still on the awake side of the physical level of existence his Karma then forced him to remain on the awake state of the physical level of the existence of Earth. In such a condition the power of the Ankh changed the original recording of his Karmic chord such that the Double Gate would be forever closed to him. In this state of karma this individual would live until all his misdeeds were equalized. He could even live for all eternity on that dream level. The residents of all other levels of existence would see the individual as being either dead, in a coma, or in a cataleptic trance.

If the cycles of life and death were to stop while he was on the other side of life, he would then have to return the physical Earth experience to equalize his misdeeds. In this condition the power of the Ankh's Silver Chord attached to his many Ka's would force him into the reality having the most attraction to him Karmically. There it would keep him until all his Karmic debts were equalized. Again by Recursive Dialusion the individual could remain on that level of existence unto forever, even for an eternity. In either case the curse was considered more frightening than the Oblivion because of the limitations that forced the individual to endure.

The feared curse was that in the process of equalizing his karma the individual would only have a certain amount of time to remain un-trapped. If the individual was such that he refused to change or was an island unto himself so as to refuse help from an outside source the chances of him achieving his goal within the allotted time would be slim indeed. He could count on being trapped on that level of awareness for as many cycles of life as it took to pay the debt of all his misdeeds of that level. However, if in the process of freeing himself he should deceive himself and thereby gain the field over Anubis the man would remain in the Earth experience for all eternity, not until all other life forms had released themselves from the trap of Maya would the forces release him. This is why they paid so much attention to the 'Trinity of Life'. The Trinity of Life was the core of their belief system. In relatively modern times, when the religions changed they called the Trinity of Life the Three Graces.

THERRY: Here, let's go sentence by sentence.

TINA: Alright. The first thing here it says

THERRY: Why don't we put a synopsis on it? Here, you guys go out and take your walk. Put this away please. Okay, basically what it is that the sphere of life that we live on called Maya, is the center of a cocoon. The cocoon has different layers. Each layer is an alter reality. Now, when you learn to Astrate, project, or travel, you learn to go into those alter realities. Well, when you're on those alter realities you communicate with that part of another person who's on that level. And as you communicate that individual has wisdom that he didn't have before. That wisdom trickles down. And that helps them understand, helps them to change. It's a way for somebody to have wisdom without overriding their free will. And in that way--

PADRO: Overriding the individual's free will?

THERRY: Overriding their free will. Overriding. That means to stop you.

PADRO: Oh, okay.

THERRY: We do not prevent you from experiencing your free will. We do not override your free will. But at the same time we under certain circumstances can force you to have experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise. So, it's a delicate balance and that's one of the reasons why a person would want to be able to travel to alter realities. They can become co-creators of life. Special teachers.

PADRO: Travelers become special teachers?

THERRY: That way even though the species is a baby they can become teachers for these babies and help them grow up and away from their savage wars. It helps people learn how to control their emotions and once someone learns how to control their emotions then they can be more peaceful inside and hence the species as a whole will become more peaceful. As the species becomes more peaceful they gain more wisdom and they can free themselves they can go back up to where they were before they descended into Maya. That answers your question?

PADRO: Yeah. I mean people who teach do it to spread opportunities for understanding?


PADRO: So, is it important for this information to come out? I mean, is it an emergency?

THERRY: I think it's important. I won't say emergency but I'll say it's important. The world is in danger.

PADRO: Did you talk about cycles?

THERRY: Everything runs in cycles. It's part of Law.

PADRO: So why did you try to detain things when you know that--

THERRY: Because you can make changes. It is possible to make changes but you can't make changes in the world. You have to make changes in people's hearts.

EVAN: The thing that always rings true for me, I don't know if it did for you, no matter how rejectful I got over the Catholic Church, what always rang true was the teachings of Christ. I never had any objections to that. It was the way I was being taught it and what I was expected to do with it. And once I was taught it--

THERRY: What specifically did you call the teachings of Christ? Give me an example of what He was supposed to have taught.

EVAN: Mostly, what came out of the Gospels and the parables that were part of either the letters.

THERRY: Give me some examples?

EVAN: The specific lessons? Well, he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

THERRY: But, that's not Christian.

EVAN: No, it's not. But for an eight-year old kid that's what he remembers.


EVAN: So, that's what he connects it to.


EVAN: And that made sense to me. Just like love your neighbor as you love yourself.

THERRY: Again, love your neighbor as you love yourself, that's not Christian.


THERRY: They borrowed that from somebody else.

EVAN: Sure. It wasn't the dogma that was being taught. It was the way it was taught. It was the fact that you were told, 'hey, you've got to be at Mass every morning at 8:00 o'clock and even though you are a miserable son-of-a-bitch for the rest of the day, it's okay as long as you show up. And go to confession. And then everything's going to be okay.' And a number of those people really were some of the rottenest people you've ever met. You know, they'd go in and have this holier-than-thou attitude. Like I'm one of the chosen people. I can shoot people and be part of the Mafia and dump people into the back of limousines, and it doesn't matter because I'm still going to heaven because I have all the sacraments, dammit. It has nothing to do with the teachings because you'll never see that written in the Gospels. That's become the whole practice of the religion as opposed to the lesson. And, that's what bothered me growing up as a kid. Even the superstition part didn't bother me that much. Because I was willing to suspend my disbelief and go, 'oh, okay.'

SCHELLE: What superstition?

EVAN: The idea of the Immaculate Conception.

SCHELLE: normal; layout-grid-mode: line"> I don't even know what that is anymore.

EVAN: It says Jesus was beget of the Holy Spirit coming to Mary.

SCHELLE: Oh, right.

EVAN: That she was supposed to have been the Virgin Mary.

THERRY: You know, they even got that wrong. It wasn't Jesus via Mary that was the Immaculate Conception. It was Mary from her mother that was the Immaculate Conception. You see the original belief was that in order to have such purity it may not come from Earth. So, the Immaculate Conception was Mary herself. All that implies is that many people who study the Christian religion really don't study the original version of it. If a person wanted to put aside their superstitious, and I use the word properly, superstitious beliefs for a while, it's very easy to understand that it is possible for a women to bear children without copulation.


THERRY: It's quite easy. You don't have to penetrate in order to allow sperm to impregnate. There's already been many cases in history where brothers and sisters would sleep in the same bed and in order for the sister to deliver the child that ensued, the doctor had to break the hymen.

SCHELLE: Oh, then it still required sperm, this idea of the Immaculate Conception. Wasn't the whole thing that she was impregnated kind of mystically?

EVAN: By God.

SCHELLE: By God. Okay, so that part is untrue then. It still took sperm, right?

THERRY: But the big contention is the possibility that conception without copulation. That was the implication that they gave. They never said anything about conception without sperm. That was never spoken anyway. That was never even addressed, not to my knowledge.

EVAN: Of the various parallels, or accounting in the New Testament about Christ, telling about the two loaves and the two fishes to feed the five hundred.

THERRY: People have a way of exaggerating.

EVAN: Okay. But I mean would they, were the feats that were exaggerated? I mean was it actual demonstrations of other, what you would call tricks?

THERRY: Right. It's the same stuff. I don't think he's aware of that. Perhaps you might enlighten him. But you see there's a big difference. We did take her out of her body. She can't deny that one.

SCHELLE: Oh, yeah.

PADRO: What?

THERRY: We took her out of her body.

SCHELLE: That's Astrating.

THERRY: So, you see she can't deny that. So, she had personal experience with things that can happen.

EVAN: But that wasn't a public display.


EVAN: The way that--

THERRY: When I put the water in all of this other stuff I do is never a public display.

EVAN: Put in the water?

THERRY: These other things that I do. It's never a public display.

EVAN: Right. But Christ's was. So it was a different tack towards the same result.

THERRY: But, you see at that time they were trying to do what we had to do in a mass, but it doesn't work.

SCHELLE: Were you trying to do it en masse because the world had reached such a disastrous level? Was it worse than it is now? It was?

THERRY: A great percentage of the world was under slavery.

SCHELLE: It would seem to me that what you call the Hierarchy, the wisdom, would be aware that letting a teacher come, that he was going to be murdered?


SCHELLE: Oh, no.

THERRY: A possibility, yes. But just because you know ahead that something could happen that doesn't mean you have to deny people the opportunity.

EVAN: What happened to...I mean if history is correct He was something like 37 or 38 years old when He was crucified. Thirty-three? Because he must have-- I think he talked from a very young age as a child if, again, the scriptures were correct. So for twenty years He had students of varying degrees. When He was killed was the violence of the end or the state of the world enough that just made the speeches disappear, or go under wraps?

THERRY: It was for the times, it would be equal to something being sent to the gas chambers today.

EVAN: But what about the students? I mean what happened to them?

THERRY: That would be difficult to, let's just say that it's one thing to profess something when it's safe. But it's something else to continue your belief when you really have to put yourself on the line. That does not mean that their belief was totally false. They simply went underground.

EVAN: Since that time, which is two thousand years, has there ever been another major public attempt that --

THERRY: That was the last time we've done anything public.

EVAN: Is there any other spiritual movement in history that we know of, let's say a Gandhi?

THERRY: Gandhi wasn't spiritual. The Gandhi movement was not a spiritual movement. It was a political movement. It was a pacifist-nonviolent. That's pure political.

EVAN: What about the prophets before Christ?

THERRY: What about them?

EVAN: Were any of them a public display?

THERRY: Before Christ? Before Christ they were all public. But that doesn't mean they were Arkasheans.

EVAN: I mean were there conscious public displays by Arkasheans before Christ?


SCHELLE: John the Baptist?

THERRY: Wasn't Arkashean.

EVAN: Except for Christ the whole Arkashean movement is one that by necessity has been underground and kept very quiet?

THERRY: Well, I wouldn't call it underground because it's not; it's not that secret.

EVAN: Well, less than advertised.

THERRY: Well, I wouldn't say that either. It's simply a case of it's a one to one. Where each individual is taught the Laws of Creation according to their own limitations. So, that's not necessarily underground.

SCHELLE: Does every entity here have to eventually walk the path of Arkashea to get out of --



THERRY: There are many, many, many paths to the top of the mountain but there's only one path off the mountain. Every one who descended must follow or retrace that same steps in order to get off. The door that you use to get into life is the same door that you use to exit.

SCHELLE: So the people that we meet who are in their own right very nonjudgmental but follow one of the big religions, obviously Christianity or Judaism, because I've certainly met people, usually older people now, it's very rare that they're nonjudgmental but occasionally you meet somebody like that. And you know that they're very spiritual, even people like that, so you could just say they're having a nice life down here, just having a good sharing nice live. But they, even those people can't do it through their religions. They must eventually walk the path of Arkashea. Is that correct?

EVAN: I don't think so. I mean what are we talking about. Any specifics? As far as--

THERRY: Perhaps it might do him good if he knew

SCHELLE: Oh, well, the earliest thing I can remember is doing the dishes and, this was in--

THERRY: I have a way of playing with water.

SCHELLE: I was washing dishes and my sleeves are rolled up. Water is supposed to go down, right.

PADRO: Mm-hmm.

SCHELLE: The water starts going up my arm. Traveling up my arm. Okay. That's like the earliest thing I remember. And I was laughing. I was getting all wet; it's kind of funny. Then the Astrating, which I told you about before.

THERRY: Are you, do you understand what she just said about Astrating?


THERRY: That's when we took her out of her body.

PADRO: Oh. How did you say that?


PADRO: How did you say that?

SCHELLE: As-trat-ing. Astrating.

PADRO: Schelle told me about her dream.

THERRY: Yeah, where I stopped her dream and told her to--

SCHELLE: Stop that one.


EVAN: Wasn't your Astration with a barstool?

SCHELLE: Yeah. I wake up in the middle of the night and Therry's standing by the bed, wrapped in a blanket and carrying a barstool. And I said 'what the hell is he doing?' because I can't believe this. Here's this man moving furniture around at 3:00 in the morning. And then I see Duncan and he's sort of doing this, looking around, it was funny-and then he sort of walked off. It turns out he was Astrating too, right? So, two people on the same level, does that mean he saw me?

DUNCAN: I didn't see you. I was too busy worrying about myself.

EVAN: When two people meet on the same level--

SCHELLE: What was the thing, you thought you ate the ice cream, but the next day?

DUNCAN: I don't know what happened to the ice cream but I remember--

SCHELLE: You don't remember the ice cream?

DUNCAN: Not particularly.

SCHELLE: Something happened where you went to get a Popsicle--

THERRY: Yeah, but you got to remember both of you were only sharing a common illusion, both of you were in two different worlds.

SCHELLE: In two different worlds, but sharing?

THERRY: Common reality.

SCHELLE: Common reality.

THERRY: And besides the only reason why we took you out anyway was to give you the book.

SCHELLE: Oh, that's right. I remember that Therry leaned over and put something on the bed. I think I spoke to you then. I was working on a book with Therry. I, of course, didn't have the information that needed to go into this book. So, this book was to help me do what I had to do, you know. Are you with me?


THERRY: She was recanting some of the things she remembers when we took her out of her body. Things that happened.

SCHELLE: One thing that I will tell you is that when something like this happens you know something different, something you've never experienced, you know it's very real and it's not what you always thought it would be. These things are innate or intuitive, or something. You know what I mean.

PADRO: Mm-hmm.

SCHELLE: That's what makes it different from what you read about in all these psychic books. No bells go off. It's like your intellect is playing around with all this information. This is different. Because you know suddenly you're in a greater reality. You just know. That's it. No intellect. You just know. It's like waking up from a dream. Those are the only things I can think of. Except for stories that I've heard from others, stuff like that.

THERRY: He's got enough. Considering what you and what others have told him. It's sufficient. Plus a few things coming his way. If he has a mind to really seek the inner path, he'll find it.

EVAN: Astration... what's the other term?

THERRY: Projection.

EVAN: Projection. That's something that you work with with the students in the Cloister. What is the purpose?

THERRY: To become an Other World Teacher.

EVAN: An Other World Teacher. What other world? Other worlds? More than one?

THERRY: You don't necessarily have to put it plural. Other World meaning not of your common reality.

EVAN: Are you talking about different time, different space, that kind of thing?

THERRY: You're talking about it all. Once you're capable of manipulating the forces in that way, time, space is not a variable. You come to realize that all barriers are placental in nature and by using the power of the Broken Cross and the Ankh you can pass through. The Claim to Uniqueness no longer binds you.

EVAN: When we ask you a question about the future sometimes I'll see you pause--

THERRY: I gotta' go check.

EVAN: Is that what you're doing? Fast forwarding and changing the channels?


EVAN: It's that fast, huh?

THERRY: You also have to bear in mind that the response that you get is based on the existing situations as they are now. You change some of the threads you'll have a different future.

EVAN: As far as Arkashea and other teachers here there and everywhere, is your role as a headmaster, seer, teacher, and whatever you can use as a description, is that unique amongst the Arkasheans that are on Earth now?

THERRY: I don't like to talk about that stuff.

EVAN: So there's one of you and a bunch of students?


EVAN: Hopefully who will become teachers?

THERRY: No. There's seven like me.

EVAN: There's seven like you. So, there are seven brothers of the chain?

THERRY: Now you're ordering information, which isn't available to anyone other than the Cloister people.

EVAN: Okay, I guess we'll just scratch that one. But, there's seven physical beings? I don't mean it like you guys have conventions and all get together but--

THERRY: You're familiar with bilocation, right?

EVAN: Yeah, we talked about it before.

THERRY: Instead of Bi- try seven.

EVAN: You decided to move from Alabama--

THERRY: I didn't.

EVAN: When you moved from Alabama was it based on some need to be somewhere else or that particular location was --

THERRY: It was based upon my master telling me get your ass over there. So I got. I don't sit and argue. I don't ask questions. I figure he's a little bit more powerful than I am so I'm not going to debate the subject.

PADRO: So when we asked the question...The question was so you're helping me, helping us to get up through the window, the purpose is to be up, why don't you take us directly there? I feel like the most important thing is not to be up, through the window, but following the whole process to get up. So, okay, that's my question.

THERRY: Okay. First of all, the reason why I don't just take you up is because I have laws that I have to follow. One of the laws that I have to follow is I can't override your free will. You used your free will to come down to where you're at so if you want to get out of where you're at, you have to use your own free will to get out. I can't do it for you. You've got to do it yourself. Secondly, suppose I did just pick you up and take you through the window, you wouldn't stay there. You'd come right back down again. Because you don't know how or why you came down.

PADRO: You could teach it.

THERRY: I can't teach anything at all. You have to take it. All I can do is give opportunities. You have to understand. You have to realize using your own free will. I cannot give you that understanding. You have to take it yourself. Therefore down here all I can do is teach you patterns, teach you laws. And you have to apply it to your life because you want to. It's your free will. Your choice. Therefore, by me making the stuff available, people can use their free will to take it, learn the laws, come to realize, apply it to them, then they will change because they want to change. Not because somebody else wants them to change. And as they change within their own life they will then pass through the window on their own.

PADRO: Okay.

THERRY: That's why.

PADRO: This is the answer to the first question?

THERRY: Your other question was --

PADRO: This was the two answers?

THERRY: This was two answers to the first question.

PADRO: So the first question is you cannot override my free will?

THERRY: I cannot override your free will. There are laws that I must follow. The second, or the other parts is that you would only come back down.

PADRO: Only come back down.

THERRY: Now, the next thing, the next question that you had posed was you feel that the purpose is not for you to be back but the process of going back. The answer to that is correct. Because without the process you don't have realization or understanding. You don't have the realization of cause and effect. Without understanding those laws, you have not learned how to manipulate relative reality, the most common reality, or alter realities. Therefore, you don't have control of yourself. And the whole idea or the purpose or the process is for you using your free will to learn control. To learn to put your emotions where they belong. Use them as a tool.

And finally, the question is I seem to have abilities that you guys don't have. Well, that's not true. I do not have abilities that you guys cannot have. I simply know the laws of creation and therefore I have a recipe to follow. In the process of you guys learning you too will learn the recipe. Therefore you too will be able to do what I do. But until you learn to do it you ain't going anywhere. You're still trapped inside your relative illusion. And the Claim to Uniqueness forbids or prevents anybody from going there. There isn't anything or anybody who can join you in your illusion?

See, there are very specific laws that govern different states of being and the Claim to Uniqueness states that you are in your world and nobody else ever goes there nobody. That's why we have a common reality so that you can interact with other people but in order to do that you have to reach out of your world and into common reality. See, your private little world is called individuality. Relative reality. It's yours and yours alone. Everything that you learn and everything that you know, what you've done is you've gone through the placental barrier into common reality and taken that stuff into your little world.

And now you pass it through your psychological screens and you change it, bend it according to so it will fit your little world. So what you need to do is to get rid of that barrier more and more so that your little world is more aligned with common reality. And in the process of doing that you'll learn the laws that govern realities. And thus you'll be able to be relatively happy. Changing realities is very, very easy. I showed you that the other day. It was very easy. I changed my size by what, three inches, four inches? It's easy. It's very easy to become three of four inches or whatever however bigger or small. Very easy. All you have to do is follow the recipe.

PADRO: What were my four questions because I just--

THERRY: Okay, the four questions ended up being: Why do I have to do it, why don't you do it for me since you have to ability to that was the first question. Another question was: what is the real point of it: to pass through the window or to experience the process of passing through the window. The next question was is it really the process of going through the window or is it learning the laws so that you guys will have the same abilities that I have. And the final question, it was kind of clouded. Um, right off the bat I really don't remember what was the fourth question. I guess it had to do with applying the things that you learn to yourself and how to change your values.

PADRO: So, the other day I asked you is it like a box you could tell me you said well the first level is anything that has to be--

THERRY: "That which exists shall be dual in its nature but triune in its effects". That's the first law. That's the first Law of Creation.

PADRO: I know. We talked about that one. I don't know, I feel like this won't be useful to me. Because it's too difficult. I can't see that, everything. I know about the dual thing and the triune--

THERRY: That's a beginning. If you're capable of understanding the duality that exists as part of creation that's a very big beginning. Because now that means that you stop thinking in terms of blanket statements. If you truly understand the duality then you won't make statements 'oh, this is that.' It's because of this. You'll stop making those statements. Because those statements are stupid. They're asinine. It is never just one thing that's involved. It's always a number of possibilities that's involved. And that's the duality of it. And if I remember correctly I used the example of the word, or the concept decay.


THERRY: You came out with the statement 'that's bad'. And I showed you how it's not bad. Decay is a very important part of change.

PADRO: I was mixing up decay and decadence.

THERRY: Yeah. Even decadence has a good side to it.

PADRO: Well, yes I can follow you until there. But the triune part about the doesn't make any sense to me.

THERRY: All right. Let's see if I can make it sense for you, see if I can help you understand it. Triune factor simply means that any time that you have two things you can mix those two things and get a third.

PADRO: Oh, that's what you meant by one end, the other end and what's in-between.

THERRY: Right. You understand electricity, yes?

PADRO: Mmm, a little.

THERRY: A little bit. You understand it on one side of the continuum. You have an insulator where no electricity will pass. On the other side of the continuum you have a conductor where electricity passes freely. So there's two opposite things.

PADRO: Yeah.

THERRY: So, you mix the two together and somewhere in the middle you have what we call transistor material. Where you can control what goes on inside.

PADRO: But this is in terms of nature, about the effects.

THERRY: No, it's the effects of two materials. It's the effects that exist in terms of a continuum. A continuum is composed of two opposite ends and the Triunity is the mixing of those two opposite ends to create the different points along the continuum.

PADRO: What is it? That? You said the continuum consists of?

THERRY: Two opposite points.

PADRO: Yes, and--

THERRY: Triunity is the mixing of those two opposite points. So that you have different degrees. So that you create the differences, the points along the continuum.

PADRO: That's what I don't get because for me this and the continuum doesn't consist, it's also what's in-between.

THERRY: Huh-uh. The continuum itself is unity. It's just one thing; a continuum. Then you break it down more. The next step is you look at the two opposites. Such as no electricity at all versus free-forming electricity. Then you go down one step more and you say if you mix the two, 10 percent one, 90 percent the other you get a brand new piece of material. So, if you mix a little more ratios, keep mixing, you'll end up with all the different points. So that each material will be solid. It will be different from the other two material.

Another example, that same law in effect, is water. On one side you have the unity called gas. Okay? So, let's say you have hydrogen, it's a gas. You have oxygen, another gas. So you mix the two of them together and you'll get different things. You take two hydrogen and mix it with one oxygen. What do you have? You no longer have gas. It's something totally, totally different. Now you have a fluid. And the fluid has properties that the other two didn't have. So, now you have three; the Triunity factor. Now you take two hydrogen and you take two waters and you change the ratio. What do you have? You still have fluid, but you have a heavy fluid.

PADRO: What do you call that? Oxygen-water?

THERRY: Heavy water. So you have Triunity factor. Because, you'll notice we said it's the effects. It's the effects because you begin with only those two things. That's all you have, just those two things. So, it's dual in its nature, but the effects of combining them become triune. It has nothing to do--it's totally different from the other two.

PADRO: I understand what you say, but still. When you say, 'well, the continuum is one thing', and the talking about the two ends--

THERRY: Two opposite points.

PADRO: Two opposite points. But, I mean hydrogen and oxygen aren't the two opposite points on one single thing. How would you name it? The thing that has, you know--

THERRY: But that's the whole point. You can choose any continuum. You can choose any two things in creation and use them as a continuum. It doesn't matter what it is. You can use any two creation. And put them; make a continuum out of them by combining them with different ratios. And, the result is a continuum between one item and the other item. There are continuums where you use only two things. There are continuums where you use three things. There are continuums where you use four things, etc., etc.

But a continuum of that nature is such that you use only those items. You don't use anything else. And all you do is change the ratio of mixing them. And you have the triune effects. It's called the Triune Effects because the thing that you end up with is totally different from what you started out with. You started out with two gasses and now you get a solid. It's different so the effects is triune.

You can take hate, mix it with love and what do you get? As you keep mixing you get different things. You take wonder and mix it with skepticism and as you mix it you get different things. So, once you understand those laws, once you understand what is it that you have to mix in order to get what you have, then by going backwards you understand how you got to where you're at.

And once you understand those patterns, you can answer the question why. And once you can answer the question why, now you know enough from preventing yourself from doing it again. That doesn't mean you won't do it again, but at least you'll have the ability to not do it again. Cause' it's kind of nice to know how you did it so you don't have to do it again. But, if you don't know how, you're going to keep doing it all of the time. And that's the important thing. It's knowing the laws of the process. And I showed you the other night that reality is an effect. It's the combining of that which is real and that which is illusion. And by manipulating the two sides I was able to change reality. That was easy. That's just following the same law. The same as taking two hydrogen and one oxygen. It's the same thing. The only thing I did is I used that which is real and that which is illusion and combined them in a very special ratio. And that changed perceived reality. Very easy. It's the same law.