Arkashean Q&A Session -- 030

THERRY: Okay. First, in order to understand the subject of the whole of the Descent of man, you have to understand that there are two interlaced concepts, which play with one another. If you use strictly just one you can't understand it so you have to interlace the other into it. But, the other becomes unclear by itself. Example: you have fabric mode of thinking and you have the linear mode of thinking. The linear mode of thinking has a beginning, an assumption, a conclusion and an end. In the linear mode of thinking you can theorize, propose theories, you can pretend. You can do all kinds of things because it deals from happenings within a possible illusion. The fabric like thinking on the other hand, you can't do any of that. The fabric like thinking, you simply take a unit and plug it in to whatever it is that you're using. It's like a little black box that you simply accept as a working entity or a working unit. And, it just fits into the weave of life. Do you understand that part?

DUNCAN: I think so.

THERRY: If we wanted to understand how man goes to this particular plane of existence we call the astral plane of common reality, and then we have to go back and forth from linear thinking and fabric like thinking. Okay?

DUNCAN: Mm-hmm.

THERRY: Is that clear?


THERRY: Okay. So let us start at the beginning of the Descent. Let us assume that a particular entity is in the state of Deluge, which is on the other side of double, gate Anubis, Isis. Okay? Well, on that level it is the thought that binds. Okay? So, to descend they would have to leave via the path of their thoughts and enter an illusion, which they would themselves create. Via the power of their own thoughts.

DUNCAN: This is the first aspect of that?

THERRY: This is the very first. That's the fringe, which is outside illusion.

DUNCAN: Even to talk about that, even though we use linear, it's really fabric.

THERRY: Yes. And it's very inaccurate because nothing or none that is in the illusion could possibly hope to understand the occurrences, which are outside the illusion.

DUNCAN: So, we just use that to set up our logic.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: Even though it's all...

THERRY: As an aid to understanding. In short, you can't prove it. You could easily say that's nothing but a bunch of malarkey. You can't prove it either way. It's like religion. You can't prove there is an existence of God, even though you can point and say there are many things that are unexplainable that we can't do yet that are here. One person can say, 'well, it's there only because of an accident of creation.' Well, another person could say, 'no, it's a creation of God.' And there is no proof either way.

BLAKE: Okay.

THERRY: It's that sort of thing. Okay, so now this, for the lack of a better term, fall from grace of this exodus from Deluge comes into being, we call it the Oblivion. If it is in fact a fall from grace is debatable. Let's simply say that there is an exodus. Now we stop the fabric type thinking and get into momentary linear type thinking. Specifically, we start thinking of the prose of the descent and the prose of the what-if-but.

DUNCAN: The pro's?

THERRY: You're familiar with the term pros'?

DUNCAN: Only when somebody's using it like the pro's and the con's.

THERRY: No, it's sort of like a verse.

DUNCAN: Oh, okay.

THERRY: Okay, now with that firmly in mind again we stop the linear thinking because that's as far as it can take us without lying to us.

DUNCAN: The linear thinking is the prose of the what-if-but?

THERRY: And the Descent. They're two different versions of the Descent.

DUNCAN: Which is the other one, the Seven Rivers?

THERRY: That's an additional version of it. But, see the Seven Rivers is the how. The what. The Descent and the What-if-but basically is the what. The Seven Rivers is the how. Therefore I didn't mention it. Now then--

DUNCAN: Can I stop please, for a second?


DUNCAN: When you say the Descent, you're talking to the one about tracing Amulious?




DUNCAN: Yeah. That's all linear?

THERRY: Yes. Those proses are all linear. Now we stop the linear and we go back to fabric.


THERRY: Which means we take that little black box and we plug it in, okay? As a working entity, as a working unit. Okay, now which tells us that from Deluge the power of our thoughts forced us into the illusion across the Now Zone, the Sea of Uncreated Futures, and we approached the first of the Double Gates. Anubis/Isis. Now up until that point we are outside the illusion still. Hence we are in the Sea of Uncreated Futures. The Sanguine Sea of all Possibilities. We are more or less for the lack of a better term swimming into a cosmic slime from which all of creation comes. We are in fact swimming in the sea of energy, which is the source for primordial force. Okay so far?


THERRY: So, now we're caught in a whirlpool of descent and we are passing through for the lack of better word a placental barrier, which is the Double Gate. Well, in that process we are changed. Our life essence for the lack of a better word becomes under the domain of the Alliance of the Rule. Okay so far?


THERRY: Now we find ourselves past the barrier of the Double Gate into Primedial force. Whereby the Sea of Uncreated Futures we presently are in have more direction to them. The thoughts of the beings who went into the Oblivion are, or have taken effect and certain things are already happening. That impetus we will call the Great Force. It is causing things to happen. Follow so far?


THERRY: Okay. Now as the descent continues we find ourselves in a new state of being called Orthodontiks. It is the highest possible energy zone that can possibly exist from within the illusion. Okay, so far?

DUNCAN: No. I thought that Primedial was within the illusion.

THERRY: It is but it's a state. It's not a level. It's a, the Sea of Uncreated Futures.

DUNCAN: As it relates to illusion.

THERRY: As it relates to illusions. It's the sea of all possibilities.

DUNCAN: Okay, so--

THERRY: It's the source from which all possibilities come. But there is no actual creation. The first actual creation from our definition of the word creation comes from Orthodontiks.


THERRY: It's the highest possible energy level of Creation. Which exists within the illusion. Okay? Follow so far?

DUNCAN: Well, it's still a little confusing. The terms of the details but for right now, let's continue.

THERRY: See, if you look at primordial force and the Great Force it's sort of like saying 'taint'. 'T'ain't illusion, but it taint outside the illusion either. It's in its non-creative state. Force is the effect of change. But in order for change to exist there has to be something for that change to react upon. And that's primordial force. The passive, the primordial force, that energy is what's being changed. The Great Force is the force that acts as a catalyst to create that change. They form to create the third factor, which would be Orthodontiks. Hence duality has its triune forces and the Godhead of the whole satisfies the law. Repeating patterns. All right, so far?


THERRY: Now, that same pattern continues to exist as creation continues to descend into grosser and grosser matter. Okay?

DUNCAN: Is this linear? Is that last statement linear?

THERRY: That last statement is linear.


THERRY: But, you can see how you can't take it too far. Because it begins lying and becomes absurd again.


THERRY: So now we leave that linear part and go back to the fabric and you end up with the concept of a bubble box within a bubble box. And each little bubble is in fact the repeated pattern of the original source. Follow so far?


THERRY: Now then it would be kinda' nice to be able to refer to a specific bubble without having to say three billion words to describe the lineage of that bubble, don't you think?

DUNCAN: Perhaps. I would kind of like to be able to go through all the three billion bubbles.

THERRY: Well, the whole idea is that that label is supposed to imply that specific three billion descent words. So, it's sort of like a shortcut, so when you hear that label, the whole path which brought it into being is inherent in that label. Okay so far?


THERRY: Acceptable so far?


THERRY: Now then. Let's take a small aside and let's look at a diamond. A diamond once it has been carved and polished has an uncountable number of facets to it, right?

DUNCAN: Right.

THERRY: Well, likewise it would be nice to refer to a specific facet without having to go through the process of all over again of a billion words describing that whole diamond and having relative reference to which diamond goes from what outside border zone. Right? Same pattern here applies to the created universes within the illusion. So we have what appears to be a linear collection of labels. Well the same way as the facet of a diamond appears to denote space and location those are the trade-offs we have to deal with because of the limitations of the language and because of the limitation of being within the bubble. Do you accept that?

DUNCAN: Umm, I get the feeling that I'm losing the point you're trying to make.

THERRY: Okay. What I'm pointing out now is that we have now reached the very limit of linear thinking. To try to go beyond that becomes absurd. It's lost.

DUNCAN: Yeah. But there was one big disagreement that I had.

THERRY: What was that?

DUNCAN: From your point of view you think it's undesirable to have to denote each three thousand levels to get to the level you're on where that's exactly what I'm seeking.

THERRY: Okay, but the reason why it becomes ludicrous to have to do that is we could never communicate because it would take a couple of years to get down to the level to which we're trying to talk about.

DUNCAN: Do the highlights.

THERRY: It's impossible.

DUNCAN: Impossible.

THERRY: Let me give you an example. Let us say that we want to talk about coke in a glass. Would you like to have to sit there and explain to me all of creations that got into, directly and indirectly that brought about this coke that I'm now drinking?

DUNCAN: Usually no, but under certain circumstances, yeah.

THERRY: Okay, I can accept that that is your chosen thing but I don't understand how that should be because if the subject matter is coke, Coca-Cola, then why should we talk about Creation?

DUNCAN: f in fact the subject matter is Coca-Cola then I agree with you. I don't want to talk about Creation.

THERRY: Then that's the whole point of labels. So that you don't have to talk about the whole diamond if you want to talk about strictly one facet.

DUNCAN: Well, I understand what you're saying but I don't understand how this applies to the whole conversation that we started out with.

THERRY: The conversation comes into it because you now have the limits of linear thinking within a specific level. See, you can take linear thinking only so much. And when you start describing level upon level upon level that's linear thinking. It becomes absurd. It comes to the point where you have to use shortcuts where a single label will take in who knows how much.

DUNCAN: Okay, but you're left not understanding it thought.

THERRY: You're left not understanding it because it assumes you already know everything that that label contains.


THERRY: Now that is the limitations of language. Which is a phenomenon that exists within the illusion.


THERRY: Now, if you want to understand more then the proper study is not what you are studying but the special dictionary of the language, which you choose to use. Can you understand that? Once you understand or you have a fair understanding of the dictionary itself that your language uses; now you can easily go from linear thinking into fabric thinking and back and forth with no problems at all. It doesn't destroy the train of thought or the train of understanding. Do you understand that?

DUNCAN: I guess.

THERRY: Okay. Now then with this new understanding we now descend another level and we will momentarily lapse into linear thinking again by giving each layer a name. Okay?


THERRY: We will start out by saying the biggest of all the bubbles the one, which we call Castle Keep, is where it's all at. Everything came from that. That's the biggest of the bubbles.


THERRY: That is the vessel that houses all things. Within Creation. So whenever we use the label Castle Keep we know the level wherein we speak. All right?


THERRY: Now then. If we take an aside on that level and use further divisions such as what you would find in a castle; corridors, rooms. Again, it's linear but it's designed to help us think. Right?


THERRY: So, if we call the passages astral planes and the rooms that these passages lead to, if we call them levels of awareness, levels of experiences, it gives us a toy or a tool to understand things that are outside our circle of awareness. Would you accept that?

DUNCAN: Hopefully.

THERRY: Well, until that is acceptable I can't go no further.

DUNCAN: Well, I'm confused.

THERRY: All right. How? Where?

DUNCAN: I don't know whether I'm mixing the levels or not. Because now you tell me that the corridors are astral planes...

THERRY: No, I said if we call the corridors astral planes.

DUNCAN: So, let's call them astral planes.


DUNCAN: Now does that imply if I say the astral plane of common reality, am I mixing the levels?

THERRY: You, you're taking two things. The astral plane of common reality would be the corridor and the room together. Because the corridor by the illusion is simply the passage to go from one place to another. So, the corridors would then would have to be in their own right placental barriers.

DUNCAN: So, why...

THERRY: Which have no time or space.

DUNCAN: Why are seemingly using the word astral plane to mean more than one phenomenon in the illusion?

THERRY: Because there is more than one level of experience which all are astral planes.

DUNCAN: I don't see how that explains it. We are seeming to use the word specifically to label astral plane to mean either a corridor or, under other circumstances both a corridor and a room.

THERRY: Okay. Well, we went into using the label and the assumed label of a castle. A castle is made up of nothing but corridors and rooms.


THERRY: So, that's the only two things it has. Oh, it also has floors. Corridors, rooms and floors.


THERRY: So, you have a seeming direction as to the way you can travel. Up or down, in and out. And you have seemingly endless passages or paths where the outlet is practically who knows where. Well, while that may be confusing that is the level of reality. It is that way. The only difference is that the corridors in our mythical castle have space to them but they don't have space in reality. They are placental barriers. And they don't have space in their linear sense unless in fact that is the path you have chosen to ascend. Hence if you are on level one and you want to move to level twenty-one, you could pass through that placental barrier which leads you directly into where you are going. You don't have to go to every one of the other levels. Unless that's the path your Karma chooses for you.




THERRY: In either case in order to be able to speak of any corridor or any floor or any room you have to have a special label for it unless you want to go sit and create the whole phenomenon all over again each time you want to talk.

DUNCAN: No, I accept you need a special label for it.

THERRY: Okay. Now, the labels that we are using such as astral plane, energy planes, emotional planes, whatever, they're simply labels. But, implied within the label is that there are specific limitations as to what can happen therein. Now, then, do you follow so far?

DUNCAN: I think so.

THERRY: Okay. Now here we're getting into a mixture of linear and fabric all at the same time.


THERRY: Which becomes very confusing. Now then, if we look at it as a segment of Castle Keep that is assigned to what we call the Earth experience, then we would have to say that there are nine stories to the Earth experience. And each story is divided into at the very least three a piece. So, each story has for the lack of a better word, Lower Earth, Middle Earth, and Higher, Spiritual Earth.


THERRY: Well, if each story has that same division, then each division of that story by the same name is connected. That's why it's a fabric.

DUNCAN: Wait a minute. Each story has those three?

THERRY: Right. Lower Earth, Middle Earth and Spiritual Earth.

DUNCAN: But all the Lowers across the nine are connected.

THERRY: Are connected.

DUNCAN: And all the Middles are connected.

THERRY: Correct.

DUNCAN: And all the Highers.

THERRY: Correct. And they are connected via a special type of placental barrier.

DUNCAN: Now. Aren't all the Lowers connected to all the Middles connected... I mean isn't everything all connected to everything?

THERRY: By the corridors.

DUNCAN: By the corridors. Which are placental barriers.

THERRY: Placental barriers. But they could have space and they definitely have directions. It is conceivable via the travel of the those levels that you have to go from level one to level two to level three to level four to level five in order to transverse the three of them.

DUNCAN: What I'm confused about is why you emphasize the fact that all the Lowers are connected.

THERRY: All the Middles are connected and all the others are connected.

DUNCAN: Everything's all connected to everything.

THERRY: But, they're all connected in different ways.

DUNCAN: I am unclear as to the differences.

THERRY: Because there are different types of barriers.

DUNCAN: I was under the impression you just told me that they were all placental. Is that true?

THERRY: Yes, they are all placental in nature, but it doesn't change the fact that a placental nature can have limitations set upon it.

DUNCAN: So, there's a special connection between all the Lows, all the Middles and all the Highs?

THERRY: Right. And there's a special connected each to everything else. That's why it's a fabric. And the mode or travel, or the access through that barrier depends upon the life form's Karma. For instance, you can't expect the mosquito to suddenly just to into man's world. A mosquito is a mosquito is a mosquito. He won't suddenly become a man because those corridors are not available to him. Even though the Oblivion states that certain corridors can become open to a lower level, if you're Karma permits it. Those corridors are accessible only through transmigration. That's it. So basically it's a fabric. Everything is basically in one thing, so while they share the same vessel, the linear part of thinking assigns chronological order in top half, bottom half, this half, that half to the location of where such a phenomenon exists. But the fabric like thinking aspect says no, it's not true, it's all in the same space, and it's all in the same time, just different frequencies. And the difference between them, which forms the envelope, is simply an illusion. But it is a limiting factor, which we call Veils of Forgetfulness. Because everything is operated by Law. That which is not within your awareness by its very nature of the illusion doesn't exist for you but that doesn't change the fact that it is within Creation just the same. Everything rests upon change. Somebody who is said to have an IQ of 12 couldn't possibly hope to walk the corridor of an individual who has the IQ of 60. Likewise, somebody with the IQ of 60 couldn't hope to walk the corridors of somebody who has the IQ of 61. There are limits. Mobility is limited by Karma via the Alliance of the Rule and the Affinity Factor. Does that explain it to you?

DUNCAN: Yeah, but I still have other concerns.

THERRY: All right. What are they? Maybe I can help.

DUNCAN: If I Astrate to the level of the Universal Mind...

THERRY: Okay now automatically your words tell me that you seek to go from the astral plane of common reality on to a mental zone, or a mental plane.


THERRY: I say a mental zone because there are a number of planes to that zone. The same was as there are a number of planes in the astral planes. The astral zone is consisted of clusters of each cluster containing nine planes. The same thing applies maybe with varying numbers to the other zones.


THERRY: There are a hundred and forty-four zones to the Earth experience each having differing numbers of planes.

DUNCAN: Okay. If I do in fact do that...


DUNCAN: I Astrate to the highest plane, or the mental zone of the universal mind?

THERRY: Okay. Understand depending upon your Karma you may or you may not carry the wisdom of the astral planes with you. If you do or if you don't that severely limits or modifies your awareness factor or your circle of awareness. It goes back to the relationship or the ratio of he who is said to have an IQ of 60 as opposed to one who has an IQ of 120. That ratial relationship comes into being.

DUNCAN: So, in other words you can Astrate to that level, and you can be totally out of your awareness. As far as your concerned you could be in the middle of...

THERRY: Nowhere.

DUNCAN: Nowhere.

THERRY: Of course. Which brings to mind that it is unlikely under such a circumstances that those corridors would be accessible to you. But that does not forbid the possibility that they are accessible.

DUNCAN: So, forgetting the fact of how much you're going to gain from the experience or your awareness factor when you arrive at this destination, are you going to be inside Castle Keep?


DUNCAN: Is there any, is it possible to Astrate to any state or any level or any being that's outside of Castle Keep?

THERRY: By definition, no.

DUNCAN: What's the seeming implication of yes here?

THERRY: The language, the term Astrate implies within the Illusion. To go beyond the boundaries of the illusion would require the sentence of Oblivion be reversed.

DUNCAN: So all these levels that we talk about, for lack of a better word, in Arkashean mythology or the Arkashean thinking, Arkashean school of thought, the Great Force, the Mind Force, the Life Force, all these other aspects<197>are they just within the illusion? When we discuss them are they inside Castle Keep?


DUNCAN: So anything that exists outside Castle Keep you might use the same label for--

THERRY: We have no labels for it. Our language stops right there because our awareness stops.

DUNCAN: So, when we talk about all these things of the Sea of Uncreated Futures and everything that's outside of primordial--

THERRY: It also has its counterpart within it called the Primedial Force, called the Now Zone. And because it has its own continuums within we now have access to it because it is within the illusion. It's the state of saying I am flowing along this river but I can't go beyond this boundary even though the river continues. But I can assume that what is beyond this boundary is the same as what I'm on now. We have that form of limitations when we speak of the Sea of Uncreated Futures, which lies within Primedial Force and the Sea of Created Futures, which goes beyond the Double Gate of Anubis/Isis.

DUNCAN: Okay. So when we talk about the highest levels in the original creation of Law and the original Godhead, is that things that took place outside of Illusion? Outside the Double Gate of Isis and Anubis?

THERRY: You'll have to; you'll have to give me another way of looking at that because I don't understand the actual question.

DUNCAN: The question is within our past discussions; we've talked about--

THERRY: See, we have followed the path of the Descent and in all things that have been said we have simply stipulated to the existence of the source which we call Deluge and we have stipulated to the first of the Royal Steering Currents, the first of the Double Gates and the pattern of Creation. And everything from therein has always been within the illusion. So, the Godhead of Creation which is Primedial Force, the Great Force, Conductivity, Receptivity and Frequency are all the Laws, which created the illusion, and therefore all within the illusion.

DUNCAN: For all practical purposes everything is within the illusion.

THERRY: Yes. Life forms that are within the illusion can have no awareness of that which is outside the illusion. That's why it's such a perfect trap. If you had awareness of what is out of the illusion--

DUNCAN: You wouldn't be in the illusion.

THERRY: Exactly. You wouldn't be trapped. That's not within the scope of this conversation either. Is that it?

DUNCAN: No. I'm thinking.

THERRY: Oh, maybe that's why I smell something burning.

BLAKE: I have a question.


BLAKE: We can't go beyond Castle Keep; we're trapped in Castle Keep, right?


BLAKE: But it's possible to go beyond Castle Keep. Yes or no?

THERRY: Only if the condemnation of the Oblivion is reversed.

BLAKE: Okay, and then you are something else, whatever that something else is.

THERRY: Yes. You're a Delugian.

BLAKE: And then perhaps, I know this is not probably correct--

THERRY: In the old days the people were not called Delugians, they were called Titans. But they're one and the same.

DUNCAN: I don't know why they would be called anything. How would we know about it even if they were?

THERRY: Because there was a time when some of the Delugians were among but not of.

BLAKE: Are there any anymore?

THERRY: That's beyond the scope of this conversation.

DUNCAN: So they deigned to tell the victims of the illusions that they were Titans?

THERRY: That's beyond the scope of this conversation too.

DUNCAN: Well, see, on the one hand you tell me that you can't conceive of anything beyond the illusion and it's foolish to even try. And, on the other hand you have these Delugians who are among but not of the illusion--

THERRY: It doesn't change the fact that an individual that an individual who is among but not of can show you things and within their limited way give you sufficient proof to realize that this being is not of your world.

DUNCAN: Yeah, I can accept that. So they just had the label 'titans' for these strange unknown, not unknown but--

THERRY: Whatever. With time it's perceivable that because of the way the generations went that connection seemingly disappeared. Is that it?

BLAKE: Does that mean that it could seemingly reappear?

THERRY: That's not within the scope of this conversation.

DUNCAN: Well, my original thing was I wanted to achieve from the viewpoint of within the illusion a better understanding of the various Alliances of the Rule, the various wrappings of the Illusion so I could better understood the steps that went into man's descent and along the way I got sidetracked into understanding the nature of the language. That I was using to achieve that.

THERRY: Simply because within the illusion the language is the number one most powerful tool.

DUNCAN: Well, I'm not; I'm not taking issue with that at all. All I'm saying is--

THERRY: If you do not come to understand limitations rather than the definitions of the language you will not succeed what it is that you seek to do.

DUNCAN: Okay. Bearing that in mind, can I continue with the original?


DUNCAN: So, you have I guess the seed of the whole thing is that the disturbance within Primedial, the Great Force?


DUNCAN: Then you had Orthodontiks?


DUNCAN: Are we involved in an Alliance of the Rule at the point of Orthodontiks?


DUNCAN: Well, here comes the first question where I expect to get no answer to. What Alliance of the Rule went into going into Orthodontiks?

THERRY: The Oblivion. The barrier that prevented you from becoming numbered among the Delugians.

DUNCAN: I don't understand that.

THERRY: Some corridors, if you will, are a one-way trip. To be able to go back requires that you use a different corridor.

DUNCAN: So, that Alliance of the Rule--

THERRY: That's part of the Alliance of the Rule.

DUNCAN: On all levels or on that level?

THERRY: You have to understand the nature of what an Alliance of the Rule is.

DUNCAN: Okay. Maybe I don't.

THERRY: You can do this by better understanding the definitions within the Arkashean Lexicon. Since that is the limits of the language wherein we spoke a little earlier.

BLAKE: Well, when we make an Alliance of the Rule to come to Earth, we have to take a different corridor to get back from that particular Alliance of the, on this physical plane, right?

THERRY: Depends upon the Karma that is evoked via the Alliance of the Rule.

BLAKE: It's impossible to transverse the channel you came in on, right?

THERRY: Some channels are two-way, some are one-way. Remember, there are three ways that an avatar may incarnate on Earth: 1. Birth 2.possession 3.materializing--

BLAKE: This particular one is one-way, yes?

THERRY: Which one?

BLAKE: The one of coming down to this particular plane, the one we're on right now.

THERRY: That's insufficient information for me to respond.

BLAKE: I'm trying to understand one-way corridors and two-way corridors.

THERRY: The implication here was the limitations that he placed upon the conversation. Which specifically was from Delugian to Earthling

BLAKE: Okay.

THERRY: Specifically Orthodontiks.

BLAKE: Right.

DUNCAN: We're trying to find out what the first trade-off is.

THERRY: The first trade-off was the Oblivion from the Delugian. What is important for you to understand is that the Alliance of the Rule basically deals with limitations and cause and effects and pairings.

DUNCAN: The difficulty I'm having is that my natural tendency is to ask you, well does mind force exist there, is life...? I want to find out which level that I know that analogy breaks down.

THERRY: Just a minute. Let me see if I can cure the buzzing on this tape. Nope. Looks like it's going to buzz, so let it buzz. Go ahead. Now then, if we assume that by the nature of the definition of the box within the box within box, the life force of that which is on level one if level one is the lowest of them must also exist within each respective level above it. Otherwise it wouldn't be a box within a box within a box. The fact that there may or may not be the circle of awareness within each level doesn't change the presence or the absence of those levels.

DUNCAN: So, wait a minute. That means that the Mind Force, the Life Force, all those Forces we normally think about, they all exist way at the top?

THERRY: As well as all the other levels.

DUNCAN: If they didn't then you couldn't have it down here. So you can's say, even thought we usually talk about the Great Force, the Life Force, the Mind Force it's not a good analogy.

THERRY: Well, it is because if you remember when the definition was given, you were instructed that those are Royal Steering Currents. What is the definition of a Royal Steering Current?

DUNCAN: They affect everything.

THERRY: Exactly. Their existence is upon all levels.

DUNCAN: Okay. So you're in Orthodontiks. You're within what we consider Creation.

THERRY: If you're in Orthodontiks that is correct.

DUNCAN: Right. You're in Orthodontiks. You're already possessed of Life Force and Mind Force--

THERRY: You're possessed of the Godhead.

DUNCAN: Okay. So when you're talking about the Godhead, you can't talk about the wrappings of illusion. That's the linear thinking. That stuff breaks down at that point.

THERRY: That is correct.

DUNCAN: So, is it of any value whatsoever in trying to understand the Descent of Man to use the system of thinking, for example of I've heard these systems used to talk about like, a causal plane, a mental plane, an emotional plane--

THERRY: Yes, but those are linear. See--

DUNCAN: So, one does not really bring forth the other.

THERRY: Correct. Because they are simply different points of view, levels of understanding. They are tools. Obviously, the fabric-like nature is not going to turn around and bring anything around because that's only point of view or method of understanding that which is. I am pointing to my coke.

DUNCAN: Right.

THERRY: Well, simply because I used the words that I used that's not going to bring the liquid forward. The words are nothing more than labels in a language, which I choose to use to help me have awareness.

DUNCAN: Right.

THERRY: Same thing to what you just said. Understand that language within the illusion is the number one delimiter. Without language there is no awareness.

DUNCAN: So, if I want--

THERRY: That's one of the limitations that were imposed upon us within the Royal Alliance of the Rule.

DUNCAN: Okay, so let's say that I want to Astrate to the level of the Godhead. Is that possible? Is there a level that you would call the level of the Godhead?

THERRY: There is such a level but it is unlikely that any mortal has access to that corridor.

DUNCAN: Why? It's not within the Karma?

THERRY: Right.

BLAKE: You're talking about the Orthodontiks level, are you not?

THERRY: No. At this point he sort of skipped around. And he's just pulling things out.

BLAKE: The last statement that he made.

THERRY: The level of the Godhead.

BLAKE: Yeah. That's in Orthodontiks.

THERRY: Yes. That's in Orthodontiks. It's one of the sublevels of Orthodontiks. Orthodontiks is a zone.

DUNCAN: Well, perhaps a better approach--

BLAKE: What's the difference between a zone and a level?

THERRY: A zone is subdivided into many levels, many planes.

DORIS: But before you said dimension is the same as zone and you told me that there were a hundred and forty-four dimensions, now today you stated--

THERRY: No, a dimension is totally different from a zone. A dimension is an envelope of Creation wherein the base of said Creation is all in one thing. For instance, within the astral plane of common reality, there is a dimension, which we call the Universe, which is carbon-based. But there are other.

BLAKE: What's a zone in this case?

THERRY: Well, the zone of let's say, the Earth experience, here you could have on one dimension you could have carbon-based, another one silicone-based, another one copper-based and so on and so forth. And all of these universes, which deals with life because it is the Earth experience, all of them together would be in a zone.

DUNCAN: But we don't have a name for it because it doesn't mean anything.

THERRY: Correct.

BLAKE: All of these dimensions, you could say are in a zone.


BLAKE: So, dimension is actually a subset of a zone.


DUNCAN: But not in all cases.

THERRY: Correct. There are stages of the Descent. There's dimensions. Then there are universes, galaxies, etc., etc.

DUNCAN: I just thought of something that perhaps would be more fruitful.


DUNCAN: What I really want to achieve is to find out the nature of the veils and how to overcome them so perhaps instead of looking at it in terms of the Life Force--

THERRY: You will not achieve your goal the way you're doing it.

DUNCAN: Why not?

THERRY: Because your language is not sufficient.

DUNCAN: So, what can I do to make my language sufficient?

THERRY: Change the point of origin from definitions and seek the limitations of those labels. That will more easily allow you to flip from fabric thinking to linear thinking without interrupting the train of thought.

DUNCAN: So, I'm supposed to--

THERRY: No. Now that you've used the word 'supposed to' it makes everything void.

DUNCAN: Okay. So if I want to better achieve my purpose you're suggesting that I understand the limits of the definition of the words?

THERRY: I recommend that you see language not from the definition's point of view, but from the limitations and modifications point of view. Look at it from the continuum of change. As opposed to from the point of understanding. Language gets its power not because it is a tool that you use to communicate to others. But, because it is the only tool that you use to communicate to yourself. And that is what creates reality.