Arkashean Q&A Session -- 035


THERRY: I don't know the meaning of loneliness; never had it. I've never been alone.

LORRAINE: Well that part wouldn't be scary; I know a little bit about what that's like. Actually, it's better to have that for me, I mean, but I can't apply it to other people. But in myself, it can point out what's inconsistent.

THERRY: Well, it's an aid, that's the only reason why I, I don't mind letting you know of the inconsistencies, 'cause that's the reason why you're here. As for the other part about the, the fact that it betrays the things that I can do, that, if there was a way that I could help you without you realizing that, I would. Because I always find that to be negative.


THERRY: Because once people know the extent to which I can do things, they stop thinking. And that I don't like.

LORRAINE: Yea, it's easy to do that.

THERRY: It ought to be; you've done it often enough.

LORRAINE: Yea. Well maybe you could answer this question, it's been bothering me, and now that you're not teaching me math, at least I don't think you are, I think the Universe stopped because I said I was going to stay here until I learned math, and I know that you guys want me to leave and go live my life, but I might be wrong about that, that was my hunch, so I... Was that your question? Well, I--

THERRY: Or was that just another aside?

LORRAINE: That was an aside, but could you answer it, was that the reason? Or was that_

THERRY: Are you asking me if I could, or are you asking me if I will?

LORRAINE: If you will.

THERRY: No, I won't.

LORRAINE: Could you? I guess you now have the information.

THERRY: Of course I could.

LORRAINE: Well you told me--

THERRY: Doesn't change the fact that I won't just the same.

LORRAINE: Well that's true, but a couple of weeks ago you said you didn't know why it stopped.

THERRY: I do know why now.

LORRAINE: But it still stopped.

THERRY: You are correct. It has still stopped.

LORRAINE: Could you tell me if it had to do with purple?

THERRY: I can't tell you anything about it.

LORRAINE: Okay. My question had to do with, um, the vows that I thought I took, okay?


LORRAINE: Um, my understanding was that they were Royal vows.

THERRY: Correct.

LORRAINE: And that Royal vows meant that it was for eternity.

THERRY: There is a set of Royal vows that you took which is for eternity, that is true.


THERRY: But it's not limited to that.

LORRAINE: Okay, and was the part that was the Royal vows that was for eternity, the part about serving the state of Arkashea?


LORRAINE: Okay. Now, I'm not sure how to ask the second part--

THERRY: Why not try to use words?

LORRAINE: I'm trying, but I don't know if it will convey the question.

THERRY: Well, try it and find out. Do what you usually do: bring the words out according to the emotions that are present, and then we'll see what comes out.

LORRAINE: Okay, when I first took them I thought that I vowed to either, I had a choice of an active or a passive door. And I thought that I took a vow to an active door for eternity.

THERRY: That is true.

LORRAINE: But then I had a conversation with you out there about a month or two ago where you said vowing to an active or a passive door for eternity is ridiculous.

THERRY: That is true too, for a human.

LORRAINE: Okay, well at that point I didn't know what I vowed to. The only part that I understand, or feel like I understand is the part that I vowed to the state of Arkashea for eternity; that I understand, accept, and still want to do.

THERRY: That is an active vow. For as long as you live, and for as long as you're under the Earth experience, you will never escape that vow.

LORRAINE: Okay, but I also have a hunch that if I had chosen a passive door, that I would still have three chains, and not one.

THERRY: That is equally true. But I think you're missing something. I think you've thrown away, because of bemusement, the fact that there are levels.


THERRY: And that while you may have had three chains, the influence of each is different. The same way as there is a difference between the vow to the political nature, as opposed to a vow to the spiritual nature. Their influences is rather different.

LORRAINE: So I took vows to the spiritual nature. Is that true?

THERRY: Well, because of the way you're answering, or rather, you're asking the question, I've got to respond yes, but, it is not a total truth.

LORRAINE: Okay, well, when I first took those vows, when I was--

THERRY: When you first took them?

LORRAINE: No, when I was his life, last summer--


LORRAINE: When I was choosing between an active or a passive door--


LORRAINE: My understanding of an active door was that it lead away from Maya--

THERRY: That is correct.

LORRAINE: And away from individuality.

THERRY: That is correct. It was the Holy path.


THERRY: The Path to the Tree of Life.

LORRAINE: And I understood that the passive door was the path towards Maya.

THERRY: That is correct too.

LORRAINE: And I chose the active door because I thought it was the higher path.

THERRY: That is correct.

LORRAINE: And then, when my two chains broke, because of decisions I made to live my life in the world--

THERRY: Again, because of the way you're asking the questions, I have to answer yes, but they are-it's not a total truth.

LORRAINE: Then what am I--

THERRY: You're making the same error all over again.

LORRAINE: Well, what is it?

THERRY: Because you've consistently speak of making a vow on a spiritual nature, of a spiritual subject, one does not limit it to one. Because you have made that particular vow, within yourself, within your heart, just between you and your God, whatever you conceive it to be, that does not mean that that's the only vow you took. The other vows that you have taken are affecting you just as much, even though they are confusing the hell out of you.

LORRAINE: What other vows are those?

THERRY: Well, if you don't remember them, I sure as fuck ain't gonna tell you.

LORRAINE: Well, this life I remember two of them. One when got--

THERRY: Then why do you insist upon speaking of just one, as though one is all that existed?

LORRAINE: Because I didn't think the other two were eternal, or Royal vows. One was--

THERRY: Hey, you remember a little while ago I told you that any belief that exists within its boundaries, is just as strong, and just as valid as a Royal belief.

LORRAINE: Yes. And that's even if that belief is inaccurate, right?

THERRY: Hey, just because you have a brain, there's no guarantee that you're going to use it.

LORRAINE: And that's because illusions are the driving force for reality?

THERRY: You've got it. So, if you took a vow that is non-Royal, within the specific limits of the confines of that vow it is just as far-reaching to you as any Royal vow that you have made. The only difference being it's limited within the confines of that vow, but it doesn't change the fact that the illusions are there, it doesn't change that reality's there, it doesn't change that the thoughts, the emotions, the pairings, and everything else that goes into reality is still there within its limits.

LORRAINE: Well, I never understood, truly why those two others broke, and you told me it was because I was too active.

THERRY: Well, let me ask you a series of dumb questions that might help you understand. Why do you not spend most of your time playing with kindergartners?

LORRAINE: 'Cause I'm not a kindergartner.

THERRY: So what? Just because you're not a kindergartner, why can't you spend your time with them? Why can't they amuse you instead of other stuff?

LORRAINE: 'Cause our interests are different.

THERRY: Okay. Why are your interests different?

LORRAINE: 'Cause I've had different experiences than them which has given me different reference points and different perspectives that they don't yet have.

THERRY: Then why don't you apply that same type of thinking to the rest of your life? You remember the phrase that we constantly yoke about? It's awfully difficult to walk among turkeys once you've flown with eagles. Aren't they both saying the same thing?


THERRY: So, if you have a level of intelligence or a level of understanding, or a level of access to certain psychic power that will make you inappropriate for lower levels, what are you going to do? You going to leave the higher levels aside and use the lower ones, or are you going to cast the lower ones aside, and insist on using the just higher ones? In other words, are you going to walk with Turkeys, just because you can?

LORRAINE: Aren't you supposed to use both when you talk about casting away one or keeping one?

THERRY: Who decides what you're supposed to do.

LORRAINE: I thought you did.

THERRY: Why should I decide--

LORRAINE: I mean--

THERRY: The life-force was given to you, not to me. And it's your life we're talking about.

LORRAINE: So the individual decides.


LORRAINE: So me, I decide.

THERRY: Okay, so then why bitch if you insist on using just one and not use the other two. If you have elected for some reason to cast the others aside because they're no longer as valid for you, they don't serve your illusions very well, what's the problem?

LORRAINE: But I didn't elect to lose them. I mean, to give_

THERRY: Then in that case you still have them, they're not broken.

LORRAINE: But that's not true either, 'cause I--

THERRY: Well one of the two's got to be true, can't have it both ways,

LORRAINE: Well I did feel 'em break.

THERRY: Then that means you must have cast them aside. Somehow you must have cast them aside, otherwise they would not have broken. Remember you are your only judge, and it is your illusions that create your reality, and if I come here and call you a taxi, that doesn't mean you're going to leave, and that doesn't mean you're going to turn around and become a taxi.

LORRAINE: Well, I wanted a relationship.

THERRY: What you want, and what you get is not always the same. In either case, they must match whatever your illusions are.

LORRAINE: So they didn't match?

THERRY: Something like that. Hey, if you want to be a brain surgeon, you'd better not go studying cosmetology, 'cause you ain't going to get what you want. And if you expect Hitler to become your private Adonis, you'd better accept a disappointment. 'Cause the only thing that you can control is what is within you, and then only to the degree that your Karma will allow you to.

LORRAINE: Now wasn't the passive door a lower door?

THERRY: What's that got to do with the conversation?

LORRAINE: Because that was originally--my confusion came over the terms active and passive, and the conversation in there where you said--

THERRY: Aren't you doing the same thing again?

LORRAINE: Forgetting that there's levels?

THERRY: Yea. And each level is equally as important within the respective individual.

LORRAINE: You also told me though, during our math lessons that passive, well, there's a law that each, let me see--

THERRY: Unto it's own kind?

LORRAINE: No the one where you have one, and you also have the implication of the other because you have one.

THERRY: Oh, the point of transfusion?

LORRAINE: And I asked you if that meant if you have an active door, do you also have passive within it? And you said yes, and if you have passive door, you also have active within it.

THERRY: Yes, that's the presence path.

LORRAINE: So we were talking about emotions...


LORRAINE: and you said that emotions distort and deceive.

THERRY: Yes. Why?

LORRAINE: Because they are part of the Unholy Path.

THERRY: As part of the Unholy Path or as part of their distortion, what do they do?

LORRAINE: Well, I know what you taught me about the emotions is that they amplify and they distort.


LORRAINE: That's their nature.


LORRAINE: So [when] you say, what do they do...that is what they do.

THERRY: And what does that do to you?

LORRAINE: It means that when I'm emotional, I'm making decisions on inaccurate information.

THERRY: Such as?

LORRAINE: Well, wearing purple.

THERRY: Meaning?

LORRAINE: I can feel that I'm at war every time I think of not doing it, so I decide to do it. So I don't wear it for a while, but I've decided to, so that I know that I can, and there's no war there. Then when I wear it, I feel funny. You said that that's a shield, which I don't understand really because I guess I thought that it just meant that I was going to a lower level and that I'd just stay there.

THERRY: Let's back up. Let's look at that whole scenario from a different point of view. You know that Arkasheans and those who are in touch truly, One with the Universe, looks at all things in successive levels, is that correct?


THERRY: Now, you also know that all levels are built upon the levels that came before it. Is that correct?


THERRY: So if Level One said that X is really Y, and Level Two says that X is P, what would the actual result be?

LORRAINE: It's different on different levels?


LORRAINE: One that equals P and one that equals Y.

THERRY: Could it be that Y equals X and Y equal (s) P?


THERRY: Why? If Level Number One which is Royal and therefore is the prime things says that X is really Y, then Level Number Two that says that X is really P, then which of the two levels will take precedence?

LORRAINE: Whatever one you're on?

THERRY: Okay. But is Level Two independent of Level One?


THERRY: Therefore on Level One X is Y, but on Level Two X is P, but it's really Y that is P because of the recursiveness of Level P, is that correct?


THERRY: Even though on Level Two you recognize it as X being P not Y, but X has become...X is really the Y of another Level...


THERRY: Therefore based on that analogy, if you saw that on the highest level that absolutely everything is reduced to two paths, the Holy Path that leads you away from Earth and the Unholy Path which leads you into Earth and if that's all that exists, just those two paths, would it be also fair to say and would it also be accurate to say, that regardless of the levels that you're on below that, everything will still be a fight between those two paths?

LORRAINE: You could say that if everything was an assumption of one or the other, yes.

THERRY: Okay. Now would it also be fair to assume that those who are on the Holy Path will try to emulate those ...rather...correction, those who are on the Unholy Path will try to emulate those who are on the Holy Path? Nobody wants to be rejected.


THERRY: Therefore, would that also be attributed to your thoughts and your emotions, and your excuses, and your rationalizations and everything else?


THERRY: Okay. If emotions are said to be amplifiers and therefore deceivers and distorters, what path are they on?

LORRAINE: I guess the path that leads...the Unholy Path.

THERRY: Does an individual like the idea of being labeled as an Unholy person?


THERRY: So what are they going to do?

LORRAINE: Label themselves a Holy person?

THERRY: Isn't that part of what the emotions do? They deceive, they distort?


THERRY: What is a very good way of taking the spotlight or the hot seat, if you will, off you?

LORRAINE: Put it on somebody else?

THERRY: Bingo. Therefore, wouldn't one of the emotions' prime tools be to blame it on something or somebody else?


THERRY: So if you were dealing with something, let's say the color purple, rather than realize that it is your emotions that you are fighting, wouldn't it be easier to blame it on something else, say politics?


THERRY: Therefore, you fight a war with politics, which is a war that you can never win because your real enemy is emotions, but you can never see it. You're fighting illusions.

LORRAINE: Why would my emotions be so attached to a color? I mean when I was fighting being...

THERRY: Does it matter?

LORRAINE: Yes and no. No, because it doesn't matter because they're fighting but yes, because sometimes when I understand where it comes from I can control it better and stop the war.

THERRY: Seems to me that if you want to fight an enemy, you'd have to recognize an enemy. And if your enemy is constantly throwing illusions at you to disguise itself, seems to me the wise individual would no longer pay attention to the illusions that are thrown at you, in which case, the question, "Why am I attached to the color purple?" shouldn't matter -- it's just more illusions. Seems to me that there is only one viable question, "Why are my emotions so involved?" It doesn't matter why are my emotions involved in the color purple, because it's an illusion anyway.