Arkashean Q&A Session -- 038

LORRAINE: Or else it'll...

THERRY: What I told you was that you have a confusion, a deliberate confusion between your commitments and your...the choosing of them and the sustaining of them. You're going to get off your horse and chose one. In short, you're going to choose a camp and you're going to move into it.

LORRAINE: But isn't a peripheral Arkashean a camp?

THERRY: No, because they're not in the boundary lines of the camp. They're on the periphery of the camp. It's better than being floating. But it's still not in the camp.

LORRAINE: But that's why I thought we had distinctions...because they're different distinctions for different levels?

THERRY: Yes, but that's not what you've been told. You've been told that they'll be a time that you will enter a camp. Being on the outskirts of one means that you haven't entered it. You are leaning towards it and there's still much room for individuality and much room for change. The time has come where you will lose your individuality and will lose the opportunity for constant change. You will solidify.

LORRAINE: If I was solidify towards Arkashea, will that mean that I have to live within the Monastery?

THERRY: No. Don't worry about this. It will come in its own time. Once it comes, it won't be a question or where should I. You'll automatically tell yourself, "This is what you're going to do." But the key is, you, of your own free-will will tell yourself. It won't be somebody else that'll tell you.

LORRAINE: Is choosing to have a relationship and live in the world mean not choosing Arkashea?

THERRY: No, it's choosing to do things your way.

LORRAINE: So it's that not being a periphery? Is that not anything?

THERRY: No, that won't even enter it. When the time comes for you to enter a camp, you'll enter a camp and all of this petty stuff that we speak of will mean nothing.

LORRAINE: Even wearing purple?

THERRY: Even wearing purple. You will simply choose your camp and that'll be that. You won't look back. You'll have no regrets. You'll just do it.

LORRAINE: So what are the choices? What you already said? like my mother...

THERRY: Who knows?

LORRAINE: like my father or somewhere in between?

THERRY: Or none. Nobody knows what that choice will be. We'll discover that when the time comes.

LORRAINE: And is being similar in between my parents, if that was to be, is that like blasphemy? My chain will break and I won't have any ties to Arkashea?

THERRY: I don't see how that applies.

LORRAINE: Well, I guess I don't understand the attitude, I mean the concept of blasphemy. I know that it's ridiculing what I believe in, but...

THERRY: You can't be other than you are, Mel. One thing's for sure, you cannot be a pure carbon copy of what you were. Nor can you be a true carbon copy of either your father or your mother because you've learnt too much. Therefore, the chance of you being just like your Mom or just like your Dad is pretty well impossible, but you can be variations of them. That's up to you. Again, we're not saying that that's good and we're not saying that that is bad. That is for you to decide. You know what their shortcomings are, and you know what their strong points are -- at least some of them.

LORRAINE: I don't want to be like either of them. I want to be like me.

THERRY: You will in any case. You can be nothing other than you, but the you can copy either of them depending on the values you chose.

LORRAINE: I guess I'd like to copy Wayne.

THERRY: That's a pretty honorable copy. Not simply because he's part of Arkashea, but simply because he has absolutely none of the attitudes that either your mother or your father has. He's not prejudiced in either way, he doesn't prejudge somebody in any form, he doesn't judge anybody harshly, he doesn't turn away from them, he doesn't hoard what he has, he's just the absolute opposite of what they are.

LORRAINE: That's why I've always liked him.

THERRY: Yeah, but don't judge your family harshly, even if they do what they do willingly, they can only be what they are.

LORRAINE: That's true. I love 'em, sometimes I think I love them too much, now that I love them at all.

THERRY: There's nothing wrong with that. They are, after all, the seed from the tree from which you came. You must always honor your mother and your father.

LORRAINE: I'm very attached to 'em and I don't really want them to die.

THERRY: Well, you have a problem there.

LORRAINE: Well, I know that they obviously will sometime.

THERRY: It is in their favor to do so. You wouldn't want them trapped in the state that they are perpetually, would you?


THERRY: Their only hope to continue is to die and to be reborn and to continue to learn. You should never wish to keep somebody trapped in the state where they're at. You should always allow them and be joyous when it is time for them to start a new cycle, 'cause it means that they now have a new opportunity to release themselves from the pain that they are presently in. But many people don't recognize it, but a lot of that feeling is based on selfishness.

LORRAINE: I recognize it. They're my security in the world in a way and even if I don't live with them again, I know that they're there if I need them as parents.

THERRY: But also as parents, that part of them that is there when you need them will be there still.

LORRAINE: Uh-uh. How so? They won't be here?

THERRY: Because the only thing that you want from them is their money - the security that that money brings.

LORRAINE: No, that's not true. There's something about knowing that their presence is there, even though they don't often give me much words of do that. But calling 'em and knowing that they're there as my parents. I don't know, it's hard to describe.

THERRY: I think that if you investigate it a little bit more, you'd have to change some of your attitudes about them, because what you're saying is that you are beginning to love them for themselves, not for their money.


THERRY: I think that if that is happening, that finally that's good. I think it's about time. Which means you're beginning to understand a little bit more about man, the species and his cycles.

LORRAINE: ...the feeling I get when I hear their voice. It's not their money.

THERRY: For so long it was just their money and still is. But it's good that you are finally making a division between the two.

LORRAINE: If it was their money, I could say that I'd want them to die faster so that I could have it. It wouldn't make sense to want someone to live.

THERRY: Not true. It is possible to want them to live so that they can get more of it.

LORRAINE: I guess it's true, but that thought never occurred to me before you just said it.

THERRY: Which is good. You're finally making a proper separation of what they really are. They are a sum total of a human being, just like you, doing the best they can with what they have, following the first law.

LORRAINE: Which reminds me, speaking of that. I had a couple of dates with this person and the last one, we talked a little bit of Arkashea and we started...she seems to be searching. She's in the Christian...the gay Christian church. I know what you're thinking, a contradiction in terms - but she has a hard time believing in it and actually she seems to think in some ways like us and she asked me what I thought God was and I didn't mind answering her, but it was hard because I know you've given me information that I'm not supposed to talk about and I couldn't go about explaining about levels and in order to answer that that's what I would've had to do. So the only thing I could tell her was that I called it the Great Force, that for me . it was above gender, that I was not into feminine spirituality the way a lot of people we know are, because I believed that it was a union between the two and that it was neither and that's why I called it the Great Force. But she asked me what I thought of it as, like when I prayed and I said, "a seeping source of energy." The thing I felt weird [about] was that I didn't think that was the right answer because I know that it is "That which is the Source of All" and it is "He who is the source of All" and which one you pray to is different and the Great Force is really law. But I didn't...I mean, what is a good answer for people in the world?

THERRY: Seek your chain. When you have to respond to someone like that, contact your chain. Seek truth from it.

LORRAINE: I would've given the whole answer.

THERRY: Que sera, sera.

LORRAINE: I just didn't know if I was supposed to.

THERRY: Que sera, sera.

LORRAINE: Well, my chain said at the time to be accurate. If I was accurate...

THERRY: Without volunteering information. Because somebody asks you a question doesn't give you an excuse to get on a soapbox or a pulpit.

LORRAINE: I didn't want to.

THERRY: But you can be pretty accurate with their question. As a matter of fact, you should be accurate. Never give untruths or half-truths.

LORRAINE: So I should have said that I pray to "That which is the Source of All."

THERRY: Uh-hmmm. If those were your words, yes. Again, seek your chain. You may corrupt yourself in your desires. Your chain will not be corrupted.