Arkashean Q&A Session -- 042

THERRY: All who seek to become a part of Oneness have to go through the process of lifting the veils that are imposed during the birth process over again... and, again and again.

JIM: Are they in general less trapped than people who originally descended, or can you even say that?

THERRY: Which crystal ball would you like me to use?

JIM: Okay.

RON: If someone descends to the point where they are mortal, someone who was of the Chain, are they now and forever more on the same path as the rest of the residents of the planet where they have to leave the same way and make laws, everything they came down with?

THERRY: If an individual came of the Chain and dabbled such they became mortal they would in fact become an Oblivionite upon Earth.

SHELLIA: Could you repeat that? The last thing.

THERRY: If an individual came of the Chain and dabbled to such a degree that they became mortal, they would in fact become an Oblivionite on Earth.

SHELLIA: So how would one...

THERRY: It means smallest blade of grass will leave the planet before they will.

SHELLIA: Will they still stay in human forms?

THERRY: They could, yeah.

SHELLIA: How would one --

THERRY: But it doesn't mean they have to. They can continue their stupidity and become a mosquito if they want.

SHELLIA: How would one discern how much they were, I mean, what I'm hearing you say is if an individual dabbles to that certain degree then they become an Oblivionite. What kind of dabbling? What does that mean? What kind of things would one do? Is it like Hitler, or--

THERRY: Serve themselves --no, he didn't come down of the Chain. We're talking strictly about the Brothers of the Chain right now. We're not talking about the everyday mortals. The everyday mortals would simply be as they are. And, an individual, a Brother of the Chain who became mortal would be just that. He would become mortal. But, he wouldn't be able to get away from the history of being a Brother of the Chain. Hence, he would be an Oblivionite.

SHELLIA: His lot would be worse than that of a mortal.

THERRY: Not necessarily worse, just longer. It's not a case of worse because you get only that which you earn. The only difference is the mortals will free themselves before he will.

SHELLIA: Where does a peripheral fall in with that?

THERRY: That's got nothing to do with the discussion.

RON: Has a Brother of the Chain ever descended as of yet (inaudible) mortal?

THERRY: No. Not as of yet. We've never lost one.

CORA: What kinds of things would a person do to become that?

THERRY: That's immaterial. That's not part of the discussion.

SHELLIA: I don't understand.

THERRY: Actually, it would be quite easy. All I have to do is blasphemy.

SHELLIA: I don't understand Brother of the Chain. Are we talking about people on the physical now? Are we talking about people here or are we talking about people who aren't physical?

THERRY: Who would like to explain the Brothers of the Chain? Tim, why don't you get the Book of Earth? Or, get a part of it and we will read that area for her. (Tape stopped)

LAUREN: Brothers of The Chain.
The following speaks of the Brothers of the Chain. The sons of oneness looked down upon their counterparts and they did perceive the nature of the cycles of life and death that did bind them unto matter. For indeed they were trapped in the hell of their own thoughts. They were hopeless and sightless of the law in their graves. Through the powers of love and driven by the unison of will, much did the sons of oneness suffer as they did create a great ladder of themselves. Armed with the knowledge of the veils of forgetfulness that divided each level of descent, fortified with their ability to remain slightly above the law that governed each of the nine levels of matter, certain were they of the subdivisions within each level and secure were they in their ability to communicate. The sons of oneness did arrange themselves such that a great chain of being was forged from the highest to the lowest levels of the face of the Earth. Each link of the chain remained far enough above the effects of the law of each level that he retained continuity of the whole but not so far that each link did not experience the traps of the cycles of life and death that bind man to his grave. Soon the ladder of forces discovered that as it also followed the descent of man, less and less were they able to influence the residents of each level until finally the darkness veiled all things. Though man had eyes he could not see the brightness of his origins. Though man had ears he could not hear the yearnings of his higher self, which echoed the teachings of the ladder. Though man could feel he could not touch nor be touched by the Ka of another. Uniqueness had indeed claimed its prize. The light of each man became less and less as each lined his own grave with lies, deceit, falsehoods, murder, rape, pillage, war, and other games that serve to further divide man from his original greatness, setting each the other's nemesis. The laws of Earth became eat and be eaten, kill and be killed. Indeed, it echoed the symbol of its being. Abandon hope ye who enter here. Thus was it writ upon the doors of their graves. As the ladder lowered its rungs of beings into the levels of their graves, the grosser matter, more and more it became impossible to execute this task. For the darkness was sore upon the face of Earth. Finally, at the end of the ladder it became necessary to give mobility to the last and most powerful link of the chain. The Hound of Hell came into being. This chain of beings who descended upon the Earth for the purpose of allowing the residents of Maya the choice of freeing themselves from their trap is referred to as the Brothers of the Chain.

THERRY: Does that answer your question?


WAYNE: Would each link be an Amulious in its own right?

THERRY: No. That was the process of descent.

WAYNE: So, it is individual specific for each link?

THERRY: Well, when the split came, recursively it came on all levels. And, therefore, first of all, Anubis, rather Amulious, is not whereof we speak.

WAYNE: Right.

THERRY: The Brothers of the Chain never split. They are still in unison as it was.

WAYNE: So how do they serve on different levels in different capacities if the split never took place?

THERRY: Thank heaven there's a shitload of us. One for each level.

DUNCAN: If there wasn't a split, how can there be a shitload of them?

THERRY: Because many of us in unison came to be part of the Chain. That's the basic difference between the Brothers of the Chain and the House of Earth.

DUNCAN: I don't get it.

THERRY: The House of Earth is but one. The Brothers of the Chain are many, and we are one in unison. Only in this way could we eventually gain absolute control on each level. And make it possible for the residents of the House of Earth to climb the Chain into freedom.

WAYNE: The Chain's origin was the same as Amulious, right?


WAYNE: Although they obviously did, how were they able to bypass the trap of the descent?

THERRY: Because they didn't follow the same dream. Their dream was different. Their dream was the dream of freedom for the residents of the House of Earth. Whereas Amulious's dream was to experience the House of Earth. Totally different.

BLAKE: I agree with the question about the splitting. As far as the Brothers of the Chain. Are you referring to the fact that they haven't lost continuity?

THERRY: They have not split. Remember Amulious was one entity who divided himself to become the House of Earth. This is not so for the Brothers of the Chain.

BLAKE: So, how did they descend into lower levels? What method did they use?

THERRY: That's a little difficult to answer. Let's use an analogy. Let us assume that everybody held hands such that each individual extended himself downward into the Maya such that each individual became a resident slightly above each level of the House of Maya. That's why they are among but not of. They're not of simply because they are not of the source of Amulious.

BLAKE: What about the individuality that grew out of that?

THERRY: That's independent of it.

CORA: If that's true then, people that are part of the Brotherhood of the Chain that have become trapped in the different games of Maya would still have different communications, maybe dreams that would be different, even though--In other words even though they're trapped, they'd still have some link. Isn't that, is that true?


CORA: Because they'd have a different initial illusion.


CORA: Which caused their descent.


BLAKE: Well, if there's been no split, then why is there a goal to reunify?

THERRY: Reunify the House of Earth. Not the Brothers of the Chain.

BLAKE: I thought there is that as well.

THERRY: Well, you have to bear in mind that some of the Brothers dabbled a little bit more... than, mm, was kosher. So, they to that degree have to reunify as well, but...

WAYNE: The last level supposedly has the Hound, has free mobility--

THERRY: We call the last level the seed.

WAYNE: On each respective level of Maya, wouldn't there need to be a Hound that had mobility to interact?

THERRY: There is.

CORA: I thought there was only one Hound. Or is that the Hound that interacts with each level?

WAYNE: Is there more than one strand of the Chain?

THERRY: No, there's only one. Let's simply say that all who possesses life also has the New Covenant within his reach. Do you know why it's called the Hound of Hell (The Hound of The Hell Of Their Own Thoughts?)


THERRY: Earth, we call hell. This is really death. Deluge is life. As a hound dog will search though the forest for its prey or whatever, so too in like manner the Hound of Hell will search the darkness for an entity who whishes to join the Holy Path. And, the Hound will touch the Ba of that entity. At that point if that entity so wishes to change his ways, the Hound will lead him out of the darkness, back to or toward what that individual's own nature really is. Hence, it's called the Hound of Hell.

CORA: Will the Brothers of the Chain reunite with that his name?

THERRY: Amulious, no.

CORA: So, how about the concept that we are all one?

THERRY: We are one unity. Remember the first line. We are one source. The Brothers of the Chain.

CORA: So, Amulious--

THERRY: Am-u-lious.

CORA: Amulious. When he gets unified again?

THERRY: Then Earth will be no more. Planet Earth will be no more. In terms of the human specie.

CORA: But he won't join the Chain?


CORA: Because he comes from a different source?

THERRY: He will simply return to Orthodontiks.

DUNCAN: There's a seeming paradox in the fact that, let's say, originally, seemingly we had two entities. Amulious and the Brothers of the Chain. If they're two separate entities there must have been some split at some higher level.


DUNCAN: I don't understand.

THERRY: Brothers of the Chain are many.

DUNCAN: So how did they get to be many if they didn't split?

THERRY: Because they started out with many.

DUNCAN: I thought everything started out as a unity.

THERRY: Only the House of Earth. Not the Brothers of the Chain.

DUNCAN: Well, if the seed pattern is Unity, Duality, Triunity

THERRY: That's the House of Earth. That has nothing to do with the Presence of the Chain.

BLAKE: What's the seed pattern for the Brothers of the Chain?

THERRY: There is none. There's Unity. We are one. We are as we always were, unchanged.

DUNCAN: Is it possible to understand that from this level?

THERRY: I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll open a door at a not too distant future date and your Chain will take you there.

DUNCAN: Can you understand the source of my misunderstanding?


DUNCAN: I'm totally mystified.

THERRY: Only because you are assuming that the Brothers of the Chain come from the same source as the House of Earth.

DUNCAN: I thought that everything in its essence originally must come from the same source.

BLAKE: I think you may be talking about two different levels.

THERRY: I think you are confusing Orthodontiks with Deluge. While absolutely everything comes from Deluge, not everything comes from Orthodontiks. The Brothers of the Chain does not come from Orthodontiks. They did not take that road.

E'EBAR: Does Amulious come from Orthodontiks?


E'EBAR: Not Deluge?

THERRY: Well, obviously, originally his Arkashea was not Orthodontiks. He built castles in the sand and moved in and now the psychiatrist is collecting the rent.

BLAKE: I think we are talking about two levels of sources.


BLAKE: Far beyond--

THERRY: Because obviously, absolutely everyone comes from Deluge.

LAUREN: The original Unity, Duality, Triunity exists--

THERRY: Begins at--

BLAKE: Deluge.

THERRY: Orthodontiks.

BLAKE: Deluge.

THERRY: No, because there's no Duality in Deluge and there's no Triunity in Deluge. The original Chi of Unity, Duality, Triunity, its seed is Orthodontiks. So, that's where illusions begin.

BLAKE: That's where Amulious began?

THERRY: That's where Amulious --

BLAKE: Whereas the Brothers of the Chain did not.

THERRY: The Brothers of the Chain did not take that road.

BLAKE: Yeah, I understand.

THERRY: They bypassed that. That's why they're among but not of.

DUNCAN: We should stop this and continue later. It's almost midnight.