Arkashean Q&A Session -- 043

THERRY: Go ahead.

JACKIE: What is the Ka's Mendella [note: the Blood Mendella]?

THERRY: The Ka's Mendella; that is the special double-gate which guards the Ka of each individual from being possessed or used by any other life form.

JACKIE: Alright. So, what's the Ka?

THERRY: Ka is the ancient word that is used when we speak of a physical body. Each level has its own Ka. If you touch yourself on this level, what you're touching is your Ka. Your spiritual nature is called your Ba. One begins with the letter 'k'; the other one begins with the letter 'b', as in boy. When you die, or you go through the process of death, your Ka is left behind. It is your Ba that leaves your Ka and travels onwards towards its next experience.

SHELLY: When you die on this level we're on now, the Ka is left behind, does your Ba move and start to inhabit another one of your Ka's?

THERRY: Well, your Ba --this might be a little difficult to understand, but the Ba of which we have reference to now is the Ka of the next higher level. So, when you go through the death process in that you separate yourself from this level's Ka, you are already in a Ka. You are in the Ka of the next level. And, the Ba of the level above that is the Ka of that level, etc. So, in all sets of circumstances, you always have a Ka and a Ba.

SHELLY: The Ba is always the Ka of the next higher level.


SHELLY: There are 144 of these?

THERRY: That's the number in the material to the explanation.

BILL: Since each Ka on each respective level belongs to that level, is say a twelfth-level Ba allowed to enter a physical-level Ka?

THERRY: It all depends on the abilities of the people involved. Specifically, it depends on where they are on the Continuum of the Grand Awakening.

TINA: Is this open for any questions, or for understanding the Ceremony?

THERRY: Well, the original purpose was to help understand the Ceremony, but I suppose you could extend it to most any question.

PARRA: There's a special force that keeps your Ka--

THERRY: It's a double-gate. It's a double-gate.

PARRA: --specifically for the use of your Ba.

THERRY: Yeah, but don't think of it as a special force. Think of it as a double-gate.

PARRA: Okay. Now, how is wine, which is a blood of Isis, how is it Mendella of the nature of Earth? How does that tie in with the Blood Mendella?

THERRY: It represents all liquid necessary for life. It represents the sap of the trees, the different juices in the various fruits of the Earth. All that which is liquid and is useable by mind-force and life force is represented by, or is called the blood of Earth. Obviously because wine is so much closer in appearance to the blood of our species, it is used as the representative. Incidentally, that was the first corruption in the old days. Instead of using the blood of Earth, they used the blood of man.

PARRA: As a special sacrifice?

THERRY: As a sacrifice period. And that was the original downfall of the Ancients. There are many religions of the Earth today that still use it.

PARRA: So, when you say it is the Mendella of the nature of Earth, it is that--

THERRY: It is the double-gate of Earth. Anubis, Isis.

JACKIE: What does the phrase 'as it was written, so shall it be done' mean?

THERRY: I shall obey the Law. Willingly.

JACKIE: What difference does it make if it was written or not?

THERRY: If you know something to be Law, and if you claim yourself to be Arkashean, you must under Honor, obey the Laws of Creation willingly. Now, many people would believe that if it is a Law of Creation, you have no choice--you have to anyway. That is not true. While it is true that some Laws you have no choice, such as you now have the body of a human, you couldn't just arbitrarily decide to change into a bird and fly away. So, to that extent, there are some Laws you have no choice. Nonetheless, there are many Laws you do have a choice. As an example, it is Law that I am my brother's keeper, not his jailer, but I have the freedom to be otherwise. The phrase 'so let it be written, so let it be done or the phrase 'as it was written so let it be done' simply means 'I shall obey the Law, willingly.'

JACKIE: Still the part about writing --does it have to be written?

THERRY: Well, there are many ways to write something. You don't necessarily have to write it on a piece of paper. The mere thought and the promise of understanding within yourself is in a way a form of writing. In short, it came forward to your memory to be recognized.


MITCH: What's the difference between serving yourself and taking care of yourself?

THERRY: Well, there are among the many examples of Law, there is a Law that is paraphrased that 'charity begins at home.' In an older set of law there is a vow that is taken to the life force, which you may have seen this phrase while others may not have, it states 'I have not defrauded the temples of their obligations.' Well, that Law, or that part of that Law, very specifically states that you deny the temples of the Great One nothing. It so happens that the body wherein you experience Earth is also a temple of the Great One, so you must care for it as best as is possible for you, without overriding the gifts of other people's temples. So, within that, that means in order for you to take care of that temple, which would be your physical, and your mental and your emotional body, there are many things that you must do to take care of yourself--and, therein lies the difference. If you go beyond that, then you're serving your own individuality. It's not something you need. It's something you want.

MITCH: So, if you heal yourself having a headache, what does that fall under?

THERRY: You're following under that Law.

MITCH: Taking care of yourself?


MITCH: Or would it be serving yourself?

THERRY: Taking care of yourself. You ever heard the expression 'a clean mind makes a healthy body'? That's under that Law, too. That's one of the reason why, as Arkasheans, we disown all drugs other than what is absolutely necessary. And, thus we call it medications, other than drugs.

MITCH: So, is it okay to use healing techniques that you may learn in the world, like therapeutic touch, or energy--using energy to make yourself feel better?

THERRY: So long as you are operating under that Law of serving your temple, yes. But, remember there's a Grey area there because it's awfully easy to delude one's self into thinking that we're doing something because we need to, when, in fact, we really don't. For instance, if somebody has a headache, quite often it's awfully easy to just ignore it and do nothing and it will go away. Instead of going through this hocus-pocus jazz and using power to cure a headache. It's not necessary, but it's still easy to delude yourself and say, 'well, my body has a headache, in order for me to cure I've got to do all of this power jazz, when in fact you really don't. All you have to do is ignore it. Put your mind on something else and it will go away. This is not to belittle that there are times where it has to be used to have the, but many times it doesn't have to. That's why I say if it falls under that Law-fine, if not you're serving yourself, not the Forces.

MITCH: If you're diagnosed with, like, cancer, for instance-

THERRY: If it is your Karma to have that it doesn't matter what you do, you're not going to be able to change it.

MITCH: Is it against the Law to try to get yourself as well as possible, or to even get rid of it?


MITCH: So, and if it's your Karma to have it, you just won't get rid of it.

THERRY: See, each individual has to decide for themselves if it is Karma or not. That may sound strange, but, nonetheless, that's how it is.

MITCH: Well, how do you determine that?

THERRY: Well, each individual is responsible for communication between themselves and what they perceive their God to be. If some individual has so judicated that this is a gift that they give to the Great Force by suspending use of this physical body for the sake of a far superior growth, then, there's nothing wrong with them to refuse to use their abilities to heal themselves. Most people's thoughts run rampage in the way of... How is this a gift to the Great Force? Why does suspending use of the physical body allow for superior growth? If it's Karma for them to have the cancer or whatever, no matter what, how can they refuse to use their abilities to heal themselves if they're not allowed to use them in the first place? Then, after a time, inwardly know that they will simply die within the limits of Law and they will continue on to their next experience. So, while it is okay for some people to say 'I'll use every ounce of power I have to stop it', it's also okay not to. It's called death with dignity.

ROE: Why is December 25 the date for the Ceremony?

THERRY: Originally, it wasn't. Originally, it was on the longest night. But, on that day there was 2 ceremonies made. One for the Solstice and one for what we observe. And, previous Pharaohs have decided that rather than have both ceremonies, since both are at night, which is the long night, decided that it might be better that this particular ceremony was changed so that it more paralleled the religious rites of the people wherein they live. Will, as it were, Christians and or Jews happen to use this time for festivities, so the Pharaohs used that to coincide with the festivities of their people, and I never changed it.

TINA: What would be the original reason for having this ceremony on the longest night of the year?

THERRY: Because this ceremony is extremely, extremely, extremely close, there's very little difference between this Ceremony and the Ceremony of the Lone Pine, which keeps vigil over the Long Sleep.

TINA: That's a little confusing because I don't know what the other ceremonies, the ceremony that you referred to is.

PARRA: This ceremony is done more than once a year though.

THERRY: This ceremony, with a few changes is done a number of times a year. One of the times is the Vigil of the Lone Pine. There are a few things that are changed. Not everything is the same.

JACKIE: When Isis sleeps life is said to be at its lowest ebb, and the Blanket of Courage, or the Blanket of Honor covers Earth. That's usually in the wintertime. When it's snowing, etc., etc. During that time, it is said that in all of nature, only the pine keeps vigil, and keeps the flame of nature alive. And, because of this, we Arkasheans honor the Pine by sharing that vigil with it and by remembering the source of all things.

BLAKE: I've been reading this and it seems that first it describes what the wine represents and then it describes what the bread represents, and then we give that up to the Universe and then promising ourselves as to what these things represent which is --

THERRY: You make a vow to become one with the Universe and to serve the--

BLAKE: Okay. I just wanted to be sure of the meaning.

PARRA: Also serve Pharaoh.

THERRY: Well, that's incidental. Because there are many ways to serve Pharaoh.

BLAKE: And there's a word here I don't understand.

THERRY: Okay. Which word is that?

BLAKE: Ptoh.

THERRY: Ptoh. Oh. Okay. In the old days, they knew, more than just understood, they knew the seed patterns, which is Chi, Duality, and Triunity. They knew simply because, unlike men of Earth today, they were not trapped in their bodies like man of Earth today is. Because of this, in their experiences they were able to touch the Chi of life. They were able to see the Mirrors of Duality and understand the concepts of Triunity. When it got to this level, the concept of Triunity, or the Three Graces, or what another civilization called the Three Graces-which was life, death, and the span between the two. Ptoh is the label that is used for the span between the two. Isis weaves the web of life. Anubis cuts the thread of life. And, Ptoh determines the span and the quality.

BLAKE: Ptoh determines the span and quality. Is Ptoh a consciousness of some kind?

THERRY: None of them are. They're forces.

BLAKE: Just like Isis and Anubis?


BLAKE: Okay.

MITCH: What does the part mean 'so too do we unite our resolve under Pharaoh'. That 'under Pharaoh part-what does that mean for people who don't live in the monastery?

THERRY: Do you know the difference between unison of work and chaos of work, or individuality?

MITCH: I'm not sure.

THERRY: Okay. Let us assume there are five people in the room and they all resolve to go out and do good works. And, all five of them have their own ideas of what it is they want to do, and they just go off all alone by themselves. Yet, in another part of the Garden who also resolve to serve the Universe, but they in turn decide that they will serve it together as a unit. But, being as a unit, there can only be one king, there can only be one director. Of these two sets of people, who will get the most accomplished?

MITCH: The people that do things as a unit.

THERRY: Who, incidentally we call our unit chief, Pharaoh. And, we're more than five. Does that explain it?

MITCH: Well, what if one of those five doesn't live with the group?

THERRY: You don't have to. You don't have to be quartered with the group in order to serve the Universe. You need only obey the directives of Pharaoh, as best you can given your conditions. Any other questions?

MITCH: I had asked the other night about using powers for healing, and you said 'no, you do not need to use power', but yet you sometimes try to get rid of a headache without using medicine. You must use something.

THERRY: I told you, you just ignore it and it will go away.

MITCH: So, that's what you were talking about.

THERRY: Yeah. You don't have to use abilities to do things. A lot of times you simply use natural law. And, it will just happen all by itself.

MITCH: Is the use of the mind, like for concentration, is that considered a power? I guess by the dictionary definition, it is.

THERRY: Yes. Remember, there is both the absence and presence of power. A lot of times, the absence of power will do a hell of a lot more than the presence of power will. Considering, it is the presence of power that gave you the headache to begin with.

TIM: For the most part we operate under the absence of power.

MITCH: How so?

THERRY: Let's just say leave it at that.

BLAKE: Before,

MITCH: why? Does that mean a veil is dropped over our abilities? what force controls this? How is this related to the more power you have the less you use it? Does power just mean psychic abilities? If not, what does it mean? Is this related to mind-force, nature forces, the Creative forces? Is it all the same thing? why don't humans have free use of their psychic abilities if they're supposed to learn how to use them? How much worse could they do using psychic powers than what they're already doing now? What is the presence of power-full use of psychic abilities? What are they used for? Is their some kind of code that governs psychic abilities?

MITCH: asked a question about location, and you gave the story about the five together and the five apart. Does that mean if somebody inside, in their heart pledges their allegiance to Arkashea, but are only able to do it to their own capacity which means that sometime there're far away and living in Maya--they're still like that group that's together in the five, even though they have to be in individuality?


BLAKE: Yeah? Okay.

THERRY: Simply because they still more or less follow one direction.

BLAKE: So, it's still being together.

PARRA: When you're talking about how we operate more under the Absence, now, does that have something to do with 'only with absolute control can you have absolute freedom'?


ROE: You have somebody who has studied to a certain level under Pharaoh, started direction under Pharaoh and for whatever reasons has gone his own or her own--'this is how I feel I can achieve the best for both myself and for others using my way' trying to serve the Universe, but doing it to their own internal voices--are they therefore not part of--are they truly separate from the group at that point?

THERRY: First, I'd have to question if all of that statement that you made is accurate. If they decided to go off on their own because they feel they can serve it in their own way, that's questionable if that can be done. And, your part of the statement says that they're still serving the whole. Well, I question that. I wonder how much of it are they serving themselves as opposed to serving the whole. Beyond that, yes, they would still be the same simply because they follow the same general path. To the degree that they are serving themselves, to that degree is the answer no, they are not part of the whole. To the degree that they are not serving themselves, they are in fact serving the Universe, to that degree the answer is yes; they are still part of the whole.

ROE: Can I add to that? Even though they're serving the Universe, example being they give to a certain charity their time, or money, or whatever--they give something to a certain direction. Let's say Pharaoh has decreed that the energy should be put in a different direction. It seems to me how the case of the first five in the Garden, how would it not be that way? The five who each one wants to do his own thing.

THERRY: Now you're changing the rules of your original statement. If you are in fact serving yourself, and the things you do you do for the acclaim, rather than for the service, then obviously, you don't get anything. To the degree that you are not serving yourself you are truly serving the Universe, and it doesn't really matter because it's between you and the Universe in any case. It would be presumptuous to think the Universe would say 'no, I don't want your good deed because it didn't come from Pharaoh. I mean that would be pretty presumptuous. Since you can't make any changes, which are not written in Karma anyway, it wouldn't matter. Anything else?

MITCH: Is the house of Arkashea the same as the state of Arkashea?

THERRY: The state of Arkashea is nothing more than Law. A house of Arkashea is a combination of Law, life force, mind-force, and the life forms within it who are within unity serve the whole. You belong to a house but you don't belong to the state. You are possessed of a state.

MITCH: Do you have to live in the monastery in order to be a part of the house of Arkashea?


MITCH: In that way it's kind of like the state?

THERRY: No. A house is not kind of like a state simply because a house contains far more than what a state does. The state is nothing more than just plain cause and effect-Law. Once you bring in Free Will and volition to continue what you would otherwise without it, then you have a house, and it's a little bit more powerful. Because a house can initiate--a state cannot.

MITCH: So, someone belongs-what did you say- a person cannot belong to a state. I guess I always thought someone could.

THERRY: No, you can't. You are possessed of a state. You don't belong to a state. You can choose to serve a state, and in so doing that state possesses you. But, you don't belong to it.

MITCH: Okay. So, if you choose to serve a state, does that then make you part of the house? Does free will, and mind-force, and life force come into it? And, love?

THERRY: Right off the bat, or off the top of my head, the best that I can give you is it's possible. Because who's to say what's in a person's heart and in a person's mind. I certainly won't make the judgment that 'no, you're not worthy of belonging to the house.'

MITCH: Well, I guess I was trying to figure out where some peripherals might fit.

THERRY: Some peripherals fit in their own house. That does not mean they cannot serve the cause of Arkashea. It simply that as best they can they do what they think they must in order to survive, which is after all, the First Law. The First Law of emotions, right?

MITCH: Yeah.

THERRY: State that Law totally.

MITCH: Umm, illusion is the driving force of reality.


MITCH: And, reality--I don't know how to say the second part accurately. I know how to describe it.


MITCH: Umm. Reality influences illusion, that's how I would describe it.


MITCH: And, that the interplay between the two, illusion interacts with reality, reality interacts with illusion--

THERRY: That's the yin yang. That's the yin yang of illusion. It's not the First Law of Illusion. The duality of which you speak is illusion is the driving force for reality. The flip side is reality is the force from which all illusions come. That's the duality. The Law that I'm having reference to is the one that says every life-form...

MITCH: Will lie, cheat, steal, or even murder to get what they think they need in any given situation.

THERRY: Right.

BILL: Is it they must do that, or, they will do that?

THERRY: They will be given the opportunity, and if they follow or succumb to their emotions, they will. But, you have free choice--you don't have to.

BILL: Uhh, to sidestep a little bit, Free Will, is just as strong a force as Karma, yes?

THERRY: It's part of Karma.

BILL: So, does it--

THERRY: Because remember Karma is the label, the duality called the Walk of Freedom versus the Walk of Predestiny. So, freedom is nothing more than the Walk of Freedom, which is half of Karma.

BILL: There is a potential Karmic drive to exercise your Free Will?

THERRY: Yes, there is a drive.

BILL: So, it's a pattern?


MITCH: Umm, what does it mean to say that all Arkasheans come from one source?

THERRY: We are one. When man, when Amulious descended and became man, and when we found, we who had not descended found the trap to be as it was, we in unison chose to descend as the Brothers of the Chain. We are one. We are of one source.

MITCH: Are those people of the house of Arkashea? Or, are they beings?--I don't know how to say that.

THERRY: Well, let's just say we are the Brothers of the Chain. If you want to have reference to house then it would be the House of the Hound of Hell.

MITCH: Is that different from the house of Arkashea?


MITCH: What's the difference?

THERRY: One's by far more spiritual in nature, and by far more powerful. One is strictly, totally on the Holy Path, while the other straddles both paths. Let's simply say that the House of the Hound does what it does because of its residents in the house of Arkashea. Or, do in the House of Arkashea.

MITCH: So, the House of Arkashea would be like the Ka for the House of the Hound?

MITCH: Yeah, okay. Okay. The house of Arkashea would be the Ka. The House of Hound would be the Ba.

BLAKE: I noticed here that you talked of blood in that same line, and--

THERRY: The Blood of Earth, yes.

BLAKE: Also, the bread which is the body of Earth?


BLAKE: And Christians, or Catholicism use the same kind of thing.

THERRY: They got it from us.

BLAKE: And, they just changed it?


BLAKE: To fit their own need?


BLAKE: They used it more like the for the blood of...

THERRY: Whatever.

BLAKE: They just misconstrued what was trying to be taught by Arkashea at that time?

THERRY: Well, you're now bringing in the history of a people which you would call Ca...

BLAKE: Catholics.

THERRY: Yes. What was the word you used? Catholicism. Right. You have to bear in mind that Catholics as they exist today follow very very little if any of Christ's teachings. Christianity as it exists today came from a Roman citizen called Paul...Saul. He made up the basic beliefs of Catholicism and he never even met Jesus. As a matter of fact, the twelve disciples and Saul, or Paul, had a falling out because the twelve disciples which at the time would be led by either Simon, or, Mathew, one of the two, instead of Peter the way it was supposed to have been. Peter was a do-nothing until he was very late in his years. Either Mathew or Simon had control of the leading factor. Well, they had made the decision that before you could become a Christian you had first to become a Jew and follow the laws of Moses. Well, the Gentiles was not very keen on that. They weren't about to chop their whatever's off. So, Paul, on the other hand said 'hey--no, they don't have to follow the laws of Moses, because he's not commander of them because they are not Jews.' Well, the leaders of the twelve disciples, either Paul or Mathew or whoever it was decided 'well, if you are not going to follow the laws of Moses, then you're just not going to be part of Christianity and we're going to just disallow you.' So, more or less, they told Paul, Saul to go take a fuck at a flying donut. So, he in his righteous vigor decided 'fuck you-I don't need you, I'll go preach among the Gentiles --they will at least accept the word of Christ the way it was meant instead of all this political bullshit that you're trying to throw at me.' So, off he went. And, he went from place to place, from hamlet to hamlet, from town to town, etc. and preached to the Gentiles. However, one of the things he preached because of this war between the disciples is that 'all you have to do is believe'. That's all you can do. You don't have to become Jewish, you don't have to do anything. Just believe and that is sufficient. Well, it didn't take a swift future Napoleon to decide 'hey, this is a good thing for me. I can corrupt this a little bit here and there, and I can become king of the world.' That's exactly what happened. You don't have to take responsibility for your life at all. All you have to do is believe in Christ. You don't have to believe in God--He's unimportant now. All you have to believe is His son Christ. And, you're safe. And, that's the way the world's been ever since.

BLAKE: And, he was the one who bastardized the version of blood and the body and started the whole thing?

THERRY: Well, let's simply say Paul was the one who came up with the phrase 'you didn't matter, you didn't have to take responsibility--all you had to do is believe.' but remember he was not advocating that each individual cease taking responsibility for himself. All he was advocating was that you didn't have to become Jew. So, that's a far different cry. It wasn't until much later that these fanatics decide, 'ooh, I got me a kingship here.' And, that's the way it was. Because Peter didn't follow Paul until Peter was very very late in his years. Because the Church of Rome had fallen. Everybody was starving to death and it was the Christians, the newly found Christians, the Gentiles, who supported the Church of Rome for who knows how long and has been ever since. The Church of Rome actually died.

BLAKE: So, did the Master ever start this blood and body?

THERRY: No, never has.

BLAKE: Where does, I mean why do people use it?

THERRY: In the Last Supper, or during the Supper it was in fact this ceremony, which was converted.

BLAKE: So, he was saying this?

THERRY: He was saying this.

BLAKE: And, it was bastardized by some of the disciples?

THERRY: By whoever. So, it became his blood because what he was doing was performing this particular rituals, the way Arkasheans have been performing it for hundreds of centuries.

BLAKE: This ceremony is performed by the Essenes?


BLAKE: And, even before the Essenes, most likely, there were Arkasheans that were coming?

THERRY: Yes. This Ceremony originated way, way, way, way, way, way back in Tangiamora, way back before the sinking of Lemuria.

BLAKE: And this is where we give ourselves over.


BLAKE: And we use this for symbolize because wine is sustenance, or it's like our blood, or the Blood of Life, and bread is like our body, and that's important to us because we're serving until the world is...uhh..


SHELLY: So man descended, and got trapped...

THERRY: Go ahead.

SHELLY: So, those who are now Arkasheans say, 'well, okay, we'll descend so that we can help them back up. And they had to really descend all they way so they could...

THERRY: From the highest to the lowest.

SHELLY: Umm, how did they wind up being any less trapped that the original people?

THERRY: Did you ever hear of the phrase 'among but not of'?


THERRY: That's how.

BILL: You mean watching instead of being in it? While you can still interact with the, uhh..

THERRY: Residents, thereof.

BILL: Can watch them play.

SHELLY: Well, if all the people here are learning, they are trapped for various reasons...

THERRY: So? That doesn't change the 'among but not of', and you've also got to bear in mind that just because you've got a brain, that in and of itself does not give you a guarantee that you're going to use it. So, if you go sit and watch a play, so you dabble a little bit, and to the degree you dabble, you have to relearn.

SHELLY: So, would it be accurate to say that there are people who are Arkashean, 'among but not of', but they don't realize it? Yet? They dabbled a little bit?

BLAKE: Okay, go ahead.

THERRY: Anybody have any questions?

PARRA: Yeah, I do. It says here that this, the Rites of Creation, takes place, or can take place on the Spring Equinox, ect., the Winter Solstice, or the Summer Solstice. Umm, I observed it's different from the Winter Solstice ritual--would they be 2 different things even though they take place on the same day?


PARRA: They both just happen at different times on the same day?


PARRA: Oh, okay.

ROE: Was December 25 chosen merely because it's convenient for the individuals to come together at that particular time or is there a significant reason?

THERRY: December 25 was chosen between the cycle of--the Winter solstice is the end of the cycle. Now, the Winter Solstice is a very important ritual, or a very important time of the year ritual in terms of communication between Arkasheans and the Universe. The Winter Solstice is the time of the Long Sleep. It is the time when Earth is under the care of the active force because the nutritive force is sleeping. The Winter Solstice is the time when, for the lack of a better term, Isis sleeps in the arms of Anubis, or goes to sleep in the arms of Anubis, and hence what we would normally conceive of as active life goes into sleep. That is seen by the white blanket that blankets the Earth. Less important in the Night of the Long Sleep is that the passive energy is at its most passive point. And, therefore the active energy is at its most powerful draw. During that cycle, the individuals who follow the Path of the Tree of life unite. All individuals unite for the specific purpose of achieving the most that they can as they walk the Path of the Tree of Life. They, according to their prime paths, one of the paths the is to get ready for spring, which is the Awakening of the force which presently sleeps. And, it is the time when the Hound of Hell descends upon the Earth, the Hound of Hell being the opportunity for those who are trapped to release themselves by following, or coming to know, that the illusions--the worlds of their own illusions. Now, in any structure, be that structure of natural forces or artificial forces, such as man, there can only be one leader. The more leaders there are, the more diffusion and infighting there is. Now, the Brothers of the Chain have learned this a long time ago, so on the day of the Great Sleep, the day of the Descent, each resolves to commit themselves under that one leader and in that way there's only one direction, and therefore much more is achieved. This particular ceremony, the Rite of Creation (something else said here, inaudible), is the process of each individual who is taking part, or to a lesser degree, those who are witness; it is their attempt to commit themselves to the active force of Creation, which seeks to build rather than destroy. It seeks to, during the time of the Great Sleep, take over and be both active and passive in the guards of Creation. That sufficient, or is there any more?

BLAKE: You said it was on the Winter Equinox?

THERRY: Well, see the-

BLAKE: Solstice.

THERRY: The Winter Solstice is the beginning of the cycle, the beginning of the Descent, the beginning of the night's? sleep. It is symbolic of many things; among them being it is the anniversary of the Descent of Man into Maya.

BLAKE: The fact that we don't have it exactly on that day-is that a big deal?

THERRY: But it is on that day. It is the longest day of the year. Now, that was the beginning of the Descent, the anniversary. Now, we who are the Brothers-of-the Chain, one week later, because that's the end of that cycle, that was the cycle when those who had not descended looked upon their brothers and decided to descend to help free them.

BILL: But December 25 is not one week from the Winter Solstice.

THERRY: No, it is not a week. On this time schedule it's not necessarily looked at in terms of a week.

BLAKE: The fact that we're doing this in a symbolic kinda' way-it doesn't matter to have a ceremony because that takes place on the Solstice-is that correct?

THERRY: Our ceremony, the Rites of the Brotherhood, cannot exist at the Solstice. It has to exist after the cycle of the Solstice. I think that's within a month or so after the longest night. It's not a full month, approximately a fortnight after the longest night.

TINA: What about the other-you said it could be done on the other Equinoxes and the other Solstices?

THERRY: Yes, but the ceremony during others are slightly different. But the recommitment of each individual unto the single leader can happen four times a year. At the moment, we're not set up to do the four times a year, and we're not set up to do all of the rites that we should be doing. Because there are rites that should be done every single morning, and there are rites that should be done every single day, rites that should be done every single week, rites that should be done twice a month, rites that should be done once every four months, and rites that should be done once a year. This particular rite is the one that we must do. While we can, at Pharaoh's option, not do those, we must do this one.

BLAKE: Those other rites that you referred to-

THERRY: Right. Those other rites you don't necessarily have to do.

BLAKE: Okay.

THERRY: But this one must be done.

BLAKE: Regardless if you're in the Hamlet, or the Hoblet, or the Cloister, you've got specific things on that particular for--

THERRY: This rite must be done by all Arkasheans.

BLAKE: Not this one, but the other ones that we don't do, or we have the option of doing-are these specifically the Cloister?

THERRY: No, they're specific to individuals. For instance, the actual Rites of the Long Sleep, the Rites of the Lone Pine-that is very specifically a female rite. All males who are present never do anything but witness. They never take an active part.

BLAKE: Is there one for males?

THERRY: There are two for males, and two for females. This one consists of both males and females. But, there are a lot of-all the others are both male and female. The union of. But, there are two when males participate and females witness, and there are two where females participate and males witness.

RODNEY: People who participate in the ceremony, do they become Members of The Brothers-of-the-Chain?

THERRY: Not necessarily because they participate in, but they begin the walk. Once, having participated, then even if you decide that this is a lot of bullshit and you're going to take off and have nothing to do with Arkashea, even if you do that, that's still going to have no effect. You will not be able to stop the walk. The Universe will keep kicking you in the ass until you do continue to grow.

RODNEY: Is there a difference in this, umm, doctrine or document between the Brotherhood of the Chain and the Great White Brotherhood?

THERRY: Yes, there is a difference.

RODNEY: What is that?

THERRY: The Great White Brotherhood, well, let me answer that question in another way. The Brotherhood-of-the-Chain is a sacred inner circle, which are made up of members of the Great White Brotherhood. Not all the Great White Brotherhood members are Brothers-of-the-Chain.

BLAKE: Now, the rituals that you mentioned, that one is done by the females and the males observe, and then the males, and the females observe-

THERRY: Not observe. Witness.

BLAKE: Then witness, excuse me. When all are present for the ceremony, I thought you mentioned that we were all not, she or he is not-you use the term 'he'-that it is referring to mankind.


BLAKE: Now, is there a reason for having the females doing something and then the males--why is there a division?

THERRY: Because there is a division in nature. Remember the Law: All that exists must be dual in its nature. Therefore, you must honor the duality. Each in its own time. By honoring the duality, each in its own time, you, in fact, honor the whole. If you honor just half of it, like just the male or just the female, then you don't serve the whole. You end up with an empty house.

BLAKE: Within the Universe are we still female and male?

THERRY: That depends how you're using the term male or female. Male and female is on the specie level, so if you are having reference to specie levels, then the answer is yes. But if you are having reference to the Creative Forces then it becomes Active/Passive.

BLAKE: Okay. I was referring to the Creative Forces-

THERRY: Then it is Active/Passive, rather than male and female. The Active forces is the force that makes change occur. The Passive forces are the forces that allow themselves to be changed. And then the union of the two nourishes and maintains a change.

MITCH: What if somebody who's been here for the Ceremony can't be here one year? Or, some years?

THERRY: Doesn't matter. It's still the whole that's being served. 'Cause each in his own heart ain't gonna' be able to stop walking. It's just that that particular year they can't perform this rite. Because this rite can only be performed in presence of Pharaoh, or Pharaoh's agent.

BLAKE: And they can't stop walking if they only witness, or if they only participate?

THERRY: Witnessing in a form of participation. By witnessing they gain wisdom they would not have otherwise obtained, and, therefore in their own way they are participating. Question? (Pause)

ROE: Why is it that ritual is more important than an interpersonal communication?

THERRY: Mankind, because of its nature, thinks and feels via language. Without language it is impossible for mankind to think or feel because they would have no awareness. A ritual is just one more form of language to remind them if they simply, if the individual simply thinks and feels, or does what he does, then he does not understand or come into all levels of communication. He is simply limited by his own thoughts for the moment. A ritual, on the other hand, is multi-level communication all at one time.

BLAKE: Does that make it more powerful?

THERRY: By far because it is the focusing of the mind, the desire, and the emotion. Therefore the Triunity becomes unity.

ROE: How would that differ from personal prayer?

THERRY: Personal prayer you are limited only to your own illusion.

BLAKE: And if it is a more powerful communiqué to the Universe why do we not have as a basic fundamental procedure having group meditation as opposed to private, or, in conjunction with prayer?

THERRY: Because it is not our way. We don't have group meditations in that sense outside of a circle.

BLAKE: Definition of 'outside of a circle'?

THERRY: (something inaudible)-Because worship, in and of itself, is a private thing between each individual and what he conceives his God to be. It's not a public thing. These rituals, on the other hand, is not necessarily limiting communications of the individual. It is serving the Union, a purpose-the Union of both Active and Passive force. Specifically focused on one purpose. When individuals communicate, they do so at their own levels for their own purposes. But, in rituals each individual no longer serves only himself, but serves the whole.

BLAKE: So, there's a great validity to Christians or any other organized religions that gather for group prayers and, and, uhh-

THERRY: Providing each honor the true doctrine, or their true belief system, yes, there is a reason. But, obviously if you go to church because you want to show off your new pair of shoes or your new clothes, then-it's lacking. And, if you continue to perform a ritual whose meaning you have long since forgotten and whose meanings that was unfortunately created in the first place because of political strife, then obviously again there is something lacking. If you create a whole religious structure so that you can ultimately control the minds of the people that you come to dominate, then I have problems accepting that as a religious ceremony. Or, a spiritual ceremony.

BLAKE: So, then we take protection and guards against that by not having that sort of public display.

THERRY: Yes. Spirituality is between the individual and the Universe. It is not how much you can display it to others. But, that doesn't change the fact that at certain times of the year there are certain ceremonies that are done, not because you have to do them, so much as because in the process you are reintroducing yourself to the concepts of why you are doing the things that you do, and in so doing you are honoring certain forces. Questions? Okay. Anybody want to go over line by line in the Ceremony itself?

BLAKE: Just read it aloud?

THERRY: Yeah. Somebody can read it, and then people can ask questions. Either that or let's take section one, so everybody understands what is being done and why.

(Here there is a general discussion-it is decided that everybody will read on their own because Therry doesn't want the Ceremony on tape. Reading and then questions follow.)

TINA: I think I understand the purpose as a whole, but--

JACKIE: don't know if I understood each specific word or each specific sentence, and what they-

THERRY: Good time to find out. Maybe if you voice your questions, that may answer the questions that others may have.

TINA: Well, this whole section with the wine, what is the purpose of that? What is wine being used to represent?

THERRY: Wine is being used to represent the fluid of life. Those very specific pieces of matter who have states that serve specifically the life force. It is the building block; the tools that allow the life force to bring forth mind force. There are many, many forms of matter on Earth, as well as in Creation. But, not all of them are being used by the life force to create mind force. This ritual, although words, is a process of recognizing and honoring that specific part of Creation. It is part of wisdom that allows us to understand that that which exists is not an accident. It is one of the little cues that allows us to understand that Creation has a master plan. Sort of like a footprint, whereby we can see that something has been there. And, it's greater than ourselves.

TINA: Then what does it mean when it says 'wine of the Mendella '-How is the word Mendella being used in that sentence?

THERRY: Same way it's been used in any other sentence. It is the shield of life within each creation. It is the fluid of life. And, as the fluid, it becomes the shield, the guard.

BLAKE: As the, when it says --what does the blood mean?

THERRY: Fluid of life.

BLAKE: In nature, that would be water. In nature there are lots of Mendellas.

THERRY: Okay, but it doesn't necessarily have to be water. It is fluids.

BLAKE: Any kind of fluid?

THERRY: No, not any kind of fluid. Very specifically the fluid of life. And, therefore you have a positive and negative side. Because, the waste product that comes from a life force are also part of the fluids of life. It's a way or reminding us that that which exists is dual in its nature. There is parts of you which is positive, and parts of you which is negative. Both parts are sides of the same coin; incoming and outgoing.

RODNEY: Did you say the Mendella is a shield?


RODNEY: And this ties into the Alliance of the Rule, also-doesn't it


BLAKE: How does the Blood Mendella act as the Ptoh of the experience?

THERRY: If it is not present, there is no experience. It becomes the table, the stage upon which the dreams are made. It is a part of the envelope that allows the illusion to exist.

BILL: Would that change of structure upon the leaving--an entity, when they leave the body, because the blood actually changes qualities?

THERRY: Of course. Not only does --see, over here we use the word blood. And, perhaps that's a wrong word. Perhaps rather than use 'blood' we should use the 'fluid of life.' But, man has a way of being a little bit, quite often, ethnocentrism. So, man's words for those fluid of life is called blood, hence we use that.

BLAKE: Alright.

THERRY: But, the blood of a tree is the same as the blood of a Man, because the word blood has a very specific message in it. That's why the word is used. It is the circulatory system that allows the life process to continue.

RODNEY: What does 'Ptoh of man's destiny' mean?

That's the affinity factor. It brings you the maintainer, the preserver.

BLAKE: It controls the duration of life.


BILL: How does it control the duration because it seems that many other things affect that factor --

THERRY: But, they don't come into play unless it brings them into play. Since the affinity factor is that which matches the cause to its effects, everything that comes to play in each individual's life comes into play because the affinity factor is at work. There are no accidents.