Arkashean Q&A Session -- 048

LARRY: I have a plan. I think that we should cast a huge spell over people so that when they go to do violence to another person they just fall asleep for 3 hours.

THERRY: Half the planet would be asleep all the time. It's like endless rain. It is an ocean. When the pain gets big enough, he'll change.

LARRY: Where will they go? Will it be more palatable than this? Is there still consciousness?

THERRY: You're using the magic phrase that condemned them to begin with.

LARRY: I wouldn't conceive of reality. There would be no me. There would be no you, per se, just as a part of the whole. I was reading this book where everybody on this planet was the same-they were all linked. This ship landed on the planet, and one of the humans decided to go over and join them, and she could speak for everybody, and they could speak through her. Is it that kind of thing? Except there would be no difference between human bodies?

THERRY: You would have no body.

LARRY: Wouldn't there be bodies?

THERRY: That's a question that cannot be answered on this level.

LARRY: Is there any way someone like me could have a picture in their mind.

THERRY: See, you're asking for something that comes from outside the Illusion.

LARRY: But, you can see it?

THERRY: But, I'm not inside the Illusion.

LARRY: Are you saying that anybody here might be able to see? If he were outside the Illusion?

THERRY: No, I'm talking about levels of awareness.

LARRY: So, you could have a different level of awareness and still be in your body.


LARRY: What would be the benefit of an individual--

THERRY: You have to find that for yourself.

LARRY: That's a kind of catch-22, isn't it?

THERRY: Certain wisdoms are protected from insincerity.

LARRY: Are you saying that my questions are coming from an insincere place? Are you alluding to that?

THERRY: No. I'm simply saying some question belong to the Road that must be traveled alone.

LARRY: Oh. You know what I think the catch-22 is?


LARRY: If I ask you a question like what would be the benefit of that individual--well, the only way for a person to find out what would be the benefit would be to get in there, but they couldn't get into that level of awareness because they wouldn't know how.

THERRY: You (basically, directly?) repeated what I just told you. There's no way to get there unless your level of awareness or your level of Love is proper. Otherwise, you can't get out of your illusion.

LARRY: Is it just for Arkasheans?

THERRY: No. It's for someone who can get sufficiently away from where they're at. But, you do have to be totally and fanatically in love with Arkashea. Not the monastery, but the state.

LARRY: What does that mean to be fanatically in love with Arkashea?

THERRY: You have to find that out for yourself.

LARRY: Arkashea is a lot of different names to different folks. They don't always call it Arkashea.

THERRY: We are seven.

LARRY: yet there's more than seven names.

THERRY: I have only seven forms. Only seven rivers flow from my source.

LARRY: Let's say you got Joe Shmoe, and he's working up on the Alaskan pipeline, and he's a man of great tenacity and he's often in meditations and in and doing those things to align that will make him come to this place.

THERRY: Okay. That's one river.

LARRY: So, when you say it's seven rivers, not all of them have a title or name so that's a river. And, another river is here, right here in the Monastery. And, there's 5 more. Are they all different?

THERRY: They are all different.


Well, there seems to be some... things. What are these people? These Tibetan people?

THERRY: That is not one of our rivers.

LARRY: So, are you saying that they have no hope of that?

THERRY: Did you hear me say that?

LARRY: No, I didn't hear you.

THERRY: Then accuse me of saying that?

LARRY: Can somebody, say a Tibetan monastery, find a way possibly?

THERRY: Wouldn't that be between each individual and the Creative Forces? What's the difference between the first guy that you spoke of and the Tibetan--aren't they following the same river? Remember, you are... Maybe that has got nothing to do with what river you follow. This guy that's on the pipeline and the guy that's in the Tibetan monastery--can't they both going within themselves? Aren't they both following the same river?

LARRY: Okay. Tell me if this statement is true. Tibetan monastery and pipeline, that's the game they're playing--that has nothing to do with the game they're playing.

THERRY: If he's following that river, that's the source of, not the game that's being played.

LARRY: Well, why would somebody come here as opposed to not coming here if either way will...

THERRY: There are only seven paths that will bring you out of reality. Those seven paths--It follows the way of the delta, the Dao.