Arkashean Q&A Session -- 049

THERRY: Okay everyone, let's gather...Everybody make a circle.

FRANK: I have a question. What are the feelings we are experiencing?

THERRY: The power of the Unity.

JULIA: I have a question. Why is it that all these specific people are here right now at this time? Is it on purpose?

THERRY: It is a cause and effect because of a major transition that is occurring.

JULIA: Will it affect all of us?

THERRY: The lives of other people, as well.

PIERRE: What is happening?

THERRY: A part of Unity is changing.


THERRY: A part of Unity is going from a low-level energy vein to a higher energy vein. And, in so doing brings the unity to a much higher state of being. As a result of this there will be a change upon which this Unity resides. The ripples will delay the destruction of the planet from--

JOE: Can't hear you. Can you repeat that? Will delay what?

THERRY: The destruction of the planet upon which the Unity resides. As Unity becomes stronger, peace has a place to come live or come visit. As Unity becomes stronger, each member feels the draw of Unity and is or becomes a temple wherein peace may dwell. And from that temple, peace in its own way, has its effect upon those who are still at war.

JULIA: Hmmm.

THERRY: Yes, and every member of Unity feel it. That's why... an example of this is why Corra, who's out in California, also gets the message that Unity is here. That's why everybody's growing, that's why people from all over the world are beginning to find this place. For instance, people who haven't been connected with Arkashea for years are suddenly coming around. Example: Rubbin is an example. He hasn't been really active in Arkashea for years and years and years, but he comes around on a regular basis. Example: peripherals who were kids in their teens are beginning to get the feeling of, "I want to go back home." Stuff like that.

THERRY: Did that answer your questions?

FRANK: Uh-huh.

TINA: Unity, because of the strengthening of this Unity, has all the individuals gone up a few levels?

THERRY: If it's in our family level, yes. The most noticeable thing is the desire to be closer, more than just a peripheral member. For instance, the bonds between the people living here have changed such that they're more willing to allow what's really happening inside their hearts to be demonstrated on the physical level. Hence, since this change a number of you have been embracing openly, letting one another know that they feel that it's nice that you're here.

JOE: I was thinking about how the numbers of people who contact us these days... these numbers of people are growing.

THERRY: They have always been here. Are there any other questions? They don't have to be limited to today's session of Unity.

JULIA: I was wondering if people like me were sent out to, umm, to help?

THERRY: Yes. It's like planting a seed so that a new tree will grow and then from that tree the fruit will feed the needs of others.

PETER: You mentioned earlier, or actually another conversation, can't storm the gates of heaven; I'm wondering, if you can't storm them, how do you cut through all the b.s., all the games, the ghosts, to get to where you want with the least amount or resistance?

THERRY: Instead of answering your words, allow me to enter your mind. (pause) You are already familiar with the law that states: The world of illusion is the driving force of reality and within that reality it is the level of observation that creates the phenomenon. What you don't know is that there is more to that law... that law continues with: that within the phenomena games are played according to the law of the moment. And the law of the moment always rules, therefore if you don't fully realize is that each individual replicates the patterns of creation in that it has a sense of something very special and the individual deposits that specialness in a special place. The Laws of Creation deposits that specialness in a pattern. For instance, he deposits that specialness in... she deposits that specialness in all the affairs of life... etc. That is the way it must be. According the Alliance of the Rule each individual has to deposit their specialness, that which is sacred to them, in the pool from which the human species come... But while they do this they must maintain their own individualness... and, life is such that it is also fluid in its nature in that you have the spiritual or the mundane. And as you walk through life, so too, you go from one foot to the other, symbolic of a constant interplay between that which is mundane and that which is spiritual. Because of that constant interplay The Claim to Uniqueness says that you are you, everyone else is only a pawn in the game... or, a reflection of the A Happenings of the game. So life is a collection-type experience by sharing the moment. That moment must be shared putting as much of yourself in it as possible but you never over-rule Unity. Because Unity stays in that special place. That World is guarded along with spirituality. Look at a moment like a brown bag. You can put anything you want in the bag, but it's only a loaner, just a loaner. And you have to be willing to allow that moment to pass because like every other moment it goes on. And if you become stagnant because the moment is gone then you cheat the new and you delay the passing of the old. You create a ripple and it disturbs the whole. What is needed is to cherish and honor the moment while it is here. Then, in its proper time let that moment pass into the past. That's what you need to do. The ghosts that you chase are past moments that can never be the new reality.

JULIA: Wow, is that ever true!

THERRY: its like saying what do I really want. Or in the case of the moments or from whence comes my honor or from whence comes my truths?

JOE: Hmmm.

THERRY: It is one of the tools that are available to you. Through that you can mold yourself according to a specific thought/need... and, its usage can amplify your ability by giving extra power to the image. It becomes an urn that needs to be filled with the sharing of ourselves with others.

JOE: What is the appropriate image to hold?

THERRY: Depends on the karma of the moment... It doesn't matter if you wish to call it Karma or just chance. The label that you use does not matter. It is the carrying of the needs of the moment that counts.

JULIA: Explain.

THERRY: All things flow in your respective momentary needs.

JULIA: Like a river?

THERRY: No. A river also has needs. It must get its fluid from a great circle. Because of the constant interaction with the ocean part of cycle, the needs of the atmosphere are fulfilled because of the rain closing the great circle, it fulfills the needs of the river's cycle, as it were.

JULIA: I guess that in all great circles, the greatest thing that one can give another is greater love.

JULIA: Honor like not the greatest things the greater love?

THERRY: Yes, you are in a sense of the word a small piece of that grand ocean feeds the needs of the river... We all have a cycle when our thoughts are in a place of darkness or in a place of shadows and therefore the light of the shadows knows that the darkness is upon it.

JULIA: You said that because of the transformation the destruction of the planet has been put off for another cycle.


JULIA: Is it possible that through more such transformations the destruction of the planet could be put off indefinitely? Or, is it already written that it will come to pass?

THERRY: It is written that the planet shall evolve. It is written that within its own time, the Planet will be destroyed by the changes of its Sun... But, it is not written that it shall destroy itself. It is also written that man shall be among the stars in number like the grains of sand. Then of course, man can change.

JULIA: So things are working out pretty well?

THERRY: Things are working out.

FRANK: How does what happens here affect international politics, let's say? This seems to be, things already in motion.

THERRY: That doesn't mean anything. The power that created things also has the power to un-create.

FRANK: So, even though all the members involved may be corrupt they may still have less free will to screw things up than they did before?

THERRY: The powers of creation uses their own breed, so that in the service of their breed they become in the service of the holy ones.