Arkashean Q&A Session -- 051

TINA: What would cause an individual--

THERRY: Gloria, you probably want to sit in on this.

TINA: To be more drawn to other females and to males, and I don't mean necessarily on a sexual level. Does it have something more to do with trust versus mistrust? And feeling more of a trust toward females.

THERRY: First of all you have to come to understand the seed from which comes your question, okay. The seed itself comes from the fact that man is gregarious in nature in that by and large the specie needs one another. They're not solitary creatures even though you may have exceptions or seeming exceptions. By and large people need people. Secondly, the second thread that attaches to that seed is the manner in which mating occurs or the manner in which relationships occur. Okay? With human specie marriage begins by following the same pattern as friendships in that based upon the Alliance of the Rule, and based upon the patterns of the Royal Steering Currents that govern each individual they will follow a thread of seeming friendship. Now, this thread will continue. It doesn't matter if it's male of if it's female. And it doesn't matter if it's male courting males or if it's females courting females, or if it's females courting males or males courting females. Now, here we need a slight definition of courting. The term courting would be the same as would be found in the dictionary with the exception that the end result of courting need not be sexual. Okay? Now then this becomes extremely important because absolutely all interaction that exist between people follow the exact same pattern. When an interaction first occurs the karmic bonding will either force you to go into the courting mode or it will force you to go into the war mode. Those are the only two modes that exist between two human beings. Now once you're on either on the courting or the war mode, then it branches off into many different scenarios. But, that's the beginning.

TINA: Courting could be going into the most casual of acquaintances?

THERRY: Yes, that's one of the branches.

TINA: As opposed to going into marriage.

THERRY: Yes. That's one of the branches. Now what happens is that first when two people meet because of the Affinity factor, the minute that they make contact with one another --this contact doesn't have to be direct, the contact can be indirect--for instance you could be sitting in the room reading or talking to someone and somebody else could come into the house and instantly you could have an attraction, an energy shift that would compel you to pay attention to the person who came into the room or who came into the house. Now, there's an attraction immediately between you. Now, the intensity of that attraction will depend upon or will determine which of the branches of courting you will get into. But, that bonding or that attraction will definitely be there.

TINA: There are many, many threads going into the making of that type of bonding, correct?

THERRY: Yeah, it depends on the Alliance of the Rule or the Affinity factor. Now, then--but absolutely everybody no matter who they are follow the exact same pattern. There's only one pattern for all of the human species. It's like a long corridor with many different doors and each door will lead you to a different moment. Each moment will, of course, have a different scenario and a different room attached to it. At any rate, that attraction will force you to commit certain behaviors either internally or externally. Now, that attraction can elicit a behavior that is as simple as 'hmm, I wonder who that is,' or, as complicated as 'wow, holy cow,' your heart could flutter, you could stutter, you could feel warm all over. A really heavy disturbance along the physical vein as well as along the emotional veins. Even though such a disturbance could come into being that in and of itself doesn't mean that it is sexual. It simply implies that there is a strong Karmic bond between that will have to be addressed in one form or another. Okay so far?

TINA: Mm-hmm.

THERRY: Which of the doors along that path that you end up addressing will depend on what's in the Alliance of the Rule. In this particular case here it's sexuality, not sex, but sexuality comes into it rather heavily.

TINA: Right.

THERRY: Now, again, when I speak of sexuality this has reference to the continuum of sex as it applies to you and the continuum of sex as it applies to the individual.

TINA: Would how the individual is socialized have a very strong effect on their sexuality?

THERRY: No, their karmic bonds would have a far stronger effect than their socialization.

TINA: However, socialization does have its effects.

THERRY: Extremely strong effect. It's the basis of the individual's present day, for lack of a better term, I.D. system.

TINA: The karmic bonding though can override what would be the socialized sexuality.

THERRY: Oh definitely. Definitely. To give you an example of how such overriding takes place it is conceivable that a so called normal male would be totally, totally, totally straight and then that individual will meet a specific other male and for some reason, for that other male he'll become absolutely totally homosexual. But only for the moment when he is with that other male. And, for the rest of his life and for the rest of the world he's right back to being totally male again. While the world would look at him as being bisexual because of that small interlude. During that small interlude, he within himself would be truly homosexual, not bisexual. This can also happen on the other side of the fence that a totally straight female can meet another female and again the Karmic bonds can kick in and for that moment she be absolutely totally lesbian. Absolutely totally. Again, the world might see her as being bisexual but she would not view herself as bisexual. She would view herself as an absolute homosexual. Likewise you can take an individual whose preference is homosexuality on either case, either a male who is homosexual or a female who's homosexual, and for some reason each of these people can for a moment meet a member of the opposite sex and for that member they become absolutely straight. So straight that they'd even be more straight than the average normal straight. And there's everything else in-between. Now, there are some instance of course that when such an attack for lack of a better word it can so disturb the individual and twist and topside their I.D. system all to hell. They can become so confused and so disturbed that they really don't know who they are. And if they are unfortunate to not get help from someone who truly understands they could in fact become homosexual when in fact there's no need.

TINA: Now one of my questions is pulling it down to a more personal level.


TINA: Starting though with the women's interaction with other women to begin with and how women have a tendency to go more to the war side it seems from my experience more frequently than to the courtship side.

THERRY: That's not entirely true. Plus the seed of that again would be the degree of mobility that exists for each individual with respect to their continuum of sexuality. Now, remember when we say continuum of sexuality we don't necessarily mean the desire for sex itself.

TINA: Alright, okay.

THERRY: The Continuum of Sexuality has far reaching steering currents, which have nothing to do with sex. I mean sex, or the continuum of sexuality to a great degree controls how people walk, how they talk, how they look, how they wear their hair, what kind of clothes they wear. I mean it's as extremely far-reaching cultural limitations, which have nothing to do per se with the actual sex act itself. It has to do with acculturation, limitations, and taboos of the culture you're in, and the sub-culture you're in.

TINA: Can you explain the aspect of mobility? You said it depends on the degree of mobility within each individual.

THERRY: Okay. If an individual is so rigid within themselves and they can see no possibility and they can't understand or refuse to understand and accept any possibility under any circumstance of how somebody could be other than straight. Well, when such a person gets an attack of Karma they break. Because absolutely everything they thought was stable no longer exists for them. So they can break far more, they could even go suicidal. They can break so badly, so, if an individual is not so stiff-necked for the lack of a better term toward the roles that individuals choose to play in life, then their mobility is such that they're allowed to adjust that much quicker.

TINA: When I was out in the world I had always had women as my primary friend, confidant, partner and men were the ones that came and went for the sexual part.

THERRY: Okay, now you're talking about an intertwining thread, which belongs to the friendship area as opposed to the sexual area. As we said before all of the human specie follows the same pattern in terms of interrelationships. Now, their attraction toward people is usually basic. It's usually habitual. They form a habit of being comfortable with a certain class of people, a certain type of people, a certain genre of people. And they seldom change that. Until they start playing the love game and then they'll go outside that pattern for however long that mating game goes on then they'll fall right back into the normal patterns. And, during the time that they're in that mating game so to speak they'll be outside of the pattern for the moment that they're with their so-called mate but for the relationship they'll be back in their normal patterns again. So, consequently some people feel more comfortable with a certain class of women as opposed to a certain class of men. And, that only seems odd when you take into account maybe it's men who feel comfortable with men or women who feel comfortable with women, or women who feel comfortable with men, or men who feel comfortable with women and they sort of shy away from the other areas. Now, the hidden agenda there is why do they shy away from. Well, again, Karmic bonds get into there. There's a possibility they're not as stable within themselves as they portray to the rest of the world. Hence they could be avoiding certain pairings because of their own instabilities. Yet it's also possible that they avoid certain pairs or certain classifications simply because of the intolerance that exists within that pairing. For instance, if you take an Arkashean, well there's no way that an Arkashean could associate with a Klu Klux Clansman. There just ain't no way. There's just such a vast difference in their basic values there just ain't no way.

TINA: Yeah. Now there are women who are raised from the very start to feel always a mistrust of other women. It's part of their socialization.

THERRY: That part is true but that's also true for men.

TINA: Oh really? I thought it was much more--is it more --

THERRY: It may be more prevalent for women because it is a fact that a man can usually get along with another man. But, women seldom get along with one another.

TINA: See, I encountered many women, even now here in the monastery that will come in and they will very clearly give me the message, 'hey, you're a threat and there's just so far I will get friendly with you because of that threat.' It's such an ingrained thing it's not even on a conscious level.


TINA: It affects the behavior very strongly.

THERRY: But in time that will disappear with the Arkashean women.

TINA: Right.

THERRY: But you are correct. That seems to be a basic nature. That's because of the mating season.

TINA: Is the mating season 365 days a year?

THERRY: Well, again the mating season here doesn't have reference to a rut. It has reference to an individual's I.D. system.

TINA: What do you mean by 'the rut'?

THERRY: Well, the mating season is usually called the physical aspects of herding, so it's--this is not applying even though the remnants of this could be involved. But basically there's a sociological teaching among women that's unspoken of which is 'man-trap'; get the sucker and then you can relax. If he doesn't, don't worry. Between you and your in-laws you'll teach him. Now because of that inbred, seeming inbred cultural phenomena women will usually, again not always because there are exceptions, but women will usually view other women as enemies only because they stand in the way of the possible mating. Now, there's a strange phenomena there is that the opposite side of the continuum is women who don't want a man alone. They want to share him. They want to become a part of a harem. Those are rare, but they do exist and they're on the opposite side of absolute possession. Because many women they don't want to have a plain relationship. They want to absolutely possess their man. They want to become that man's absolute center.

TINA: Is that socialization that causes that?

THERRY: Yes. It's not inbred. It's not innate. Because the normal, innate is the harem.

TINA: That's where I parents socialized me pretty much like 90% of middle class American parents and somewhere along the line I got this message that women were to be trusted far more than men and there were at least a few that I had in my life that were going to stick with me for years and years and years and years. The men were not. The men were going to come and go.

THERRY: But you have to bear in mind that you're talking about the religion influence.

TINA: How is that an influence?

THERRY: Well, basically it's at the prodding of religion that one man, on woman shit.

TINA: Oh, so if an individual's already predisposed to not follow some of the religions influences then?

THERRY: Before the religious influence came into society, there were group marriages.

TINA: Yeah.

THERRY: Within those group marriages both the men and the women strayed. They sort of recruited more. So within that group marriage you had the entire continuum of sex going on. You had absolute diversity between both sexes. And, of course religion didn't like that very much because once you're in that type of group you really can't control that kind of group. That type of group has it's own controls and that type of group usually elects its own leaders, or leaders just emerge naturally. They follow the pecking order. Religion didn't like that very much because religion usually likes to be in control. So, the best way for them to gain control was for them to break up that group marriage. And they became one man, one woman only. And of course the church had to pass sentence on because the church had to be the one that married them.

GLORIA: That's why they kept such rigorous records.


GLORIA: Who married who and who was baptized when and all the way back?

THERRY: Yeah. But, getting back to the original discussion the attraction between two people is always there. Once it goes one step beyond that then it starts going into preferences. An individual's preferences. And an individual's preferences to a great degree are governed by their respective energies. There's a cross continuum involved.

TINA: What is that cross continuum?

THERRY: The cross continuum is in that physical body may be male of female or somewhere in-between but their basic Ka could be male or female or somewhere in-between. And the two don't necessarily have to be at the same point.

TINA: You mean the basic Ba?

THERRY: Their first higher level.

TINA: You're not calling that the Ba?

THERRY: Well, it's a Ba, but it's --

TINA: Well, it's the Ba from this level but the Ka from the other level.

THERRY: Well, see the thing is that there are three levels involved in the continuum of sexuality that has their influence on Earth. Now the first two have the biggest effect. And then the other level has a minor effect but it still has an effect. The third level, its influence comes down here in terms of urges. Whereas the first two, the first level creates reality, the second level creates illusions and desires.

TINA: You mean the first being the physical level?

THERRY: The physical.

TINA: Where you stand as far as being male, female or somewhere in-between.

THERRY: Right. That creates your reality.

TINA: Then the second level is where you stand on your Ba.

THERRY: Right.

TINA: Where you are on that inside part of you.

THERRY: Right. So consequently you could be a male inside a female's body or a female inside a male's body or somewhere in-between.

TINA: Now getting back, I keep going back to women because I want to understand women more, being one.


TINA: It's the mobility factor that will determine whether a woman can override her ingrained mistrust of others.

THERRY: Yes. Remember without the mobility factor an individual wouldn't even be able to change their mind. Because the mobility factor governs practically every single vein of Creation that exists. Without the mobility factor you wouldn't even have frequency. That's how far up in the Royal Steering Current it is. As a matter of fact, the mobility factor gets its power from the first law of Creation: That which exists shall be dual in its nature and triune in its effect. Well, obviously if it's dual in it's nature that requires a change right there. Therefore the mobility factor goes that far up. Then of course, there's the second rule, which is, let's see what was the...okay. Oh, the second law is the creation of the one is in and of itself the implication of the creation of the other. That too is the insertion of mobility. So the mobility factor is in fact a Royal Steering Current to Creation itself. Therefore everything under it. Is that it?

TINA: Well, I wanted to bring it down to a more personal level but you're keeping it up on a non-personal level.

THERRY: Because I refuse to speak to personalities. I can only give you Law and patterns. Any questions? I can't hear you.

GLORIA: Hmm. I need to think a little bit. I'm sure I'll think of something. (tape turned off and then back on.)

TINA: There are certain Arkashean women having studied with you for years and you said eventually they will get over this feel of being threatened by other women and I said, they've known you for so long and they still give off a response of being very threatened by other women and you said that they will change eventually, that's what they're working on, it doesn't mean that it will happen in this lifetime.

THERRY: Correct. But you also have to bear in mind that there's more to it than that. You got to remember that there's, while it is true that the steering current that is controlling them is that of possession it doesn't necessarily have to be the same threat of possession. Because possession has many faces. It doesn't necessarily have to be mating game.

TINA: Because logically they can look at me knowing there's no possible way in hell I'm gonna' want to steal their man. But that would be on a logical level.

THERRY: Well, that's assuming that you're talking about the level wherein the possession is the mating game. But there are many other threads that come in from possession. For instance, you're familiar with the phenomena of best friends? Whereas if they begin spending time with somebody else they get the feeling of betrayal and all of that. So, all of that could be involved in it too. Now, men suffer that just as much as women do.

GLORIA: That's not an innate, human...

THERRY: No, that's cultural, that's an acquired human need.

TINA: Based on your levels of security versus insecurity?


TINA: How stable you are within yourself?

THERRY: Yes. There's more, but yes nonetheless.

TINA: What's some more of it connected to it?

THERRY: Well, it's based on how you deal with stress. And, it's based on your awareness of continuity. If you're not all that comfortable with continuity then for you it's possible that just because your friend is spending time with somebody else then that means he's not going to be your friend anymore.

TINA: Oh, I see because when you talk about continuity you mean dealing with the right here and now as opposed to seeing the long-range aspects?

THERRY: Yes, and the changes in terms of the cycles of interactions. Because love gets into this you know.

TINA: You can have great love for a person and it can be on a completely unconditional level, right?

THERRY: But it doesn't change the fact that it can also be extremely conditional. As in the case of a best friend. And don't be confused. It is indeed love, from Earth's point of view. It is the exact same love that a man has for a woman whether man is trying to posses sexually or as a life partner, and vice versa as woman to man. It's that exact, exact, exact same love. Even though the love itself would not necessarily include sexuality because it's in terms of best friends. But it's nonetheless that same love. It stems from the same seed. The power to possess.

TINA: What if you feel a very intense bonding with another person such that the room lights up when that person enters, yet you do not demand to know where they're going, when they'll be back, when you'll see them again, you'll hear from them, anything like that.

THERRY: Oh, that's a compatible friendship.

TINA: But, it's not on a sexual level.

THERRY: It doesn't have to be on a sexual level. It can be but it doesn't have to be.

TINA: Because I've heard you use the term once unconditional friendship bond referring to an individual who was striving to achieve it but had not gotten there.


TINA: Is that an ideal form of friendship?

THERRY: Ideally that's what the species' got to learn.

TINA: Because possession won't enter into it at that time.

THERRY: Correct. Because possession belongs to the specie, not to the individual. Possession is automatic but the only one who has the right to exercise that has already done so by the very nature of Creation itself. All members are a part of a species and they will never get out of that specie unless they do so by law. So, therefore possession is automatic. But, possession from an individual level is just not appropriate. It doesn't change man from having those feelings though. Just because a person's got a brain that in and of itself is no guarantee that they're going to use it properly. Okay?