Arkashean Q&A Session -- 054

BLAKE: Okay. Starting from the beginning.

THERRY: First, we understand that corruption regardless of how in any philosophy or in any theory or in any body of knowledge doesn't come right off the bat. It doesn't come arbitrarily. If you consider what you have, the limits of the dogma will itself more or less guide in which way corruption can possibly exist. So then if we figure back to ancient Lemuria, here you have a concept of creation whereby it's fabric where there are so many, many different aspects of just one force. Well, obviously the whole is going to be far too much for everybody to be able to understand. Also, if you figure that this limitation of the residents is because back then in that land, you have a far greater range within the continuum of the life force than you do right now. Right now, on this level, for the practical part you only have pure forms. Every now and then the impure forms exist within man or within some lower species. Like, for instance on rare cases you may get a chicken with two heads, or a snake with two heads, or a chicken with two hearts or something like that. And, on a constant rare case you often get the hermaphrodites or the neutralizes within the species man. And sometimes you also get that within the species goat. Well, back then the continuum of life was rather rampant, rather commonplace in that not only did you have what we would call the pure states of today, you would also have what we would call the abominations. You would have in fact half-goat, half-this, half-that, and half-that. I mean it was a whole mixed conglomeration.

BLAKE: The miniatures?

THERRY: The miniatures, centaurs, half-goat. Like, for instance Pan were half-man, half-goat, and you'd have the all kinds of things. Mermaids for instance. Half-human and half-fish. You had all kinds of those mixes in existence back then.

BLAKE: Well, why does that come about?

THERRY: Well, that's not part of our discussion. It doesn't matter. The point is that if we consider that the descent itself, the original descent, was descended in pure thought forms, so, the Arkashea point of the descent are the original thoughts of the individuals who descended. Well, it's conceived to be that, or it's conceivable that as the different life forms descended into the Maya the whole range of the Continuum was present. And thus there were different thought forms of all kinds. And this would normally be the conclusion of having the whole continuum of life forms represented upon the Earth. It's, again, it's a natural outcropping of what you have. Okay. It is also conceivable to understand that each different life form whatever the mixture would have varying degrees or varying levels of mobility through both time and space as well as through mind. And therefore these limitations would very severely limit their levels of awareness. And the degree to which they were capable of changing their behaviors. As well as changing whatever. It is also conceivable that because of the limitations of these, what we would call impure life forms, the half of them that is animalistic would have a far greater degree of control over their destiny than would what we might call the human half. Or the people half, whatever. The man half. Therefore, the impure life forms would be to a far, far, far, greater degree controlled by the animalistic drives, as are the lower animals of today. Along with that would also naturally come the limitations of the levels of their ability to understand. You couldn't expect a chimpanzee for instance whose mental level is approximately three years old at the most to have the ability to understand the fabric-like nature of creation. It's just beyond their capabilities. Likewise, if you consider that here you have a huge mass, I mean really massive, population range of all different forms of life, they were commonplace the same way as cats and dogs and stuff are commonplace today. And, each life form seldom intermixed even though some did. But, still you have to bear in mind that interspecies sexual behavior was rampant. It was the norm. As a matter of fact, in many cases, it's still the norm today, even though it's an abomination today. Obviously it's well-hidden. But, nonetheless it is still present in pattern today, and that's where all of the what we call abuses come from, or incest, or whatever, comes from that source. At any rate, if we consider again the limitations of the levels of awareness, we come to the next normal outcropping of understanding, of the levels of understanding. The levels of awareness. There is just plain too much there for anybody to understand. So, if we consider that it is the usual practice for man or any other specie thus far that we know of to create their gods having their own shortcomings or their own limitations, it is natural to understand that the natural outcropping of the fabric would be that there's just too much there for one god to handle. >So the natural outcropping is polytheism, which gets its root from monotheism. So, if you think again, it really follows the Laws of Creation, too. From Unity came the Duality. From Duality came Triunity, etc. So basically it is following law. Okay. Now if we figure that here you have a huge landmass, which we'll call Pangea, which is one gigantic, land mass surrounded by water, which has a whole continuum of life forms, which by natural appearance has a whole continuum of levels of understanding. You now have a condition where you have the higher developed life forms continuing to believe in the Unity of force. Then you had a whole shit-load of others because of their limitations believe in polytheism simply because there was too much there for one person to handle. Now here comes along a natural phenomenon where the Earth is beginning to spin on its magma and the higher life forms are not necessarily always so high, in that many of these so-called higher life forms now become involved in power and politics, etc, etc. So the natural outcropping is war. Which of course creates havoc not only with the Unity as a whole, but it makes havoc as to who is going to be in control of the way people think or the way people are. So, war by definition always ends up destroying, and it doesn't do anything else. It can't do anything else. War is never unified. Okay. So, the science of today, or, correction, the science of the day, is by far, far more advanced than the science of today. To such a degree that the mind of the pure ones which we might call Titans for the lack of a better word was such that they were not locked into their physical form as we are. They were more free. They could come and go at will. And because they were not locked within their physical form by the Blood Mendella as we are today, their psychic abilities was far greater. They could zip out of their bodies and elicit help of the Elementals and whatever and create havoc from a psychic form on to the planet. And, wouldn't you know it--that's what they did.

ZED: What else did they do?

THERRY: That's the nature war. Okay. This had specific results on planet Earth. Among them was that the physical creation of planet Earth and its surrounding system was drastically affected. To the degree that the planet Earth, because of the varying magnetic pulls begins to slip on its magma. And, whereupon planet Earth knew no seasons, well, it began knowing seasons. Because it began knowing seasons, the pull upon the planet changed. The bulges, for the lack of a better word, on the sphere of the planet began changing because the rotation, the axis, began changing. Well, the natural outcropping of that is Pangea began to break up. And, at this point the tectonics, the plate tectonics, the pieces of the planet began moving around according to the forces of the spinning planet. Maybe it didn't go very fast but it went fast enough so that it created massive, massive earthquakes, changes in the topography of Pangea. To the degree that the war continued to such a high vein, new weapons that today's' world can't even imagine came into being. All psychic weapons, all controlled by the force of mind rather than the force of persons. The higher developed ones were able to control the forces of the crystals via the forces of the mind, which was a direct link, like today we would call that telekinesis. Or some such form, such as clairaudience, and such and such. Well, all of this was rampant was basic. And incidentally because all of this was basic and acceptable and because of the political wars and the religious wars and stuff, the Titans, or for the lack of a better word, the superior ones became hated and feared by the lowers, the impures and whatever.

So, when Earth finally settled down it ended up that many big chunks of Pangea sunk. Simply because of the destruction. You can't sit there and take your planet and shake it and expect no effects from it. Okay. Well, this brought an interesting phenomenon. If you have a phenomenon whereas certain people have certain qualities that the average does not have what better way to protect yourself than to kill them off. Anybody who showed any signs of real high mental abilities was killed. Strange as it seemed that same concept continued to exist even as late as our middle ages. The only basic difference was that the different religions attributed that to different evil forces. The point still is you never suffered a witch or a warlock to live. Anybody who had those abilities were destroyed simply because of the power that they could have over the environment. So, it goes this far. Anyway, at any rate, backing up--here you have a situation where you had both monotheism because of the fabric-like understanding of the Laws of Creation and then you have the polytheism because of the limitations of the mind of the residents of the time. So, with the destruction of Lemuria, or with the destruction of Pangea, now you have different huge tectonic plates that slid around the surface of the Earth. One of them was called Lemuria, another one was called Atlantis, and you had whatever. Well, after the Earth more or less settled down a bit because the psychic wars somewhat had fulfilled its course.

BLAKE: These occurred before Lemuria and--

THERRY: During the time of Pangea, yeah. During the very early beginnings of life on planet Earth. Well, here you now...history begins again when Lemuria sunk beneath the sea and the highest area of development being Atlantis; space travel was still the norm. But, nonetheless. Cause' many of the residents, the high ones, the Titans for the lack of a better word, left Lemuria when the war went badly or whatever there. They were many of them who were peaceful people and didn't want to take part in all of this crap. So they just left. So now we're stuck with a land mass or the highest civilization becomes known as Atlantis. Still quite a war-like nation, more or less like the U.S. is today. Sticking its nose in everybody's business. Okay. It is natural to say that the world warriors of Atlantians, which were the scientists or whatever decided that science itself would become the religion in question rather than the original concepts of Isis and the fabric of creation. Well, that was fine and dandy and technology became even greater except for one small thing. The emotions didn't keep up with it. And neither did the spirituality of it. So, obviously the psychic wars and the other things, the rampant technology continued. Well, it was terrible in that here you have--let's do a small aside, okay. Because this thread comes into it but it's confused because it has two origins. Naturally if you have a continuum of life forms it becomes very apparent why the basic law of Earth is eat and be eaten, kill and be killed. Different life forms were carnivores. Others were not. So, the life expectancy of any given life form wasn't worth very much. Quite short. Well, if you continue that same pattern in a civilization such as Atlantis, you can now see that the politics is abominable. The prejudice is unbelievable. And what better way of getting something from nothing than taking these lower developed impure life forms and making them beasts of burden and all kinds of other things. And obviously because of the natural outcropping of prejudice, you don't look at them as a life form the same way as the people of the day don't look at the blacks as a life form. They're idiot, they're nothing. They're not human. So, just multiply the hatred of today towards ethnic groups by billions of times and you have the situation that exists in Atlantis. A place where power and politics was the number one rule of the game and spirituality was practically nonexistent. But, because the rule of the day is still that the civilization is a sacred society and not a secular society, considering that the religion of the day was science more or less, it's still a sacred society concept. But it was a strange situation where it was a sacred society whereby the prime law was kill, be killed, eat and be eaten. And right is might. Well, it stands to reason that in any such situation the natural outcropping is a dichotomy of those who wish to follow spirituality and those who wish to continue decadence. Those few who wish to follow spirituality sought to relieve the burdens and the pains of the impure life forms. Hence they set up all kinds of hospices, hostels whereupon the medical people, those who are capable, are sought to relieve physically the impure forms. Thus they were able to a great extent able to take care of the extra limbs and whatever. For instance, the birdmen were transformed into birds by the removal of surgically and other genetically of the excess wings. But, to a great degree even though they took care of that they could not take care of the roots of it. So, even today if you look at the form of man, as he exists today these bird people for the lack of a better word still have their influence if you look at the way the shoulder blades are. They are created to take care of wings. And the movement of wings, which further gave the ability of the individual's arms to move the way they do. They gave greater mobility. So if you combine all of these threads together you end up with the form of man that we have today. Some of the attributes come from bird people. Others come from different other lower life form so the different parts of the form man that we see today is a more or less collection of all of those life forms put together and brought into a pure state. Okay? Now then. Here we have a situation where Atlantis was a parable of a powerful civilization where the level prejudice was so high that the most natural outcropping is that it would destroy itself. Simply if for nothing other than to relieve itself of its own hatred, relieve itself of the burden that it places on the lower life forms. The natural outcropping is revolution and that's what took place. There was a massive revolution where the high ones or the remnants of the Titans were driven totally off. They were either totally killed or driven off. Well, Atlantis sunk and like all good civilization it always has colonies and therefore you are now into the very beginnings of what will one day become ancient Egypt. Where life practically everywhere is not capable of surviving other than along water tributaries or water banks. So, hence you have life now in an era whereby basic life is along the Nile River, both sides. So, you have two kingdoms. Again, the natural thing is because of the changing of the planet, the atmosphere etc. The land or the chunk, the piece of earth which we call Africa changed so drastically, it was once unbelievable fertile and green. But because of the different changes it became more or less a desert. And life existed only on the waterways. So, now we have the beginning of modern day Egypt, the seed for what will become modern day Egypt. Specifically the Nile River, which was the colonies for Atlantis. Well, the natural outcropping is anywhere you have two kingdoms somebody is going to continue the wars to make it one kingdom. And, that's what happened. The rest is just history.

BLAKE: You didn't touch upon the religious aspect. The transference of that.

THERRY: The natural outcropping is that the more limited the politics, or the more fervent the politics the lower the awareness level becomes. The more spiritual the politics, the higher the degree of the level of awareness. So there's a direct connection between the spirituality of the individuals and their ability to understand the concept of Unification, the concept of the original fabric where it's not different gods but simply the many facets of one god. So, obviously because the Egyptians were the outcroppings of warlike Atlantians the mental facilities was limited. And therefore they would normally subscribe to polytheism simply because they were incapable of understanding the different facets of one god. There was just far too much there for one god to do.

BLAKE: So there was never any worshipping of the--

THERRY: That doesn't mean that it existed completely because they were always some people who believed in high spirituality. For these, they maintained the understanding of monotheism. Or the rudiments of monotheism. Although it wasn't thought of as monotheism at the time. These are modern language labels. It was simply the understanding of one source with many facets. So the dichotomy continues even today. Even though today they do not admit that it is polytheism simply because they believe there is only one god. The problem is that every sect of the world has a different god. Well, if that isn't polytheism, what the hell is it? And, now you're brought up to date.

BLAKE: There was no-one before Akhenaten's time that was teaching the religion of old Isis?

THERRY: Well, obviously Akhenaten had to have gotten his wisdom from someplace. He had to have a basic starting point so the temple of Heliopolis from which taught him because they were spiritually minded and not politically minded they never strived to be active in the state religion. They had no interest in politics. So, they ascribed to --

BLAKE: So, throughout the thousands of years when it first brought it's people from Atlantis there was a group there?


BLAKE: With these teachings?


BLAKE: In the background?

THERRY: In the background. The same way as we Arkasheans of today are always in the background. So, you could say, it could be said that we could trace our thread through all of these obscure background temples throughout history. And it would be correct. Cause' they were all teaching the old religion of Isis or for lack of a better word the Brotherhood of Arkashea. Which basically is the brotherhood of man, the first thought, and the first unification. Independent of, see the difficulty comes because not only is it the first unification but it is also the first separation. It all depends on which side of the fence you happen to lie. And that's it. You're under natural history. The rest history, the logic of today's history just takes over from there.

BLAKE: So, our--what you were talking about, pure state in Lemuria. What form did that take?

THERRY: The Titans.

BLAKE: Yeah. What form, what was the main thing--

THERRY: I don't think that there's any individual who really knows. I would imagine it would be some form or format of what we have now except much, much larger. Because I have, as my memory serves, or if I understand correctly, Titans were fifteen to twenty feet tall. Somewhere around there. So, they were pretty huge.

BLAKE: They had a physical manifestation of a human form?


DUNCAN: I have a series of questions.

THERRY: Okay. See, the key here is that the Titans were not limited in their form.

BLAKE: I see. They could change.

THERRY: They could change so they were real chameleons.

DUNCAN: And the Titans had access to other levels?

THERRY: Yeah. Because they were not locked in to the physical.

DUNCAN: Now this history that you've given us applies to--

THERRY: It goes all the way back to the beginnings of Lemuria.

DUNCAN: Right. But this isn't specific to this planet Earth?


DUNCAN: And these events were taking place on what we of today would call a physical level?


DUNCAN: But the Titans themselves had access to more than just this physical level?


DUNCAN: Now where does all this fit into Oblivionites from the Titans and --

THERRY: Well, obviously the Titans had the ability to go into and out of the Maya. Obviously when the Oblivionites went to Oblivion there too there was a continuum. Some went just a little, others went all the way. And we can only assume that these life forms went just a little. But, nonetheless it was still Oblivion because you cannot truly leave the pure state and still not leave.

DUNCAN: I'm confused. You had the Titans who supposedly could go in and out of Maya.

THERRY: I'd say, I don't know if that's true that they could go in and out of Maya. I can only tell you that they have the ability; they were not locked into any specific physical body.

DUNCAN: Well, I would imagine that they couldn't go out of Maya because why would they be trapped in all these wars?

THERRY: Okay, I...that sounds logical too.

DUNCAN: They must have had some illusion that was driving them.

THERRY: Yes. That sounds logical. All I can tell you is that they were not locked into any specific physical.

DUNCAN: What's confusing for me is the source of all these other life forms that weren't Titans and how it all fits into mankind being the scattered parts of Amulious. I'm not sure how that all fits together.

THERRY: Well, it's all one. The entire continuum of life forms all comes from one source.

DUNCAN: I thought that Amulious was Oblivionite to the Titan.

THERRY: I don't see what that has anything to do.

DUNCAN: Because you have these Titans and apparently--are they Oblivionite at the point where we start history, or are they already Oblivionites? To themselves, or?

THERRY: Umm. Our history begins on the physical levels. Okay. You're talking about something that easily could have taken place on the non-physical level. So, I don't see where there's a connection. Obviously, the Titans because they had their, because they were not locked in to any specific physical, their not on the level of which we speak. Simply because they were able to get in and get out of that illusion. I mean, it's conceivable that you could be standing there and like Star Trek science fiction they just disappear. They'd be off on some other level. They had that ability. They were not locked into this particular physical.

BLAKE: So, these high beings decided to wage war?

THERRY: Well, you have to bear in mind that everything is a continuum. So, while these high beings may have been the source of the generations that brought forth war, I don't think you can lay that, the gift of war at their feet, specifically. The same way as some white people and some black people and some yellow people and some red people, etc., etc., are prejudiced. You can't go around and make the claim that this prejudice comes from these people. You can't make that claim. Likewise, you can't make the claim of what you're saying.

BLAKE: Where did the Peruvians get into Maya? All these people who seemingly were around as the same time as Atlantis.

THERRY: Again, sex is a funny thing.



BLAKE: Okay.

THERRY: It brings about procreation and the old ones die off and the new ones are left here. So, you're going to blame the old ones for the new things, or you going to blame the new ones for the old things?

BLAKE: No, no. I'm not talking about war at this point. I'm talking about--

THERRY: Obviously Blake you're talking about generations upon generations upon generations of procreation. None of it was necessarily pure in its state. Especially if you consider that interspecies favoring was rather rampant.

BLAKE: Uh-huh.

DUNCAN: So, was this all after or before, umm, this thing where Middle Earth supposedly was made habitable for humans?

THERRY: The beginnings was during the time of the, for the lack of a better word, purification of Earth for man. Cause the time of Lower Earth, Middle Earth, Higher Earth, wars was during this time. Where you had the entire continuum of life forms present. It's understandable, or natural outcropping that when you have such varied continuums of life forms there's going to be war between them. It was during this time that these wars took place. And if you had a Titan who had the ability to go in and out of physical, well, obviously you're talking about also all kinds of wizards and all this other crap.

BLAKE: Yet with all their power they ones that got killed off? Not the common people with nothing?

THERRY: Well, see there are specific laws that govern that. Take the Titans for instance. Their time upon this planet was very limited by the very nature of the power that they had. The laws are obviously if you misuse it, you lose it, etc., etc.

BLAKE: Okay.

THERRY: Is that it?

DUNCAN: I guess so.

THERRY: Okay. So, the wars between Lower Earth, Middle Earth, and Higher Earth were taking place at the beginnings of. You got to understand that this time in Pangea, the Earth yet wasn't cooled.

DUNCAN: So, how does this relate to the Ark of Land?

THERRY: Well, this was during this same time. Certain parts of the planet were protected from these wars. Is that it? So now you have the chronology from the beginnings of Earth to the descent of man.

BLAKE: Well, I'd like to tie one thing back into this.


BLAKE: The aliens that visit us now. What connection do they have from way back then? If any.

THERRY: Well, that's pretty difficult. It's a possibility that they are a thread, which comes from very early Earth. It's also possibility that they never had any connections to Earth, that they're just a side shoot that visit us. And it's also a possibility that they were one of the good Titans who didn't want anything to do with the wars of Middle Earth and decided to take off. There's no way of knowing. Is that it?


THERRY: Okay. Shut it off.