Arkashean Q&A Session -- 055

THERRY: If an individual is finds himself trapped within the games, then by the law of the moment the game is going to determine the freedom, which exists.

SHELLY: Going to determine?

THERRY: The freedom, which exists.

SHELLY: You mean the options for him?

THERRY: Yes. So, from that point of view you could say he has no control, he is not responsible. But, still on another level, he is responsible for everything that he does.

SHELLY: So, with the judgment thing with me, it's like all the way up?

THERRY: Yes. You don't realize it but when you judge another in that self-same moment you have judged yourself.

SHELLY: Why is that?

THERRY: Because we are one. Remember, you walk towards the things that you fear, and you become the things that you hate. It's a fabric.

SHELLY: What about when you get angry?

THERRY: Obviously, if you become angry you're not as perfect as you'd like to think you are.

SHELLY: But is that something that you try to control, too-


Well, that's a difficult situation to address simply because you cannot suppress your emotions. They are a valuable part of you. But on the other hand they should not be allowed to control the situation. It doesn't matter how angry, or annoyed you are at the situation; your behavior should not be controlled by that anger. It is logic and understanding that should guide your future, not anger.

SHELLY: But, there's another thing that I do too. I get furious-I'll have this split second of fury-

THERRY: Intolerance.

SHELLY: Intolerance? A lot of times at myself. I'll be furious over something stupid. I'll walk out and be furious.

THERRY: It's a fun game to play. That way you can be as intolerant with others as you are with yourself. That makes it even.

SHELLY: Will that change towards myself as I change towards others?



THERRY: Remember, you must spill one of your beebees if you're going to take one. It's a fair exchange.

SHELLY: Susan and I were discovering last night; in our conversations all this blasphemous we got to watch ourselves around here. Words. That's a real habit.

SAM: Oh Cracky.

SHEENA: Fiddlesticks.

THERRY: You can be really hokey and say 'oh, golly gee'. Or, holy cow.

SHELLY: You can say holy, too. Is that alright?

THERRY: You can say holy. You can say that. Holy simply means not of earth.

SHELLY: It's not of...

THERRY: Not of earth.

SHELLY: Not of earth. Hmm. I thought holy was like (inaudible)

SHEENA: If you used, you can use 'creator' in a blasphemous way too?


SHEENA: Oh. So what's the, well people don't do it.


JO: Yeah, I was going to say how would you use it? I'm trying to think of a negative way of using it.

THERRY: A negative way? Oh, my creators-my creator's asshole-

JO: We were wondering too, there's a famous song in the 60's about the hypocrisy of the church, and it was called "Plastic Jesus on the dashboard of my car' and the chorus was genuflect, genuflect, genuflect. And we thought, is that, even though it's being written to point out hypocrisy, it's still using the name-

THERRY: In vain.

JO: Was that by Tom Lear?

JO: I don't know.