Arkashean Q&A Session -- 083

UNA: Well, Therry, I was looking over some of my notes from yesterday after my talking to you and I guess there's some other questions. Some of the words you used and the explanations you gave, I wasn't real sure about. For instance, when you spoke of bubbles. Bubbles of space. Could you expand or tell me more what that means?

THERRY: OK. You know what a definition of a bubble is? You know when you blow bubbles--that's a bubble. Inside the bubble, contains the affairs of one moment in a person's life. So, life is a series of bubbles. You have to remember it gets back to the phrase of, "The pattern of creation is the bubble within the bubble, within the bubble... Each bubble is shared by many other bubbles who share that same space. The bubble called Jane is contained within the bubble called Common Reality and that space of Common Reality is shared by many other bubbles, some named Tim, Frank, John, Albert., Sabrina, whatever.

UNA: So, you were saying not in this physical realm, there are bubbles that haven't been filled, that are undefined or space that is undefined.

THERRY: That's in Fabric Time. I mean, it is not sufficient to simply say "upper levels". Fabric Time is filled with bubbles that are undefined.

UNA: So, bubbles is just an analogy, just a way to visualize it, right?

THERRY: Correct. Another good way of understanding it is to have reference to a bubble as a moment of time or the scenario of a moment of time.

UNA: So, I would imagine if they are a moment in time, can bubbles pop? Or fade? I mean, if you grow and move on.

THERRY: They don't pop. They are just lined up in time. They become part of the thread that creates that specific time line into this reality.

UNA: OK. They always exist once they've been created.

THERRY: Right.

UNA: And you can share a bubble with someone?

THERRY: No. Ah, I will take that back. The two bubbles touch in a larger bubble. They interact on the Astral Plane of Common Reality. They never share or overlap; they just touch.

UNA: So, that points to the fact that we are really unique because we don't share any bubbles.

THERRY: We don't share anything. Inside the bubble is called Your World of Alpha, and that entire realm has only one resident--you.

UNA: You make it sound that each time I have an interaction, there is a new bubble formed.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: What is this World of Alpha then?

THERRY: All of your bubbles are a moment of The World of Alpha for you. See, the World of Alpha is in Linear Time. It does not know space. There is no space there. There is only Time. Hence, to experience, you have to use the space in the bubble called Common Reality.

UNA: So, the significance of a bubble would just be in essence, that it is holding a moment.

THERRY: Right. It is holding a scenario of a moment of your life.

UNA: So, it has no effect per say. It is just a vehicle or vessel.

THERRY: Right. It is a vessel that holds a moment of your life.

UNA: That brings up the term, Arkashic Records and I know that is all the moments of all the bubbles of everyone who has ever lived and died.

THERRY: Yes, it is one large bubble. It contains the moments of everything that has ever existed.

UNA: So, one huge archives. I can't even imagine that. Is it being held in Deluge?

THERRY: No. We don't try to place it anyplace. It just exists.

UNA: And there are certain entities that can tap into that or read that record?


UNA: You said deeds bind us at this level. But you also were saying, it's not necessarily what you do or fail to do in life, as much as how you feel from having done it or not having done it. So, your intention or feelings count very much at this level?


UNA: That seems to be a discrepancy because if it's the deed, what does it matter about the feeling or intention?

THERRY: Because the deed binds you, but the feeling is what generates your Karma. That is what you are attached to. Remember , we use our emotions. Our emotions give us our mobility. And the emotions are the slate upon which we write our truths. So, let's say, you went to the store and bought an ice cream cone. Well, karmically, it doesn't matter if you went or not because Karma doesn't record that. The tallyman records that, not Karma. What Karma records is, how do you feel about yourself for having gone to the store and buying an ice cream cone?

UNA: I didn't know that. I didn't know it was the feeling or intention that Karma was taking note of.

THERRY: Yeah, the emotions. Now let's say, you weren't supposed to have ice cream cones, but you went and got one anyway. Well, Karma records the feelings that you have about yourself for having done it. And that's what you are going to have to answer to in terms of Karma.

UNA: Well, let me back up here. What is this tallyman stuff?

THERRY: Well, remember in the Arkashic Records, absolutely everything you have ever done is recorded.

UNA: So, getting the ice cream would be recorded.

THERRY: Yeah, but not in the same areas, not in the same values.

UNA: How does that relate to, for instance, if you have a life review? You watch yourself as if in a movie. Are you seeing the events or the feelings or both?

THERRY: You see a combination of both.

UNA: OK. But in the sense of a Judgment Day eventually, will we see the feelings and emotions that we had at that time about an event?

THERRY: Yeah, you will either say, dismiss that, dismiss that, that's unimportant, oops, here's something I have to work on.

UNA: O.K. Well, that seems to me that we have to all work on controlling our emotions. Is that our main aim in this life?

THERRY: Yeah, for most people. Like your thing with Michigan, it's all emotions.

UNA: It's the people there, not the land, right?

THERRY: It's everything that it is connected to.

UNA: It's the past. The big, fat past that I am realizing as of yesterday, is what is holding me and binding me. So, does someone's intentions make a difference? For instance, they meant well, but something got screwed up.

THERRY: Who wrote that the Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions?

UNA: O.K. But how does intention fit into... you mean it doesn't help if you meant well or you did something for the right reasons?

THERRY: Exactly. To do the right things for the wrong reasons is the same thing as doing the wrong things for the right reasons. It is not possible, under general circumstances, to do anything without strong emotions attached to it.

UNA: I am a little confused. The intentions are not karmically looked at?

THERRY: Sure they are. Because there are strong attachments to them. Otherwise, you wouldn't have done it.

UNA: O.K. It is because they are linked with feelings. But I know, sometimes we have to report to you and you'll say, "I don't care what you intended. I do care what actually happened." That's what you are saying. You are trying to get to the root and you are not concerned with the intention.

THERRY: Right. The intent don't mean beans.

UNA: It seems like it should.

THERRY: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. Perfect example is, I'll say, "Don't go up to Jim and say bullshit." So, you will come to me 2 or 3 days later and there's been a big fight and a whole lot of problems and then suddenly you'll say, " But it really started because when we were talking and I said, 'bullshit'. I realized you said I shouldn't say 'bullshit' with Jim, but, see, I wanted ....." The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

UNA: Ahh, with that scenario it looks like a way not to take responsibility, to delegate blame.

THERRY: That's all good intentions are. To relieve yourself of the responsibility of what you know you should not have done.

UNA: Right. That is a good point.

THERRY: See, most people in life already have a hidden agenda. They already know what they want to do. They have decided. So, they use good intentions as an excuse so that they can get away with it. But, of course, it doesn't work.

UNA: This is a really off-the-wall question, but I just never understand it. This little dog, Squirty, she is really attached to me. A lot of people have noticed and commented, too. So, I was wondering, I feel attached to her as well. And she is always waiting for me and when she hears my voice, she will walk in the house and I just wondered what my relationship is with her. Is there something special there?

THERRY: No, not really. Just bonding.

UNA: O.K. It's been pleasant. I've never been really attached to a dog before, but she is good for me.

Is this a true statement? We are actually spiritual beings having a human experience.

THERRY: A physical experience. Remember What if-But? We just set it into the physicalness.

UNA: Uh-huh. Really, the final goal of being here is that we all get off again.

THERRY: We have to learn the laws of our illusions, so we can return to Deluge.

UNA: Does that entail perhaps spending time on other physical realms as well? Like other planets?

THERRY: Whatever is necessary.

UNA: Then I had a question about the word, 'destiny'. Does destiny involve a function? Does it involve a karmic payback? Does it involve a specific duty you are given?

THERRY: Another word for destiny is the opposite of freewill -- Predestiny. Anything that is pre-written that you absolutely must experience is called destiny.

UNA: And this may take lifetimes to accomplish or fulfill?

THERRY: Yes. But there are certain things that you can guarantee that you know about it. For instance, it is not your destiny to become a fried egg!

UNA: (laughter) Yeah, yeah. O.K. Got me there. That has me a little confused. I mean, yesterday you used the word "destiny" as coming to Arkashea. You are heading for your destiny. Is one of my destinies to be here, physically, at Arkashea?


UNA: And within that destiny, there are other destinies?


UNA: Will they be revealed to me somehow?

THERRY: Well, part of... Are you familiar with the Laws of the Moment?

UNA: Sort of. You better refresh my memory.

THERRY: Every single moment of every single day does three things at one time: ratifies the past, cares for the needs of the present and writes the script for the future. That's destiny. The third part is what Predestiny is--you use your freewill by the decisions that you make to create your destiny. And when you have already done so, destiny is the fulfillment of the script that has been written by past events.

UNA: So, you are saying that some have narrow windows. They kind of have to do certain things.

Other people have more rein, more freewill.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: Certain lifetimes you have less?


UNA: I have been sensing lately that I have less.

THERRY: That's because of your stubbornness.

UNA: Oh. Just between being out in the world and being here, I am getting the strong message that I have to be here since I keep going out, keep going out and it's not working out. Things haven't really worked out since I met you way back when. They never really have fallen into place.

THERRY: That's because you keep going where you don't belong.

UNA: So, my destiny can only be fulfilled as part of the Monastery?

THERRY: Yes. It is not the best way to put it, but it's true.

UNA: What is the best way to put it?

THERRY: It is your destiny to be a part of the Monastery. Which is different from the statement you made.

UNA: The way you said it makes it sound more connected or integrated rather than on the outside 'as part of'. Also, you once told me, I just wanted a clarification. You told me that this life for me was a major crossroads as far as breaking some old patterns that I had. Such as these family patterns. Has something to do with marriages.

THERRY: But it is not just you. With every individual, each life is a major opportunity.

UNA: O.K. So, some lifetimes are not more important than others? You always have big lessons to learn?

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: So, it may be one of my destinies is to learn to let go of the past. That seems important in order for me to move forward.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: Seems like something I need to work on at this moment.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: And that I do have to get rid of the feeling that I don't have much use because I am older and I haven't done what I needed to do. I have to get rid of that feeling and just start from where I am.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: And once I talked to you about marriage. That's really not the best form of relationship for me this lifetime.

THERRY: For now.

UNA: For now?

THERRY: You are living way too much in the past to be married now.

UNA: O.K. So, if I establish a stronger self in what I am doing here, will this have any influence on my nieces?

THERRY: No. They have their own road to travel. That's part of what you need to let go of. Your nieces period. You are not the god of their lives. Their lives are not going to be formed, shaped or promised by what you do. You are not that important to them.

UNA: O.K. So, I am using an excessive ego here because I thought I could have a big influence.

THERRY: But you can't. They have their own road to travel.

UNA: Does my destiny involve being the Kitchen Minister now?

THERRY: I don't think we look at destiny in that way. Being Kitchen Minister at the moment is simply a job, a tool that you can use to help you find contentment. To help you find yourself. That way you can see the value in what you do and find the peace within yourself for having done it. And it gives you an opportunity to knock at the door.

UNA: You mean to be at the Monastery?


UNA: One last question about destiny. Does it mean you kind of know what it is as you begin feeling comfortable with something or you feel like you arrived somewhere in some sort of a niche.

THERRY: Well, the better thing is to don't think in terms of destiny. Moment by moment do whatever you have to do according to how you feel. When you look at things in terms of destiny, that's so ominous. You really don't need that in your life. You don't need that ominous, altered judgments in your life. You don't need that. No one needs that. And it is not necessary . It doesn't help.

UNA: Oh, what about the thinking of.... You have a goal in mind. You look to the goal.

THERRY: You have to get rid of that Christian bullshit.

UNA: Alright. I don't need these goals?

THERRY: You don't need it. You live and you fulfill according to what your needs are.

All this bullshit crap, whatever, looking down on you and judging you. That's crap. You don't need that.

UNA: What about the 5-year plan and where will you be in 5 years?

THERRY: Oh, there's a lot of different things you can play with, but none of it matters much. What are you going to do after 5 years in the event you haven't reached what you set out to do? What are you going to do? Are you going to go back and relive the 5 years? Are you going to commit suicide? I mean it's stupid. The whole thing about making that type of arrangement is nothing more than putting you in a box and putting in a corner. There's no need for that. One should be free and live the moment as it comes. Not box yourself off so that you condemn yourself if you don't live up to whatever. You don't need that.

UNA: It is better to have the flexibility and the adaptability and the enjoyment of what you are doing.

THERRY: Exactly. There's no need for you to sit and create a situation that is filled with judgments. You don't need that.

UNA: Yeah, I don't.

UNA: Therry, you said yesterday that one day of the week you should rest. And I was wondering, was that just for the body to rest and reset or was that for the mind? Oh, and you were telling me that it was your whole being that has to reset. There are actually 9 bodies from 9 different levels that have to have rest and the Mind Force runs through all of them.

THERRY: I didn't say that. I said that Mind Force is cognizant of all nine levels. Because there are nine levels to the Earth experience and each level has its own Ka. Even though all levels are connected, there are still nine levels. They are not all physical as we would know physical at this level. Because remember, the physicalness of the Astral Plane of Common Reality is not the same as the physicalness of the emotional body. There are different frequencies.

UNA: But you are saying that within a range of frequencies, the entity Jane makes up from...

THERRY: Not a frequency, a band.

UNA: So, what does it mean about the Mind Force being cognizant? Does that mean there are parallel lives being lived that I can't recognize at this level?

THERRY: Yes. There are things going on on each of the levels that the levels below it and the levels above it are not aware of . Remember the law. You are aware of everything below you and nothing above you. So, there are 8 levels above you that you are not aware of because they are above you.

UNA: Oh, they are. So, this is the lowest level. Can people be aware of those other levels in Astration?

THERRY: That's a moot point. Because from this level, they don't exist.

UNA: So, no one at this level is aware of them?

THERRY: It's a moot point. From this level, they don't exist even though on their respective levels, they do exist.

UNA: How do we know they exist?

THERRY: Well, some of us do know.

UNA: So, you can't really directly influence any of those levels?

THERRY: Yes, you can.

UNA: How is that?

THERRY: Remember the law, that on this level, it is the deed that binds. Everything that comes in, has to come from above.

UNA: So, the deeds we do here are effecting the upper levels and vice versa. There's a two-way communication.

THERRY: Two- way communication. That communication mechanism is called Emotional Interchange Interface.

UNA: Oh, I saw that Lexicon entry. That's the pipeline in between?

THERRY: That's the communication device between all nine levels of the self. Whenever you hear that you are talking to your higher self, you are using the Emotional Interchange Interface.

UNA: Well, what if I say, "My inner voice told me this?'

THERRY: Well, that might not necessarily be true. You could be off in la-la land. But it is possible.

UNA: So, at this level do we offer, let's say, food for thought for the other levels as well even though we are the lowest level?

THERRY: Every level has something to offer the whole. Which leads back to the question, 'Which is the most important link in the chain?'

UNA: I say they are all equal.

THERRY: Exactly. They all contribute in their own way.

UNA: Same with these nine levels then?

THERRY: They are part of the all. Sometimes sparks of wisdom come from those upper levels recognizing something that's happening down here. So, they send down the message. And by the time you receive that message, "Ah, a spark of wisdom. A flash of brightness." Comes from the trickle down.

UNA: I could see that happening much more than I could think that we are offering something to those levels above us.


UNA: Maybe because this level is most mundane.

THERRY: It is true that this level is the most mundane, but it doesn't change the fact that since the wisdom is greater up there, they can observe what's going on down here and from what's going on down here, infer possibilities for the future.

UNA: And as you say that, even possibilities of a certain person, like another one of my Janes could say, "Oh, I didn't realize that!"

THERRY: Right.

UNA: I still have to get a feel for visual or structure here. Are you still saying these nine levels are part of the Earth experience?

THERRY: There are nine levels to the Earth experience. And you reside on each level. So, look on it as a little chain made out of nine links. So, you are divided into nine pieces. You have your own private, little chain.

UNA: And we could also be working with people we know here at these other levels as well. Working things out...

THERRY: That has nothing to do with the conversation. The fact that you may be working with other people doesn't change the fact that you have nine different parts of you. The same way they would have nine different parts of them. And it is possible that there is communication between the two parties and that communication does not have to be on the same level. Like your ninth level could be talking to someone else's third level. And somebody else's seventh level could be talking to your first level. Hence, I hear voices in my head and I don't know where they are coming from--Agh!!

UNA: (laughter) Right. So, that's why I hear around the monastery, they'll say," Oh, that was happening at an upper level." That's what they are talking about?

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: So, I live in such and such a life here at this level? You mean, Jane could be doing a number of things at different levels?

THERRY: Yes. But they all track pretty close, though. They are not that far apart from one another. Just the specifics and the variations are different.

UNA: Oh. Specifics meaning?

THERRY: The placement of the illusion is not the same. Or may not be the same. For instance, there is this bookcase here. It doesn't have to exist at another level. Right now, we are sitting in this room. Up there, we don't have to be. We could be sitting in an open field. So, specifics and variations change but it tracks pretty closely.

UNA: So, I wouldn't be living some sort of life totally different from what I live now.

THERRY: It is not totally different.

UNA: And as far as historically, I always thought I would be living, let's say, 400 years previous to this. Does this happen? Are there different historical periods being lived at the same time?

THERRY: No. That happens when a person suffers schizophrenia. Their nine levels are out-of-sync.

UNA: So, with each lifetime at this level, when I return again, I begin another life with the other eight levels tracking closely?


UNA: You described it as a chain, but is there a hierarchy involved because you said you couldn't see anything above.


UNA: Getting back to the original question when I was asking about resting at this level, are all my nine Caros resting ?

THERRY: Well, look at it from the other point of view. Not so much that you took time to rest, but if you need rest time then you need it on all levels. Some level may need more than others. But the need is there. The benefits of having rested will have its effect on all levels, however different. They will make their presence known.

UNA: Let's say a level needs rest. Does that sometimes translate down here that I felt like I wanted to sleep 12 hours for maybe two weeks. I keep sleeping so long and I don't know why. Is it because maybe another level is needing it?


UNA: So, I am getting the message that it's important that I should honor that feeling. Look to your rhythms.


UNA: O.K. I had a question about, I read this in the What-If-But. The concept was thoughts being trapped in matter. Our thoughts are trapped in matter. I don't understand that. It sounds kind of awful.

THERRY: Well, that's the process of descending into an illusion.

UNA: So, we have to be trapped in order to know that we are really playing the game.

THERRY: Right. And you remember in What-If-But, it said we could leave it and stop it at any time. Where is the trueness of that? The answer, of course, is that we put on veils of forgetfulness so that we don't know that we are trapped in Maya.

UNA: But that kind of nails the coffin, I mean, the matter is created and the thoughts are then... it says our awareness was transferred into the illusion, too.

THERRY: Right. And the veils prevented you from knowing what happened. So then the only thing you became cognizant of was the new awareness of reality. And the reality, of course, was the scenario, the drama that was going on in the dream that was created wherein you invested yourself into matter. Lower level Ka.

UNA: Are there moments in our life when we are not trapped in matter?

THERRY: No, they protected against that, too. You remember the phrase that something, something you won't fall out of the illusion.

UNA: So, that's our Universe.

THERRY: Exactly. So, it took nine steps to get down to here. Which are the nine levels of Maya.

UNA: So, this is the most trapped place to be?

THERRY: Yes, this is the happening place.

UNA: (Laughter) When I see the phrase, thoughts trapped in matter, it sounds so hopeless.

THERRY: Exactly. That is why Earth is such a perfect trap. You cannot escape by yourself. That's why on the door it's 'Abandon all hope ye who enter.' You cannot leave by yourself.

UNA: But even if you have the teachers and the windows of opportunity, all your thoughts are still trapped.

THERRY: Yes, simply because you have a teacher doesn't mean you are going to listen to him. I mean you can just kill him off, so they won't bother you. It has happened before.

UNA: Like Jesus. So, you are saying a student working with a teacher can lift some of the veils to a less trapped state?

THERRY: Correct. Because the teacher can help you understand the laws of your own illusion.

UNA: Then by understanding the laws, you play the games differently where you have more awareness. You know, the What-If-But story, creates a tremendous impact on you. But I couldn't find in the Lexicon where the New Covenant is spoken of.

THERRY: I don't think there is any place that speaks in depth of what the New Covenant is. I think there are splattering here and there.

UNA: O.K. Like in the Discovery, too. I was going to ask you, was the Covenant in existence in the times of the civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis?

THERRY: Yes. The Covenant lies between Deluge and physical Earth. It is not time-based. It is station-based.

UNA: So, since all these civilizations were here on the physical, the Covenant would have been available to them.

THERRY: Right. Many people make the mistake of thinking that since it is named the "new" Covenant, it means it is new in 1980 or 1540, but it's not. It's new only with reference to Deluge vs. Physical matter.

UNA: O.K. And to refresh my memory, the Covenant was created in reaction to, or because of The Descent?

THERRY: Yes. It is the basis of operation from which the Brothers of the Chain draw its power from.

UNA: O.K. That's what I don't understand. The source of it. Was it created by the Brothers of the Chain, people who aren't trapped? Maybe I am looking for some individual who created it. I guess that doesn't exist. Or a force or Love?

THERRY: Well, let's just say a group of individuals who were not trapped looked down upon those who were trapped and out of Love, the Pain of Love, wanted to help them. Well, in order to do this, they didn't just blunder every which way. They had to formulate a real plan. A plan of action that was not contested by anybody. Absolutely all who were involved or became involved would see that as an axiom. Never question, regardless. That was the source. And all the power comes from that. Because they know once descent had begun, many veils, many emotional delusions would get in the way and make the original seem different than what it really was, because the level of observation changes.

UNA: So, the New Covenant stands forevermore. It's a promise, almost.

THERRY: It is a promise. The promise states, "Abandon all hope ye who enter need not be."

UNA: That's very powerful. I like that.

THERRY: But, obviously, it is not for free. You have to do the work to arrive. You have to make the changes within yourself in order to set yourself free from the draw, from the call of the wild.

UNA: Are some people who are not aware of it, don't have the OtherWorld Teacher or whatever, do they sense the hope that something is better somewhere?

THERRY: Yes. Now there's something else there that few people realize. The war between Heaven and Hell resides right there. That's the battlefield. Because there are those who are spiritually- aligned that seek to free man from the trap but there are those who are evil-aligned who don't want that freedom to come. And hence, that is the real battle between Heaven and Hell. Those who serve the circus of Earth want to continue the circus of Earth and they don't want to leave it and they don't want others to leave it either.

UNA: Sure, they want players. So, you could label them evil. Or ones of darkness. Why do they want to stay in the circus?

THERRY: Obviously they are getting the reward that suites them.

UNA: Have all who have been at the physical level been part of the darkness at one time? I mean, some lifetime?

THERRY: You have the bear in mind the definition of what you are speaking of. Darkness here does not equate with evil. It simply means "of the unholy path". Those who are more interested in descending than ascending. The very fact that everybody is here means, of course, they have to have been involved.

UNA: So, we all had to have been involved with the darkness.

THERRY: The thing that makes it confusing is you can be serving the Darkness in one second, but at the exact same, be serving the Light. That's what makes things so confusing.

UNA: What do you mean, in the same scenario?

THERRY: Yeah, from one thought to the next.

UNA: I always figure, if this is accurate, my higher self wants to serve the Light and my lower self may want to do the opposite.

THERRY: No, it would be the same self doing both. While what you are saying is true, but what I am saying is in the same body she/he could feel one way toward one thing and another way toward another thing at the same level at the same time.

UNA: Let's say you're jealous. And you say, "I'm going to cut that person off. I am sick of dealing with that person and I'm jealous." And the other side says, "Why do you want to do that? Try to work this out."

It is sort of this mixed message you get in your head.

THERRY: That's how enabling works. The better way to understand it would be, "This is a world made of pleasure, so you should seek your pleasure any way you wanted to." But yet, at the same time, you can harbor the thoughts of "Hey, wait a minute. Murder is not good. Rape is not allowable. Beating is not good." So, all of these morality thoughts serve the Light. But, at the same time, let's serve the Darkness.

UNA: So, speaking about darkness and the two ways you can look at something....

THERRY: It's called the Twin Path--the Holy Path and the Unholy Path. That's the duality of the Descent.

UNA: That's why it's such a struggle then because you are always caught seeing both sides.

THERRY: Yes. It's not so much that you are seeing both sides, but that you are drawn to both sides.

UNA: So, how does one start moving toward the Light and less toward the Dark?

THERRY: By knowing your choices.

UNA: Does Darkness mean ignorance as well?

THERRY: No. Obviously, there's a debate. Some feel that those who serve the Darkness are ignorant, but that does not need to be true because from the point of view that those who are into the Dark forces, they would say then, "We are not ignorant. We understand what we are doing. We are the wise ones. You guys are the ignorant ones because you are denying yourself all that could be." The reality of it all lies somewhere in between.

UNA: Really? So, you should serve both? There's something to say about both?

THERRY: It depends on the happenings of the moment. All good does evil at some point and all evil does good at some point. They may not intend it, but that is how it happens.

UNA: There's duality again.... The yin-yang ...there's always both. Because you wouldn't have one without the other . So, looking at something that's of the Dark forces shouldn't be a frightening thing, because we have all been there all the time.

THERRY: That all depends on what you have been brought up with. I mean if you listen to a dogma whose design is to scare the shit out of you because they want to control your mind, then you are looking at hell and damage. It is not exactly a pleasant thought.

UNA: For instance, the Catholic Church may want to control people by using those fear games.

THERRY: I am sure they are not the only ones, but they are an example.

UNA: What about when, for instance, our time is so full of consumerism and materialism. Would that be a Dark force in that people are distracted by buying and consuming?

THERRY: I suppose that is one thought.

UNA: You know, have everything you want. The pleasure principle at work.

THERRY: Come on down to Earth and be what you can be. Join the Army.

UNA: I was reading the 'Equalizing Karma' Lexicon entry last night and it said, 'Forces of Love are actually the unity of the species whereas Darkness is the force of Individuality.'


UNA: You said to me the other day, the Monastery is working toward the whole, but we all are individuals. So, there is a time to work on our individuality?

THERRY: There's that duality again. Isn't that what rest is all about? To find your place in the sun.

UNA: This opportunity to talk to you is wonderful, but I have so many questions that are not formulated and there are all these threads that I would like to touch on, but I....

THERRY: That's the diffuseness that comes with being a woman. They see things differently than a man does. A woman is very diffused. It is like a starburst whereas a male is active energy rather than passive energy and it's rather focused.

UNA: So, if some man was sitting here, they would be straight down the line.

THERRY: Right. They would choose one subject and they'd follow it all the way through. Then they would go back and choose another subject and follow it all the way through. They wouldn't allow themselves to be diffused.

UNA: Is one style more helpful than the other?

THERRY: No, both exist.

UNA: Women just have this? That's what I am feeling--a starburst. I could think of 20 issues I could bring up right now. Speaking of that though, is it positive to have a little bit of both in your life?

THERRY: You are going to. Because the male draws itself to the female as it draws itself to the male. And the female draws itself to the male as it draws itself to the female.

UNA: Yeah, you said that the other day. So, this is one way that it plays out--that I would be focused at some points and diffused at others.

THERRY: Correct.

UNA: Arkashea believes, though, that both have their place? Because in a man's world, they'll say, 'You should be more like a man. More focused.. More logical.'

THERRY: I suppose that is one point of view.

UNA: O.K. So, that isn't necessarily true.

THERRY: Well, that depends on the person. I don't think it is right to say that Person X should be focused, but it's O.K. For Person Y to not be. That's not the way to look at it. That's not true individuality.

UNA: Well, should I learn to be more focused?

THERRY: Nobody can answer that but you.

UNA: So, if I see that I am not communicating or I am having trouble with other people, I would try to change the way I communicate, hence, becoming more focused or more diffused.

THERRY: Whatever the moment requires.

UNA: O.K. I have always thought of a judgment on those two terms--that focus was good or better and diffused wasn't.

THERRY: It is not better. It is simply different.

UNA: O.K. That is what I am getting here.

THERRY: What's better is whatever does the job for the moment. Sometimes being scattered is better because when you are formulating a plan, that scatteredness or different points of view that also need consideration are helpful.

UNA: Like a big brainstorming.

THERRY: Exactly.

UNA: So, it is wise to be able to do both because in different situations....

THERRY: Correct. Whatever the needs of the moment requires.

UNA: That's one of my shortcomings, I feel. I would like to be able to synthesize things more and to be able to bring many thoughts together and be able to explain it to myself or to others. I guess this just comes with practice and taking it upon yourself to work on it.


UNA: I think I have more opportunity here because there are more people here to communicate with. I had a question about... These are things I have wondered about for awhile that I had written down about a year ago. I read this quote from a magazine. Just tell me if this is accurate: 'In all existence, how rare to achieve human birth. In human life, how rare to encounter a true master. In having met the master, how rare to recognize and use the opportunity.'

THERRY: That's true. But you have to look at that as an entirety and not break it up. When all three parts are present in the same moment, then it is true. Because in terms of birth, it is not very rare. It exists all the time; that is why our world is overcrowded. In terms of seeking someone with wisdom, that is rare. Very few people can find someone with wisdom simply because they don't even recognize wisdom. They are more into their hidden agendas.

UNA: And once meeting a master, it would be rare to use the opportunity?

THERRY: Yeah. Because usually you run from or disbelieve because your hidden agenda or your past crap gets in the way. You know the statement, "I really try to be spiritual but my religion gets in the way."

UNA: Well, one quick question about being born human. If you are born human in one lifetime, do you tend to be born human for many lifetimes?

THERRY: Yeah, but you can lose it. You can go to Oblivion.

UNA: And what are the reasons for losing it?

THERRY: You stand in the way of humanity. If you so hate humans, then you lose humanity. Blasphemy against the Life Force, against the Mind Force will cause you to lose it.

UNA: Hating humanity being actions against humanity or just thoughts?

THERRY: Thoughts are just actions. They are just actions of a different kind.

UNA: But you say that deeds bind you here.

THERRY: Yeah, but thoughts don't belong here. They are not on this level. Thoughts belong on the mental level. Remember there are nine levels and they all go on at the same time. So, any thoughts we are having down here are not physical. They don't come from the physical world. They are simply expressed in the physical world. But they come from the level of Maya.

UNA: What are all these labels then? Are there other ones? Is there an emotional level?

THERRY: There are nine levels of Earth. Physical, emotional, psychological, mental, astral, alpha, beta , theta and the energy levels.

UNA: Would someone who has been dubbed being "against humanity" such as a leader who has killed millions of people, would they come back as a human?

THERRY: He wouldn't necessarily be against humanity. He could be against a certain strain of humanity. So, he wouldn't necessarily go to Oblivion.

UNA: So, it has to be someone who hates everyone across the board.

THERRY: And hating himself.

UNA: Is that rare?

THERRY: No. At any rate, if you achieve that, it is not by accident. You have to work very hard at it.

UNA: O.K. I had a question. Once a person meets their teacher, for instance I meet you, can that tie, that connection be broken?

THERRY: Of course, there is Free-will.

UNA: So, there is no responsibility on either end for us to see it through?

THERRY: No. It is the student who has to reach out and take.

UNA: If the door closes for one lifetime, can the same relationship be rekindled in another lifetime?

THERRY: Yes, it is up to the individual's Free-will.

UNA: Does that tend to happen that you continue to be with the same teacher over lifetimes?

THERRY: Not necessarily the same teacher, but a teacher. But there's also the other half of it whereas, there is the karmic situation where if you have a habit of denying your teacher, then there will come a time when you may want a teacher, but he won't be allowed you. And in that way, you can see and appreciate the value of that teacher.

UNA: I have a question. You don't have to answer, but do people affect your development?


UNA: O.K. So, you come here and leave the same way in the sense of you're not affected by growing through other's influence. O.K. One of the other students once said to me, 'The teaching of students is not a primary function here. You are actually training students to be teachers.' Is that true?


UNA: O.K. Then I didn't understand what this meant. 'Arkashea is Therry's game. He opened the big door. And it is my responsibility to deal with it from there.' What does that mean? Arkashea is Therry's game?

THERRY: On planet Earth, you must play a game. Arkashea is my game. It is the door to the Universe. And it is for each individual to deal with it as they will.

UNA: O.K. But are you saying that you, Therry, decided this was the structure you would use in order to...

THERRY: Well, if you read higher energy, it tells you how I came to be who I am. I made a partnership in exchange for certain understandings. I could be used as a tool and by the time that agreement came to the level of Earth, that is the game I play. I provide one of those windows called Arkashea. And it is up to the individuals to look through the window or not. It is their Free-will. But it doesn't change the fact that the New Covenant is.

UNA: Yes. That makes sense. I just didn't understand the phrase about Therry's game.

THERRY: People play many different games on Earth. This is mine. If you want to get into "why", then that's a whole plate of spaghetti. Why do people do what they do? I know why I do what I do. But why do you do what you do?

UNA: Oh, for many reasons!

THERRY: And each of those reasons has many reasons and so on and so forth. It's a big can of spaghetti. For me, it is very simple. Because I know exactly what I want: to visit the New Covenant upon planet Earth.

UNA: I am glad to know that. Somehow that is real important for me to hear right now. I don't know why, but it is.

THERRY: From a visual standpoint, let's say, from all over the world, there are little streams where people can come and drink wisdom. And somebody says, "Let's go find out the source of that stream."

So, they trace the source of it and they'll find out that this little, tiny stream will merge with another little, tiny stream and you have a bigger stream. And you keep going because they reach out all over the world, all over different places until you finally come to a big waterfall and you trace that from the very beginning and it keeps getting bigger and bigger because it is the source of all these little, tiny streams that are designed to serve and give a spiritual drink to all those who come until finally you come to this great big cave called Arkashea.