Arkashean Q&A Session -- 093

WENDY: But creation is going back more than just humans...respecting Life Force in all forms.

CLARE: Right.

JORGE: Including tear down forces?

JAY: Even leeches?

CLARE: What do you mean?

WENDY: Everything has its purpose!

JORGE: Leeches...[...]

CLARE: Oh bacteria, yeah.

PETER: You have this thing about leeches?

SUZANNE: "I strive not to defraud the temples from their obligations."

CLARE: No, wait, Suzanne. Wait, wait, wait!

JORGE: 'Cause that's one pretty important as far as attitude goes. If you're not going to repulse any creation that includes all the tear down forces...

PETER: Yeah, that's right.

JAY: Exactly...

JORGE: You know, nothing but a piece of poop.

CLARE: Ewww!

WENDY: I was just talking...

SUZANNE: Yeah, but you have to defend yourself though, is what I was getting at.

WENDY: I was just talking to Andy, the organic farmer, that we cannot...there's no way to get around killing on this Planet, but that we are so far away from having respect for anything we kill, that it's unreal.

PETER: Yeah, I would agree with that.

WENDY: 'Cuz there's no way you can get away with not killing. You have to kill to survive.

JAY: I love you, Mr. Chicken! [Sound of cracking neck or bones]

CLARE: Well, even plants. Plants too.

WENDY: Plants yeah.

JORGE: That's actually one of the things I was wondering about as far as evil versus Maat being seldom changed...if we...'cause we have to kill to survive at this point. However, for me, it feels wrong to kill.

PETER: But for us, it's "murder" not "kill."

JORGE: Currently, right, but for me, it feels wrong to kill.

PAUL: Well, you know what Therry would say? "Tough!"

JORGE: Yeah, I understand that, but what I'm saying as far as the Master Maat perhaps in another place where you do not have to kill to survive, then Master Maat there would be, "Do not kill."

PETER: That's the relativity of another level.

CLARE: Uh-hmmm.

PAUL: So that's the idea. So that's how it could change.

JAY: Yeah but anywhere...but anywhere on this side of reality, you're going to have some form of killing.

PAUL: That's not necessarily true. Maybe it's true, but it's not for sure...

CLARE: How could you survive as a physical being without killing something.

PAUL: Becuz I know when you go to the other levels, some of them, you don't have to even kill.

CLARE: Okay, but here we're saying we do.

JORGE: A plant eats sunlight...

CLARE: Hmmm?

JORGE: A plant eats sunlight.

CLARE: Uh-hmmm.

PETER: Well, that's pretty, kinda...

PAUL: What's wrong with that?

SUZANNE: It absorbs, right...

JAY: They grow higher in the sunlight.

JORGE: Right. That's what I mean...That's how you could not have to kill something in order to survive.

CLARE: Oh okay. Yeah, but man is not a plant. His nature is that of a carnivorous animal. As such, even if he is an herbivore he still has to kill plants. He can't get away from killing. I think we should make a differentiation between killing and murder.

JAY: Yeah, but by that same framework, if all we're doing is changing the energy of a chicken it's still... I mean or anything else, it's not killing it.

PETER: [Laugh.]

SUZANNE: That's a nice way of saying it!

JAY: I mean, just like a plant, we're changing it's energy form. It's not was...

PETER: Yeah, we don't have to destroy anything, we're just changing matter here! [Chuckle]

JAY: It it exists in the...

CLARE: Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck!

PAUL: There's no respect...The way they treat things, there's no respect...

CLARE: Oh, no. Of course.

PETER: That went out awhile ago.

JAY: Yeah, that's true, you're right. Yeah, they treated all the animals with a know...

PAUL: Remember when I wanted to give the chickens to stay as my friend or something like that?

WENDY: I still want chicken!

JAY: I mean, that's supposedly what the Jewish people did with the kosher. They tried to make the killing as painless and as quick as possible and...a whole ritual around it.

SUZANNE: Also the Arabs do it too.

JAY: Yeah, right. They don't eat pork.

SUZANNE: Halal meat.

PAUL: Say, for example, let's say you're on a farm and you're picking cauliflowers, but you got to eat 'em and you happen to be aggravated at your girlfriend or something, so you kick one, instead of picking it.

PETER: [Laugh] You don't kick a cauliflower!

PAUL: And it explodes into 50,000 pieces.

CLARE: ...florets.

PAUL:... and it goes all over the place and nobody can eat it because you destroyed it. That is murder.

CLARE: Uh-hmm.

PAUL: That's the wanton destruction of life...

CLARE: Yeah, it's true.

PAUL: ...but whereas if you pick the cauliflowers because you need it to survive and you eat it, that's not murder.

SUZANNE: Do we get murder Karma?

WENDY: Or a mosquito on your arm and you smash it and it is biting and it hurts.

PAUL: That's not murder.

PETER: That's self-defense...

PAUL: That's not murder.

PETER: That's self-defense.

SUZANNE: So are we responsible?

PAUL: That's within the confines of the struggle for life, that mosquito could've bitten you...Therry told me...

JAY: Yeah, but the thing is, if the mosquito really isn't doing anything bad to you, you could totally find you'd get nothing but a disease.

PAUL: I don't think that's murder. Murder is the wanton destruction of life. If she goes out and kills a mosquito and then starts killing every single one, genocide, that might be murder.

PETER: No, if you're a new soul on earth.

CLARE: What if you spray them?

SUZANNE: Yeah, but I mean...

PETER: If you're a new soul and a mosquito lands on your arm and you want to kill it and you decide to use a knife to do it and you stab your arm, I mean...

JAY: Peter, that's very sad!

PETER: No, no, I'm trying to make a point. There's levels of how to kill something, except one has to learn how appropriate and not appropriate.

JAY: On the other hand, though, would you be better off, to just sit there and say, I know people who do this, actually, a guy at work. He says, "Look, the mosquito is going to take some of my blood, it's not going to injure me or kill me." Let it go. So, he doesn't kill it.

PETER: That's his choice.

SUZANNE: Yeah, but it stings then...

PETER: You're taking a chance...

JAY: You don't care...

JORGE: A good chance.

JAY:...versus killing them versus...

SUZANNE: So we're not supposed to kill mosquitoes?

JAY: No, it's not said that.

CLARE: We just don't want to overkill. We do it the correct way.

JAY: He is just saying why kill something when there's no reason.

WENDY: They're people who don't like rattlesnakes...

CLARE: Right, exactly.

WENDY:... and so they go out in the grass and pick out every single rattlesnake and kill them.

CLARE: Right, right...

SUZANNE: Oh, that's different.

CLARE: Or spiders or something. They're good. There's nothing wrong with spiders.

JAY: Dust mites.

MARLON: I missed a big part of the session but isn't murder just with your own species?


PAUL: Not that I know of.

CLARE: No, uh-mmm.

PAUL: It's the wanton destruction of life.

MARLON: You have to kill something to eat...

JAY: Well, killing isn't murder...

JORGE: It's the intent...

PAUL: If you out to the fields and you take a ear of corn and you smash it into the bushel...

CLARE: You kick it! [Laugh]

PAUL: And you smash it on the concrete becuz you're mad at your girlfriend and you destroyed the corn for no reason, I've been told that's murder...

SUZANNE: Well, better still, these fox hunters in England, they're just going for the fun of it, killing animals just for the fun of it as opposed to doing it becuz they really need to eat.

PAUL: Therry, you know...if the fox hunters go after the foxes or if you smash a piece of corn on the concrete instead of eating it and someone tells you, "Yeah that's murder," is it really murder? I don't know. Somebody told me it was, but the real answer is, well, you have to wait until you know, yes it's murder, not because somebody told you...

CLARE: It's a personal Maat thing again, if it's part of your value system and you're aligned with it.

JAY: Yeah.

PAUL: But you don't know if it really is according to the Universe, you just accept it is for the moment...

WENDY: I tried to get information once from Therry regarding karmic retribution for individuals who go out of their way to do harm to other life forms for the pleasure of causing pain to them. And I thought it was as simple as getting eaten by a shark or mauled by a bear and he told me something that I'd never quite understood that...he said it was two levels up where they're dealing on a life force level that they end up experiencing the pain from the point of view of the animal that they've caused harm to.

JORGE: He gave me an answer similar to that.

WENDY: But I didn't know what that meant too...I thought well, was this in between lives or was this other levels of does this manifest?

PETER: Did he exclude the fact that you wouldn't get this kind of karmic payback on this level, because that doesn't make sense.

WENDY: I got the impression that it doesn't happen on this level, that they will...In order for them to understand the pain that they have caused to any other life form and again, it's their intent.

PETER: Any other life form?

WENDY: You go out and you''re catching or trapping raccoons and the suffering they're going through and you're having...

SUZANNE: ...Fun.

PETER: What about chimpanzees?

JORGE: That's worse.

WENDY: Any of them...all of it, it's horrendous.

PETER: That's what I'm trying to get a delineation what point you're free from experiencing payback from this level. How high up the chain are you free of this? I don't buy that, I don't buy it.

JAY: I still get it.

JORGE: I asked Therry about a question that may shed some strange light on it. I asked him about blowing up ants. When I was a kid we put a fire on an ant hill...

PETER: Doing what?

JAY: Lizzards ...

WENDY: I put salt on slugs...

PETER: Confession is it, right? [Laugh]

JORGE: No, it's not a confession. This is just a fact. I asked him what the karmic payback was for such a thing as...

JAY: 9-11!


JORGE: And I specifically asked was it possible to be reincarnated as an ant and he said "Yes 'cause Karma has no limits."

SUZANNE: Oh shoot!!!

PETER: That's pretty far fetched.

JORGE: I know because I said I thought once a human, always a human...

PETER: Unless they go to oblivion...

JORGE: Right.

JAY: But you're not going to oblivion just for blowing up an ant pile...

PETER: Maybe he's answering you in such a broad sense of the broad question that you asked.

JORGE: I think so.

PETER: Anything's possible.

PAUL: I can see where everything is just a question of what you choose to believe. Almost 99% of it, is what we choose to believe.

CLARE: Yeah, what you choose to hear.

WENDY: A lot of it is you have to have certain experiences for getting your belief system.

CLARE: Yeah, right.

PETER: Well sooner or later you got to find out what is real...but it won't be down here! [Laugh]

SUZANNE: Well how about when you're forced...

WENDY: Those black-eyed virgins ain't going to be waiting for you!

SUZANNE: How about when you're forced to dissect animals in chemistry or biology?

JAY: Seventy-Two of them?

WENDY: They'd have to experience something pretty darn awful...the ones that blow themselves up and everyone around them?

CLARE: To get the virgins...

JAY: And you get seven more virgins? Ow, ow!! Who wants that for seven of them!

PETER: I didn't hear it...

PAUL: That's why you can never...That's why you can never prove anything to anyone else. 'Cuz in the final analysis the only thing...the only thing that you have, if you believe in reincarnation, if you believe in evil, if you believe you're not going to see the black-eyed virgins...all that you have to go on is after thirty years or forty years and twenty lifetimes, what can you do and what do you feel and nobody else can tell you that you can or can't do it or can or can't feel it.

JAY: Yeah, people who don't believe in reincarnation think you're nuts for trying to live a good life. Go have fun, you're dead meat after this, dude!

PETER: Yeah, we could all be wrong. We should be out there maybe having a really good time, possibly!

JAY: Don't go!


PETER: But you know, there are intrinsic things to one's personal soul as to what they feel, you know, is correct and what isn't...

PAUL: ..The path to wisdom is narrower than the narrowest thread of life that lies within the wise man's heart...everything's within and everything else is just a guidepost...

PETER: That had something to do with a camel in the eye of a needle...! [Laugh]

PAUL: It's easier for a rich man...

PETER: It's easier for a camel to go through...

PAUL: It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven.

CLARE: Yeah.

JORGE: Actually...the actual translation is the eye of a needle is the archway in the old city and a camel can't pass through thirty wide inches...

JAY: A camel has thirty wide pieces of yarn that can't pass through a's not a camel, but it's been translated like that, it's a gamul which is a big piece of ..

CLARE: Oh, gamul, I've heard that...

JORGE: There was, there was an archway that was called the eye of the needle that a camel could pass through.

JAY: Ah, okay.

SUZANNE: Two more lines.

PETER: Two more lines. Yeah.

SUZANNE: "I strive not to diminish from the bushel...what does that mean?"

CLARE: It's an agricultural thing. [Laugh]

SUZANNE: Okay. "I strive not to defraud the temples of their obligations, what is that?"

JAY: Go back to the first one.

CLARE: "Diminish from the bushel..."