Arkashean Q&A Session -- 095


LEWIS: When we go to sleep with the body of the awareness and how it changes and all the states that you've been to...

BLAKE: And? You want to add some more? [Laugh]

LEWIS: No. I've heard some things there in that book there that talks about lucid dreaming about the REM state but I'm not sure how accurate it is.

BLAKE: Well, I'm not exactly sure what you've read so I can't really comment on how accurate it is. But I mean there is...there is truth to the notion that when you're in REM sleep, you're dreaming. That's pretty much a documented fact. You go into an Alfa state, Beta state, Theta states etc. when we sleep, so I don't know what specifically you read regarding REM states...

GAVIN: Did you ever read lucid dreaming?


GAVIN: Yeah.

BLAKE: Uhhh, I don't recall. I might, I might've...

GAVIN: That's the book he's referring to...they pretty much got the science down of what's happening to the physical body. It's seems to be pretty accepted as accurate, but how do I know what specifically.

LEWIS: What happens when you're dreaming?

BLAKE: When you're dreaming or when you're in your REM state?

LEWIS: Both. When you start dreaming or when you start falling asleep.

BLAKE: Well, your awareness resides in your different bodies. So we're talking about the Beta body here as opposed to your physical body, so your awareness to your Alfa body relates to what's going on in your Beta body, so you know there's an emotional interchange interface going on between both bodies and your awareness is kinda surprised as to what's really going on. But let's start a lower level, what's going on right now that you're aware? Can you describe why or how you are aware right now? Kinda difficult to put words or get your arms around, why you're aware or even how we are aware. And so it's kinda the same thing when you're asking what happens to your awareness when you go to sleep. Do we know it's there? We don't have any methods that I know of where we can trace back through our eternity or through the past, of where the awareness stems from and where the root is, but we're aware.

LEWIS: Let me ask a different question. What happens between the time we fall asleep and the time we start dreaming?

BLAKE: What happens between the time? You are slowly shutting down your physical body to allow a certain frequency state to allow your awareness to, as it were, to be more cognizant of your Beta body. So there's a transition between that and the Alfa body being aware and the Beta body being aware. So I guess I'm answering you in terms of the process that's continually going on between the first state and the second state. And a lot of times you are in a swoon where you don't have any awareness per se, because of the lack of development a person has to deal with the transition between awareness here and awareness there.

LEWIS: So some people can go from one to the other without losing consciousness?

BLAKE: Yes...Well, when you say lose consciousness, what do you mean?

LEWIS: Well, to be without...they still have blank awareness.

BLAKE: That is correct. I'm not one of those people who can do that to that degree but I believe Therry is...he can shut his eyes and go from that state to another state without needing to fall asleep in some form or fashion.

GAVIN: People often refer to it...I think there's a hypnogic state.

BLAKE: A what?

GAVIN: Hypnogic state, is that it? And another hypno something state and it's really, what it is that you're kinda aware of that kinda in-between transition and it's almost like, people say you can see through your eye-lids, that Scott was talking about awhile ago. Different things happen. You'll be in your room, you feel like you're in your physical, but there's a pig sitting on your bed. Things that's a blend between the two realities that or there's a bleed over, so a lot of people go through that state as they're transitioning.

ADRI: One time I was in the dorm, I saw something that wasn't supposed to be there. And I was like looking at it and I was like I knew that that was not. But that it just went foop! But I guess I fell asleep or something. But I did see the dorm and I saw one thing that I knew it wasn't supposed to be there.

GAVIN: One of the things in lucid dreaming that's kind of interesting. They talk about that in between state, when you go to sleep and before you hit REM in a dream and they explain that as what most people call out-of-body experiences or astration. They don't actually believe you leave your body. What they're saying happens is before you hit REM and by definition, by that point you know you're in a dream or when you become lucid, you know you're dreaming. When you're here, you know you're awake, supposedly. In between normally there's that darkness or that swoon period, but if you happen to be conscious or aware of what's happening, a lot of people have the disconnect of their physical body already. So the things they expect like movement and everything is not allowed to take place, but they had their awareness so they say they're out of their body because they can't control their body, but they have this awareness that's outside. They just say that you're on your way to dream state and whatever. I don't buy that, but you know, it does explain a little bit of what's happening in that in-between state. Either you're unaware or you become aware of things and think you're having experiences.

BLAKE: When you ask what's happening to your awareness, what we're basically talking about frequency shifting and your awareness moves along that band of frequencies. Without getting into describing what the awareness is, what's happening is if you put a ribbon through a needle, for instance, a multi-colored ribbon, let's say, which represents bands of frequencies from this level all the way to the other, it gets squeezed through this eye of the needle and the eye of a needle where it all comes together is your awareness wherever you're at and you can move that needle up and down this multi-band frequency thing as it were and effectively that's what's happening when you move from one reality to another, you're moving your awareness along that frequency band.

GAVIN: Have you ever encountered in a dream or something, a barrier that you couldn't see or feel, but you couldn't get through it?

LEWIS: Uh-hmmm. Not really...sort of, but...

GAVIN: How about a fear situation? Oh sorry...

TWIX: Yeah.

LEWIS: I've heard a lot of people talk about that.

GAVIN: What about a fear situation where it's horrible, there's this mean, nasty thing that's going to kill you but you shift your attitude or your frequency and all of a sudden, it's no longer a fearful situation?

LEWIS: Not that way.

GAVIN: Well that like the transition of changing your frequency in the dream to become aware in the next dream level and just kinda matching the frequencies.

LEWIS: I had heard that there was a part of the process when you fall asleep that is very similar to the process when you're dying.

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm. You effectively are going through a process of dying each night when you fall asleep.

LEWIS: What point of ....of...

BLAKE: If you want to use it in that kind of, you know, simile...not so much, but metaphor.

LEWIS: What part is that? When does that happen? When you're falling asleep?

BLAKE: No well, the whole process.

DUNCAN: Yeah, the whole thing.

ADRI: Well, so then when you die, it's like you just stay dreaming?

BLAKE: No, since I haven't really experienced dying yet, I can't give you an exact idea.

ADRI: Oh, but couldn't it be like that, like you fall asleep and your body's there, but...

BLAKE: It's effectively the same thing as when you fall asleep slowly, except there's more things going on this time.

DUNCAN: When you're dreaming...when you're awake it's like you're a t.v. set that's turned on and then when you dream you're a t.v. set that's turned off, but it's still plugged in.

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm. That's cuz...

DUNCAN: Then when you die, the t.v. is unplugged...You smash the t.v. straight to the graveyard! But the t.v. screen is still out there somewhere.


ADRI: Uh-hmmm.

TWIX: Actually, that's like...isn't that like Jacob's Ladder, what he's saying? Because Jacob's Ladder, the guy thought he was dreaming, right? But he was really dead, right?

BLAKE: No, he wasn't.

TWIX: His body was alive, okay, but it was really...

BLAKE: I mean you think you're alive too when you're dreaming

TWIX: Okay.

BLAKE: ...even though you don't remember.

GAVIN: You think you're alive now!

BLAKE: [Laughter]

DUNCAN: So if I had a dream, let's say I start dreaming and I go up three levels and I say, "Hmmm, this is a dream" and I know my name and I'm married and I have two kids and I go to work and suddenly I wake up and I'm back in this reality and I say, "Wow, that was unbelievable!" What happened to that person who's on that other level, if my awareness gets pulled back to this level, does he still go and live his whole life and everything?


DUNCAN: What awareness powers it? The awareness is back on this level. What awareness is it that powers that life?

BLAKE: The awareness...the awareness that resides in his bigger body and higher.

DUNCAN: So when I go there and take over that body, that means he's sleeping?

BLAKE: Whoa,'re not taking over necessarily, you're sharing, most of the time.

ADRI: It's like the Thirteenth Floor, the movie.

BLAKE: I don't recall what you're referring to exactly.

DUNCAN: I got a jack into the body, that's what happened on the Thirteenth Floor. What happens to the awareness that's ordinarily there?

BLAKE: It works in tandem. There's a couple different conditions that can happen. They could work in tandem. It could reside itself for the purposes of allowing a laboratory training for the lower awareness to experience or they can completely dominate the awareness while you're sharing in the same body and you get bits and pieces of what might be happening, while it, the higher awareness, is doing whatever it's doing for whatever reason. So there's several different conditions that can happen.

SCOTT: Is the higher awareness necessarily aware of the lower awareness coming in?

BLAKE: Always, yes.

LEWIS: Can you really speak of higher and lower in a sense? Or are they all just sorta different?

BLAKE: Well both...

DUNCAN: They're higher or lower but only as it relates to an arbitrary thing.

BLAKE: We have to ...

GAVIN: Their awareness level might be greater in both...

DUNCAN: Yes in my opinion.

BLAKE: And when you become more aware or lucid in your dreams, what's happening, as I described earlier about that ribbon thin needle, you're making that...that whole in there , you're making it a little bit bigger, so that you're touching and accessing more of the frequency band, hence your awareness is bigger.

TWIX: What is uhm, you know when...if you have multi-level dreams where you drop down a level and you realize that you were asleep then you go down? What is that? Is that part of lucid dreaming?

BLAKE: No, that's part of dying on another levels.

TWIX: Oh! It's dying on other levels?


TWIX: But, but...Okay.

BLAKE: But again it's not really dying, it's a transition from one level to another, just like your transition from here upward, there's obviously transitions from upward downward.

TWIX: Really, but so what does...I mean so why does it make a difference though?

BLAKE: You mean, why does what make a difference?

TWIX: I mean uhm...

GAVIN: It's just like a department store. Sometimes you want to go the second floor, see what they've got, third floor, see what's going on there, fourth floor, what's going on there...

TWIX: Instead of going straight down?

GAVIN: Most of the time you go straight down or you're not aware that you're going through, but sometimes you're more aware than...

TWIX: So every night when we go to sleep, we are going to different levels to come back down?

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm. For the most part, yes.

TWIX: And sometimes we'd be aware of different levels and other times we're not?

BLAKE: Correct.

GAVIN: Just like a stairwell, sometimes you go down each level of stairs and sometimes you drop down that hallway in between them and you come back real fast.

BLAKE: Or sometimes you stop at particular floors and take a look around. You go shopping, for wisdom, for experience, for Karma, who knows for what, for lots of different purposes.

TWIX: Okay.

LEWIS: So do you leave your body every night too? Do we all leave our bodies every night?


LEWIS: We're just not aware of it?


GAVIN: The thing that really is the kicker, I mean, just like you're in a dream, most of the time you're not thinking about the physical here. When you actually go a little bit deeper where you become fully aware on that level, you'll look back at this level, as if you just woke up from a dream. This will be as much a dream as anything you've ever dreamt. I mean, it's not real, it''re aware of it. You say, "Oh, my God, it was just Mario a drummer on this level, pretty freaky!"

LEWIS: You may be right!

NORA: That's funny!


GAVIN: Especially when you're in a chair.

LEWIS: [Laugh]

BLAKE: Yeah, your awareness is a tricky thing to put your finger on, exactly what that is. I ...I don't think I could give you a full, encompassing, all-knowing definition of what awareness is.

LEWIS: So if we all get out of our bodies every night, the difference between astrating and getting out of the body is just being aware of getting out of the body?