Arkashean Q&A Session -- 096

BLAKE: No. can astrate...we do astrate and you're not aware or you can astrate and be aware. So both conditions exist, it's just a matter of how many different points of frequencies can you connect to have your awareness as such that you're aware of what's happening. It's just like your brain, you're using 3% of your brain, your neurons and dendrites and this and that are connected just so much. But if you made some more connections you could be a little bit more aware of what's happening and what's going on and have different...and more importantly have different thoughts as a result, which would be very different than what thoughts you're having now with just 3%.

LEWIS: And listen to folk music?

BLAKE: Excellent thought, huh?

LAUREN: 3% is swimming!

BLAKE: [Laugh] Yes!

TWIX: Is astrating the same thing as out-of-body?

BLAKE: Basically, yes.

TWIX: Okay, yes.

ADRI: So how do we get more connections?

BLAKE: How do you what?

ADRI: More connections between our neurons?

BLAKE: Experience, time, patience.

LAUREN: Folk music!


BLAKE: Determination.

LAUREN: Gavin's got folk music!


GAVIN: Don't use my name on tape!


TWIX: You're a very good person and you listen to Buffy.

MATT: Oh, I'm sorry...

BUFFY: Which is the technique that Therry used when he took his whole body with him?

BLAKE: Transportation.

BUFFY: Transportation, okay.

TWIX: Transportation?

BLAKE: That's also solidification too.

BUFFY: That's the word he used.

TWIX: I thought it was

GAVIN: That's a bit more.

MAUREEN: Being two places at the same time.

MATT: That's dual awareness.

TWIX: I thought transmutating was only when you go to oblivion or something like that?

BLAKE: No, you can transmute upwards.

DUNCAN: That's transmigration.

TWIX: Oh transmigrate, okay.

GAVIN: Not a lot of people transmutate.

TWIX: Sorry, what's the difference between transmutating and bi-locating?

BLAKE: Transmutating and bi-locating? Well, transmutation is more like folding space and going from one place to another without moving through space that's why...have you ever gone to see Therry and he was not there? So you'd go out the door and go back in and he's there? That's an example of transmutation.

TWIX: Yeah.

BLAKE: And bi-location...well, it's taking your body with you and basically staying there. It's like a one-way trip. Bi-location is solidification on the same level, but you're not going anywhere, you're effectively solidifying your frequency somewhere else on the same level, but you're not really traveling somewhere per se.

TWIX: So...

BLAKE: Now transmutation from one level to the next it's like dying. You're moving from this level permanently to the next level.

LEWIS: That's like when Jesus was dying.

BLAKE: Yeah, right.

GAVIN: Using Duncan's t.v. example, you'll be getting Channel 4 and Channel 7 both coming into the t.v. at the same time and there's no bleed-over between the two. They're two totally distinct channels and yet you're fully aware of both of them as they're unfolding. I mean total awareness of each with no confusion, no anything.

TWIX: That's...?

GAVIN: That'd be bi-location

TWIX: Oh, bi-location, okay.

GAVIN: ...where you're actually two different places or seemingly in two different places.

TWIX: So which one is higher?

BLAKE: Well, it's not a case of higher.

GAVIN: The third!

BLAKE: It's a case of ...

BUFFY: It depends on what purpose you're gonna...what's your purpose?

BLAKE: It's just different, not necessarily this case, it's not a higher or lower thing.

TWIX: So would the transmutating person know how to bi-locate? I mean...

BLAKE: Not necessarily.

TWIX: Not necessarily, hmmm.

GAVIN: It's true, there's not a lot of transmutating people on this level, I mean they're not...

DUNCAN: Bi-locating you're going to see.

BUFFY: There's a law.

MAUREEN: Yeah, I think there's a lot of people that bi-locate.

DUNCAN: Well, we don't know...

BUFFY: 'Cause...because Therry says, bi-location you follow the laws of communication. So our chances are much higher at bi-locating than anything else.

MAUREEN: See Duncan you can practice and then bi-locate.

BUFFY: I bi-located once. Debbie and Blake saw it, remember me, I was here and I was not really here!

BLAKE: I wrote something on bi-location on different levels and transmutation. I'd have to dig it out regarding the different conditions that we go when you're on different levels. In other words, you could have two bodies with one mind, one mind with two bodies. Like, for instance and one being dominant, with the other being recessive and there's lots of different combinations of that. We were talking about this earlier. I'll have to dig this up. I remember writing something about that a long time ago.

MATT: If you had one mind with two bodies, could your two bodies meet? Or is there anything that keeps us from meeting?

BLAKE: It depends on if they're on the same level or different levels.

MATT: If they're both on the same level.

BLAKE: If they're on the same level, can they meet? Uh-hmmm...One mind, two bodies?

MATT: One mind, two bodies.

BLAKE: I believe so.

TWIX: But isn't that what...

BLAKE: There's no limit to it.

GAVIN: I know you can do it on other levels.

BLAKE: Not on this level, but on...

MATT: Because on this level, there's a barrier that prohibits that.

TWIX: I thought that's what happens when you have the Grand Awakening?

BLAKE: 'Cause what can't produce two physical bodies, we're talking about solidification, which is a reflection of your existing body, but it's not a real true body.

MATT: Right.

BLAKE: So if they meet, there's no bi-location effectively anymore, they just come back together or you bring back your reflection or projection. It's actually a projection.

MATT: Okay, a projection other people can see?

BLAKE: Yeah.

MATT: So, similar to that, if you had to reincarnate to this time period, is there a barrier preventing you from meeting yourself?

BLAKE: If you could reincarnate...

MATT: Into this time period, let's say you had to come back to Homestead at this time period...

BLAKE: Am I dead first?

MATT: Yeah, you died, but you have to come back at this point before you died ...

BLAKE: Before I died...

MATT: To work out some karma, is there a barrier that keeps you from meeting yourself then?

BLAKE: I've had lots of different discussions with Therry about this and they all seem to be a little variable every time I talk to him. So I can't...I can't say for sure, except the last time we had this conversation, he said, "No, you can't do that." If you do that, then effectively you have a kind of anti-matter/matter situation and you both go off into oblivion and then you find a huge explosion.


BLAKE: Seriously!

MATT: Advanced terrorism for the metaphysical!


TWIX: But how can you prevent the other person...the other you from meeting you?

MATT: The affinity factor probably takes care of that, right?

BLAKE: Well, yeah, well, first of all, if someone had that ability, they'd be pretty far advanced and they'd know some of the laws concerning these kinds of things and they wouldn't try to attempt it.

TWIX: Well, maybe they wouldn't know though.

BLAKE: I'm saying they would, if they had the ability to do that.


GAVIN: You don't stumble upon something like that.

TWIX: But I mean, the way he was describing it was like you come back because you have to work out the karma.

BLAKE: But he's setting up scenarios sometimes that are not realistic.

TWIX: Oh. But wasn't there a movie, the Philadelphia something? Did that happen? Was that part of that scenario? I can't remember now. But I remember hearing that with Therry's...I think the session was around that time when we were discussing that movie.

BLAKE: No, that's a little different...

TWIX: It's a different movie?

BLAKE: No, it's a little different scenario.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

MATT: That was a paradox of a time travel, right?

BLAKE: Yeah. And uhmm...

TWIX: But didn't he still go back to the time that he was in.

BLAKE: First of all, he went forward in time, not back.

TWIX: Oh, he went forward in time.

BLAKE: And he was still in his own time-line.

TWIX: Yeah.

BLAKE: He hadn't changed anything.

TWIX: But he could've met himself?

BLAKE: He could've met himself? Uhhh...

TWIX: He could've met himself if he'd lived. I don't remember if he'd died or not. I don't remember if he died.

BLAKE: I don't think he...well, maybe he could. I don't know. He didn't meet...He didn't meet himself in the movie. He met was his friend who uhhh...You're making a linkage here that's not right 'cuz his friend was the one that got sent back to the past and lived a whole life. He didn't, he became a future person in that life then he jumped...he jumped thirty or forty years in the future, so he wasn't going to meet himself. He was himself.

TWIX: Oh, I see.

BLAKE: A little complicated.

TWIX: Okay.

LEWIS: I have...I always have sort of a little confusion between astration and projection.

BLAKE: Okay.

LEWIS: I've heard information before but projection always seems to be a little confusing.

BLAKE: Projection is like going to a movie theater and you're watching a movie, instead of watching someone else's movie, you're watching your own movie. You are putting your,'re looking into another level of your own making without actually going there. It's like looking into a window if you would.

LEWIS: It's very safe?

BLAKE: Yes, it's very safe. Well, not really. It can still affect you tremendously and have repercussions, but it's not like walking through a door to another level and actually being there.

LEWIS: But you can through a projection step into reality...

BLAKE: Yes. As a matter of fact it can be easier to be in a projected state and then astrate, than it is to just astrate.

TWIX: Yeah, but I thought you said in some other time or someone said that a window's different than a door? And a window you can just look at, but you can't go through?

BLAKE: Right, but that doesn't mean...that doesn't exclude the fact that while you're looking through a window you can't, in your own illusionary state, make it into a door.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

LEWIS: So the difference is the point of view. One point of view, you're looking at a screen and the other one you are in the screen.

BLAKE: You're in the screen, yes.

PIPPA: You're playing the role.

BLAKE: You're in the movie.

MAUREEN: You're a star!

BLAKE: You're the star!

BUFFY: Trying for an Oscar!

BLAKE: In one you're an audience, the other you're an actor. So that's the difference. That's the difference. There's also a state're going to project a state where you are actually looking through a window and it has nothing to do with your particular life...let's say, your life continuum, as opposed to your projecting it being part of your life continuum.

TWIX: It could be a window to another life, you said?

BLAKE: Yeah, it could be looking into another dimension and another level and it has nothing really to do with you per se. Just as if you were at a theater and watching a play and you're in the audience and you're watching the play and it has nothing to do with you really, but you're viewing it. But then there's the other part of, you know, the other part of the ability to jump up on stage and become the actor too. So you could affect things by making a window into a door and having adverse implications or positive implications. Who knows, for what reason, for why, or for what purpose, but it could go either way, you never know. And typically, most people don't have the development to know, how things are going to turn out when they try things on other levels like that. So because of that, most people don't have the opportunity to try because the Universe doesn't allow it, until someone can somewhat handle what's going on.

DUNCAN: So the Universe actually doesn't allow it? There's actually a force out there that says, "You're not going to be able to do this because you're not ready."

BLAKE: Yes, but what is that force? It emanates from you.

PIPPA: What do you mean? You set your own limitations?

BLAKE: Well, let's say, you're the Master of your own future, but there are other entities in the Universe that can disallow and allow things to happen. Just like on this level, they are entities all around the world that can disallow or allow certain things and experiences to happen to you. Same thing, repeated patterns on the upper levels as well.

ADRI: I think that...

BLAKE: And you can attempt to do things you're not supposed to, but you'll get repercussions as a result, typically because they're barriers there that the Universe puts there to law. If you're...and it all ties back to your Karmic Chord. If your Karmic Chord is not resonating at the right frequency for something to happen, then you're prevented from going through that experience. And most, probably all evolved entities in the Hierarchy of the Universe is not going to, you know, change that for you, even though they may have the ability to do so. The non-interference directive is a very true directive in the Universe.

MATT: It's kinda like having an acoustic guitar come out of a monitor and having a base behind you that floods out of the monitor and you can't hear the acoustic guitar. The frequency will just overpass.

BLAKE: Okay.


TWIX: Aren't there...aren't there some like crazy people that've gone where they shouldn't have gone? [Laugh]

BLAKE: I guess.

TWIX: So how come they're allowed to go and have that, you know...

BLAKE: 'Cause you could say it was there Karma.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

BLAKE: That's a cop-out answer, but I don't have any other real answer for give you of why they were...

TWIX: Okay.

BLAKE: know, going through that experience...I mean, you know, kinda lay out your own future in this way. I mean people who take drugs to experience alter-realities, they're not supposed to be there yet, but they do things to accomplish it anyway and they get the results. I mean, it's a combination of a lot of different things.