Arkashean Q&A Session -- 097

TWIX: Okay.

BLAKE: You can't just say that the Universe will or not allow it.

TWIX: Okay. BLAKE: I mean you are...designing your own future by the things that you do.

LENA: I really don't understand why like...because I'm afraid of a lot of things, I know that they're not going to happen 'cause I'm afraid of them. And that's how I'm limiting myself like to do things even though they're really nice and cool and I would like to do it. And inside me I know that I am afraid and find myself being afraid I'm limiting myself to do them.

BLAKE: That's correct. That could be a good thing and it could's a double-edged sword, it could be a not so good thing, depends on what we're really talking about and how much afraidness you're really dealing with. Because it's one thing to be afraid and still kind of approach things and you know, put your foot in the water, your toe in the water and another thing to run away from. So there's degrees of being afraid. One is an appropriate degree and the other is a dysfunctional type of degree.

TWIX: One could be like when you're going on a roller coaster and you're really scared and you totally love it....Whoooo!


PIPPA: I just finished reading a book about a sorcerer but they were talking about intent, you know. They were sorta stressing how important it was to have intent in your life.


PIPPA: Is it far as Arkashea believes, is that important?

BLAKE: Extremely.

PIPPA: To verbalize it to yourself or to live a certain way or to live a certain way?

BLAKE: Well, I'm not sure what you're referring to, on what level, but on other levels's already there. The intent is self-evident. You don't have to be conscious of your intent.

PIPPA: Let's say you want to...

BLAKE: The intent is already known and if your intent is not correct, you more than likely won't get to where you need to go or where you want to go. Intent is very important. It's more important than...than geez, than almost anything. Intent is really the key to where you and when you can go places.

LEWIS: Is intent the same as purpose?

BLAKE: Uh-hmm. No, not exactly becuz you can have a purpose that you want to uhhh, to do good for all humankind. Right, there's your purpose, but your intent is to get there a certain way, which may not...may be inappropriate.

GENE: So intent is like a process?

BLAKE: I'm talking about an attitude actually, not a process.

GENE: You said the way you get there. That sounds like a process.

BLAKE: Well, the way you intend to get there, that's true, there is a process but it's the attitude behind the intent and the process that's important.

GENE: Is it a state of mind, then?

BLAKE: It's a state of mind which encompasses an attitude.

MATT: It's focusing the will power with all necessary aspects in unison, right? Having emotions, having your attitude, having your language and everything, except it's kinda like a spell where you, where everything's in focus.

BLAKE: They all have to be in sync, correct for certain doors to be open, yes, if I understand your question.

MATT: Yeah.

BLAKE: Well, it has to come together just right, because you have to remember wherever you go in the Universe you can't get there unless your Karmic Chord is resonating at a certain...a certain frequency band and all your karmic past feeds into your Karmic Chord which feeds into your Blood Mendella which prevents you from doing things that you shouldn't be doing or certain things that you want to do and you can't do because your karma needs to equalized and your frequency needs to resonate in a different order or a different octave, if you will. So...

GENE: These uhh, these frequencies that you're describing, resonating at different time intervals...that's done during the sleep state in a lot of cases?

BLAKE: It's done 24 hours a day. It affects everything that you do 24 hours a day, every minute thought, behavior.

GENE: But the context that you're in right now, is it uh astrating or lucid dreaming?

BLAKE: Not necessarily.

PIPPA: A lot of times it's in spiritual practice like intent.

BLAKE: Okay.

PIPPA: To achieve more lucid-dreaming or astration.

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm.

GENE: If you're trying to understand some discussions of these. If you're trying to improve your awareness, if you're trying to on many different levels practice lucid dreaming...

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm.

GENE: You're giving your body a resonancy for it to have that frequency. It's a skill to practice that.

BLAKE: Yes, but that skill of practice cannot be accomplished unless you have all these other things correct as well, your mental state, your attitude, your emotional state, it all has to tie together, as well as the physical state because it's not just one thing that resonates, it's everything. It's all levels of your aura. It's all levels of your physical being and your... and your brain and it's everything, it's all linked together.

GENE: Uh-hmmm.

BLAKE: And to have one thread working properly and two not, out of sync, won't allow the door to open.

GENE: Let me phrase my question this way, if for example, let's say...could someone who's a stockbroker in Manhattan who leads a very hectic life, could that person have uhhh lucid dreams?


GENE: So that's possible?


GENE: It's doesn't have to be somebody who is, let's say, meditating, who's being spiritual 24 hours a day, as compared to someone who's also going through stress and through all sorts of different experiences, but yet has trained their body and their mind to be able to still have those experiences, that is possible?

BLAKE: Yes, that is correct. Yep.

TWIX: you have to be a good person to lucid dream?



TWIX: So you could be kinda...

DUNCAN: I take issue with that term. I take issue with a couple of things that you're saying.

BLAKE: Well, she's using the term "good person."

LAUREN: Yeah, "good," what is good?

TWIX: Well no, because I always think of it as being spiritually advanced to be able to achieve that stuff.

LENA: No, I've done it.

BLAKE: [Laugh]

TWIX: And so I'm just wondering like someone like Hitler or someone like that, could he have been...someone who did something really bad like kill people...

BLAKE: Hitler can have a lucid dream still.

TWIX: Really?

BLAKE: The most evil person can have a lucid dream still.

TWIX: Okay, so it's not necessarily...

BLAKE: It's not limited to quote "a good person." It's limited to the purpose at hand and the person's karma.

TWIX: Oh okay.

DUNCAN: I had a long talk with Therry on this.

BLAKE: What'd he say? He said Hitler could not have a lucid dream?

DUNCAN: No, but he categorically denied that you can learn how to astrate if you uhh quote were studying the dark side.

BLAKE: We're not talking about astrating, we're talking about lucid dreaming, that's different.

DUNCAN: But I don't know, you cannot learn how to astrate if you're not...

GENE: Well, let's take it, let's take it...

BLAKE: Absolutely because of my whole discussion earlier was based on your Karmic Chord needs to resonate correctly. In order to do that, you have to have a lot have your Karma in its proper place to be able to do that.

MAUREEN: Intent.

GENE: Okay, so let's say, the discussion's specific and I change the question to astrate.

BLAKE: Okay. You have any...

GENE: I go back to my example. The stockbroker is ....

TWIX: Wait, can you repeat your question so we can....after they quieten down?

GENE: Is it possible for somebody who's got a very hectic stressful, type of lifestyle, say a stockbroker...

PIPPA: Let's say a nice professional.

BLAKE: [Laugh]

GENE: Is it possible for that kind of person to astrate?

BLAKE: I would say, yes, giving all things being equal. But you know, you're talking about a person whose priorities are, you know, skewed in one direction and typically, they're not going to have the time, nor the inclination or the desire to want to practice these kinds of things to be able to do it.

DUNCAN: See, that's another thing. Are you talking about somebody who already has the abilities and just wants to sit down and use it? Or are you talking about somebody that wants to cultivate the ability, 'cuz there's a difference.

GENE: Yeah, let's say it's somebody that's trying to develop the ability.

DUNCAN: Then you would...I would say, that at the moment if you're trying to develop the ability...

GENE: I mean I'm using myself as an example, it's not generalized.

DUNCAN: I know, then that person cannot astrate becuz, not because they're in that key profession but because they haven't cultivated the idea or ability yet.

LAUREN: Also it's all about what the purpose is, for instance...

DUNCAN: So that's the bond, not the profession....

LAUREN: A person could be highly...

BLAKE: One at a time, one at a time. E'ebare wasn't just talking about the profession, he's talking about a stressful experience, a person who's stressed out in life and doing all the mundane things, not necessarily an I.T. professional. It wasn't linked to that, I'm sure, right?

GENE: No, no, this is an example. But let's say, following that, I'm sure that there are people that have certain kinds of doesn't have to be a professional per se. It could be a blue collar worker, I mean a person who works, because they have to...because they have to work, they have no choice. Yet they are interested in having that experience or being...or having that skill. So, but what I'm hearing is that in order to achieve that skill, there's a commitment of practice, it's not just going to drop on you, you gotta develop the ability.

BLAKE: That's correct and your mindset has to be...there are other things that feed into that, as I mentioned earlier, one's emotional, their ability to control it, their mental state in general, their behavior in general. I mean are they an angry person all the time? Are they mean to people, do they care about people? There's a lot of other things that feed into their ability to even succeed, even when they attempt to practice. So it's not just a black and white thing, there's a variety of things they have to correct, but all things being equal, yes, my opinion, and I believe this is correct, they could be able to astrate sooner or later given the circumstances being right...actually being right and all these other things that we've been talking about, you know, put in the proper perspective and in place.

LAUREN: I remember him saying that from numerous talks with Therry, that an individual could have a lifetime where they are highly developed in the psychic arts as it were and maybe spend a lifetime in a monastery. And then for whatever their karmic development is, they have to be a sheep herder in Tibet and raise 8 children and their energy is going to be put very much in the mundane activities of that lifetime and some of the psychic development is going to be put on hold, so to speak, for them to deal with the karma of that life, for that time.

BLAKE: Uh-hmmm.

LAUREN: But they haven't dropped, so to speak, I mean they haven't...they could be moving along as far as gaining more spiritual development.

BLAKE: They're on a side trip for the moment. Yes.

LAUREN: And that could happen to people all around us.

BLAKE: Most people are in that state, or on that path, are on side trips, this is true.

MATT: The question about what Skie said about this conversation with Therry, where a person could not develop the ability to astrate. I've heard tales, these are just tales, because I don't know of the truth of it, of people, let's say, a bad priest or something that's into the dark arts and learning how to manipulate awareness, where they visit someone in their dream to mess with them or to try and control them. So my question being maybe toward Skie or you or to both or whoever, what about that issue?

BLAKE: Well, first off...

DUNCAN: I believe that the person who's visited has to acquiesce to it to begin with. I don't think anybody can do that unless you're allowed to do that.

MATT: What if you go to the other person to do that? To actually go into their dream?

BLAKE: [Laugh]

DUNCAN: I suppose they can go into a dream on another reality, but I don't think they can go into your mind, unless you allow them. But I mean, you can go into a dream and you can meet all sorts of people in an alter-reality. So it depends on what you mean that they can go into a dream.

MATT: Well, that they would have the ability to go to put themselves around you're dreaming awareness, wherever level that resides at the time or else they would've developed that ability of travel.

DUNCAN: If they have that, I was told, if they have the ability to astrate, then they must've learnt it when they were serving the forces of light.

MATT: Okay, so could you...

DUNCAN: They could still maintain it when they're serving the dark force, but they can't...

MATT: Try to learn it's actually a perversion of the divine light.

GENE: So you're saying then, a dark...let's say, a dark Therry, someone with Therry's ability, can that person uhm, train someone or have someone learn how to astrate, or that person can't learn how to astrate unless they're first on the good side?

DUNCAN: Well effectively, the dark Therry can train Tim to astrate, yes that's possible, because Tim's karma...what Tim does has nothing to do with the karma of the teacher. It has to do with...the person who's learning to astrate has to be serving the white light first. So for some unknown reason, if some dark side person desired to teach somebody who's not on the dark side to astrate, then it's possible that they could.

GENE: But if they're already on the dark side, it's not...they're not going to learn how to astrate?

LAUREN: I mean you could be on the light side and have learned how to astrate...

DUNCAN: And then go dark...

LAUREN: ...and then go dark and already have those abilities and then it'll end up coming back on you in a bad way eventually, but you still have them.

TWIX: But don't you have to develop these abilities every single lifetime? I mean...

BLAKE: For the most part, yes.

TWIX: Yeah, so I'm saying like...are you...are your scenario where the person learnt it and disliked them?

DUNCAN: No, that was never brought up.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

DUNCAN: Here's another interesting thing that I found out from Therry in my extended discussions about musicians. I talked to Therry at length about, gee, you have a person, a stockbroker or whatever, who wants to learn how to astrate. The chances are, if he doesn't do anything, he ain't going to learn. I said, well, gee, what if he just liked playing guitar, what if you meditate two hours a day and do what you have to do, two hours a day for the next twenty years? Isn't it matter of sooner or later that you're definitely going to astrate, just like if you play guitar two hours every day for two years? Therry said, "No!" I was appalled to hear that. He said that astration is not like any other mundane activities. He said, you play the guitar, there's a one to one relationship between how many hours you put in it and what you get out. It might be a's going to be a different ratio for different people, depending on the talent and how far they can actually go, but there's a very certain ratio. You put in X amount of hours, you're going to get Y return when you practice something like the guitar.

BLAKE: Right.

DUNCAN: It ain't necessarily like that in astration. He says, if the time ain't right or your heart ain't right or you don't have the right purpose for doing it, you can practice 'til you're blue in the face and it may never work.

LAUREN: There would be people that would come, when people would come to Alabama as guests who were astrating that didn't even know what was happening to them and they'd been having that happen to them from the time they were little children. Obviously they weren't practicing, they weren't doing anything. It's just where they were in their development, so it wasn't something that they learnt in that lifetime, at least consciously.

BLAKE: Right. That's what I was saying that practicing is only part of it. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll get there, but a lot of other things have to be in place for success to happen and it may never happen in this particular life, you never know, but if you don't try, you ain't going to get there. Although the Universe may bestow some experience on you, that all of a sudden they've decided they're going to pull you out of your own body, which has happened, I can guarantee you that, for no good reason, seemingly and all of a sudden, you have this huge, high experience and you realize that your awareness has just expanded exponentially about things. So that does happen too, because of karma, past karma, whatever. There are a lot of intangible things that a person will not know. The only thing they really have control over is practicing.

TWIX: How do you learn how to behave on those levels? Like...

BLAKE: By learning how to behave here first!

TWIX: Really?

BLAKE: Of course.

TWIX: I read somewhere in one of these sessions that you have to learn the language of the level that you're in or something like that. So I'm saying assuming you get to that point where you can astrate and you're doing all those great things there, you have to learn how to navigate up there?

BLAKE: You have to learn that medium there, yes.

TWIX: And how do you learn that though?

GAVIN: You know how some things are taught to you down here?

TWIX: Yeah.

GAVIN: And it's a case of they say, like when you enter a room, you could do a certain procedure, observe, check out the level, it's the same rules that apply up there. Once you master them and internalize them here, you just take them upstairs and apply them up there.

TWIX: So is there someone guiding you up there to say, "Hey, this is how you do it." You know...

BLAKE: If you're receptive to that.

TWIX: Really.

BLAKE: There's always guides around, there's always people and circumstances to teach, but you have to be receptive to it.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

GAVIN: Sometimes it's more direct, if you misbehave or don't follow rules up there, they just slam you back in your body as fast as you can and you know never to do that again.

TWIX: Oh, okay.

BLAKE: There's lots of potholes in the Universe of life. [Laugh] And typically more often than not you're stepping on 'em!


BLAKE: It's a very city...

GAVIN: An urban missed joke.

MATT: Lots of potholes in the US 1 of life.