Arkashean Q&A Session -- 098


MARIA: Well, let's see, I was reading a book, Sybil and Clare's been reading it recently too and I had a question about multiple personalities.

TODD: Hmmm.

MARIA: 'Cause obviously Sybil had split into 16 of them. And I was just wondering to start out, why uhm...where the level of consciousness is then, when you have so many different personalities? Where is your level of awareness?

TODD: There's two kinds of multiple personalities. Let's say there's two major divisions. One division is totally imaginary. In other words, you have the person on this level making up identities to deal with the pain of this level within their own mind, which has no relationship to their other parts of her on other levels. So in that case, you have someone who has, well, a stake in these other worlds, these other realities and she has to eventually integrate all these personalities to come back in one person before she can even deal with her other realities that are hers on other planes of existence. If she ever develops that...that aspect of her. And the other division of someone splitting into multiple personalities, but these personalities are legitimate, the higher self could or a parallel reality uhh personality of the person with you know, in a legitimate fashion. In other words, by legitimate, I mean they are real, they live on another reality and they're living out their lives on another reality and they're being pulled into...there's a doorway that's open and they're being pulled into the pain, you know, that the person here has to deal with.

MARIA: But when they're diagnosed in psychological terms by certain manuals, they have you know, in psychology, you know, you can be diagnosed as a schizophrenic or multiple personality. Are you saying that it would be the first one you described?

TODD: Yes.

MARIA: So then, awareness is really is in each personality as it comes forward.

TODD: I can't say categorically 100%, but I'd say more than likely than not it's the first description, the first division you described. Now there are actually more developed people on this planet and Sybil could be one of them. I don't know. I don't know how real or unreal her personalities were, that, for whatever reason, their Karma for this life is to actually have these doorways open, those channels of communication open and to learn and deal with the reintegration of...of themselves, which is a much higher, advanced aspect of humanity when you encounter that ability to be able to do that. So she could be on a continuum this life whereby she's allowed to do that and she's a very developed individual as opposed to one who's on the other side, who's not developed, just totally schizophrenic and can't deal with earth and is totally outta control.

BRIONY: But I thought she was supposed to be screwed up?

CLARE: Well, that was the base. She had very severe childhood traumas that would lead one to believe that there was a psychological base for the split and because of the need to protect herself to survive.

TODD: Yes.

CLARE: What would, for instance, in the other situation, where the individuals more evolved and other aspects, other higher selves sharing this reality, this body, so to speak. How is does that uhm benefit them? For instance, why would one step aside and the other come in if it's not for emotion's sake, for survival's sake? It's for some other learning purpose, right?

TODD: Yeah, well, you're asking...

CLARE: No, why?

TODD: > You're asking why would anyone want to learn about alter-realities.

CLARE: Well, you're...I'm saying if you're still sitting, standing there and then some higher aspect of'd want to mute...this kid right here steps aside and the other person steps in. And if it's not for teaching purposes, what is... what is this Eric right here learning from that?

TODD: It could be a myriad amount of things. It doesn't have to be for teaching purposes, it could be for, it could be...It is as it is. Let's assume that I have integrated one of my personalities from another level and I have communication with my higher self on that level. It benefits me and is as much a part of me and my abilities.

CLARE: Are there individuals that have these experiences but don't really understand what it is and think that they're going crazy?

TODD: Absolutely! The instance asylum is full of people like that.

PAUL: You can imagine, you actually become a warrior of or a master of your level. If you had 10 specialists in you, one who could deal with medicines, one who could deal with foods, one with carpentry, whatever came up in your life, which that person could handle it, you're always going to be very well-suited for handling life, you know.

MARIA: Just sharing one vehicle in a way really.

TODD: Oh yeah, that's what happens to the evolution of the human.

ERIC: What happens to the Astral Plane of Common Reality and each awareness when another aspect comes in, where does it go?

MARIA: Yeah, where's it going?

ERIC: And what does it experience?

TODD: Where is what going again?

ERIC: The...the common uh...the Astral Plane of Common Reality.

TODD: Uh-hmmm.

ERIC: If another, if another aspect comes it dual awareness there, I mean, probably could be anything. But, if there isn't then this also goes to the previous one, the psychological base. If another identity or aspect comes in, what happens...when the other's not aware of it, where does it go? What happens to it?

TODD: It just subsides, it moves. You know, it's impossible for me to explain how...

ERIC: Is it in Alfa or something, do you know?

TODD: It's's really complex. If someone...other aspect of me would come down, where would I go? I would recede, I would still be here. I would be in recession, as it were.

ERIC: What kind of awareness would you have?

TODD: Observing but not active and not controlling. The link...the communication linkage would be there, the emotions would be there, everything would be there, but I wouldn't have any particular control over what's happening. The new personality would be in control.

ERIC: Does that mean your awareness would be in Alfa?

TODD: Yeah, I guess you could put it that way.

MARIA: But when...

TODD: Nobody's ever defined that.

PAUL: I was going to say, whoever had the experience, when you wake up and you have a blank slate, you're actually awake in the physical. You actually have mobility, but you don't know who you are yet, but you don't know where you are, what time it is, what life it is, anything. You were kind of like searching for something that seems familiar. Then one phrase like USDA will come in. Your whole personality floods in, shhhwwppp! And now it's Eric and this guitar player and this and that. So you could have a complete total recede where it's don't know who you are, it's blank and you can almost load in any program like in the Matrix. And so you could be somebody else totally. That Eric still exists, it's just that you have no consciousness of it, in that realm, but it's a different.

TODD: And this realm here as well.

PAUL: Uh-hmmm.

MARIA: But you said, they could observe, though Once one remembers?

TODD: Well, there's a whole continuum of how much awareness there could be. There could none, there could be a lot, there could be a little. It depends on the circumstances, the karmic conditions at the moment or the abilities and development of the person himself.

MARIA: Well, it seems...but it seems that Sybil was not aware at all when she was receded.

CLARE: Yeah, she'd have black-outs.

MARIA: So she'd come back with what she called blank spells that she couldn't remember.

CLARE: And where she was operated for...

TODD: Yeah totally. I know she had a childbirth.

MARIA: Well, I wondered...I also had an idea...I just wanted to know about the state of alcoholism, you know, when people have black-outs, they don't remember what they did, that moment, it might be for a day or two. Is that the same thing physiologically, let's say as what happens with someone like Sybil who recedes back? Do we know if it's the same mechanism?

TODD: It could, except that they're having blackouts and they're not...are they still walking around doing things?

MARIA: Yeah.

TODD: Okay, well then it's a similar pattern, yes. Their higher self is filling the void.

BRIONY: But if they're doing bad things, it's not really their higher self, right? I mean, when they're having the blackout, and they're doing things that are not kind of kosher?

TODD: Well, when I say, when I say, their higher self...let's not use the word, "higher self," let's just say, another personality from a different reality.

BRIONY: Oh, okay.

MARIA: To protect them or keep them going?

TODD: Yes, yeah.

BRIONY: So that''s not uhm...hmmm. So is that more chemical or it's like a mixture of chemical and...

TODD: It's chemical, magnetic, you name it, everything's involved with that kind of uhh condition.

ERIC: When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, while I was in the recovery room, I had a twenty-minute conversation that I had no recollection of whatsoever. And apparently, it was my personality talking, but I had no recollection. What causes that? Could it be the lack of ability to access that?

TODD: Well, when you say you were in a dentist chair were you under?

ERIC: No, this was while I was in recovery, not when I was, I guess partially up, 'cause I was having conversations that I do not have any recollection of.

TODD: Well, as Paul indicated that all your faculties weren't mobilized, some parts of them were, parts of them were not.

ERIC: But why is there such a disconnect? It seems like...

TODD: Well, different...

BRIONY: Drugs!

TODD: Well, yeah.

PAUL: Yeah, the drugs does something. When I had my colonoscopy, same thing, I was sitting there, having conversations, talking, had no remembrance. But they said you'll feel fine, you'll act normal, you'll say things, but you're not, you know...

TODD: When you've been driving and you're kind of daydreaming and all of a sudden, you're, you're two miles ahead of you?

MARIA: You're so involved...

TODD: And you're saying, "What am I thinking?"

ERIC: Well, also you're in a dilemma, you're wondering about something and you're thinking about al sorts of shit and then finally you see something pass and it says USDA.

PAUL: Who-ahh! It happens to all of us!


TODD: When you get into more intense circumstances like that you can become catatonic for a while, you can't move, you're immobile, your faculties are not all there yet. There's a lag time between emotions, awareness and ability and they all have to be in sync for you to be able to walk and talk and behave. And when you're in these states, any one of those faculties could be present or not present in varying degrees, to a point where you could not be present at all, in which case, as Paul described it, you wake up blank. Not only blank, you can't move. You're just're just like...I don't even know how to describe it. It's like...Well, what description is that? You're in a state of void.

PAUL: And there's the other one where your body is paralyzed but your mind is still reactive, you know you're Eric, you're sitting there, "I can't move! I'm dead!" or think you're dead 'cuz...

ERIC: Quite a few times...quite a few times, I've had it where I'm waking up, I think I'm completely awake and...and the body cannot move and I cannot look through my eyes.

MARIA: Yeah, yeah.

JIMMY: You should be able to squint and see something!

BRIONY: But what's that?

ERIC: By the time you wake up again, you're free.

TODD: That's not knowing the laws of the medium...the medium that he's in.

JOHN: Isn't that normal?

TODD: The environment that he's in requires certain laws of how to...of how to activate your eyelids, your thought patterns, your behaviors.

BRIONY: So that's still an alter-reality?

TODD: The medium is different. You have to learn the medium.

BRIONY: Okay. Is that still an alter-reality then?

TODD: Yeah.

BRIONY: Oh, okay.

JOHN: But when it happens here, it's because different parts of you don't travel at the same speed.

TODD: That's correct.

JOHN: So when you get here, your awareness might get here, but your mobility might not be here.

TODD: As a matter of fact, that's exactly what happens.

PAUL: Along with that, you'll be starving, it could be happening multiple times, you'll wake up ten times, one on each level, think you're back and something will happen and you're not.

BRIONY: Well, what's that?

PAUL: Same thing, just coming down each level.

BRIONY: Really?

MARIA: When you have those frustration things, where your eyes are not opening or your mouth is it just best to just relax in those states?

TODD: Not necessarily. I mean I've had those conditions happen too and like Eric, I got to force myself to get my eyes open.

MARIA: You force it though instead of....?

TODD: I'm telling myself, you better move! [Laugh]

MARIA: Okay, so it could might force it, depending on the situation or...?

TODD: Yeah.

MARIA: Relax into it...

TODD: It's like learning how to's very frustrating to a little baby to learn how to walk. But if you don't force yourself how to learn it, you're not going to walk. You can't just relax and have it happen. There are many, many circumstances, where you do need to...let's not use the word "force," let's use the word "continue" to work on it to make it happen.

MARIA: Oh, okay.

PAUL: Yeah, I was trying to move my finger and I couldn't get the slightest movement, it wouldn't take that...

MARIA: Uh-hmm, uh-hmmm.

TODD: It's extremely frustrating, I know that exactly, that experience is very, very annoying. And then when they open...when you're eyes actually do it, it's so bright, you can't even see. I don't know if you've had that before.

ERIC: I have successfully opened them...

TODD: Yeah, or you couldn't still see or...

ERIC: No, I'm kidding now. I could see, but it was...I guess I was lucid by that time.

TODD: The same thing happens with my mouth and my hair and all your different functions.

PAUL: It's like the opposite, when you're going asleep and you know your eyelids are closed, but you're seeing through them and you can see people and moons and noises and it's like...

ERIC: One time I was sick, when I had that awareness level, there was...

BRIONY: When is it when you actually feel something that's nothing? But you know it's there like I...

PAUL: You're crazy!

BRIONY: No, no, no, no! Hold on. There was one experience that I had where I...I was waking up, like the time right before you're sleeping and then I felt like half of a body right next to me...

PAUL: [Laugh]

ERIC: Which half?

PAUL: [Laugh]

BRIONY: The top half. It was like a small little person and the person...the thing was and then I was holding...the person was holding my was like a little kid or something, holding my hand. And then I realized, "Oh my God, there's a body right next to me!" And then I like, you know how you do a double check, "Am I really awake?" I did a double-check and it was still there and then I got scared and then it totally vanished or whatever. So what is that though?

TODD: A ghost, that's real.

BRIONY: No, but, but I mean, is're not supposed to feel something from another level though, so...

TODD: That's not true at all...


TODD: That's not true.


TODD: Not true at all. If that were the case we'd totally be hopeless in getting out of this planet. There's windows and doors all over the place. A lot of times they become active, at times they don't, in between sleep time and awake time, they're both going both directions exactly. And all your experiences, if something happened from another reality, that was still drifting into the one that you were awakening from...


TODD: ...The residual transference of it.

BRIONY: So if I hadn't had the fear I would've been able to experience it longer?

TODD: More often than not, yes.

BRIONY: But I knew I was awake, because I like...I like opened eyes and I felt it and I was, "Ooo-hhhh! And then you know...

TODD: As they say in Dune, "Fear is a mind-killer." It typically kills all your experiences, you know, just like that on other levels. It's a protection mechanism for anybody. Fear's good, fear's bad, it depends.

JOHN: It's a sign!

CLARE: Sounds like fire...

PAUL: Fire's bad? Talk about a fire!


CLARE: Well, fire's good, fire's bad!

BRIONY: So why do people go there, I mean, that's just a normal earth reality and

TODD: Uh-huh.

BRIONY: Why would someone have something like that, as opposed to...'Cause that was like way before, way before I met you guys, like a few years before...

TODD: Could be way after too for that matter.

BRIONY: What's that?