Arkashean Q&A Session -- 099

TODD: I mean, that doesn't matter, the time doesn't matter, the fact is that it happens to many people more often than you know, think.

BRIONY: Really?

TODD: Yeah, it probably happens to you more often and you're not even aware.

CLARE: There's a huge number of people that have dealt with the paranormal and don't ...either don't acknowledge it or are too afraid to deal with it for any number of reasons, but it's out there.

TODD: And it can be dangerous too, if you don't know what you're doing, if you try to pursue, you know, psychic phenomenon. You have to be very careful, you have to know what you're doing.

BRIONY: But if it just happens to you? Does that mean you're ready for it at the time?

TODD: I would say, no, not in those terms. If it happens to you, it just happens to you.

ERIC: Well, obviously you're ready for that, not necessarily for other things.

TODD: But you could say that about anything that happens to you. You know, that's a generic thing. Are you ready for it? You're asking, for any experience that you have, you're asking, "Are you ready for it?"


TODD: I suppose.

BRIONY: Well, isn't there supposed to be a saying, "Nothing before it's time?"

CLARE: It's a line! [Laugh]

BRIONY: A what? A wine?

CLARE: A wine? We will serve them wine before its time!

PAUL: In other words, things can happen and you don't know how to deal with them, but on some level, you bounced into it, so you obviously were meant to have happened what happened to you...

CLARE: There are some individuals that have the most exciting experiences of their life by the time they're ten (10) years old. And then they go through another phase of whatever they're going to be working and that stuff is turned off. And other people...I've talked to people in their 50s though who are just starting to have experiences now for the first time.

BRIONY: Well, I saw a ghost when I was 5 and then I didn't see another ghost until I was much older, so...

TODD: Well...

PAUL: How do you know you're not a ghost?

BRIONY: Well, I already know that! [Laugh]

TODD: Well, in any case, whatever experiences you have, you may not be ready for them on some level. You are at least ready to experience them on another level, different slices of the kind of reality that you're on. It happened for a reason though.


CORA: Gawks!

TODD: Before I forget...

CLARE: I just read an article on autism. I was thinking what the...I know it's huge, but say a ballpark idea of what possible karmic learning that would be tied to autism, because autism causes, the average person, especially when it's extreme, to not be able to function on this plane.

TODD: That's...that's a very similar pattern to multiple personalities...escaping through pain.

BRIONY: Really?

CLARE: They've diagnosed it as where it's not psychological, but physiological.

TODD: Huh? Well...

CLARE: And it's like the brain is not functioning in a way that they can screen out the excess stuff that's coming out.

TODD: I know, plus...

PAUL: I was just going to say, the difficulty of being down and looking down at any one in a lifetime, is you never know the reason. Someone may be a Sybil or have autism because two or three ten lifetimes, they're going to be an incredible genius scientist, like an Einstein...

CLARE: And they experience...

PAUL: ...And they've got to know what's involved. We've always seen that there's been always things...

CLARE: I know, people are talking, learning things, doing all sorts of things.

PAUL: What if he was out uhhh...

TODD: What if the person could have horribly tortured people in their past lives and this is their karmic result for that.

CLARE: But certain things are set up to be...

TODD: You never really know. We're not in any position to judge one-way or the other. We don't have enough veils lifted from us on this level, unless you're someone like Therry, you know.

CLARE: Even a Down's Syndrome individual would have a lot to learn from being in that position.

PAUL: But stay away from axe murderers, just in case. Stay away from...

CLARE: Fire bad...

PAUL: I mean, someone may even really hurt in a lifetime, but this lifetime, you know, they're doing weird things, you're going to...trying to keep your distance, even though it might be a future somebody.

TODD: [Laugh]

MARIA: > Can I go back to the multiple personality, though? It specifically said there was sixteen, she had two males and fourteen females. Are you saying that each time, the new personality would emerge, that Sybil's consciousness would transfer to that entity that was coming forward? It's her awareness that...

TODD: Yes, you'll transfer to the other personality.

MARIA: >So, she was really involved in all of all of them?.

TODD: Yes.

MARIA >:...even though she wasn't aware of it, like Sybil?

TODD: > Yeah.

BRIONY: Did her voice change too?

MARIA: Oh yeah.

BRIONY: If that's the case, wouldn't it be a real personality, if her voice actually changes to a male?

TODD: Not necessarily. Can't you act and do different voices?

PAUL: True.

BRIONY: Yeah, but I'm different.

NILA: And you have Harold!

BRIONY: Yeah, but I'm different.

TODD: If you got to play a part, you're going to play it to the hilt?

BRIONY: Well, yeah.

TODD: [Laugh] You want to be convincing, especially to yourself.


PAUL: Theater, acting!

CORA: The Greek mythologist!

TODD: Just so you all know, and you may already know this...we all have multiple personalities.

MARIA: Right.

TODD: It's just that they're kept at bay. There's veils in between them all and uhhh there's a correct type of separation, so that they don't bleed over into each other's reality, much like...much like...there's not supposed to be bleed-over from this reality to the next reality on a more massive scale. There are protective barriers sometimes. You can't be sane and keep your other yous sane. There's only certain times they're allowed to interact, you know, in such as a profound way.


JOHN: Is the Grand Awakening a merging of those or lifting of veils?

TODD: It's exactly that. It's being aware of all those different levels and all those different realities and illusions and having complete continuity amongst all...all the yous.

JORGE: Is there anybody that has actually achieved that?

TODD: I understand...I understand that Jesus has...he's the only one.

BRIONY: I thought Therry!

JOHN: Yeah, Therry has done that...

TODD: Well, if you want to include...We never talk about Therry about that because he doesn't even admit to that! So we could assume Therry's like that, yes. As far as officially speaking, from my knowledge, from what Therry has allowed us to know, Jesus is the only one who has mastered that to that extent.

BRIONY: Really? I thought that he was aware of all of his personalities?

TODD: Who?

BRIONY: Jesus.

TODD: That's what we're talking about. He's the only one who's achieved the Grand Awakening and Therry may...let's assume, there's a million different yous somewhere. Well, if Jesus accomplished all one million of them, then maybe Therry has accomplished eight hunded thousand. You know, I'm not saying that he's fully aware like Jesus is. I can't say, no-one can.

JORGE: Actually, Therry told me uhmm...

TODD: What'd he say?

JORGE: I suspect from something he told me that he hasn't done it. If there's a million, he hasn't done all one million. And there's something coming down from where he admits he's a student of some book that he hasn't mastered it.

TODD: Yeah.

PAUL: No-one can read like that.

BRIONY: Yeah, but...


BRIONY: you're...Jesus was a Hound of Hell, right?

TODD: Uh-huh.

BRIONY: So if Jesus was a Hound and the Hound is the same entity and Therry's a Hound, then...

CLARE: I have a feeling that Therry would say, there's completely a separation.

TODD: That's right!

JOHN: They're not the same entity.

CLARE: But actually you're saying that personalities and lifetimes are the same thing and the same feeling. I mean you need to make your different lifetimes...whatever ability you've had for reading different lifetimes, you're aware of or not aware of and those are different aspects of the entire you, so they're really different personalities.

TODD: Right because you have to remember that time and space is telescopic and everything's happening all at once. We're just separating it out for our purposes...

PAUL: Witchblade showed it really well. She was all of those people simultaneously and they were all different, but they were all her, just at different times.

BRIONY: Can you be fully integrated in one lifetime and then in another lifetime you drop and you have some veils...

TODD: Yes.

BRIONY: So...okay.

TODD: Right now, when he's fully integrated now. [...] If you're fully integrated, you're fully integrated.

BRIONY: Oh, really?

TODD: But if you're partially integrated and want to work on other aspects of a different you. There's a lot of combinations, but since you used the word fully...

CORA: You're full of it! Heh-heh!

NILA: I may have missed the other part, I wasn't here, but when you say, those different personalities are different lifetimes...

TODD: No, just different. You have to be careful of your definitions. There are different yous living out different lives, in different realities in different times, in a different space.

NILA: But still, in the case of Sybil, one of her personalities could've been from another time.

TODD: Yes.

NILA: And from another lifetime...

TODD: Well, that's effectively the same thing, you gotta make that kind of link.

NILA: Okay, so it just kinda like comes for a few days and it goes back to that lifetime, no?

TODD: What do you mean it comes for a few days?

NILA: [Giggle]

MARIA: It comes through her body.

NILA: Ah...

CLARE: Well Sybil's reason for it was protection. Those different personalities would present themselves to deal with a problem the waking Sybil could not.

NILA: Oh, but those personalities were active in another lifetime also?

CLARE: Not necessarily.

TODD: Not necessarily, they could be a totally made-up fantasy.

NILA: Ohhhhh!.

BRIONY: What happens when people hear voices? Is that an aspect of make-believe?

TODD: There's nobody that can really be hearing voices.

BRIONY: Really? So where are the voices coming from?

TODD: Who knows!

BRIONY: Could they be other personalities?

NILA: Like in...

TODD: Yes.

BRIONY: Oh, okay.

TODD: Or they could be totally made-up.

BRIONY: Really?

CLARE: The only time in my life where I had this was in Alabama, for a period of two weeks. I don't know if I told you this, there was another lifetime that I was seeing on a regular basis, while I was changing Therry's sheets or going to the grocery store, I'd be driving around and there would be in my mind's eye, a little, totally unimportant scene in an ancient time, like walking down the hallway or having a dialog, but it was happening. It was like it was happening right now while this...And it went on for two weeks, seeing it all the time.

TODD: And where were you at the time?

CLARE: I'd be driving the car!

TODD: No, no! Where were YOU at the time? In other words...

CLARE: I was both places, is what it felt like.

TODD: In other words, did it just feel like you were receiving or were you...was it dual awareness?

CLARE: It felt...well, it was usually when I wasn't having a call from anybody else, I was by myself, but I was doing a function whatever...a very mundane function and I was seeing.

TODD: So if you were picking up this napkin, you were picking it up in a different lifetime?

CLARE: No, I was picking up this napkin up, but then I'm then seeing this whole other action taking place, like I was right there at that very moment, doing that other action, walking down the hall...

TODD: Doing the same action?

CLARE: No, something else.


CORA: It's like thought projection.

TODD: So it was superimposed.

CLARE: Yes, but they were both happening. And this was the physical that I was seeing in this other lifetime and the lifetime could be right now. And it went away for some...

BRIONY: But you didn't hear it, you just saw it?

CLARE: No, there was dialog.

BRIONY: Oh, there was dialog too!

CLARE: With other individuals.

MARIA: At that the same time period, the whole time period? Let's say it's Egypt for two weeks?

CLARE: It was one life, yes.

MARIA: So it was always the same.

BRIONY: So was it like seeing a movie?

CLARE: Yeah, that's what it was seeing a movie.

PAUL: That's the same thing what Todd's saying, you're driving down the road and all of a sudden, you pop in and you realize, "How did I get here?"

LENA: That happens to me.

PAUL: The same thing could be happening. You could be doing your driving, but you're also having very active dialog with another person, having a counseling session, doing whatever and there's dialog, going back and's not just thought. And it's not just though, I mean it's a whole 'nother level.

BRIONY: Yeah, but that's Todd! Todd's advanced.

LENA: It happens to me, I'm driving...

JOHN: It happens to me too.

LENA: ...and then suddenly, I'm like, "Oh, I already passed this whole street" and then I'm like, "Oh my goodness, I didn't realize I was already here" like...

BRIONY: But that could just be absentminded or something?

TODD: You thought about something and your present reality wasn't in there for awhile.

LENA: And then I got scared because I'm like, "Wow!" I didn't realize that the cars were braking, nothing!


LENA: It was automatic.

BRIONY: That's being absentminded.

LENA: No, it's not.

TODD: No, that's not absentminded.

PAUL: Yeah...if it was being absentminded, she would end up having an accident. The other thing, automatic pilot takes over, it's driving the car, basically.

TODD: Why do you think they call it autopilot!


PAUL: Sometimes think you're on F, then you're driving around for hours and it goes down to E.


TODD: Okay.

ERIC: [Laugh]

PAUL: Some things are normal, natural occurrences, others are...

TODD: So who here has experienced another you, anytime, anywhere, anyway? In a dream?

BRIONY: Anywhere?


BRIONY: Oh really?

TODD: Can you?

JORGE: I had a million dreams in Alabama. I had a dream one day and uhh, I was looking at a well, for a magic mirror or something and watching this guy when he was chasing a woman with a gun and he didn't want to shoot the woman, 'cause I heard him shouting, "To not do it, to not do it!" He never actually shot her, which was quite an [...] and then suddenly I thought he was going to shoot, so I picked up this mirror...the gun and I shot him. And when I shot him, the glass in the mirror shattered and didn't come back together. And then I looked at my hand and I realized that I shot this guy and I dropped the gun. And then the person in the mirror turned around and he looked at me and I knew it was me.

LENA: Ohhhh!

JORGE: And my ears hurt!


JORGE: And at first, I was confused, I could...I could feel it. I could feel everything this other person who was me on another level was feeling and I could tell that at first he was confused. He didn't understand what was going on. And then, it only took him about three seconds, I realized that he realized that he was me. And he started sending out the best of his Mind Force, because he realized that I was on such a lower level than him, that he started trying to reach out to make contact with me and that was it. I went back to normal reality, I couldn't handle it. The energy was too much for me.

TODD: Could be true.

MARIA: Sure.

TODD: A lot of dreams are...of that nature whereby you're watching someone doing something that's bad, not that it's bad, quote bad and really it's you doing it, but it doesn't look like you, but you get the feelings that it is you and it is you, but it doesn't look like you and there's this transference back and forth and you say, how could I do that?

CLARE: He sounds like he was an American male who wasn't very nice to woman.


BRIONY: Well, I had a...I ha an experience when I was uhhh...

CLARE: What suffering? You create your own suffering!

BRIONY: > Someone was doing reiki on me. I don't know what it was, reiki or something weird and uhmm in the process I had kinda like a lower deeper just kinda seeing a t.v. screen. It was a t.v. screen and my eyes were...I mean my eyes were closed, but I saw something where me, in another time and place, uhhmmm, I was in like a little village, it looked kinda rustic kind of thing and uhm I was married to a woman and I like kicked her belly when she was pregnant and that kind of thing, so...But I knew it was me as a male, kicking a woman who was pregnant and who knows if it was real or not, but it kinda felt like it was, you know, me. And I wasn't asleep or anything, it was like kinda like when you go under and see stuff, whatever.

PAUL: Sometimes you meet yourself as you look. It's you on another level and usually it scares the pants out of you.

BRIONY: Well, this was like was just like a...I don't know. I'd have to say it was a different me in another place. But I didn't know how to interpret if that like a real picture or just imagination or whatever because you know, because I was awake. I mean it was just, you know, being under a different level so...

TODD: It's hard to know.

BRIONY: I hope it wasn't me!

ERIC: [Laugh]


TODD: It's hard to know, unless you have uhhh certain level of awareness factors active where you really do know, i.e. in a lucid dream for instance, going beyond...

BRIONY: Well, I don't really experience it.

TODD: A lucid dream you know it's real. It's like your mind has just...awareness has expanded, you know, beyond any present faculties you're operating under. You know, it's like you're operating in a cloud and all of a sudden, you know, there's no clouds, there's sunshine, it's bright. I can see everything. It's real, I can fly, I can float, I can do anything I want!

BRIONY: Uhhmmm.

TODD: You fly in your dreams from time to time, yes?

BRIONY: Yeah but isn't that normal?

TODD: Well...


TODD: Are you flying backward or are you flying forward?

BRIONY: Doesn't everybody...?

TODD: Does it happen, do you fly or you float?

BRIONY: Uhhhmmm! I mean doesn't everybody fly in their dreams, at least here? I mean...

NILA: I've never tried flying backwards...

ERIC: I tried doing a big loop one time...

NILA: Oh really?

ERIC: ...going backwards like this...straight back. I got you that time!


BRIONY: What are flying dreams? What are they? Are they supposed to be helpful, are you supposed to be able to do stuff in them or is it just playfulness.

TODD: It's just a form of mobility. It's very powerful, for one.

BRIONY: Would that help...What can you do? I just seem to be flying and not doing anything.

TODD: Well next time do something. [Laugh] You could do a lot of things.

BRIONY: Well, can you change...

TODD: If you're in a place, you're in your car and you go from one place to another, what are you doing? You're going from one place to another. You can be doing a lot of things while you're driving.

BRIONY: So you can will yourself to learn about something while you're flying?

PAUL: Tell yourself...

TODD: Oh yes.

PAUL: Tell yourself to seek a place of learning. Usually you end up in a Monastery, in a library, a bar...I mean...

NILA: A bar! [Chuckle]

PAUL: It happened to me with Therry.

JOHN: That's where Paul's going!

PAUL: I did that once and Therry was there tending the bar. He said go on in, it's your place of learning.

TODD: That's your place for learning!

PAUL: It was dark, like equivalent to Therry [but] on the dark side and uhh someone was trying to mess with me or didn't like me or something and so I'm standing behind Therry, going [dramatic motions].


PAUL: You can learn things, you can learn them anywhere, I guess.

BRIONY: Oh, okay.

TODD: Well, do we have some more multiple personality questions, we've got kinda far from it.

MARIA: A good broad discussion.