Arkashean Q&A Session -- 103

PETRA: I remember taking vows of the least being like the biggest, the weakest being as strong as the all. Is that what you were talking...

THERRY: That plus what else? Each link and everything that each link represents...

PETRA: Each link represented a piece of the chain.

THERRY: Which represented what?

PETRA: The Brothers of the Chain.

THERRY: Which represented ...and what else? Obviously you don't remember everything that we told you.

PETRA: No, obviously I don't. I didn't understand all ...I understand...

THERRY: Okay, do you understand the fabric nature of the creation of Earth and the creation of the Universe?

PETRA: Explain what you'd say if I said, "No." I think I have some idea.

THERRY: How everything is interconnected...isn't that a chain?

PETRA: That's what I would've said. What this represents to me when I think about that and that's something I've been thinking about lately too, is that all the different levels are connected and that's why they're rolling around and I remember you told me that...

THERRY: Isn't that a little bit more powerful than a small bag with a few chips in it?

PETRA: Yeah.

THERRY: So if you wish to honor something that is low above something that is high that's fine. That's your trade-off. But then don't come crying when you lose some of the things that you have dishonored.

PETRA: I also's kind of parallel, but I've realized through different visions or experiences that I'm not sure I should talk about them uhm...

THERRY: Vision is a good term.

PETRA: Okay. I've perceived different aspects of my spiritual self I guess.

THERRY: Yeah, there are twelve of them.

PETRA: Oh, okay. I've only come across three so far that I can identify consciously. And what I was wondering was is it kinda like the personas of Earth where all those ...see I was really confused because I wondered how could one of them...

THERRY: They're on other levels.

PETRA: Okay, that would clarify it. I was wondering how one could be me if the other was me, was what I was thinking when I...

THERRY: Isn't that the same thing as how can you be gay if you're bi-sexual?

PETRA: Yeah, I guess it is.

THERRY: Stop thinking with blinders.

PETRA: So they're different levels in myself. It...I guess it's inappropriate to say that one is better than another or higher than another or is that...?

THERRY: That is very inappropriate.

PETRA: So what would be a better...Well, let me tell you...

THERRY: Let me ask you a question that would answer that. Which link of the chain is the better link?

PETRA: None.

THERRY: That's your answer. Why?

PETRA: Well...

THERRY: 'Cause they all serve their relative purpose.

PETRA: Ah-ha!

THERRY: Remove one, you remove one purpose, you've broke the chain, the fact that it no longer exists, you'll have nothing but chaos.

PETRA: Even the things that seem really low in yourself?

THERRY: Every thought, every deed, every behavior, every desire, every wish, does three things at one time, remember?

PETRA: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: The laws not going to change because you're talking about a pea as opposed to an earth.

PETRA: Well, that's good to know because one of the natures that I ran into was something that I described as very witchy and...

THERRY: Yeah, that's the dark side.

PETRA: And it really disturbed me with fear...[Laugh]

THERRY: I don't see why. You cannot have light without darkness. You cannot have darkness without light. It's part of a continuum. The key is which of the two are you going to serve. Remember you have a continuum, part of it is Free Will, part of it is Predestiny, part of it is light, part of it is dark. The dark serves the Earth, the light serves the higher aspects. The dark serves evil, the dark serves physical pleasures, excessive egos, the whole bit.

PETRA: It was very passionate, but it's also very powerful.

THERRY: But both sides are passive and powerful and both sides are at the same active and benign. They are one. They are two faces of the same face.

PETRA: How could they feel so different, their natures? I mean, the other one...

THERRY: Because they serve two totally different aspects. They are two different sides of a continuum. It is the Sacred Circle. And that's why in almost all of the rituals, they're locked in various circles, the Sacred Circles. That's when both sides of the continuum become one, where they meet and the cycles begin over again.

PETRA: Is the American Indians believe about circles too? Because they have all their things in circles too.

THERRY: Yes. Of course, now we're getting into areas that you've been trying to find out for a long time and I'll still won't go no further because that gets into laws of power that you're still not ready to handle.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: Even though you go towards witchcraft to try to get it, you still won't get it. You never give the loaded baby to a gun, much less a loaded gun to a baby.

PETRA: I guess I'm not comfortable with the darker aspects of myself.

THERRY: People seldom are.

PETRA: So how...

THERRY: That's the nature of things. The grand plan, the grand scheme of all things is that evil seeks its own controls, therefore it seeks to be evil.

PETRA: But I don't think that that side would go away if I became light if it's still there with other aspects of myself that are light.

THERRY: You cannot leaven a lump without leavening the whole lump.

PETRA: So that means it's always going to be there in some part?

THERRY: And it will grow as you grow. It will become less dark as you become more light. That's the Holy Circle.

PETRA: I was once told that there was a part of that is needed to complete that...

THERRY: You must have both ends of the continuum until the circle is one. Until you become androgenous, you must have both, you cannot have one without the other.

PETRA: Would that be dark and light or male and female, or both?

THERRY: It doesn't matter, it's still two ends of a continuum. If you do not have a circle, you must have two ends. It's just a line. That's just illusion.

PETRA: The circle of seven when...

THERRY: Let's change the subject...

PETRA: I was just getting ready to...

THERRY: Change the subject.

PETRA: Can you just answer a question?


PETRA: You're frustrating, Therry. [Laugh] I'm told things that...

THERRY: I'm not there...[Laugh]

PETRA: I'm told things that I don't understand, there's not clarification.

THERRY: It's not time. Hold it sacred and don't fuck with it. And whatever you do, hold it sacred. The Circle of Seven, the Circle of Twelve, the Circle of Nine or the Circle of period. You don't want to mess with it because you can create damage, you can do things that can never be forgiven. Never!

PETRA: For eternity?

THERRY: For eternity. That's why I won't give you the information. Because you can do things out of ignorance and have them forgiven. But if you do things out of wisdom, they can never be forgiven.

PETRA: Well, I'll certainly accept that. Well, I guess if I do go away and live in California for a while...

THERRY: It'll be a good growing experience for you.

PETRA: I can probably expect to run into some weirdo witches and people periodically.

THERRY: People will continue to be people even though you move to California temporarily. The world's not going to stop spinning.

PETRA: And I will still keep on growing and communicating?

THERRY: That's sorta up to you.

PETRA: I want to...

THERRY: Wherever your Freewill will allow, it'll go...Free Will is a dangerous thing though, it allows you to go down as well as up.

PETRA: If I got married to someone else is...are wedding vows uhm against Arkashea or at cross-purposes of Arkashea?

THERRY: No, Arkashea has wedding vows.

PETRA: What is the Arkashean wedding vow?


PETRA: I didn't think you'd tell me if it was highly unlikely for me to marry an Arkashean. [Laugh]

THERRY: Well, that's not necessarily true.

PETRA: Well, if it was a man, I would.

THERRY: One thing is for sure, you wouldn't be able to marry without going through seven years of training first. And at the end of those seven years is when you can get to know what the wedding vow is, not before. And there's no way you would get to know the wedding vow if you married another woman 'cause Arkashea wouldn't marry you.

PETRA: That's pretty funny that Arkashea wouldn't marry you, considering that if you take vows, I mean karmically, they're still vows, they're still wedding vows, aren't they? Are they not?

THERRY: Earth is filled with empty rituals.

PETRA: Really?

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

PETRA: What about the Karma of interaction between two people?

THERRY: What about it? Does that change the fact that Earth is filled with empty rituals? Or are you tunnel-thinking again?

PETRA: If you promise something to somebody...

THERRY: I'd like to have a nickel for every promise that's been broken on Earth.

PETRA: Well, a lot of them have been promised, but doesn't that still bring Karma of breaking a promise to someone and if you promise to love and honor and cherish someone that...

THERRY: Does that change the fact that there are a lot of empty rituals which mean nothing?

PETRA: No. I don't know if a ritual can mean nothing.

THERRY: Of course, it can.

PETRA: If you get Karma and implications from it...But don't empty rituals have effects though at all?

THERRY: No-o-o-o! How can something that is empty have an effect other than make it more void?

PETRA: It has an effect on the people who take it psychologically.

THERRY: Oh really?

PETRA: Does it?

THERRY: Wow! You mean to tell me all of these people who go attend various ceremonies that are empty and then they go right back out and commit the same things all over mean they've been affected by those changed them?

PETRA: Well, I guess it hasn't.

THERRY: Well, I think it's pretty empty, wouldn't you?



PETRA: If you make a promise to someone in the eyes of the Universe...Okay, the example that you gave me or I gave you awhile ago and you said that it was power because of things that I invoked. That was still with another woman. I was still invoking law by various behaviors.

THERRY: What does that got to do with the fact that there are empty gestures? You mean because I make a statement that "Earth is full of empty gestures" that means now that everything's got to be empty?


THERRY: There can't be nothing that is meaningful?

PETRA: [Laugh] I just don't understand the distinction. It seems to me...

THERRY: I mean I've given you an example of an empty gesture.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: You mean to tell me that those people who go through their confessionals and who worry for years on end because they had intercourse with somebody else's brother and they then go run to another little box, a hole in a wall and confess it to another human they call confession, then they go back out and have intercourse with somebody's brother mean, just because they went through the emotional thing and they promised, does that mean it's not empty?

PETRA: No. Well, what if you tell someone that you're going to love and honor and cherish and all the rest of the stuff and...

THERRY: What about what they were telling their priest and their God?

PETRA: It doesn't matter what you tell them, it matters what you do?

THERRY: Bingo! But you think doesn't matter, what you do is what matters.

PETRA: But if you promise someone something even though that's what you tell them, and then you don't do it, isn't that breaking something worse than if you tell them something?

THERRY: What you think doesn't matter, it's what you do. Earth is filled with empty rituals. Obviously, if you spend who knows how many hours or days and seconds promising faithfully something and if you don't end up doing it, obviously it was a pretty empty promise.

PETRA: So what if on the other hand, you don't promise anything, but you spend hours or days and a lifetime committed to another person and...

THERRY: Isn't that a helluva lot better than an empty promise?

PETRA: Yeah.

THERRY: It goes back to the law.

PETRA: But then if that's...

THERRY: What you think doesn't matter, it's what you do.

PETRA: But then if that's true...

THERRY: Does that change the fact that promises that are broken are empty promises?


THERRY: Stop thinking tunnel again.

PETRA: But that would also mean that what difference does a marriage license or a marriage vow mean?

THERRY: What it means is that there's no perfection on Earth. Utopia doesn't exist and neither does perfection. Everything are shades of belief and shades of understanding.

PETRA: Which leads me to another question I was thinking about yesterday. You have the realization that there's no perfection and...

THERRY: That doesn't give you the excuse not to try to become perfect.

PETRA: That what was I was going you still do the best you can with every single...

THERRY: Never use other people's errors as an excuse for you to commit errors. And you should never use the fact that errors exist and will continue to exist as an excuse for you to continue committing errors.

PETRA: So you'd want to try to do everything as perfectly as you can do it?

THERRY: Become perfect if you can with the understanding of forgiveness for there is no perfection. Everything's relative. Therefore perfection comes according to the standards that you have chosen to live by. If you follow Arkashean values then the standard of perfection is according to the laws that are written for Arkashea. If you decide to be Mohammedism then the laws of perfection are written according to the code of Mohammedism. If you decide to be Christian, then the laws of perfection are written, are written in the code of Christianity.

PETRA: But if you align yourselves with things that are empty does that make you too empty? What about...

THERRY: If you align yourself with something empty don't you know nothing more than loneliness?

PETRA: Yeah. But the thing is that even if things are empty just as an empty ritual they still have meaning to the people doing them and therefore they still govern their illusions in a way.

THERRY: But they're not permanent. Of course they do, but they're not permanent fixes.

PETRA: That's true. They're not permanent what?

THERRY: Fixes. You know you hear me an awful lot of times say things against religions. It's not because some religions are the only religion that have done evil to the world. But I think religion in general has done the biggest evil to the world.

PETRA: By taking away responsibility?

THERRY: Yes. It has condemned the world to war and to me that is the biggest evil that can exist.

PETRA: How have they condemned it to war?

THERRY: If you're not responsible for your own actions, then there's no reason for you to show understanding, forgiveness or anything except what you know. There's no reason for you to grow, there's no reason for you to make things better since your own behavior can never condemn you, so you're automatically saved. That one doctrine, "All you need is to believe, that in itself is enough to save you." That one doctrine is the most evil thing that can exist upon the Planet, because now you're no longer responsible for anything that you do. Let somebody else pay for it.

PETRA: So because of that, a lot of people got killed?

THERRY: If there's no death so how can somebody die? Yeah. Death is an illusion. You just cross from one level to another.

PETRA: So the New Covenant didn't exist?

THERRY: No. Akhenaten brought it back to Earth, that's what his Temple of Light was all about.

PETRA: Did Moses also teach Arkashea's way to people that followed him?


PETRA: He taught Judaism?

THERRY: No, he taught survivalism. You can't teach wisdom of a high magnitude to a group of people who can't go beyond basic animalism, survival. Back then, the mentality or the spiritualism of Earth was no higher than that of the animals and the emotions present. I mean hell, it was a common, everyday occurrence to have sex with animals, you didn't matter if it was inter-relationships between your own species or other species, whatever. It was just a matter of course, whatever turns you on was alright and violence was that much higher and disease was phenomenally great. So basically Moses taught survivalism and one of the rules of survivalism is you don't cross-breed between species.

PETRA: Man didn't follow that too well and we have AIDS consequently.

THERRY: Yeah. It'll burn itself out.

PETRA: What? AIDS or humanity?

THERRY: Maybe both. [Laugh]

PETRA: Another thing I was thinking about these past couple of months is I've uhm realized that some of the stuff that you've tried to teach people but how come, you haven't given them any background in the theory of what you were doing. How come?

THERRY: You teach according to the level of a person's ability to understand.

PETRA: 'Cause I'm taking a book...a course on leadership and management and it has a lot of the things that you were trying to teach us. And another thing that's interesting about that too, is just like the things you teach us about patterns of life...because that's what it is, patterns of leadership, I've been seeing...gosh, how can I say this...I guess it's an increased awareness factor but whatever it is, I've been seeing a whole lot of uhm...God I don't know how to say it. I know I've been thinking about it, it's on the edge of my mind.

THERRY: If it's on the tip of your tongue, stick your tongue out to remember it.

PETRA: [Laugh] Recognizing the laws of your illusion is part of what being Arkashean is?

THERRY: Yes, well that's not exactly right but let's just say that the side benefit of being Arkashean is that you come to recognize the laws of your Illusions.

PETRA: And...

THERRY: You've got to be careful because you can't automatically make the assumption that just because somebody recognizes the law of their illusions, that automatically they're Arkashean. That's not true. It's a one-way street.

PETRA: How do you mean it's a one way street? Oh it's not...I see...

THERRY: It's not mutually exclusive or it is mutually exclusive. All Arkasheans do come to recognize the laws of their illusions but not all people who recognize the laws of their illusions are Arkasheans.

PETRA: And it's not necessary or advisable to bring everything to the level of logic when you're interacting with a common person and tell them anything?

THERRY: It would be nice if you could, but unfortunately time doesn't allow it in many circumstances.

PETRA: Well even time allows it, a couple times I've tried it, it hasn't worked out well and then you told me that I wasn't a very good teacher.

THERRY: That's got nothing to do with the statement. Bringing things down to logic has got nothing with you being a good teacher. It has to do with you evaluating and you becoming aware.

PETRA: I don't understand. It seems seems to me the more I see I...I should not say anything of it to people.

THERRY: Correct.

PETRA: And that's because they didn't ask me and I'm not their teacher, right?


PETRA: Or it because it ruins their game?

THERRY: You don't cast pearls before swine.

PETRA: A lot of times it also ruins their game though, right?

THERRY: And yours.

PETRA: And yours. That was the other thing I forgot when I was telling you about Jennifer. I was realizing as you said that Sherie liked to play that game and I wondered if I brought stuff to that level with her that it would've ruined the game because I realized, for me it doesn't ruin the game to understand it. I want to understand everything and take everything apart and dissect it and put it back together and know what I'm doing.

THERRY: That'll keep you on a platonic level.

PETRA: It will? All the time?

THERRY: All the time.

PETRA: Now how come?

THERRY: Because it's logical and obviously to have meaning to a relationship you have to have emotions there. Analyzing and emotions don't stay in the same place at the same time. They're opposite ends of the continuum. Until you create the Royal Circle, they're in two different places.

PETRA: The Royal Circle is that coming together by the continuum so that would mean what, when everybody joins or something?

THERRY: No, they are various levels of the Grand Awakening. Every time you've had an "ah-hah" experience it was one level or one more level of a Grand Awakening.


THERRY: It was not just as grand as grand can be.

PETRA: But when I'm with Peter, I could still...when we were making love, I could still make love with him and dissect everything that we did as a pattern. Is that just 'cause he's Arkashean too and he accepts that and that's what he wants to do? It didn't take any of the joy out of it for me. I mean I could sit there and have him do stuff, of course that took some of the joy out for him! [Laugh]