Arkashean Q&A Session -- 105

BRIGIT: I don't understand the concept of that one can already be a Brothers of the Chain, but one still has to become one? Are there two different paths to becoming a Brother of the Chain?

THERRY: no, there are some people that descend unto this plane of existence as a brother of the chain. Their basic job is to help the residents of earth to understand the ways of the Universe. Their second job is to gather the initiates who are worthy and induct them to the ways of the brothers of the chain.

BRIGIT: What is the Great Hall of Lights?

THERRY: It is a level of existence upon and within the highest level of energy (the 9th plane of existence) within the earth experience. Eventually with time all resident life forms of the earth experience will spend some time there.

BRIGIT: What is the City of Lights? Is this the same as the Great Hall of lights?

THERRY: No, the city of Lights is a place within the Hall of lights it is like one huge area inside of building that is even more huge.

BRIGIT: Why is Maya called the Cocoon of Maya? Is it because it envelops humans all around?

THERRY: No, the Cocoon of Maya is like a shell that turns a worm into a butterfly in our case it turns fallen angels into humans , so that the human can work on their inviolabilities which will allow him to return to the singularity from which he came.

BRIGIT: Is the Grand Maya the same thing as the Maya?

THERRY: Yes, if we consider that the cocoon of Maya is made up of different levels the grant Maya is the highest level. It is the last barrier that shields residents of the earth experience from Orthodontics.

BRIGIT: I always defined Maya as the Earth Experience. Is this correct or is it more accurate to define it as the Illusion of the Earth Experience?

THERRY: Both are correct.

BRIGIT: I noticed that you made a distinction between a cycle of life and cycle of lives (plural). Is a cycle of life the same thing as a sojourn? Or is it merely one reincarnational life experience?

THERRY: Yes. They are both the same.

BRIGIT: Does the cycle of lives refer to the concept of sojourns in the plural? Or does that refer to the whole concept of reincarnation cycles.

THERRY: In different ways it refers to both. The cycle of lives plural is the reincarnation of a life form within a single journey. The cycle of life single is the different facets and the different stages that that life form goes through as he grows.

BRIGIT: What is the Rule of the Flesh? (Does it mean indulging in the worldly at the expense of the spiritual?)

THERRY: Yes. Remember their is a twin path one path leads down, deeper into the illusion of life, while the other path leads upward towards the illusion of spirituality.

BRIGIT:. I read that there are 7 paths that lead out of reality that follow the delta, the Dao.... What are these seven paths?

THERRY: For now you really don't need to know. You have enough trouble dealing with the twin paths that you are on.

BRIGIT: In the lexicon it says that knowledge is not transferable. So when someone has memories from a past life, are those memories "wisdom" or "knowledge." Like if someone remembers another language from another lifetime.

THERRY: Wisdom.

BRIGIT: Who are the ancients? Does that term refer to the ancient Lemurians and Atlantians or the Titans?

THERRY: All three.

BRIGIT: Did the Titans precede the Lemurians and Atlantians?

THERRY: Yes. First it was the Titans then it became Lemurians then it became Atlantis. Then it became the world as we know it today.

BRIGIT: Are Other World Teachers the same as "Mystical Travelers"??


BRIGIT: Initially when reading the Lexicon I understood that there are double gates of Isis/Anubis on lots of levels ---from in/out of a plane of existence, to in/out of the Earth Experience, in/outside of creation. Was that accurate or am I misconstruing something?

THERRY: Well the better way to view at it is that the cocoon of Maya has many, many levels. Each level is plane of existence that holds different limits for the abilities of the life forms of the earth experience. Each level has a double gate One may not enter without the alliance of the rule and may not exit until all karma in that level is not equalized.

BRIGIT: What does the Godhead refer to?

THERRY: Lets save that for a later day.

BRIGIT: I understand the Asphyx to be the angel of death. Is the Asphyx the same as Anubis?

THERRY: No/ but yes. The Asphyx of the angel of death is synonymous with Ptoh (The force that cuts /ends the illusion ...the dream of the now.)

BRIGIT: What is the Ruby of Life? Is this the same as Isis?

THERRY: No, Isis is the grace that grants life. Ptoh is the grace that measures the span and the quality of life and Anubis is the grace that cuts the thread of life. The Ruby of Life refers to the powers and the ability of the force that we call Isis.

BRIGIT: I read in one section of the Lexicon that the Six Points of Power are various threads of honor. But then somewhere else in the Lexicon it referred to the Six Points of Power in a totally different way. (Can't remember the other definition...) What is the other definition of the Six Points of power? And how do these two definitions (if there are indeed two different meanings) fit into one another?

THERRY: First you have to go read your self. I cannot give you information that you can get for yourself. Secondly The Six Points of Power and their nemesis is repeated on each level of existence, in each face of a persons life up to an including the process of reincarnation.

BRIGIT: What is the Coat of Skin?

THERRY: The Coat of Skin is the cover of all the life forms within the earth experience; in our case it is the skin and bones that supports the human ... that shields the internal organs.

BRIGIT: In what sense can Death be considered a continuum? From the standpoint of reincarnational life cycles, of dying and living again in another lifetime?

THERRY: While there is no actual proof scientifically but based on a few scientific laws and imperial observation we can see the following;

1. According to science energy cannot be created and can not be destroyed it can only be transformed. That law also governs the energy of life;

BRIGIT: If we observe the flowers in the fileds we noticed that at the end of the winter cycle, when appear that death has layed a heavy hand on the foliage, we can see that comes spring the foliage can give blooms and lives for another life time until their death comes again come winter and the cycle repeats itself.

If we can observe all of this things in nature and in science why can we not infer that those same laws which we observe in nature also apply to us... since we too are part of nature.

BRIGIT: What is the difference between a "dimension," "plane of existence" and "level"? Are any of these terms synonymous?

THERRY: They are subsets of one another such as a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

  1. Dimensions: the important dimension for us is our own dimension... the carbon dimension

  2. The carbon dimension is divided into many levels that we call Galaxies

  3. Galaxies are in turn also divided which we call solar systems ... or star systems

  4. Solar systems are then divided into planets ... some of which are host to different life forms.

This same pattern also exits on a smaller scale within the psychological nature of each life form that resides upon its native planets

BRIGIT: What are Alpha, Beta, Theta, etc.? Are they dimensions or planes of existence or what?

THERRY: They are planes of existence.

BRIGIT: What's the relationship between the "Alpha" body and "Alpha" the "Beta" body and "Beta" etc.?

THERRY: There is a lexicon entry called the borrowed body that will explain that.