Arkashean Q&A Session -- 106

TARA: How does one become a Brother of the Chain? And what happens when you are.

THERRY: Reincarnation through rebirth and this life will be to find'll be the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. You will go through living your life of...every trick that can be had, will be had. You will be given every opportunity to screw up as often as you can. If you take the opportunity and obviously you're not quite ready to submit yourself to The All, but if you are, then life is not going to be able to grab you. Whatever you find yourself in because of the training of your parents at a certain stage in your life, you'll leave. You'll won't matter to you and it doesn't matter how much money you have or how much what. Nothing will matter from that life. Once you reach that certain stage in life, then you're ready. Then you'll spend the rest of your life quietly without any fanfare, helping others. Then you will die again and after having passed through the gate the second time as a spiritual person, then once you're on the other side, you'll be indoctrinated as a Brother of the Chain. And from that point onwards, you belong to the Universe, you do not belong to this Earth.

Out of love for your own species, you will want to spend your life helping others rather than helping yourself. You will go through the birth process again and once you reach approximately 30, 32, depending, whatever, around that, a change will happen inside of you. Up until that age, it's playtime. And then once you go through that special age or special time, something will happen inside of you. You'll go through a metamorphosis, the same way as butterflies...or caterpillars turn into butterflies etc. You'll go through a metamorphosis and from that time on, regardless of what you want, you will find that you no longer have any freewill. You're one time goal for everything will be in service of The All, in which case, you won't care where you live, you won't care how you live, you won't care about anything that belongs to Earth. The only thing that you'll care about is silently helping others. You'll be in the service of your species.

Now, the funny thing is that, while you will be primarily be wanting to help the species, you won't preach. In order to order for anyone to get any answers, they have to cajole you to talk. You have to actually go and ask a direct question. If they don't ask a direct question, you won't say anything, you'll leave them alone, you'll ignore them. You know, you'll be cordial but you'll leave them alone. But once they ask you a question, then suddenly you'll find that you're in possession of wisdom that you never thought you would've had. You won't know where it comes from, but you will know it is not you talking. But it doesn't matter what the question is, you'll have the answers for them and you will know that it is not you, that it is the spiritual teacher that indoctrinated you into the Brotherhood of the Chain that is speaking. On this level, it's sort of like channeling but it's not quite what this crap channeling that they're espousing. And if somebody comes up and thanks you, you'll feel funny. It's like, you didn't earn that thanks, they shouldn't be thanking you. And if somebody even thinks of offering you money, you'd be highly insulted.

The thing being, it's a genuine thing where you really truly belong to the Universe and all of your specie. You'll discover that, that there's no such thing as Italians, no such thing as Jews, no Irishmen, religion or ethnics just don't exist anymore. The only thing that you will see is with your heart and you won't use your eyes anymore. It will be a sensing and all you will see is a member of your species that is somewheres along the Continuum of Life. Where he is or where she is, is unimportant but you will come to recognize that she or he is what he is because of the position along the Continuum of Love. And you will also come to know that the only difference between your level and their level is time - time and experience, the only difference. So you won't have these feelings of "Alright! I'm this big lump of shit!" Those who claim that and those who claim the power, it's just an ego trip. Basically they...if wisdom was dynamite, they wouldn't be able to blow their nose. Those who really possess it, they shut up about it. They don't make it like you have to go to them to get answers. And even then, they will only answer the question, then they'll shut up. That's what a Brother of the Chain is.

CARLA: That's what a "what" is?

THERRY: Brother of the Chain. Her question is, "What is the Brothers of the Chain?" and "How do you become a Brother of the Chain?"

TARA: There are seven, is that correct?

THERRY: Yeah, I answered that.

TARA: I didn't hear.

THERRY: I can't repeat it.

TARA: Does that physically mean seven (7)?

THERRY: I can't repeat that.

TARA: 'Cause what confuses me, if I understand what you just said, it's a process along the Continuum.

THERRY: Well, the Brothers of the Chain didn't come down to Earth via the same avenue.

TARA: So everyone's experience is different?

THERRY: Yes. See the average individual...uhh, when you return to New York, in her book read the "What, If, But." This will give you a...while it is inaccurate in some areas, it's good enough to give you an idea of avenues of descent. And I'd say, better than 99% of people on Planet Earth came down via Maya. The Brothers of the Chain don't come down via that channel, so they're "among but not of."

TARA: So then, few are actually Brothers of the Chain?

THERRY: Very few.

TARA: So is it an aligning with...?

THERRY: I don't think you can really call it "aligning" so much as it's a "becoming." You can't really say "you are" because you're not. You always have been. So you can't can't say, "Well, I remember when!" You can't because it's not there. The days when you may have been human, those days don't exist.

TARA: This is sophomoric - how do do you know? I mean, you said, you have...

THERRY: Again, you're missing so much from the point of reality, so it's a little difficult to explain. It sounds like gobbly gook, but the only thing I can tell you is, whooof! You know! As a matter of fact, the better question there would be to ask those who are here, why are they here? And how do they know why they're here? One thing I know for sure, I don't care who the person is, they can not enter this envelope without being changed, even if they leave and they desire to never come back, they will still have been changed.

TARA: From my sense of my experience, it happened before I came, that's why I came.

THERRY: That's because you came on another level.

TARA: When I spoke with you? I feel as though what's been happening has been happening for a very, very long time and I didn't know what to make of it at all.

THERRY: I wouldn't worry about it. Just dismiss it and go about your life as normal. Whatever will happen will happen regardless of what you want anyway, so...

TARA: Well that's exactly what it feels like.

THERRY: Yeah. So it's a...I wouldn't put thought about it. You're simply having to be trapped in the current and...

TARA: It's not...

THERRY: ...the Universe is a little bit stronger than any of us. So to sit there and fight it, it's a waste of time. The only thing is that you will discover that when you hear a whole lot of people talking about spiritual this and spiritual that, you'll be a little bit offended inside of yourself because it' hold it sacred. You just don't want to talk about it in that way. I mean it's not Sunday brunch, "Alright! What'd you do today?" (Laugh)

CARLA: (Laugh)

THERRY: You know, it's not that type of thing. But if you learned enough, you'll keep your mouth shut and let them play whatever game they choose to play and it will develop naturally. And when you're ready, you'll discover that you have to make contact with your door, otherwise you won't feel right. And the important thing there is that when you meet whoever shall serve as your door and in your case, you already have...when you meet them, you can't go too long without them tracking through your mind and the communication that you have between the person who serves as your door and you is going to be a communication that is totally unlike communications you have with anybody else. The feelings are going to be totally separate. You'll have feelings that won't make any sense and you won't know why. The only thing you will know is that you will hold you it's special. You won't really want to talk about it to anyone. Sometimes you'll find yourself slightly angry and you won't know why. And if you search it, it will usually be because someone or some situation has offended your sensibilities of something that you find sacred. But it'll pass. But in time, you will want to change your whole life to adapt to what you call a greater wisdom. Then there comes the danger. People get lost in earth politics and they begin this bullshit about idolizing the teacher, whoever your teacher happens to be and that's the biggest mistake you can ever make because growth will stop. Never, never, never idolize the teacher because he's just another schmuck like you are.

CARLA: [Chuckle]

THERRY: Just an earthling. Instead, anything that's sacred comes from the other side. That's what you pay homage to - the wisdom, the love, not the schmuck who delivered it. He's just a long distance radio call.

TARA: You said I've met my teacher...the door.

THERRY: That'll become evident to you 'cause there's no need for me to voice it. It'll become evident to you automatically.

TARA: What I get conflicted about is, I think what I do is a service and I'm not sure if it is a work is my service...

THERRY: It'll iron itself out.

TARA: It will?

THERRY: You will discover within yourself what is right for you and you will follow it. If you decide that your excessive ego is more important, you'll be wrong! So what? You wouldn't be the first one. But if your excessive ego doesn't get in the way, you will know what is right for you. You will know what the Universe wants from you. You won't want any self-styled preacher to sit there and start telling you what to do.

TARA: If fits a pattern of feeling like uhm...I think the sense of achievement gives me a sense of finally that I want something that I'm not willing to be a part of.

THERRY: Well it may be true that many people as they get closer to their point of spirituality, they walk away from the rest of the world. Then you can't have it both ways. The big-ness about it is that while everybody starts thinking about you as boring, you've got to be careful about not making any judgments against anyone regardless of their lifestyle because the only difference between you and them is time.

TARA: In terms of that, it'''re referring to how others will then view me?

THERRY: And what you view of others. Remember, the closer you become to the true light of spirituality, the more you will have wisdom and understanding that you didn't have before. So therefore you'll be able to see things that you didn't see before. As such, you'll be able to recognize things that you couldn't recognize before. And the difficulty is, it's possible to have a tendency to judge others and you shouldn't. Just because you have a new light or a new set of eyes to see with, nobody died and left you God that you should start judging them. Whatever wisdom that you see was wisdom to help you understand, forgive and love and charity begins at home. Of all things, be patient. The three magic words that you need more as you grow is, "understand, forgive and love." That's the highest triunity you'll find upon planet earth. And it's also the most powerful. It will set you free, while all things else will trap you.

CARLA: Understand, forgive, love?

THERRY: And the first one you must understand is yourself. The first one you must forgive is yourself, etc., etc. Because if you can't do it to yourself, you can't do it to anybody else either.

TARA: Is that the reason that I have felt more soft towards Paul?

CARLA: Tara, I'm recording if you can speak just a little bit louder.

THERRY: She's recording it. Just think, your voice will be in posterity....posterior? Something like that.


TARA: 'Cause I was questioning it myself. I mean, I ...

THERRY: Don't question it. It's a waste of time.

TARA: Just do it, just do it.

THERRY: Just follow it. Just follow your heart and do what you know is right. Never do or say anything that you within yourself feel is wrong and then everything else will take care of itself.

TARA: You asked me the question of why I sent him the gift and you said, "Do you want to have something to do with him?" Remember earlier?

MARIA:: Oh, you're talking about your friend?

TARA: Yeah. And I said that I didn't feel like I really wanted to have a relationship with him but at the same time I wasn't as angry with him. I don't trust him and I really don't want to be near him. But I don't...I don't have that overwhelming venom and he is who he is and that's the level...

MARIA:: I just thought that after so many times you telling me what an evil bastard you think he is and you cut it off...all of sudden you send him a gift...if somebody did that with me, I would think that they were saying, "Okay, I'm open to seeing you again."

THERRY: But there's another possibility.

MARIA:: What?

THERRY: Bury the hatchet. Just don't bury it in the head.

TARA: Yeah. That's what I keep saying. I don't...I don't think that putting myself that close to him is wise...

MARIA:: Right.

TARA: ... because he has this need to bury the hatchet in my head.

JIMMY: Literally.

TARA: Literally.

THERRY: It's alright, obviously for some reason he feels there's an unresolved conflict. Let him play his own games, you play it safe and leave him be! Remember the law, "You can use the greatness of your own heart to forgive others the pain or the imagined pain done to you, in so doing, it is you who are forgiven, not they, 'cause Karma forgives nothing."

TARA: So it's not about what I want to do, it's about my own journey? My own...

THERRY: Every individual is composed to two inner world and the outer world. They are very heavily connected to the Holy Path and the unholy path. Uhm, whatever happens with you has to do with you. Everybody else, everywhere, are nothing more than pawns to give you the opportunity to screw up. If you take the opportunity, well you have to come back and undo the harm that you did. A pawn is not necessary to them or against them, it's against you because each individual in his own way is the representative of his own specie. The specie is one, so whatever you do to others, basically you're doing it to yourself and that's what forgiveness means. So whatever emotions you have towards someone, other than them playing games with it, it's not affecting them at all, it's only affecting you.

TARA: It's paying rent in my head certainly.

THERRY: Sure, there's nothing so pleasurable for some people than building castles in the sand, moving in and letting the psychiatrist collect the rent. As you grow spiritually whiles you'll discover there is an automatic barrier between your inner world and the outer world, every now and then we invite too much of the outer world in, then we play too many games. But after a while, we smarten up. Then we don't let the affairs of the outer world upset our tranquility. You become a chameleon. You may change according to the necessities of the time, according to the games that you play in your outer world but your inner world stays stable. It's all an illusion, it's doesn't matter. You'll still play the games.

TARA: Right.

THERRY: But they just won't affect you.

TARA: So is the... is the upset...?

THERRY: The upset is part of the game...

TARA: part of the charade as well?

THERRY: Yeah, sure. Usually you're placing values on people, things and places that you shouldn't. Remember, moment by moment as time goes by, it changes you, to such a thing that you can't even own yourself, so much less can you therefore own something else. But we like to play the game "it's mine." In time people smarten up. In the meantime, just think of all the fun they're having. They play sick, doctor, kill, bored. Oh they're having lots of fun. But wait until they come to pay the price, then it'll be a different story.

TARA: So is the illusion the part where I partake in that?

THERRY: No, the illusion is when you say it's yours. I don't remember the Creator ever giving you a bill of sale, do you? I'd like to see that.

CARLA: [Laugh]

THERRY: So if you don't have a bill of sale, I don't see how you can claim it's yours. They simply loan it to you for awhile.

TARA: Okay.

THERRY:...and you're going to have to account for what you did with what you had. Nothing's for free.

TARA: Well, I guess...what I'm questioning is, is it wise to take it on a rental basis?

THERRY: Uhh, I can't take that judgment. You're the only one that can make that one.

TARA: That's...that's what the struggle is because I'm not sure that's the service part.

THERRY: Well, you have to bear in mind when you descended into earth, you went through a specific type of agreement called the Alliance of the Rule. And only your higher self knows what was written there. Because it and it alone will limit ultimately the sets of experiences that you're going to have on planet earth. Now because of whatever may or may not have been written in the Alliance of the Rule, you don't have a hell of lot of choice of what your experiences are going to be. You already wrote your recipe. You used your Freewill to create a Predestiny. And I don't care what you try to do, you're not going to change that. The only thing you're going to do is scream a lot and do it over.

CARLA: [Chuckle]

THERRY: But for some people that's fun.

TARA: So I can stay doing what I'm doing or cut the soles off my shoes, climb a tree and play a flute, it doesn't matter?

THERRY: No it doesn't matter. In the end you're going to do exactly what it is you've agreed to do. So it's not a case of doing or not doing it, so much as how much pain do you want to accrue along the way and how many times you want to do it over. 'Cause you're not going to get out of here until you're just as pure as you were when you came in.

TARA: It's going to be a long...

THERRY: Everything that you do, every thought that you have, it changes you.

TARA: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: ...and the Tallyman is very good at keeping a record.

TARA: But now so am I.

THERRY: Oh no! The record you keep is very faulty compared to the Tallyman. It has a memory that is so far-reaching that's it's unreal. It has a record of you of the very, very first time you were born. It's still there, that's not within your memory. The Tallyman is the Golden Scribe called Karma. So everything that you have done with all your experiences, it doesn't matter how many lives, they're all there and you ain't getting out of this circus until you've paid the price. So, basically that's it.