Arkashean Q&A Session -- 107

TARA: So is that why my sense of wanting to end this period is so strong?

THERRY: Well, perhaps it's because somewhere's you think, if you start over you stand a better chance.

TARA: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Sorry, it's doesn't work that way. 'Cause if you try to run away, the only thing you're going to do is enter in the in-between time. 'Cause you're not going to leave here until your time is over. It is written in the Alliance of the Rule that you have a very specific measure of time for each life and it don't much matter what you try, you ain't going to change that. So if it is within the Alliance of the Rule that this life you're here for three thousand years and if you decide to end it fifty years from now, so the rest of the time you're going to spend in the hell of your own thoughts, but you still ain't leaving. There are no short cuts and nothing is for free.

TARA: So if I do not allow my impulses to react and I...

THERRY: You'd be a whole lot better off.

TARA: And I stay...

THERRY: You'd be a whole lot better off. That's the easy way, to decide to stay according to the length that is there. Let time and nature take you to the other side. It's better at it from there. 'Cause if you try to take the easy way, what you think is the easy way, by leaving sooner, ain't no way.

TARA: I don't know if I really believe that it's easier. I...I have the sense that it's what's supposed to be.

THERRY: Uh-uh. No, that's not the way it's written.

TARA: Or maybe it's...or perhaps it's just anticipation about my sense of something else...

THERRY: Is coming...that may be...

TARA: Better than...

THERRY: Yeah, but you can't get there early.

TARA: Yeah I want dessert before you know...

THERRY: But it don't work that way, you can't get there early.

TARA: I may be right, but that's not the way to get it.

THERRY: You can't get there early.

TARA: Oh, okay. I gotcha. So I have to stand in the waiting room. [Chuckle]

THERRY: Exactly.

TARA: Right.

THERRY: And the waiting room is what we call the in-between time and it is hell.

TARA: Right.

THERRY: You can't get there early. You can't storm the gates. They cannot be stormed. For people who decide, "Hell, I'm getting off this place!" They haven't gotten off. The only thing they've done is lost the ability to move and the experiences that they are having are far worse than what they would've had had they stayed 'cause they're simply caught in the hell of their own thoughts. And if that ain't bad enough, in addition to that you have to go through the suicide loop. That's ---forget it! The moment that is the most frightening is the moment that you relive over and over and over and you can't get out of it until finally you have truly learned that that is not the way.

TARA: Could I be doing that now?

THERRY: No, because the suicide loop only lasts for three or four split seconds of time and you just live that over and over and over again. The only thing that you might be living now is the anticipation of getting a new start, so let's hurry. 'Cause you're not exactly long on patience. You have a way of, "Now!" And one of the things that you have to learn is, take it easy, little girl, take it easy. Everything in its own time. It doesn't matter how much you watch the soup boil, you ain't going to hurry it up. Soup is soup and if you watch the soup it seems like it doesn't boil. Nothing is for free. Nothing! I haven't even started thinking of credit cards.

TARA: [Laugh]

THERRY: You take away the physical but you're still on the physical.

CARLOS: So if you would've started this time around, this could be the beginning. But then you would begin the loop in other words, so you'd have to deal with it?

THERRY: Well, first of all, you have to wait the time that you're supposed to be here. When it is that time, then you would start the suicide loop. So instead of getting out, the only thing you've managed to do is wait around three times as long because the suicide loop can last hundreds of thousands of years, however long it takes for you to realize that's not the way to do things. Life is sacred, you don't throw it away.

MARIA: How does uhm, attempting suicide...

THERRY: Well I don't think it's a case of attempting suicide from the point of view of attempting suicide. Usually it's an accident...

CARLOS: It would be like everybody giving you the silent treatment.

THERRY: Yeah 'cause they won't see you.

CARLOS: But you'd be for lack of a better word, wandering around like a ghost?

THERRY: Yeah. Very few people would be able to see you and be able to communicate with you. The overall physical, they just won't see you.

CARLOS: So if I killed myself tomorrow and Tara choked herself tomorrow, she could or I could in whatever state that is, be aware of everyone at this table the next day, but everyone at the table wouldn't be aware of them?

THERRY: Yeah, the only thing that you have done is lost your physical body, but you're still on the physical level, however, you cannot be aware of anything that is in the future of the act of committing suicide. You would simply wander in pain, but there would be no-one there to hear you or see you. You would be in the hell of your own thoughts until your scheduled time for death occurs, then you enter the suicide loop. You do not leave and go to the other side until a lot of time has passed. And then suddenly when you decide to leave you find yourself in the suicide loop. And the way that works is that the moment of time that is the most horrible, you're trapped in it and you can't get out of it. You live those, you live and relive those few split seconds over and over. For some people who jump, it's the moment of looking over. For some other people, it's the actual fall. For some other people, it's the moment of contact when you splatter and you're in a loop and you don't get out until you have truly learned that that is not the way to go. There are things that are just no-nos. And it doesn't matter how much we scream, yell or whatever, the Creator, the Creative Forces don't give two shits about any of its creations. It's created according to law and by law you will abide.

MARIA: Do you have help from Other World Teachers in this loop?


MARIA: When you...'cause when you say that this...

THERRY: No, you threw away the opportunities for aid when you entered the suicide loop.

MARIA: But how do you learn then when you're in this nightmarish, continuous state?

THERRY: When the pain is big enough, you change.

MARIA: You change of your own volition?

THERRY: You have no choice, that's the law. When the pain gets big enough, you'll change.

MARIA: Okay. It sounded like you're stuck.

THERRY: And when change is sufficient, then the loop will break itself. Then you'll find yourself right back in the exact situation that caused the loop to begin with, only worse. And then you will see if you will repeat it.

MARIA: It's some sort of Automatic Pilot?

THERRY: Automatic. Nothing's for free.

MARIA: That takes over like a memory of it.

THERRY: Yeah, Predestiny takes over.

MARIA: I'm saying in order not to repeat it, isn't there some sort of Automatic Pilot so...

THERRY: Well, primarily you're dealing with understanding and patience. The willingness to last it out may not be pleasant but you're here anyway, so you might as well make the best of it ...or the best of a bad situation 'cause you can't get out anyway. And the...and for the next three lives after that you have trickledown or cross-overs.

MARIA: Is it common for entities, people to repeat suicides over and over?


MARIA: 'Cause it's just so painful?

THERRY: The pain of a suicide loop is such that...while in all of the years that my memory serves, no one has done it twice.


THERRY: No-one. It's that terrible.

MARIA: Could you, could you become an oblivionite from repeating it?


MARIA: It's that bad.

THERRY: Yeah, the second time is an automatic guarantee that you'd be an oblivionite. You would lose ...the term oblivionite means you lose all human kindred and you fall one step in the continuum of life. You go down to the next specie. But life doesn't end because you can't destroy energy, you only convert it. And if you're lucky enough you can keep doing it until you can even become a bug of your favorite specie.

MARIA: Inky binky spider!

TARA: I'd be the moth continuously flying into the flame.


THERRY: It doesn't end, it doesn't end.

CARLOS: You said that very few people would be able to see you.

THERRY: Very few people would have the ability to communicate with a ghost.

CARLOS: But if it wasn't a teacher because you lost that right, then who would be communicating with you? All of the mediums and what-not that claim to be able to contact the ghosts?

THERRY: Well, the percentage of them are just hot wind.

CARLOS: Right.

THERRY: But there are some that are valid and they would be able to see you, but they wouldn't be able to communicate with you. They could evoke your presence and thus hear the banshee, but they couldn't really communicate with you. I mean you couldn't sit there and have a conversation like, "Hey, Frank, what've you been doing for a couple of days?" None of that happens.

CARLOS: They couldn't pass messages along to people that you've been trying to communicate with and vice versa.

THERRY: No, that's forbidden. That's séance stuff.

CARLOS: Right.

THERRY: Charlatanism.

CARLOS: So it's really, it's really...

THERRY: 'Cause the true communication in terms of passing messages or something like that is done to the individual themselves. You don't need a third party, it's a case where the disincarnate somehow appears to the person and you just know. That's the way communication exists between the two borders.

JIMMY: You're talking that would be like uhm...with your knowledge or abilities, how long would you say someone's energy, after they've left their body...?

THERRY: Depends on the strength of their strong emotions.

JIMMY: Okay, so it could be for awhile then?

THERRY: Yeah, it could be for years and years and years.

JIMMY: Okay.

CARLA: Are you just talking about suicides or anybody who dies, they can't communicate with...So I mean all of these things of people communicating with the dead and getting messages, it's all malarkey? Or were you just talking about suicide?

THERRY: Well, the majority of it is, it's just hot wind. It's good business.

JIMMY: Now we've experienced certain things with the dead. I'm a true believer in it and...

THERRY: Yeah but what we're talking about is, you going to a medium and...

JIMMY: Oh no, I don't believe in that.

THERRY: That's bullshit.

JIMMY: I don't believe in that. I'm talking what happened...but we would say certain things and it would go off again...

THERRY: Yeah, you'd know.

JIMMY: So it was very bizarre.

THERRY: But anyone who tries to storm the gates, they lose all abilities. They're caught in the hell of their own thoughts.

CARLOS: Well then it' seems that storming the gate would be uhh...if it was also going to cut you adrift not only from your human form but also from anybody who was going to help you as a teacher, that's about as...

THERRY: Well you have...

CARLOS: ...big a mistake that you could possibly make.

THERRY: From the human point, yes. But you have to bear in mind that every specie and every form of life have their own teachers. So while it is correct to make the statement that you would be cut off from teachers, that statement implies that you would be caught off from human teachers.

CARLOS: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Well if you were headed, like say, your next specie was a cockroach, well suddenly you'd see a cockroach talking at you or drinking coffee or whatever and say, "Hey man, what's up?" You know, you've got troubles.

CARLA: [Laugh]

TARA: 'Cause that means you're already an oblivionite.

THERRY: Right!

CARLOS: But don't you...

THERRY: Either that or you've gone a little bit looney.

TARA: Took too much acid!

CARLOS: But in that...but in that state, right after having committed suicide, you're neither, aren't you?


CARLOS: You're sort of in a neverland?

THERRY: Well first, it depends of how long of a period you were supposed to maintain that particular life.

CARLOS: That's what I mean, up until that period.

THERRY: Say for instance, you were supposed to live until 40 and you decided to pop off at 20. Well, you've got 20 years of being ignored.

CARLOS: Being what?

THERRY: Ignored.


THERRY: And really wishing terribly that you weren't ignored. You'll try everything.

CARLOS: But that cockroach teacher hasn't taught you for 20 years either.

THERRY: He ain't going to start talking to you until after the suicide loop.

CARLOS: Now would you have communication with the other however many energies have made the same mistake?


CARLOS: Isn't that like belonging to a club that you wouldn't want to belong to?

TARA: The suicide club...

THERRY: No, there's no duplications.

CARLOS: No, okay. So you're literally...

THERRY: Alone.

CARLOS: ...flying solo.

THERRY: Total solo.

TARA: No-one ever finds that desire?

THERRY: Never have that I've known it.

CARLOS: Not if they ever do it twice I guess.

THERRY: Those who have done it twice were never around. If they were any such things, to my knowledge they never have because the law states that you lose all human kindred the second time around.

CARLOS: Now so far...

THERRY: So to my knowledge, no-one has ever done it twice.

CARLOS: Now so far we've been talking about humans getting into that loop...

THERRY: See I haven't been here very long. I've only been here since the beginning of planet earth.

CARLOS: Well, that's not very long.

THERRY: That's not very long and in all that time they've never done it twice.