Arkashean Q&A Session -- 111

PATRICK: Oh, so I'm starting on this page. "Duality became matter which was animated, possessed of both Life Force and Mind Force. And matter which was not animated, possessed of Life Force, but not Mind Force,. Triunity became the Life Force, the Mind Force and the parents. If we remember the picture diagram, we will discover that this is the first time during the descent that Mind Force was introduced. Up until this point, there was only law involved in the Creation of all things. However, because there was only law, the Second Law of Creation, the Creation of the one is in itself the implication of the creation of the other, was unfulfilled. The further requirements of the Second Law of Creation required that Creation created a force which was more than just a law, Mind, but it didn't stop there. With the Creation of Mind, came independent thoughts on all levels, which possessed Mind. Individuality came into being. Then with Individuality came the need for something that was more than just thoughts. Emotions came into being. With the pairings of thoughts and emotions, still a new creation came into being, the Claim to Uniqueness. The trap was almost complete.

SHELBY: Can I look at that map again?

PATRICK: Uh-hmmm.

SHELBY: Oh, that's a different map.

PATRICK: Which one?

SHELBY: This one, this one. Why in the world, when it says no Mind Force under where it's three, why is it just two then, why is that third one even mentioned if it's not existent?

THERRY: Because the law states that it must be Triune in its effects.

SHELBY: But if there's no Mind Force involved in it?

THERRY: There's more in Creation than simply just Mind Force. Are you familiar with what a Continuum is?

SHELBY: Kind of.

THERRY: A Continuum is a creation that is utilized, it's used in Creation, then it's changed just a little, tiny bit, then it's used again. Then it's changed a little bit more and then it's used again and the process continues such that if you look at any two changes that are very close to one another, you almost can't tell the difference. But if you look at two changes which are far apart from one another, all of those minute changes have added up and now there's a big difference between them...

SHELBY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: ...such that as you grow further and further and further apart from the two points, they end up on both ends which are totally opposite.

SHELBY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: And what you're saying there is an example. You look at the three points of one side as opposed to the three points of the other side, you're seeing that minute change in the points of that Continuum.

SHELBY: Now, I noticed it's different. I was just wondering why it was a point still.

THERRY: It is. It's one more point along the Continuum. That difference is the difference between one point to the next point, you have a little bit of Creation...

SHELBY: Oh, I see. It's just to show that there's a difference?

THERRY: Right, you change it a little bit, then you re-use it. Only in this particular level, that change is called Mind Force. Mind Force wasn't there before. See, you change it and you put Mind Force into it and now you use it again. Then you change it again, you bring in Individuality, then it changed again and you bring in Emotions. Then it changed again, so it's part of a Continuum of Creation.

SHELBY: It's a factor in whatever that effect is, you mean?


SHELBY: The fact that there's no Mind Force is a factor at that point?

THERRY: Yes, it makes a big difference between one point along the Continuum as opposed to the next point along the Continuum.

SHELBY: So if you just have the two points that are instead of one that says, "None."

THERRY: You can't have two points's against the law.

SHELBY: It won't have the same effect?

THERRY: The law of Creation says that "All which exists must be Dual in its nature and Triune in its effects." Now that law becomes very important later on, very important, especially in the Creation of life as we know it. That is....that law is the basic from the power from the Broken Cross, which we'll deal with later.

PATRICK: "As you will remember, on the Fifth River of Creation, the Fifth Manifestation of Creation, the level wherein the fates created the Continuum of all life forms according to Repeating Patterns, the Chi became animated matter, matter which became possessed of both Mind Force and Life Force. Duality became the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. Triunity became the Male, that which gives the seed of life, the Female, that which receives the seed of life, the Bi-sexual, that which is self-contained in that it has both within itself and the Neuter, that which has neither the Male nor the Female. If you look closely at this Fifth River, the River of Diversity, the diversity of life itself, we can see there is not too much of a difference between the two ends of the Continuum in question. The Duality where one end is the Plant Kingdom and the other end is the Animal Kingdom, both have Life Force, both have Mind Force, however, limited. And both have mobility, again however limited. The similarity continues into the Triunity factor as well. Both have the Male and the Female, both have the Neuter and both have a form of Bi-Sexual life." We'd better stop there, cause otherwise we're on the Sixth.

THERRY: I think you'd better look at the map.

SHELBY: The map of the Fifth...

PATRICK: Yeah the map of the... "As you will remember, on the sixth Manifestation from Figure 6, the River of Mind, the Chi became the life form we call the Animal Kingdom. Duality became birth by eggs and live birds. Triunity became the Male, the Female and the Bi-Sexual. Again, as we follow the Path of Creation downwards, the path which leads us to the Creation of the species called Man, we come upon the branch where we must choose between being born live or being born in an egg. Obviously, we follow the live birds. If we look closely at the Sixth River of Creation, we see that there's little difference between the patterns of the opposite ends of the Continuum, both have the Male, both have the Female and both have the potential for being Bi-Sexual. As we look at the patterns as we descend, we find that as we go deeper into the Maya, the more things change, the more they remain the same. And finally as you will remember from Figure 7, we arrive at the Seventh and final River of Creation, the River of Man."

JADE: The more things change, the more things remain the same?

THERRY: You'd have to look at the graphs.


PATRICK: "On the Seventh Manifestation of Creation, the Chi becomes the Unity of live births, all life forms which are born alive, the Species Man is but one of them is included. Duality became the Male and the Female, Triunity became Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual and Homosexual. And it came to pass that we, a spiritual being departed from the First Manifestation of Power, the pure state of Deluge, departed from the Second Manifestation of Power, Primedial Force, the journey through the Great Barrier into the grey of the Cocoon called the Maya. But lo as we approach, we are changed by the barrier as we pass. As we enter Orthodontiks, we find unlike the World of Deluge, the pure state from which we came, delusions of reality draw us onward. Ignorant wherefore of what we do, we anoint our new Ka, which is soul. Emotions do not exist, thoughts are the deeds which bind us. Behavior known in the World of Illusion, does not exist. Interaction is a special type of thinking which is experienced as reality's equal. The thought is the karmic tie that condemns us to experience the lower levels of the fabric of Creation. As we think, so have we begun our journey unto forever into the Illusion of our Thoughts."

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

PATRICK: "Drawn by the call of reality, we must leave Orthodontiks and leave the trap of our thoughts. We find ourselves in the state of separation. We find ourselves separated from ourselves, from our true nature and from the Godhead of Creation. We rue this feeling of separation which will serve as the main force haunting our existence unto forever. A deep sadness overtakes us. It forces us to seek the part of our past which is forever lost. Not until we have returned from the Maya, from Orthodontiks to Deluge, our beloved pure state, shall we again be made whole. Therein came Arkashea, the first trade-off. For the sake of uniqueness, we have lost the Godhead, which is our wholeness, to great bemusement and befuddlement, we now find ourselves in the Maya. Trapped deep within our thoughts of a reality which is so foreign to us, we proceed not with the diversity of routine patterns. Uniqueness has indeed claimed its prize. Too late, much too late, we recognize the effects of our inheritance, the Godhead of Creation. The laws upon which we beheld so lovingly now governed our very nature. Descend must we into the very hell of our thoughts. We find ourselves unable to separate ourselves and our thought's energy from our first thought."

THERRY: That's why language is so important, because if you corrupt your language, it corrupts your thinking which therefore creates your reality.

PATRICK: "Gone is most of our former freedom. Gone is most of our Godlike powers. Our new Ka limits our ability. All we have left is our thoughts and our ability to create a new Ka within which to experience still lower levels of the fabric and so we do. As we approach the lesser barrier to the next multi-layered dream state of the Cocoon of Maya, we feel again the change within us. Befuddlement is great. We descend into our new creation, only to find that we left more of ourselves behind. The sadness within us grows much stronger. To make matters worse, loneliness invades our new Ka. The pain of our loneliness and the sadness of our separation only serve as unrelenting harpies. Still the harpies drive us into still deeper levels of a new creation called the Illusion of Reality. As we look about, we perceive ourselves caught in a Creation of diversity. We find ourselves among myriad dimensions of uncreated futures, none of which recognizes our right to exist. As we try to return to the familiarity of Orthodontiks, we discover an impassable barrier. Again our thoughts and our Claim to Uniqueness have had their effects. There's only one way to go - still deeper into the Illusion."

"Again, we create the necessary Ka in which to experience this new level of grossness. Again, we feel the change deep within us as we leave more of ourselves behind and again the pain of separation grows. To make matters worse, we find that we can no longer remember our existence in Orthodontiks, much less Deluge, our beloved pure state. Our loneliness forces us to know that there is more to our past than what we can remember, given our limited consciousness. Our now heavy Ka seems to have an inner knowledge we cannot control. We cannot quite remember, nor can we quite forget. We have indeed gone into a type of Oblivion. We find ourselves caught within a very dark state of existence. We find it teaming with diverse energies of seeming unlimited potentials. But we are no longer alone. We share our existence with matter as gross as is our unholy Ka. All about is myriad collections of non-darkness. We discover, as is our own thoughts, there are divisions in this non-darkness. The divisions are divided along myriad veins, all of which are more gross. Each is a dimension unto itself. We create still another unholy Ka, within which to experience the new non-darkness. Lo, we discover our new Ka by far more of a trap than we've ever experienced. Our First Thought, that of a lovely playground has turned into a circus of horror. For the first time, we find our pain of loneliness, our pain of separation have a physical dimension to them. We feel them within our body - the pain. The pain is great. Our First Thought within this new Ka forces us to experience the first of many to come emotions. Even our body feels the pain of our loneliness and separation. How we weep for the want to be free of our desires. How we long to again feel the peace and contentment. We long to fill the empty place which seems even now to grow deep inside the new physical Ka. But too late. Only now do we realize that when we left Deluge, we left love behind. Try as we might, we cannot find it in this new creation. The only thing we have is the need to ease the pain."

"Perhaps our new creation will help and again, we create. Deep within the non-darkness, our new Ka experiences clusters, specks of matter which grow with the flowers of physical creation. We discover small specks of light circling larger specks, who will themselves circle still larger specks of brightness. A cluster of brightness swirls and pulsates about its center. As it does it creates winds of gravity that brings forth still a new creation - Time. The waves of gravity seem to control all which exists within this Universe. Even our new Ka. Not only do we no longer have control over our emotions. Our fate now places us under the control of the laws of our Illusion. Still we must create to escape. Caught by the swirling emotions of this Universe, we have limited powers to choose our future. We find ourselves under the dominion of a new Continuum. The time/space Continuum. Gone are our memories of Deluge. Gone are our memories of Orthodontiks. Still everpresent is the awareness of the emptiness which never stops growing within us. We will discover that we can no longer remember what we have learned on the upper levels. We have indeed entered into the Soul of Man. We become very easily bemused and to make matters still worse, we discover no matter what we do, we can longer free ourselves from the effects of our deeds. We are like roots which take hold into the world of the physical. As much as we dislike it, our roots drive us still deeper into the lower levels of the Fabric of Creation. Still we create, what else can we do. Now a process our Creation becomes fraught with confusion. Our new Ka limits us still further. We find ourselves in a cluster of brightness consisting of Galaxies. We discover that as the Universe spun about its center, so too the Cluster of Galaxies spin about theirs. Try as we might, we cannot avoid that huge place of non-darkness we call a Black Hole. Somewhere in our Illusion comes the memory that the non-darkness is the door that led us into the Star System. With hope in our heart, we approached the door of escape which our thoughts promised. But alas, it is not to be. We discover a barrier which will not let us pass. Our inner voice echoes the law of Dialusion. "The Force that is evoked to create a phenomenon is that same force that maintains the phenomenon unto forever."

"As we approach the door of freedom, we experience a new creation - Fear. It drives us away from our path to Freedom. It drives us still deeper into our Illusion. The Double-Gate forces us to create yet another Ka to experience the still more gross matter found within a single Galaxy. Within this new Ka we discover the laws of our new level of Creation. Alas, as we descend deeper into the grey, we discover more and more we are either bemused or confused. Still an expression of our great pain, we have learnt to cry. So still within the center of our being is the longing to belong. As an expression of our great pain, we have learned to cry. And so we cry aloud and often. Our deeds become many. Our thoughts become more and more clouded with a pain that constantly marks our Claim to Uniqueness. We are indeed alone."

"While the Galactic Ka allows us free travel within this chosen Galaxy, it refuses us the experience of its parts - the Solar Systems. To prevent ourselves from becoming eternally trapped, we must again create. Finally a glimpse of understanding comes too late. We find this new Ka even more imperfect than all the others. Now we learn the meaning of the physical pain. And so we cry louder. But there is none to show. Tears in our eyes with the physical pain of the loneliness of separation. With the memory of greatness all but gone, we discover ourselves to be Man and we discover we, as Man, need a place to rest our feet. But the limitations of Man refuse us our desires. We know not the nature of our next Ka. We know only of our level of bemusement, our pain of loneliness and our lust after escape from this unending pain that forces us to throw caution to the winds. We wish for others of our kind, with whom we can commune. Behold with the very thought becomes the division."

SHELBY: What is Ka again? The physical? Sorry.

PATRICK: "Divided are we into two parts. Seed are we for our species. Even now the Great Law governs. We are the Chi for our species. Our divided self becomes the Duality, wherefore we are divided into the Male and the Female of our Species. While the pain grows much, each half of us drives towards the other. Each half still drives towards itself. Behold we are all things. Our whole is the Unity, our divided whole is Duality wherein dwells the Male of us and the Female of us. The Male of us seeks the Male of us even as it also seeks the Female of us. The Female of us seeks the Female of us, even as it also seeks the Male of us. The pain grows much. We are the Chi as I am, that I am, in all Unity. Yet we are Dual in nature as there are two parts of us, the Male which seeks to give life and the Female which seeks to accept life within itself. Still we are Triune in all effects. As part seeks itself, so it seeks the other. The Law is fulfilled. As Man we find ourselves on an unimportant speck of dirt floating in a sea of Creation. And because of our controlled thoughts, we find ourselves trapped within the most important Ka ever created. Now as Man, that is trapped into the Soul of Man, we know the cycles of Life and Death. Through our shame, we find that others have followed. So we weep in the cold, cold night of loneliness, we weep and so we weep. We are now king over our people and kings must do as kings must do. We must first seek to guide the program. Failing all else we must govern." Alright? The suicide loop.

THERRY: Now, that ends. That starts something else.

SHELBY: So we didn't voluntarily step into this mess?

THERRY: Yes, you did.

SHELBY: Oh, we did?

THERRY: Yeah, remember, the law of Creation states that the "Creation of the one is in itself, the implication of the creation of the other." So, by law, if you had nothing, you would've had to have something. Then, once by law, you were given your individuality, then from that point on, there was a part of you that you could not control, but also there was a part of you that only you could control. Hence, there is again the Duality. There is the Path, the Holy Path which leads away from the Trap of Maya and there is the Unholy Path that leads down into the Trap of Maya.

SHELBY: But before you get to that stage of being a Duality...

THERRY:...Duality existed through repeated patterns from the very beginning. The fact that we...

SHELBY: From the singularity called Deluge I mean, when we were in the singularity called Deluge thing before the...

THERRY: That's where everything started.

SHELBY: Why didn't we just stay there, that's what I ...? [Laugh]

THERRY: Because law commanded otherwise.

LUCY: Why would we want the First Thought?

THERRY: We have to keep bearing in mind that when the Seven Rivers of Creation came into being, we had not much choice. Whenever you question the possible why, remember the following three laws:

1. That which exists within the Chi, shall exist dual in its nature and Triune in its effect; 2. The Creation of the one is, in and of itself, the implication of the creation of the other; 3. That which exists within the other shall exist by the nature of the former via repeated patterns.

SHELBY: Yes, that's what I mean, why would we do that?

THERRY: On this level, you can't answer that.

LUCY: Oh. This state...

THERRY: 'Cause each entity, each being had its own First Thought.

LUCY: Was this a was a state of purity?

THERRY: Absolute purity. It was a state wherein language as we know it doesn't exist.

SHELBY: But when you say each individual...on that level of Deluge...

THERRY: Individuality didn't exist on that level. It was the All. It was something like Universal Mind, where all of us was aware of all things, including one another and was not aware of any separation between one another.

LUCY: Yeah, we became aware...we chose to become aware of separation?

THERRY: Yes. That was the Claim to Uniqueness.

SHELBY: So when that First Thought came, it came to all of us at once, because we were all one then at that point?

THERRY: Yes, but no... I think there is a little bit of confusion going on here. Man did not achieve his Claim to Uniqueness until much later on when Mind Force came into being. The process of thinking itself, not the thought, but the processing of thinking.


THERRY: The ability to control matter for its own sake, as opposed to matter for the sake of law. That existed...that came into being everywheres, in all beings at the same time. Then, from that point in, since individuality came into being at that time, then it's whatever you did with it.