Arkashean Q&A Session -- 113

PATRICK: I want to go back to the Thought stuff for a second.


PATRICK: Let's just step back a minute.

THERRY: Yeah, the First Thought.

PATRICK: The First Thought...

THERRY: But see you're thinking, you're talking in terms of physical.


THERRY: Obviously, it doesn't apply that way, it wasn't a behavior. The behavior itself was a thought.

PATRICK: Okay. I guess it'd be different.

THERRY: Bingo!

PATRICK: Anyway...Okay, you've already said you can't stop and go back up.

THERRY: You know why?

PATRICK: Because the law prevents it.

THERRY: How can you unthink a thought that you already had?

PATRICK: Right, 'cause you just...

THERRY: Exactly.

PATRICK: Is there any way not to go back, but to stop?

THERRY: The only opportunity you had was going from Deluge to Orthodontiks.

PATRICK: But once you pass the state of Orthodontiks...?

THERRY: You're gone.

SHELBY: So you can't stop at that level? You have to go all the way down?

THERRY: Correct. There are many, many...I won't call it life forms 'cause it doesn't qualify. But let's say there are many, many sparks of Creation that never descended. That's a private state. But there's no individuality per se or there's not that much.

PATRICK: So you couldn't be on the level of Orthodontiks and retain physical life?

THERRY: Yeah, you are. All of us are still there. The difference is that as we seemingly descend, we put new barriers - the Veils of Forgetfulness.

PATRICK: But...but, so in other words...

THERRY: Look at it this way, you get yourself a little, tiny, tiny Volkswagon and squeeze into it and you drive it. And you drive it into a bigger car and it plugs it into that bigger car. That plug we call Emotional Interface, emotional whatever. So then from your little buggy, you're now driving a bigger one and you drive right up into a bigger one still and a bigger one still. And so you keep descending and each brand new Ka that you driven into has a different level of experiences and that's what we're talking about.

PATRICK: But if you're still on the level of Orthodontiks where you could remember and the Veils haven't dropped yet...

THERRY: Okay. But some of them have.

PATRICK: Okay, but not all of them.

THERRY: Correct.

PATRICK: I guess what I'm trying to say is, are there people walking on the Earth today as physical human beings...?


PATRICK: That have that?

THERRY: There are so few and they don't have it all. Nonetheless, there are so few that for practical purposes, we might as well say, "No."

PATRICK: So what kind of a being would be...I'm assuming, maybe wrongly, but I'm assuming would be trying to climb backwards to that level of Orthodontiks, because I'm assuming to get back up the ladder you have to start at the bottom.

THERRY: You can't go backwards.

PATRICK: ...and go up?

THERRY: Yes, that is correct, you have to retrace your steps.


THERRY: But that's the process of all things. Now, in terms of your other implied question, "Is what type of human being would have the capabilities of being here yet not have fallen." The phrase that describes that type of human being would be those who are "Among But not Of."

LUCY: When you say that people are on the level of Orthodontiks and just stop there, are they physical?

THERRY: That level, let me give you the best word.

LUCY: They have a Ka for that level?

THERRY: They have a Ka. An Orthodontiks Ka.

SHELBY: I mean there's nobody here at the mental level, whatever you call it...?

THERRY: That you know of.

SHELBY: Of Orthodontiks?

THERRY: That you know of.

SHELBY: I mean, do they exist on...

THERRY: Again, there are so few that for all practical purposes you might as well say, "No."

SHELBY: So they're human beings then? They just don't...they're like...?

THERRY: Well, it depends. Just because there's a lot of Emotional Interchange Interfaces that are actively working and therefore the Veils are not separated, that doesn' can't really tell they're human beings. Only the last Ka is called a human being. All the others are not human. For instance, if this Volkswagon gets driven into a Packard and you drive the Packard into a limousine, then you drive the limousine into a truck and then the truck into a semi, well you can't say, "Well, he's a semi," just because the last thing that he drove into was a semi. Then if he drove the semi on to a ship, what are you going to say? That's he's a ship? Of course not!. He's still what he is in that little tiny Volkswagon.

SHELBY: Well, when you get back to the level of Orthodontiks, are you still walking around on the Planet?


SHELBY: Oh, okay.

MARY: So does that mean that the Creation of that First Thought actually created Orthodontiks?

THERRY: Yes, that's what it said there. Change came into being as if in response to the thinking of the entities in Deluge. That was the Creation of Orthodontiks called the Universal Nest.

PATRICK: Now on the level that we're at...When a life ends...


PATRICK: As we know it...


PATRICK: In the process of reincarnation, you have to go through another life?


PATRICK: On the same level?


PATRICK: Is there such a thing as a life form existing Orthodontikally? Can they reincarnate on an Orthodontiks level?

THERRY: No, no, no. Not until all who have descended have returned. Not until Unity has been achieved some .

PATRICK: On an Orthodontik level?

THERRY: On all of them. For instance, for instance...

PATRICK: What I'm saying is, is an Orthodontik being reborn as an Orthodontik being?

SHELBY: Do they have a Ka then?

THERRY: They never die because they don't know time. They are Eternal.

PATRICK: So in...because they don't have a Ka, they don't...

THERRY: They have a Ka.

PATRICK: They do?

THERRY: They do. But it is an Eternal.

PATRICK: But the Ka has a Ka. It is a Ka? Okay.

THERRY: From our point of view. They know no time and no space. They just are.

LUCY: Well, aren't we all still...we're not conscious of it, we're conscious of this level but...

THERRY: Right.

LUCY: But aren't we all still...?

THERRY: Up there.

LUCY: Up there, way at the beginning of the script?

THERRY: Yes, we're all sleepers.

LUCY: So this could be conceived of as a dream?

THERRY: That's what it's called. The Maya.

LUCY: The Maya is in fact a dream? I mean that's the best word we can relate to?

THERRY: The Dream of Separation.

LUCY: And then we die do we wake from it? Or still not? Wake up a little?

THERRY: Well, it depends, it depends. Depends on each individual and their levels of reincarnation.

LUCY: Could you wake up and be all the way back?


LUCY: Oh, that you couldn't do. Could you wake up in Orthodontiks?

THERRY: Again, in order to understand that, read more of the Lexicon and it goes're speaking of that little process that's called the Grand Awakening.

MARY: There's not many people that can experience that at this level, like you did, right?

THERRY: Correct.

MARY: Because at first I thought you had to die to experience that from my memory?

THERRY: Well, you have to do it at least once.

SHELBY: What was that? You had to die to ...?

THERRY: Experience the Grand Awakening. You have to die at least once.

SHELBY: The Grand Awakening, what does that mean? Back to the top again?


SHELBY: What's the Grand Awakening?

THERRY: Crossing the barrier and maintaining awareness?

JADE: Is that, is that when you go to the Laboratory?

THERRY: No, that's something different.

SHELBY: You mean, as you descend?

THERRY: No, as you descend, Veils drop and the Grand Awakening is when you get back out to the other side of the Veil, pull the Veils out and then you're in both places at the same time and there's no barrier.


JADE: But that doesn't mean...

SHELBY: So as you're climbing up, it's not like you go up from this level, to this level. It's like when you go up, that becomes one level, everything that was passed up there?



JADE: So does that happen...

THERRY: It's called the Union, the Grand Awakening.

JADE: As you're experiencing the Grand Awakening, does that mean when you're sleeping the Veils are lifted or something? Or is it a constant process which happens a little bit?

THERRY: It's a constant process.

JADE: Okay.

THERRY: There are many levels to Veils and many types of Veils. Some are temporary, some are permanent. Some exist only one level, it doesn't exist on another level.

LUCY: So this Grand Awakening, can this happen in dream states or astrations?

THERRY: It always begins there.

LUCY: It begins there?

SHELBY: In dreams?


SHELBY: In what we call dreams?

THERRY: Yes. What happens is, when it begins you go through a process that you call dreaming and then, "Voila! Damn!" A real magical thing happens! A new thought comes in. "Hey, I'm dreaming. I'm here but I know I'm there too." That's the beginning of it.

SHELBY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Then after awhile, the more you have that and I believe the term for it is called "lucid dreaming." The more you have that, then the Dreamer begins controlling what the Dreaming Personality will do and then they'll come a time that both personalities, both the Dreaming Personality and the Dreamer will become aware of one another. Now this becomes the dangerous point. If an individual accepts that he is a man unto himself and he doesn't like the idea of somebody else, then everything shuts down and he goes back to what he was and that's in that tune. But if he is such that he can accept counseling from others who are more at peace with themselves, then a type of on-going communication starts out between the Dreamer and the Dreaming. Then with time, each learns to accept and come to realize that there is no difference between them. They are one and the same. They are simply residing on two levels of creation because their respective Ka exists upon two different frequency bands and after that exists for awhile, then much growing occurs etc., etc. Then the barrier between the two frequency bands is removed and each, not only becomes aware of the other being separate from each other. They also, at the same time, know each other to be the same so's that each knows the other thoughts that the others have. In short, they're two bodies and one brain. Then, after awhile or more...then because the barrier is removed between the two strands of frequency, then the Ka of this level can now operate on that level and the Ka of that level can now operate on this level and now you've achieved Bi-Location. You can now be two places at the same time.

SHELBY: Is the level that you're dreaming on a higher level that this one when you're awake?

THERRY: I don't think the term higher really applies. Let's just simply say, that's it's of a different frequency. Now, when...when you guys have seen me where I was going, that was an example of Bi-Location.

SHELBY: When I've seen you?

PATRICK: Seen you where you were going?

THERRY: No, when I visited them.


THERRY: Even though...

PATRICK: In a dream?

THERRY: No, when they're awake!

LUCY: [Giggle]

SHELBY: You mean to visit Lucy?

PATRICK: Did I miss part of something?

THERRY: Well, not everybody in this room has had the same set of experiences.

PATRICK: Oh okay.

THERRY: Anyway, that's how the Grand Awakening works. Now what happens is, quite often when the Ka of one level goes and visits a Ka of another individual, then the process begins for that individual, depending on their level of Karma.

SHELBY: Say that again?

THERRY: For instance, say I would visit Lucy a lot. Let's say that the situation was such that it would happen an awful lot. Well, I'd be teaching her and the process of the Grand Awakening would begin with her. She'd be aware of her Dreamer and her Dreaming Personality and the process would continue unto itself.

JADE: But that's only when...

THERRY: ...depending on Karma.

JADE: So that's not when only you visit her? It's when someone else...?

THERRY: Anyone who has the ability.

JADE: Oh yeah, I suppose so.

PATRICK: What about a situation whereby you dream and you know you are dreaming and you can manipulate the dream?

THERRY: See that's the beginning. That's scratching the surface of the Grand Awakening.


THERRY: Because it's the beginning of Dual Awareness.

PATRICK: Well, what if they're other people in the dream as well? I know I'm there and they know they're there. They don't necessarily know they're there.

THERRY: Correct.

PATRICK: ...or do they?

THERRY: Correct. Because it's quite feasible that their Veils are not lifted on that level. But if...

PATRICK: So they can be on two levels but they're not aware of it at that point?

THERRY: Correct.


SHELBY: When I'm...if I have...when I'm dreaming that I'm with Lucy, am I with Lucy in her dream state?

THERRY: It doesn't have to be. You could be in your laboratory, but you could be with Lucy here as well.