Arkashean Q&A Session -- 114

SHELBY: So just because I dream I'm with her, she doesn't dream necessarily that she's with me?

THERRY: Doesn't have to be.

LUCY: The Laboratory would mean that I was a figment of her imagination?

THERRY: Something like that. A duplicate energy.

SHELBY: To be at the level that you said "Of but.." no...

THERRY: "Among but not of."

SHELBY: "Among but not of," is that what you are? Is that a legitimate question?

THERRY: Well, let's not discuss what I am. Let's just say I'm a freak and leave it at that.

SHELBY: No-o-o-o-!

LUCY: You're a what?

THERRY: Different.


JADE: So what is...can...'cause I heard that term a lot in other visits and stuff, "Amongst but not of."


JADE: Can you tell us generally what that means 'cause I was concentrating on something else.

THERRY: I don't have to obey the laws that you have to obey.

JADE: Oh okay.

SHELBY: You have to obey...?

THERRY: I don't have to obey the set of laws that you have to obey.

SHELBY: When you're "Among but not of?"

THERRY: I obey the laws of a higher level.

SHELBY: Because you don't have the Veils you mean?

THERRY: Correct.

JADE: But from the first visit I had, it sounded like the Brothers of the Chain were "Amongst but not Of."

THERRY: Yes, all of them are.

SHELBY: What are the Brothers of the Chain?

JADE: I don't know, I just know that they're there.


PATRICK: Well, the Brothers of the Chain! [Putting on a Street Gang accent!] Damn!


JADE: That's getting back to the same thing again. What's the difference between the Brothers of the Chain and the...

THERRY: Great White Brotherhood?

JADE: Yeah.

PATRICK: The Brothers who got no chain!

SHELBY: The Great White what?

THERRY: The Great White Brotherhood.

JADE: Yeah.

THERRY: They're two different organizations, two different groups.

JADE: Oh yeah?

THERRY: The Inner Circle and the Outer Circle of Pharaoh Akhenaten's Court.

JADE: So the Brothers of the Chain are the Outer Circle?

THERRY: Yeah the Brothers of the Chain are very special forces that are "Among but not Of." The Great White Brotherhood are a group of people that are pure physical in nature who have dedicated their life to learning and growing and have more or less dedicated their lives to help others learn.

PATRICK: So somebody who's in a human form...

THERRY: Today we call those peripherals.

JADE: Oh okay.

PATRICK: Oh okay, you just answered my question. Okay, I just want to shift gears here for a second to go back to reincarnation.

THERRY: Oh okay.

PATRICK: So, you cannot hope to be, when you're on this level, a Ka, to be reincarnated up a step?

THERRY: No, the law is, if you remember, "Each unto his own."

SHELBY: How do you get up then? Out of this level?

THERRY: By equalizing the debt that you have on this level.

PATRICK: So you can't go up?

THERRY: Become pure!

PATRICK: ...but in what I just read earlier, the idea that there is...I can't remember the terms...a human being and a rock...

THERRY: Life Force...Animated versus non-animated.

PATRICK: Right. Could you choose in the process of reincarnation...


PATRICK: To go to either?


PATRICK: You must continue on the Path that you are at?


PATRICK: So what are the variables that you could chose upon re-entry?

THERRY: You don't have all that much Free Will.

PATRICK: Strictly male/female?

THERRY: No, there's a whole Continuum there. Male and female are simply the extreme ends. There are males who are trapped in females bodies and females whatever.

PATRICK: Oh, right, right, right.

THERRY: So, that's not male or female, it's both.

MARY: Is that Karma that dictates that?

THERRY: Yes, but then Karma dictates everything.

PATRICK: So, you're not actually...

THERRY: It'd be better to say is it Free Will or Predestiny.

MARY: That's true.

THERRY: It could be either. You could have chosen to come down as a new learning experience or you could be forced to come down based on a misnomer that you did in another life.

LUCY: Is it incorrect to think of God?

THERRY: Well, you'll have to give me a definition for the word, "God."

LUCY: I guess what I mean is...

THERRY: There are as many Gods as there are cultures.

LUCY: Okay, is there...I guess what I'm really saying, when the Life Force or the Creator is referred to, is this...

THERRY: Well, again you're not giving me a definition of the word, "God."

LUCY: An entity...

THERRY: Okay, then the minute you use the word, "entity" then the highest possible manifestation of any entity is Mind Force.

SHELBY: The highest manifestation of...

THERRY: Of an entity is Mind Force.

LUCY: So is it back to, that we are all God?


LUCY: Part of that Mind Force that has no individuality?

THERRY: Correct.

PATRICK: What was Christ?

THERRY: A Great Preacher.

PATRICK: Okay. Is the idea of "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" a bastardization?

THERRY: Extremely so!

PATRICK: Even though...

THERRY: You have to bear in mind...

PATRICK: But was it from his teaching?

THERRY: No, no, no!

PATRICK: ...or a bastardization of his teachings?

THERRY: Now you have bear in mind that intrinsically within your questions, you're talking about the Christian religion.

PATRICK: Right, absolutely.

THERRY: Therefore you're talking about politics.

PATRICK: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Therefore the truth can easily be found by looking in history. Well, because it is a matter of politics and it gained its power via war and because of the nature of people, it doesn't have a single concept that is itself of its own.

PATRICK: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: It has stolen every single bit of its symbolism from all the cultures that it tried to dominate. Okay? The only way that it could capture its own ...the people that it has, is because they could not force other people to give up their beliefs. They simply superimposed the Christian beliefs systems on top of their, for lack of a better word, pagan religions. That's why Christianity had so many saints. Because when you get into Wicken, there's let's see, good lord. There's at least three forces per work a day for 365 days, then there were special forces getting into something else, one for the moon, one for the sky, one for this, one for that. Well, Christianity had to have some way of superimposing, so they created the concept of saints. And again, in order to create control, they had to have some force to make it okay to find some way of condemning those disbelievers, so they created the devil. And that's where it all came from.

PATRICK: We had talked before...

THERRY: So the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is their bastardization of Triunity.

JADE: Ahhhhh, I see, yeah. Hmmm. That doesn't really deal with it too good, though.

THERRY: Well, it did the trick...

JADE: Yeah.

THERRY: For close to 2,000 years. For close to 2,000 years, it has indeed satisfied many people.

PATRICK: But when we talked about Christ before being a Teacher and having ...was he a Teacher who had an understanding of what we're talking about directly?

THERRY: Yes, yes. It was we who trained him.

PATRICK: Okay, exactly.

THERRY: He was an Essene.

PATRICK: Now, he was an Essene teaching...?

THERRY: Jews...

PATRICK: But what we have come to understand are the Gospels and letters written by people who were taught by him...

THERRY: No, that's not true.

PATRICK: ...and yet controlled by a political...

THERRY: That's not true. But that's not totally true. You've got to remember that the creator of the Christian bible was not a Christian.


THERRY: It was Paul, a Roman citizen.

BRETT: What is Cosmic Man?

THERRY: There's an entry in the Lexicon that will explain that. It's under the Letter C.

BRETT: Are the Magi the same as the Ancients?

THERRY: Yes and no. Magis existed in many areas of time. The word Magi simply means the Magicians of Old...The Ancient Ones...The Ancient Teachers.

BRETT: So what was the "No" part of that answer.

THERRY: Because they existed throughout time.

BRETT: When you say Ancient Teachers, are you talking about the Lemurians.

THERRY: Well, that's one segment of time. Remember Magis existed through many segments of time.

BRETT: So when you refer to Ancient Teachers are you talking about the Ancient wisdom that these teachers bring and not the fact that these teachers existed in Ancient times?

THERRY: I don't see any difference between them.

BRETT: Okay. What are the Near Ones?

THERRY: People who wish to walk in the way of Arkashea but have not totally committed to Arkashea or its ways.

BRETT: Would that be the same thing as Peripherals?


BRETT: Okay. I have some other questions. Is the River Styx the same thing as Castle Keep.

THERRY: The River Styx is the Placental Barrier between what we call life and what we call Death.

BRETT: Hmmm. Placental barrier. Uhmm. I'm trying to understand that. How is that related to the Silver Chord then?

THERRY: One has nothing to do with the other.

BRETT: Okay.

THERRY: The Silver Chord or "Karmic Chord" is the Emotional Interchange Interface that allows communication between the different levels of an individual. The River Styx on the other hand, is simply a barrier "what we call the Arcane Curtain" that separates life from Death.

BRETT: Okay. Actually, that was going to be another question, about the Arcane Curtain. But you just answered that. What is the different between the Sentinel and Sentry and Gabriel and Ariel? Do they refer to the same things?

THERRY: Not the same things, just the same pattern. One guards the entrance into all specific levels, while the other guards the exit of the specific level. With respect to the Earth Experience, Ariel guards the door entering and Gabriel guards the door exiting.

BRETT: I don't understand what the Sentinel and Sentry are though.

THERRY: They're guardians that stand before the door leading into and the door leading out of any specific level of creation.

BRETT: Oh, okay. Okay, I have another area of questioning. Uhmm. What is the Ruby of Life?

THERRY: The power that gives life, that gives the Illusion of Life. In ancient times, it was said that the power was reserved by Isis...while Anubis had the power to end the Illusion...And Ptoh had the power to govern not only the span of life but the quality of life as well.

BRETT: Is the Ruby of Life the same as Isis then?

THERRY: No...but yes. It depends on one's level of observation. Isis held the power to give life. That power stemmed from the Ruby of Life, meaning life is so precious.

BRETT: Okay.

THERRY: Obviously, we're talking about the tale of the Three Graces, one of the aspects of Triunity.

BRETT: Okay. This is still yet another area of questioning. Uhmm. I remember least I thought had said once that there was a scientist experimented with cross-breeding...

THERRY: You're talking about Bielel. You're talking about a tale that came from Ancient Lemuria. It's an old, old, old legend.

BRETT: So is it true?

THERRY: In this stage of the game, there's as much truth in it as most legends have.

BRETT: But in another place I read in the Lexicon you said the Unnaturals came from the descent and not a scientist's experiments.

THERRY: Yes...but no.

BRETT: Okay.

THERRY: Yes in that both schools of thought were taught by the Ancients, while the creation of the Unnaturals "the Other Magic Circles of Life" was simply a part of the Continuum of Life. Remember, the Creation of the One is the implication of the Creation of the Other; therefore, if you have a life form which you call normal, soon thereafter, you would also have a life form which you call Unnatural.

BRETT: Okay. Is Tri-location where someone's awareness is in three places?


BRETT: Tri-location.

THERRY: If they've developed enough.

BRETT: What is the most that someone locate their awareness? Is tri-location the most...

THERRY: That depends on their level of development.

BRETT: Okay. Is the Hierarchical Guiding Force the same as one's guides or higher selves?

THERRY: On this level, there is no answer to that one because everybody is different.

BRETT: Okay, that's all I have for now. Thanks.