Arkashean Q&A Session -- 119

DEIRDRE: First I want to know, I want to really know, what is my essence?

THERRY: What you are?

DEIRDRE: What I really am.

THERRY: That's unimportant. It's not important to know where you are, it's only important that each moment you live on it. Everything else will take care of itself.

DEIRDRE: I have been learning that in past lives I was working with the dark.

THERRY: Dark Forces.

DEIRDRE: Dark Forces and the celestial work led me to go to this place in order to go to them. I bless him. Who was I and who am I?

THERRY: That's a very complicated question. You are an individual who is seeking to do better than what they are. You are an individual who is learning to become pure via reincarnation. You are an individual who is seeking to be one with All Things. Beyond that, I cannot help you. I cannot tell you to try better things, because they do not belong to me.

DEIRDRE: In some places they tell me that a big spirit is close to me and protects me. Who is that spirit?

THERRY: Your higher self.

DEIRDRE: People, not people, put...

THERRY: Curses. Curses.

DEIRDRE: Curses and spirits, dark spirits that put me in hell.

THERRY: No, they don't have that power. The only one that puts you in hell is you. No-one can make you do anything. If you think thoughts that are not nice, don't blame it on bad spirits, blame it on you. When God created you, He gave life to you. Nobody else can touch it but you. He did not decide what you should do with it. He left that up to you. And He made it not possible for anybody else to decide. You have to decide.

DEIRDRE: My protectivity...

THERRY: Protection...

DEIRDRE: My protection relations with my partner is over. I am a 53 year old person ...I want to love and to be loved.

THERRY: That is difficult sometimes because sometimes we forget that other people did not come down here for us. Sometimes we forget that it is not enough to want to love. It is not enough to want to be loved. You have to consider what the other people want too. And sometimes what they want gets in the way and we have to Understand, Forgive and Love. If there are too busy playing a different game. We don't always get what we want.

DEIRDRE: Does that happen because of the things that somebody else will do?

THERRY: No, it happens because that's the way life is. We don't always get what we want. We have to learn to be contented with what we have based on what we are.

DEIRDRE: Somebody told me that I'm going to travel so far from my land ...and I'm going to find happiness and I will return to my place. Where is that place?

THERRY: On the other side of life via reincarnation.

DEIRDRE: Maybe I'll be dead or go to some country full of love and spiritual material. What will be that place?

THERRY: The other side of life, the other side of love.


THERRY: It is a time and a place where everybody gets to look at themselves the way they really are instead of the way they say they are. And they learn to grow, they learn to change, they learn to cry, they learn to laugh and then try again.

DEIRDRE: I have been studying philosophy and letters. Uhh, it is very hard for me. Can you help me with life with more understanding of those things so I can grow more and increase my status?

THERRY: That would be difficult because I cannot give it to you, you have to take it. All I can do is open my heart and stretch out my heart and offer you what I have, but you have to stretch out your hand and take it.