Arkashean Q&A Session -- 124

THERRY: Obviously getting attention is also a continuum.

SANDY: Hmmm. Did it suddenly get bright, like sharp and clear and...? [Chuckle] It's like everything is crystal clear.

THERRY: That's what you call a flash of wisdom.

SANDY: It's not even physically. It's like everything's "Ding-g-g!"

THERRY: A connection has been made and that has trickled down.

SANDY: Uhmmm. It's really as simple as not lighting up another cigarette? [Chuckle] It sounds so simple! Wow! It's hard to kid myself about that anymore, isn't it? I bet you told me about fifteen million times already. Arggggh!

THERRY: That sorta reminds you about the commercial, doesn't it?

SANDY: Which one is that?

THERRY: Taste Kellogg's Cornflakes again, for the first time. That's a beautiful sentence, you know, "again for the first time."

SANDY: Uh-hmmm. Okay. They're still some murky areas in there going through my head. I'm so mad at this person and this one and then I got over here and it's like, "Wahhh!"

THERRY: That system is called rationalization.

SANDY: Rationalization? What do you mean?

THERRY: Well, you're trying to find ways of continuing.

SANDY: Oh! The emotional ties are much stronger.

THERRY: Right. It's ganged.

SANDY: Ganged?

THERRY: It's the tie between two continuums point of contact.

SANDY: What are the two continuums?

THERRY: Understanding and continuing playing the game.

SANDY: Oh "understand!"

THERRY: Continuum of expectations and demands and Continuum of Understand, Forgive and Love. When you look at things from the point of view of law, things become more simple, don't they?

SANDY: Yeah. [Chuckle] It just seems too simple! It's like, I don't believe this. Am I going to wake up tomorrow and be just as mad? It's like these two days. How come it goes like whoosh?!

THERRY: I love the words that you use. Do you know the difference between the word, "mad" and the word, "angry?" Are you perhaps, via the slip of a tongue choosing the word "mad" as opposed to the word "angry" because it's so apropos?

SANDY: I don't know. I kinda interchanged the two of them, said "I was mad!"

THERRY: May I suggest that you go look at the definitions. The word "angry" is often interchanged but the word "mad" implies to the Continuum of sanity.

SANDY: Oh no, I don't mean in that sense.

THERRY: And the word "angry" is the State of Emotions.

SANDY: Uhm. No, I wasn't meaning like mad in that sense.

THERRY: I know what you were meaning and not meaning. My point was, your choice of words.

SANDY: Still continuing in my insanity?


SANDY: Oh...Well, we'll see when I wake up tomorrow if I'm still angry!

THERRY: Hey, it's a lot of fun being angry for some people.

SANDY: I was getting pretty sick of it. [Chuckle]

THERRY: Well, that's one face.

SANDY: Phase? Face?

THERRY: People often say things they don't mean.

SANDY: Oh? I wasn't getting sick of it? It's that the right word? Tired of it?

THERRY: If that were true, wouldn't you stop it?

SANDY: Yeah.

THERRY: Are you stopping it?

SANDY: Yes, well...kinda!


THERRY: I always thought the definition of "stop" was on and off. Or perhaps again, you're using the word "stop" with the confusion with the words which have reference to speed.

SANDY: Or I'm lessening it, I guess. Not exactly "stop."

THERRY: Well, the word "stop" doesn't have that meaning. "Stop" is either on or off. You're either moving or not moving.

SANDY: I meant more in lessening.

THERRY: "Stop" meaning it's "ending." That doesn't mean it's going to continue for the next three years because that doesn't mean stop, that means slowing down. So lessening is the proper word.

SANDY: It's lessening then.

THERRY: But the words that you use is what forms your reality because that's what you are communicating to yourself.

SANDY: I guess I was thinking stopping like "errrrrrrr" - sliding into it.

THERRY: That's what stopping is. You might be still skidding but you're stopping. You've put the brakes on it and it's only inertia that keeps you moving - habit.

SANDY: Oh, I can't believe this!

THERRY: ...which belongs to the Continuum of Resistance.

SANDY: Habit?

THERRY: There's quite a few connections on that note.

SANDY: Habit? The Continuum of Habit?

THERRY: The discussion we're having...inertia, habit, resistance, pleasure, expectations and demands. They all cross that node. Rationalizations, deceit.


THERRY: Excessive ego.

SANDY: Excessive ego...

THERRY: Conversion.

SANDY: It's like Grand Central Station.


SANDY: Okay, that's it.

JERRY: I want to ask you a question about kids.

THERRY: Children?

JERRY: Cindy told me today that you had kids.


JERRY: Does anybody else that has anything to do with Arkashea...I know I've asked you this before but I can't get over it. And I was really surprised when she said, "Oh..." And I was like, "Huh?" Because we were talking about it a little bit today and uhm about her maybe wanting to have kids but she was going to have to do it soon because she was getting too old for it and she thought she might want to adopt but she knew that Jim wouldn't take to it, etc., etc. and uhm. So it's just been on my mind lately.

THERRY: Well, I can only assume that the question that you're asking because you didn't ask the question, so I will assume that...

JERRY: Well, you said that you did have kids.

THERRY: Yeah, but what's the question?

JERRY: Can you expand on that at all?

THERRY: What? If I had kids?

JERRY: Yeah.

THERRY: I had three of them. They all died. The wife and the three kids all of them went in one fell swoop.

JERRY: How long ago?

THERRY: Oh, a long time ago.

SANDY: In an accident or something?

THERRY: Yeah. A very long time ago. I don't even think about that anymore.

SANDY: Hmmm.

THERRY: That was...see that was so long ago, as far as I'm concerned, it never was. In terms of Cindy having children, I pity the child.

SANDY: You pity the child?

THERRY: Yeah, 'cuz I don't think she's ready for it. In terms of, are there others? Yeah, you guys are not the only ones who have children that are involved in Arkashea. There's lots of them. They're just not as close to Arkashea as you guys are.

JERRY: So I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet any of those people?

THERRY: I can't make that statement. It's not necessarily true.

JERRY: Well, the chances of my meeting somebody in Australia or something are probably pretty slim. I mean they're not like the people who live in the area and come and interact with you here?

THERRY: That's not true. That's not true. Some do. The kids don't come here but the parents do.

JERRY: Oh really?

THERRY: See, we're just not really set up to officially open the children's section. Once we get set up for that, then that'll be a different story.

JERRY: What do you need to do to set that up?

THERRY: Children need a special area that's safe and ready for themselves. They need a private sleeping area, they need constant a 24 hour- a-day guarding situation, special preparations, special everything. We're not set up for it yet. Once Arkashea is set up, Arkashea will have a 24 hour -a-day Children's Center because inside Arkashea itself the children will live there in the Children's Center.

SANDY: They won't live with the parents? Huh?

THERRY: The parents have to spend X number of hours a day in the children's area taking care of all the children. So consequently, when it is your turn to be in the children's area, you not only take care of your own, you take care of all of the others as well. But the children basically stay in the children's area, they don't live with the parents.

SANDY: You mean their room won't be in the same apartment as the parents?


SANDY: Really? Why?

THERRY: They won't even be in the same building.

SANDY: Why? Is that for a specific reason?



THERRY: Because the special...the special requirements of children are too much to be in the same area as where the parents are. One of the problems that parents have with children, is they're far too demanding, too often, too long. And Arkashea is designed to take care of that. It's much better to have the children in the basic area permanently where they have their own area, rather than keep changing them around. It's better for the child, it's more steady and the child ends up having more. So the children will have their own sleeping area, their own play area, you know, everything will be separated. And the parents will be spending enough time with the children so's that the bond is not going to break but at the same time the children are going to be raised according to Arkashean standards, not according to whatever prejudices the parents may have. Consequently, the relationship between the parent and the child will be better because it'll be more even. The child won't get mixed messages all the time. Because the children are going to have their own school, their own kitchen, their own everything. Everything will be designed to handle the rigors of children.

SANDY: So it won't be the family unit anymore so to speak?

THERRY: Yes it will, it'll be under a family type of situation except the family's going to be somewhat huge. It'll be communal. And since the children will be basically in their own permanent areas, it makes it a helluva lot easier on the parents too because they get free time.

SANDY: Yeah. Well, what about ...will kids still have the same sense of Mommy and Daddy? You know will there still be specific...these are your parents, those are his parents, those are...Is it going to be like these are all your parents and then...?

THERRY: No, they'll still have a Mommy and Daddy but they won't be playing the possession game.

SANDY: Sounds pretty convenient actually!

SANDY: Does that undo all the bullshit that we go through?


MERLE: How would the schooling work if, obviously it might be so far gone that...?

THERRY: Schooling will be by qualified teachers teaching it.


THERRY: Plus, it will be very highly computerized. So's it won't be this thing about six or seven or twenty-seven students all in one classroom, all learning the same thing all at one time. It won't be that way. It'll be totally computerized, pre-programmed learning where each student will learn at his own pace, using qualified teaching machines.

SANDY: This is...The teaching is here, you mean?


SANDY: The way they teach the kids, don't they have to legally go to school?

THERRY: No, they'll have a school right in their own building.

SANDY: Will it be like tutors or something?

THERRY: No, it'll be a real classroom - only it will be individualized instructions.

SANDY: Seems like it'll be like a whole institution you're going to have.

THERRY: Yeah a whole complex.

SANDY: Oh, okay!

JERRY: Would you have to be an Arkashean kid to go to school?

THERRY: To that school? Yeah.

JERRY: It won't be like a private school, an entity that somebody from outside could access?

THERRY: No. I imagine that by the time we are actually ready to open up the school area, we're going to be somewhat crowded. So we really don't want to turn it into a convent school for children.

JERRY: Yeah. Is it still going to be based in Miami?

THERRY: That I don't know yet. I haven't received that information.

SANDY: It's way in the future it seems, must be.

THERRY: I don't know that either. I know that when the Universe is ready, it''ll let us know.

SANDY: Can I ask you why you're so curious about other Arkasheans having kids? What's the curiosity about it?

JERRY: Well, just my own difficulties with dealing with it. Uhm...

SANDY: You'd like another Arkashean parent to talk to about it, you mean?

JERRY: Yeah.

THERRY: Being a parent on this planet is the number one most difficult job you have. Simply because if you want to do it right and if you have to do it alone, it demands so much of your time, that there's really no time to do anything else.

SANDY: Hmmmm.

MERLE: I do notice though, Tommy's behavior here is different here. Tommy's a good kid, he's very respectful...he thinks things out, but he's even better here. He uhm...Like I noticed right away, I don't know if it's because war's not allowed or he just feels the vibes around would make him improve...In New York, what those little three year olds all they're doing is this Schwarzenegger thing - gadaw, gadaw! whoohh! Whoohh! You know, throwing bombs and things. We don't even watch television, but this is going on in nursery school. These little kids are doing this.


MERLE: He doesn't act like that here. I mean...

JERRY: He doesn't have any peers acting like that here either.

MERLE: Well, is that bad or...?

JERRY: It's not like Gavin or Martin are chasing him around in the pool, shooting him with an imaginary gun.

MERLE: Is that the reason?

THERRY: That's one of the reasons. Another one of the reasons is that we have outlawed war here and we have an aura cast around the place that keeps war thoughts out as much as possible.

JERRY: You mean he feels that instinctively?


MERLE: But I mean, here it's by comparison, it makes New York seem like a dream because he's very easy to handle here and in New York, raising a child in New York is a nightmare.

JERRY: He's also not going to school, he's not seeing other kids...

MERLE: And he's not acting like a hooligan because...

JERRY: He's hanging around a bunch of adults who are all talking about Arkashean pursuits, so it's not like he has any influence that's going to press him in that direction. He's not sitting inside right now watching a Schwarzenegger movie.

MERLE: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: And when we have...when Arkashea has its school, again the subject matters are going to be very specific. And in terms of handling a child's natural aggression, well, they'll begin martial arts and self defense training as early as you can.

MERLE: Really?

THERRY: So uhm...because they will be sufficient and let's say sufficiently stable in their relative egos, there will be no need to become bullies. And in terms of our curriculum, it's going to be very heavily scientific.

MERLE: Yeah?

JERRY: Where does the martial arts come from?

THERRY: Coordinated training. It'll be a combination of martial arts and dance.

JERRY: Is that something that's actively going on?

THERRY: It's going on, it's just going on in a different realm.

JERRY: I mean, the computers I get obviously because that's pretty cool and it seems like ...

THERRY: Right at the moment because there are no children obviously...

JERRY: I mean with the adults...

THERRY: No but the adults are doing it in their own way. There's no organized things but we get together and say, "Alright, kick time!"

JERRY: That's what I meant...Yoga's on the back porch, yoga class is inside...