Arkashean Q&A Session -- 125

THERRY: Did you enjoy your movie?

GUY: Yeah, it's okay, I'm not crazy about it. It definitely American.

MERLE: Is pruning going on here?


MERLE: Is it pruning?

THERRY: We're cutting down some trees because we want to plant some trees.

SANDY: What...That's just a tree, tree?

THERRY: Yeah, that's a ficus tree.

MERLE: Could I ask something quick, Jerry or are you going to continue with questions. I just...I wanted...Gina had used the phrase that was one of the steps for active intervention. Are there steps that you can suggest to me to get off this Jewish mother suffering? There's nothing that I can do?

THERRY: You are already in possession of all the knowledge you need. Now it's simply a case of your deciding what games you want to continue to play and what games is best not to play.

MERLE: So in terms of the stuff that I can see...I told you that I'll get on it but I can't really relate to the Jewish mother stuff but certainly the anger, the intolerance, you know, pretty strong words. And the thing you mentioned, prejudice...This really tripped me up because I'm having a little trouble with that too. So there's nothing I steps that I can...

THERRY: You already know...

MERLE: I already know...?

THERRY: You already know that if you're feeling prejudiced the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut.

MERLE: But you have to know you're feeling prejudiced, right?

THERRY: Well, obviously then, that's the first step.

MERLE: To find out what I'm prejudiced about?

THERRY: No, to find out what you're feeling. Keep in contact with your own awareness.

MERLE: When I try to work on that, what am I feeling, I'm feeling anger..


MERLE: Well, because I'm feeling trapped...


MERLE: Because of dialysis, because of parenting, I feel very trapped. And I know it's stupid, why I'm saying this, "I say get off it, it's what is, stop it already." But then boom, there I go again. This I've known it for quite awhile and I work at it and I have gotten better but this prejudice thing really tripped me up because I don't really understand...

THERRY: Perhaps you were thinking that prejudice only means a certain level of things as opposed to total biasness.

MERLE: Total biasness?

THERRY: Yeah, there is a level of prejudice that is acceptable. For instance, if you like vanilla ice cream much more than you like chocolate ice cream, you can call it a preference or you may call it a bias, but it's still a part of the Continuum of Prejudice.


JERRY: That's acceptable?

THERRY: Sure. Every culture has acceptable limits of prejudice. But it is prejudice nonetheless.

MERLE: So as far as the anger and stuff like that, that I'm very aware of, it's like what you were discussing with Sandy last night, just stop. Just, you know, don't light the match if you want to stop smoking?

SANDY: Right.

THERRY: Nobody said it'll be easy.

MERLE: Oh yeah, that's quite obvious!

THERRY: After all, it took a long time to create it.

SANDY: Should I push stop?

JERRY: Uhm, yesterday, uhm, when we were running around to Miami Beach, on the way back, Sandy had said to me, so why do you come down here? It bothers me that I really can't give her a real concrete answer. I mean everybody else seems to have one. Should that bother me? Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

THERRY: Only you can determine that. Obviously, you have to search and find out what you're getting out of it, if anything.

GUY: I feel the same. I was totally unable to explain why I come down here.

THERRY: It happens to a lot of people. Usually it's because you don't want to be too honest. You want to tell 'em...You don't want to tell 'em, I come here because I like it here. You don't want to...

JERRY: It sounds like too simple an answer though.

THERRY: Why not?

JERRY: I mean, it's essentially why I do, but I feel like it's not enough of an answer. I have to have a more grandiose...

GUY: Yeah, I guess I would like to have it to happen like that too...

THERRY: That's because...

JERRY: Hifallutin...Like I feel like there's some kind of a pressure, that there's some kind of an obligation or something, "Well I feel like, what this does for me is..."

THERRY: Perhaps what's really involved is that you don't want to give them too much information about yourself so you stay ultra general. If on the other hand, if you were to start giving them information about your personal life, which would in fact explain why you were coming down here, you'd lose your privacy. It's probably a whole lot easier to just say little, as opposed to being smart and..."Why you're writing a book? Leave this chapter out." Usually if you find you can't give an answer, it's usually that you're hiding something, either from yourself or from the world.

SANDY: Even if you're feeling like you don't know the answer means you're hiding something?

THERRY: You usually know the answer, you just don't want to say what it is.


THERRY: Because you don't want to give people too much information about your own private life.

SANDY: Because that happens with me and Guy. I'll be kinda moody, not particularly annoyed or depressed but just kinda glum and he'll say, "What's the matter?" And I'll say, "I don't know." But it really feels like I don't know!

THERRY: You're usually hiding from yourself.


GUY: She's pretty good at that.

THERRY: 'Cause you know if it's your time of the month or if it''re just being bitchy because you like being bitchy, you usually know.

SANDY: But I don't know why I'm feeling bitchy today.

THERRY: Well, you know that there's at least a week out of a whole month that you have a fairly good reason to be bitchy.

SANDY: Well, when I don't have a reason like that, I just really feel like I don't know.

THERRY: Probably because you don't want to bother investigating it.

SANDY: Out of laziness or fear?

THERRY: Does it matter?

SANDY: It doesn't matter, huh? Hmmm. Is it beneficial to always examine your feelings, your emotions I guess?

THERRY: It can be. It's always nice to know the Laws of your own Illusions. That gives you a better opportunity for self-control. You can't hope to change or control that which you don't know. But you also have to bear in mind, that basically, you like to be spontaneous. You don't like to know everything all the time. You get bored! So what better way of not knowing everything than hiding? If I remember correctly your premise is, "But people are supposed to be emotional!"

SANDY: It's not true?! [Chuckle]

THERRY: It's not true! People don't have to be emotional. They can be controlled and stable and have just as much fun.

SANDY: Hmmmm. I'm trying to think if it only works when I'm not feeling good or is it the same when I'm in a great mood that I don't know why either. I think it's more often when I'm in a bad mood.

GUY: People expecting magic, some kind of proof, you know, that could be trust or something, that made me feel like seeing some magic to show me something. Like some free circus...

THERRY: We don't do tests.

GUY: Hmmm?

THERRY: We don't do tests.

GUY: Oh shit!

THERRY: [Chuckle]

GUY: It's completely out of curiosity, you know, 'cause it won't make much difference, you know.

THERRY: If you...

JERRY: Even like a card trick or something?


GUY: Not even! [Chuckle]

THERRY: If you had needed it, you would've already had it.

GUY: But I need it!! [Chuckle]

MERLE: [Giggle]


GUY: ...for my curiosity! [Chuckle]

MERLE: [Giggle]


JERRY: It's just like Tommy, you need-d-d-d it!!!

MERLE: [Giggle]

JERRY: Like Tommy, I nee-d it....'Cause I lov-v-v--e- it!

GUY: I told you it was not worth it to turn the tape off. Okay.

JERRY: Thanks very much!

MERLE: I think I know the answer to this, but I just wanted to check. We had that whole talk about suicide and what you said about a circle that is broken and you just go around and the end of murder would be suicide because you commit yourself to suicide. Uhm, which would mean it's Predestiny, it cannot be avoided, correct? Uhm, therefore the times when we see you uhm being more abrupt with certain people...I know Cindy was questioning that because Sandy was doing whatever she was doing, uhm you know, "Don't let the door hit you on your ass, just don't do it here and mess up my porch!" Is this specifically, these kinds of things, it's specifically said to people who are trying to use love as a weapon?


MERLE: But then that would say, because the suicide thing by itself, if it's Predestiny, if it's part of cause and effect, it's still part of the beautiful plan?


MERLE: And then it's okay?


MERLE: Okay, so...

THERRY: The thing is, you get tired of playing the same game over and then after awhile you tell them, "Hey, I don't want to play the game anymore." If you're going to do it, get it over with. It'll save the world a lot of trouble.

MERLE: Would they have a choice of when they do it, if it's Predestiny?

THERRY: If it's Predestiny, no. Usually when there's a lot of too-hoo about it, then they have a lot of Free Will and they're just using love as a weapon. They're giving you ultimatums.

MERLE: Is it not likely that someone in that state would actually really do it?

THERRY: It's not likely.

MERLE: So then...

THERRY: Even though there are instances where an individual could mistake the interpretation of what he sees and uhm somebody could actually do it.

MERLE: And would that close the cycle or...?


MERLE: It wouldn't be like storming the gate then know, that I shouldn't have done that?

THERRY: It depends if it was a true suicide or it's an accident. A great many of the actual suicides are not really suicides, they're accidents. They're murder rather than suicide. See there's a difference...

MERLE: But murder on yourself, right?

THERRY: Yeah, right. But it's still murder rather than suicide because a suicide automatically brings you into a suicide loop, a murder won't. So even though you murder yourself, you still wouldn't go into a suicide loop.

SANDY: Hmmm!

MERLE: Oh! So then, it wouldn't count therefore as far as the suicide that corrects...

THERRY: Correct. It wouldn't close the loop.

SANDY: So it's the intent...?

THERRY: Right.

SANDY: ...that makes the difference?

THERRY: It's the intent.

MERLE: Wow! That's interesting.

GUY: It's always the intent.


GUY: It's always the intent, what we were talking about.


MERLE: Is it likely that someone who's never murdered would still commit suicide out of absolute hatred for life itself?


MERLE: It's not? Oh!

THERRY: But somebody who has never murdered could accidentally kill themselves because of the game they play.

MERLE: But you don't mean accidentally like you take what you think won't really... "This amount of pills won't kill me, it'll just scare everybody."


MERLE: ...But then they accidentally knock themselves off.

THERRY: Right.

MERLE: But they're still playing, "I'll use love as a weapon, I'll get everybody!"

THERRY: Correct.

MERLE: Isn't that still attempted suicide?

THERRY: No, there's no such thing.

MERLE: It's not accidental?

THERRY: See, Karma doesn't have the leniency that Mankind has, so Mankind may call it attempted suicide but Karma looks at it for what it really is.

MERLE: Based on intent.

THERRY: So even though that person ended up killing themselves, it's not really considered a suicide.

SANDY: That's like it could be the beginning of the loop.

THERRY: A lot of times loops begin that way. A lot of times, the murder loop begins with an accidental murder itself.


THERRY: Then they keep trying 'til they get it right.

MERLE: Yeah.

SANDY: So when you say...

THERRY: And they practice on others.

SANDY: So when you say people don't commit suicide more than once, that doesn't necessarily mean they don't kill themselves more than once?

THERRY: Correct.


THERRY: It's possible for them to commit murder more than once...


THERRY: But the suicide itself occurs only once.

MERLE: Because you know when you're doing it, you know in some way on some level that you are paying back for having taken a life or many lives?

THERRY: When you actually are ready to commit suicide, you are very calm. All your wars are over.


THERRY: You very quietly go some place and just do it.

MERLE: Oh, okay.

THERRY: You never tell anybody, none of this screaming, yelling, it's a very quiet, inner peace that comes over you and fppt! It's over. You just go some place and do it.

MERLE: So you mean, it could be an accident...If you take a gun, you know, it's seems pretty hard for you to say it's an accident - you know you're going to blow your brains out. That still could be an accidental suicide?


MERLE: Because of intent?

THERRY: But let's not look at it in terms of accidental suicide. Okay?

MERLE: Oh, okay.

THERRY: Let's look at it as murder because that's what it really is.

SANDY: I thought that...

THERRY: Take a look at that guy, that actor that was playing and he picked up the prop that had nothing but blanks and put it to his temple and shot. Well, the paper wad hit him with such force that it killed him. So he murdered himself.

SANDY: But if you know that you're going to die...I mean if you're not doing it just to get attention and hoping that someone's going to stop you and if you know definitely you are going to die, that's suicide then, isn't it?

THERRY: That's suicide.

SANDY: So if you're blowing your brains out, obviously you're going to die?

MERLE: That's what I was asking.

THERRY: But a lot of times people will pick up a gun and pull a trigger and they never intended to commit suicide.

SANDY: Well, what were they doing then? [Chuckle]

THERRY: Playing.

MERLE: Alright, I can see that you jump off a 40-story building...can you really believe that you were going to live?

THERRY: A lot of times, I'll survive, I'll land on my back. It's happened to many people!

SANDY: [Chuckle]

MERLE: Oh, it has?

THERRY: From their minds it has.

MERLE: Really?


MERLE: That's why that guy jumped up on to the canopy. This guy...

JERRY: Did you ever ask Therry why did you run downstairs to check it out?

MERLE: I'll tell you what I think. I think that for about a week and half it haunted me and we discussed me tipping off a building at one lifetime or another. And I felt I was paying back for the suffering I had inflicted on one person, many people - just with the suffering you feel when somebody jumps right by your window off a ten-story building. I mean it was to a point where, again I use that word "perception" I'm usually using... I'd be walking the hall to the elevator and I'd actually see him gliding along with wheels like Night of the Living Dead, you know. And I knew, I mean I didn't really see him, you know what I mean, perceiving... I knew that I was feeling that kind of pain because I was paying back having caused someone else that pain or many that pain. That's what I felt.

THERRY: It's also quite possible that you actually saw him because when you murder yourself, you don't leave.

MERLE: So maybe I did. That would explain it.

THERRY: You become an discarnate and you're stuck on this level for the whole time that you're supposed to be here for. You don't leave.

MERLE: Before the suicide then?

THERRY: You're condemned to roam this level. The only problem is, that...the only thing that has happened is that you've lost your physical body.

MERLE: Right.

THERRY: But you're still physical and you're still on the physical level.

MERLE: Yeah maybe I did feel him then.