Arkashean Q&A Session -- 129

CARLA: But so then, having this whole discussion of you know, trying to realize the reason that I'm so discontented with life is 'cause I'm not taking responsibility, I can't say, "Okay, so maybe I should stop doing that. From now on, I'll accept responsibility..." I mean, I'm stuck to always being...?

THERRY: I'm saying you can do that if the game that you're in allows it. Because every game allows a certain amount of Free Will and every game allows a certain illusion of Free Will.

CARLA: You mean, I might try all my life to change my attitude and never succeed at it?

THERRY: Correct if that's written in the game. That's why it's important to be careful, if everybody gets what they would want, this world would be in one deep shit. Because each game has its own rules.

CARLA: Well what's the point of trying to learn how to improve yourself if you can't use the knowledge or the ...I mean if I'm stuck doing the schmuck...

THERRY: Well the process of trying to improve yourself is the process of determining what the game allows. If you don't know what the game allow, then how can you make any changes at all? The only way for you to play poker and be good at it is for you to learn the rules. The same thing applies to the rules and games of your own life. To be good at living, you have to know the rules.

CARLA: Even if it means I'll never win, no matter how much I learn the rules?

THERRY: Well, are you sure as...Based on that, what are your greatest chances of winning, when you learn the rules or when you don't know them?

CARLA: No, the more you learn, the better your chances of...

THERRY: That's your reason why!

CARLA: But if it's...

THERRY: In any given situation, the only situation, the only reason why a person would bother trying to learn and grow is to better their chances of getting what they want.

CARLA: But you just suggested that there's a possibility ...

THERRY: Of course, but that doesn't change my original statement. It doesn't matter what the possibilities are, it only matters for you to know what those possibilities are. The whole idea here is for you to come to learn the rules of your own game. If you don't know the rules, you never have a chance and you can never learn the rules if you don't try to learn and grow. It's a perfect trap. Absolute, absolute, unbiased judgment, it's justice all the way across the board. Your rights end absolutely, when somebody else's rights and the rights of the game begin.

CARLA: But why wouldn't I be allowed to improve? Why would I be...I don't... forced to...?

THERRY: For the same reason, why I can't say "Gin" if we're playing poker. It's the exact, the exact, same question.

CARLA: But then...

GUY: But wait a second. It's like you might learn that one day that you'll identify the game you're playing and the sets of rules and blah, blah, blah. And you'll discover that this game that you're playing, to keep on comparing with a con game, whatever you do you can only lose, so your only improvement that you can do is not lose too much. But you know, then you bet less or what?

THERRY: That's true but there's also something else that's even more important. Every single game has very specific places and times that you can get out.

GUY: If that's true, I'm looking forward to that.

THERRY: And the only time that you can exercise those things of getting out and growing and changing, is if you know the rules of the game.

GUY: Oh, I see what you mean.

CARLA: Oh, so there is a way out, you mean. I thought you were saying.

THERRY: Every single game has a way out.

CARLA: Ahhh! [Sigh of relief]

THERRY: But you will never find out unless you try to find out what the rules of the game are.

CARLA: Okay, that's why I didn't...

THERRY: But so long as you're in the game, you only have the illusion of Free Will.

CARLA: Okay, I didn't understand that. I thought you had said like from the beginning, that you were going to die like on the cross.

THERRY: I said if that's the game...

CARLA: Oh okay.

THERRY: ...and so long as you continue playing that game, it doesn't matter how you try to change it, you're not going to be able to. The only way to make a change, is learn the rules of the game, learn how and why to get out and then get the hell out. Then you won't condemn yourself to the props. There are some games that the only way you can win is to not play.

CARLA: So within any game, there is a chance to get out of it?

THERRY: There's always a number of chances.

CARLA: Ahhhh!

THERRY: And you'll never find them if you don't learn the rules of the game.

GUY: What a relief! [Chuckle]

CARLA: Ah my gosh! So I just got confused by the two statements, "if you're in a game where there is no chance to get out."

THERRY: Then there is no chance to get out.

CARLA: But then didn't you say there's always chances to get out of a game?

THERRY: You made the statement "If you're in a game where there are no chances to get out." You made the statement.

CARLA: But there are no games where there are no chances to get out.

THERRY: That's not true, there are.

CARLA: I thought you just said you can always have a few chances to get out?

THERRY: That's not true. Let me give you one, okay?

CARLA: Okay.

THERRY: You decide that you're going to play the game of being human as a mongoloid.

CARLA: Oh okay.

THERRY: Where is there a way out?

CARLA: Well, okay. Well that''re talking about physical limitations.

THERRY: A game is a game is a game is a game. A pattern is a pattern is a pattern is a pattern.

GUY: He thinks through levels here.

THERRY: You don't change the games or rules just because doesn't fit your pattern or doesn't fit what you want.

CARLA: But if the game is a mental one, chances are, you can get out of it, if you don't have a physical limitation with it?

THERRY: Only if you learn the rules of the game.

CARLA: Yeah, yeah.

THERRY: Because you could stumble on an exit and never recognize it.


GUY: Habit?

THERRY: Habit. Do you remember, "What, If, But..." says that we could create things so's that we wouldn't fall out when we're not looking? That is called habit.

CARLA: I got panicked there for a minute. [Chuckles] You mean I'm stuck!

THERRY: See every game, it doesn't matter what it is...has within it innately, time and circumstances. Every game only lasts forever. There are no games that last for eternity.

CARLA: Well, my attitude is a little bit better. [Chuckle] Different levels of cynicism.

THERRY: So long as it works, that's all that matters.

GUY: The same way that Tina said she's not aware that she's playing a role or a game.

THERRY: Well it's possible that the game won't allow that awareness.

GUY: Okay.

THERRY: Because awareness will determine the level of reality or the level of observation.

GUY: But then only other people can tell you you're playing that game and then you're going to be amazed and taken aback or something but...


GUY: Okay, time for a stupid question, what kind of game like this can I play that I'm not even aware of?

THERRY: Can you play? There's a lot of them.

GUY: Okay, am I playing then?

THERRY: I never make those statements. It's not in me to point a finger and say, you're playing this game and that game and you should stop it.

GUY: That's why I said stupid question but...

THERRY: Well that's okay, you got a stupid answer.

TINA: You said that there're games that don't allow you the awareness? What did you just say?

THERRY: Yes, there are games that will not allow you the awareness of what it is that you're doing.

TINA: What...what's the reason for that?

THERRY: To keep you in the game!

TINA: You mean it's what you set up but it's not what I would've set up? To keep...and it's actually got a time?

THERRY: Yeah a game has time elements to it.

TINA: So to keep you in the game you remove any possibility of ever becoming aware of it?

THERRY: Correct. There are some games that way, yeah. Not all games are that way but the awareness factor is a Continuum. Any game will give you some point along the Continuum over time.

CARLA: What did you just say when we mentioned it?

GUY: Huh?

CARLA: After you asked your question and you said, "Okay," something. I think it was...

THERRY: No, he said "That's why I said it was a stupid question."


THERRY: Also, along with the varying degree of awareness, comes the varying degree of mobility. The two are ganged.

TINA: Are what?

THERRY: The two of them, the two Continuums are ganged. Do you know what ganged means?

TINA: Ganged? Could it...

THERRY: It means that when one moves the other moves proportionately in its proper direction.

TINA: So mobility with...

THERRY: Mobility with wisdom or Awareness with mobility.

GUY: It's like when you read a map, you know where you are and if you know where you want to go, you can decide what street to take or something?

THERRY: Some games prevent you from knowing where you are.

GUY: Okay.

THERRY: So that way if you read a map, there's no way of you knowing where you want to go because you don't know where you're at. There are a lot of people who don't know where they're at because then they'd have to take responsibility for what they're doing.

GUY: "I'm not in an ocean of shit!"

ALEX: "Please don't make waves!"

GUY: "Please tell me what I can do!!!"

THERRY: There's a joke about that. This guy goes to hell and the devil gives him an opportunity to chose any door for him to go into. So he looks into the first door and he sees flames coming out and people screaming and he says, "Nah, that's not the one I want." So he goes to the second door and he sees these people sitting waist deep in shit and they're standing but they're smoking [puffing sound]. The guy says, "Well-l-l-l-, I don't know." So he goes to the next door and he sees people drowning and screaming and hurting and whatever and he says, "Well, I don't want that! I'll take that second door where people are just smoking and whatever nonchalantly." So the devil says, "Okay." He brings him in, so he gets a cigarette and he's smoking and the cigarette gets half done and somebody comes and says, "Okay, break time is over, everybody stand on your heads!"

TINA: [Giggle]

GUY: Everybody?

CARLA: [Chuckle] Stand on your heads.

GUY: This is a question I asked six (6) months ago - Carla and I, could we be pawns for each other?

THERRY: The answer to that is, "Yes" because everybody can be pawns for everybody.

GUY: Well...

THERRY: Remember, your phrase was "could we." Your question was not "are we." "Are we" I would not answer, "Could we" I would answer.

GUY: Ahhh, I guess I was using the term pawns in terms of the seven-year period that you have to wait.

THERRY: Oh no, that's an improper use of the word.

GUY: You don't use the word pawns for that?


GUY: So...

THERRY: Pawn by definition is a state of being expendable for the service of something better or greater or more valuable.

GUY: Okay but we enter the seven-year period?

THERRY: Could you guys enter the seven-year period?

GUY: You said "No" six months ago! You said, I had a lot of things to learn.

CARLA: [Chuckle]

THERRY: That was six (6) months ago.

GUY: Really? Okay! I guess two stupid questions in one night is too much, right?

THERRY: No, you're free, you can ask as many stupid questions in one night as you want.

GUY: Well, what did I learn?


GUY: What did I learn?

THERRY: To value your relationship with her. That ring a bell? So long as you didn't know that, there's no way you could've entered the seven-year period.

TINA: What exactly do you mean when you talk about mobility?

THERRY: The ability to make or effect a change. See, without mobility, the Continuum of Mobility, you wouldn't even be able to change your mind.

TINA: And well, the ability to make a change, that's what you said?

THERRY: The ability to make a change.

TINA: The ability to make a change, that's what's called "Mobility." Then that's based on Awareness?

THERRY: Right, it's ganged to awareness, it's not based on it.

TINA: Ganged to...okay.

THERRY: See Awareness is a continuum, Mobility is a continuum.

TINA: Okay.

THERRY: Being a Continuum, they have differing points. In each person's life within in any given moment, one point of the Continuum of Awareness is attached to one point on the Continuum of Change.

TINA: The same point?

THERRY: Not necessarily the same point.

TINA: Well when you said that my Mobility had to be slowed down, was it...? That's why I asked...was it one getting ahead of the other? Or...

THERRY: Quite possible.

TINA: So when you say...what would be a reason for Mobility needing to be slowed down?

THERRY: Assumptions, negative judgments, failing to see the beauty in things, failing to understand or viewing things from the other person's point of view? It's a whole lot of reasons, a whole lot of possibilities.

TINA: So it would be lack of awareness then that would slow Mobility, is that right?

THERRY: Yeah. Varying degrees of lack of awareness brings about prejudices. I agree to that. You should at least lift the leg and it'd make it a whole lot better.

TINA: [Giggle]

THERRY: There's more room to get out that way.

TINA: [Giggle]

SHERRY: That's pretty gross!