Arkashean Q&A Session -- 134

SANDY: Do moments carry into other moments?

THERRY: No. Moments are unique unto themselves. Life by its nature is nothing more than an episodic train of moments linked together by our emotions.

SANDY: So then a pattern would be because we have never...?

THERRY: It's a fabric. Most people think that life is linear. It is not. Life is a fabric. Absolutely everything is connected to absolutely everything else. Absolutely every person is connected to every other person. Every life form is connected to every other life form. It's a fabric. If you don't get it right this time, no matter, you'll get it right next time. If you don't, no matter, you'll get it right next time.

SANDY: So there's a lot of significance to the fact that Carla and I met when we were seven and still have contact?

THERRY: Yeah a lot of it, but it's nothing to write home about. I mean God's not going to change his mind because of it.

SANDY: No, I mean there are patterns there.

THERRY: Of course, it's called Karma. There are many different reasons why people choose to be born within certain times. Usually it's because somebody's already there. Or someone planning to be there. Or Predestiny forces them there because of the happenings of the times which are scheduled to be there.

SANDY: So because I'm older, she came because I was there? That's why her time was right?

THERRY: I don't think we can make the decision that's why she came.

SANDY: Yeah. It's a possibility?

THERRY: It's a possibility.

SANDY: Because it's made the least sense to me in terms of the glue but it's there undeniable.

THERRY: That and things like that is the proof in existence that the laws of creation are in fact there. There is sufficient proof laying around for anybody if they really wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the creations are run by law not by whim.

SANDY: What kinds of proof?

THERRY: You just mentioned them.

SANDY: I guess when you said proof, I was thinking more empirical data than my ...

THERRY: Proof comes in many ways for many different people. You can't say it's an accident. You can't say it's a coincidence. It happens to too often, there are too many things around too often. Therefore it has to be something there.

SANDY: So if it's a feeling, it's as valid as any empirical data.

THERRY: Correct. Does it matter where wisdom comes from?

SANDY: Yeah that's right. So that statement I've been using over the last year, "I'm just a body of prejudices trying to undo myself" is what that's about? 'Cause I could take it...

THERRY: Does it matter where wisdom comes from?

SANDY: Yeah, I've been trying to take that.

THERRY: There is a legend that says that evil is nothing more than unbound energy seeking someone, something or some place to attach itself to, so that it may find the limitations that it wants or needs.

SANDY: It's probably why I try staying to myself because I'm afraid of being seduced.

THERRY: Isn't it terrible when lights go on and you begin understanding more?

SANDY: No, no because usually what follows is serenity.

FRANK: Actually there'd be turmoil first and then serenity?

SANDY: How so?

FRANK: 'Cause you're just like me, you know, when you're confronted with a change, there's not a smooth segue into it, there's always resistance and the people until the dawn, the bell goes off, you say, "Up oh! Okay!" and then you can kinda slide into the serenity but there's no quick dissolve.


FRANK: Okay?

THERRY: There is a type of resignation on the spiritual level where the battle that you speak goes on as the questions arise. And because it forces you to see a part of yourself that you've always seen but yet you never saw, it sorta puts the sword down.

SANDY: That's what it feels like. I mean there's a part of me that says, "How am I here?"

THERRY: And there's also a part of you that says, because you decided to come here, stupid.

SANDY: Yup! On a very obvious level, I know that.

THERRY: And because of the interaction between those two sides, you go, "Uh, uh, oh!" While I get there, am I having fun yet?


THERRY: And that puts the war down.

SANDY: Oh, I knew that before I got on the plane.

THERRY: But that doesn't change the fact that you play certain games.

SANDY: I wouldn't want to bore you to death.

THERRY: It's not me. You can't bore me.

SANDY: [Laughter]

THERRY: I'm unboreable.

SANDY: [Laughter] Is that like impenetrable?

THERRY: Well, that too.

SANDY: [Laugh] Now, you sound like Tommy!

THERRY: [Chuckle] We perfect people don't have to worry about those things. [Chuckle]

SANDY: Uh-hmmm. Yours doesn't stink either?

THERRY: Right! [Chuckle]

SANDY: Well next time, let me know because you're going to need an expert for proof! [Chuckle]

THERRY: [Chuckle]

SANDY: But I do know you fart.

THERRY: And they don't stink.

SANDY: No, that was pretty amazing actually.

THERRY: 'Cause my shit doesn't stink.


THERRY: [Chuckle]

SANDY: I figured you had a plan to eat lettuce and marshmallows that day.

THERRY: [Chuckle] That's funny.

FRANK: Celia's thinking something.


FRANK: I saw that look.

THERRY: Besides I don't fart, that's just a burp that took the other way out.

SANDY: That's right. That's right! [Chuckle] A reverse burp. Oh, a dyslexic burp. [Chuckle]

THERRY: Right. [Chuckle] Just seeking the path inward, it got confused.


SANDY: I felt I was obliged to read everything, you know, religious that I could get my hands on, if any of it made sense to me and it seems so illogical and so contradictory and...

THERRY: Well, perhaps that's because you read from the point of view of seeking spirituality without realizing that you were reasoning or reading or coming in contact with nothing more than laws of politics.

SANDY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Sorta like somebody who left their keys or lost their keys over there, so they're over there on the ground hunting around and if somebody asks, "What are you looking for?" "My keys." "Uhm. Where'd you lose them?" "Over there in the dark." "What ain't you looking over there for?" "Oh, no light there."

SANDY: How is Arkashea different that the politics of religion?

THERRY: 'Cause we're a system of belief that's based on law which is not generated by people. We do not claim to be the author of anything we have. Basically, Arkashea tells you how, it doesn't tell you what. All of the religions of the day tell you what God did and claim each to be the only honored spokesman. We, on the other hand, say, "You don't need us to tell you what God did. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around you, you can see what, we'll explain how." Then all you need to do is take the explanation of each law and go test it out for yourself and find out if it works.

SANDY: And that's what the books are about...the explanations?

THERRY: Right. That's why we keep saying, "Don't idolize the teacher. You waste your time ducking around with the teacher. Pay attention to the laws." The teacher can always pull the wool over your eyes, he can deceive you, he can do many things. But you can't play around with the laws. They can't be broken, they can't be bent, they can't be put out of shape and they can't be disguised.

SANDY: The laws come through the teacher?

THERRY: No. The only thing the teacher says is, "Ooh! Look what I found!" That's all. He doesn't give you a damn thing. You have to come over and take a look yourself.

SANDY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: And if you want to find out more, you have to pick it up and look at it. The fact that you picked it up and looked at it, well some of it will stick to you. Well hey, nothing's for free. That's the difference. Plus, one more thing. Within Arkashea itself, we have outlawed war.

SANDY: That's a neat trick.

THERRY: It ain't no trick. It takes at least seven or eight years of work before you're allowed to come into Arkashea. It's very, very, very, very difficult to become part of Arkashea. It takes at the very least seven years and in that entire seven years, Arkashea, "Duck you, Mack, if you don't like it, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out." That's our prime position. "Hey, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out." It is because of these stringent ways that we are capable of outlawing war and that's makes automatic peace for everybody.

SANDY: What would...well, you said the teacher could pull the wool over your eyes. What would make ...

THERRY: Hell, James Smith did it!

SANDY: Right.

THERRY: Jim Kelly did it.

SANDY: Okay.

THERRY: Tommy Roberts is still doing it!

SANDY: Well, they're not even good enough to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

THERRY: Well they're trying awfully hard.

SANDY: I guess they are some.

THERRY: They got into office didn't they?

SANDY: Yeah that's what I mean, I guess they did some.

THERRY: The only problem is, there is a level of truth that they're playing with that they can't cover up. Because truth will not be played with. You can't bend it, shrink it, tear it. You can't do anything with it. It stands on its own two feet. And it will not allow veneers.

SANDY: There's a ...there's a level of authority here.

THERRY: No, there isn't.


THERRY: The only authority that exists is the authority that you of your own free will decide to follow. There is an established political system but not out of authority, it's out of law. Any time you get five people there has to be one leader, otherwise nothing ever gets done. Plus, how're you going to teach yourself something you don't know? How're you going to learn something that you don't know how to get? Especially when it doesn't exist in libraries, at least not a library that you can't get a hold of. So by definition, by the necessities of the moment, you have to submit. It's a barter in exchange. It's an "if then." If you want this, do that. But you're always protected by truth and by law. 'Cause truth will not be hidden. Our system says, "Here, this is a little black box, open it, look at it, examine it, then take it out there and play with it. See if it works. If it works, take it as yours and from that moment on, I don't want to hear you say, Therry says," 'cause that's bullshit. From that moment on, once you've found out it works and taken it as yours, then you must forever say, my experience tells me that. The hell with this "Therry says" shit. And that's where the strength lies.

SANDY: That's where the strength...?

THERRY: ...lies. Veneer is easier to crack, but where there is no veneer, you don't have to worry about cracks, except for the cracks that are in your own heads because of the games the individual wants to play and that surely isn't Therry's fault.

SANDY: Well, it's very much the same concept as letting my patients know that I'm very human so that before they make me perfect, I let them know that I'm not.

THERRY: I keep claiming I am, so there's a discrepancy there some place. I am perfect. I can prove it. Where else have you found an idiot that can be this good? I am the most perfect idiot on this planet. The fact that I'm here tells me that I'm a perfect idiot! Who in his right mind would want to be in this place? I mean hell! You just spent twenty minutes bitching why you're here and here I'm here and I love it. What more proof is there that I'm a perfect idiot? Hell, if I've got to be perfect I might as well be perfect in something! I'm on the planet and I like it. You can't get any greater folly as that.

SANDY: Always?

THERRY: I was here before anyone else came here and I will be here after anybody else is gone. I'm here for the duration and so are a few of us. That's the responsibility of the Great White Brotherhood. When you become the teacher you have a responsibility that doesn't come very lightly but I can't claim the wisdom is mine because it's not, but hey, what's the old saying? Being a perfect idiot is still perfection so...

SANDY: Perfect is perfect.

THERRY: Sure. Besides they say that idiots don't have to worry about suffering because they don't know any better. See, there's perfection there too.

SANDY: Have you ever experienced uhhh...

THERRY: I don't know what loneliness is, I don't k now what anguish is, I don't know the sadness of grief. I've never known any of those. I've never known the sadness of condemnation. I don't know what that is. To me it's just a definition of a set of laws. But in terms of me knowing it because I've got it inside of me? I don't know.

SANDY: How could you not experience...because all things in its own time so you would not experience grief, because you would say, "Good, all things in their own time."

THERRY: Correct.

SANDY: And you would have no longing for it then? Just because...


SANDY: Even though you would know that?

THERRY: I can get it any time I want it but I have no desire to.

SANDY: You can...?

THERRY: Get them anytime I want to. All I have to do is borrow it from somebody else same way the rest of you are getting it.

SANDY: Get what?

THERRY: Grief.

SANDY: Okay.

THERRY: I don't need it. I've never experienced it. I've never tried to hold back a moment when the moment should have passed on. Never. I've never been lonely. Never. I don't know what emotional pain is. I've never experienced it. It's one of the gifts that I've received for being or doing whatever it is I was touched to do. I get a lot of irritations every now and then 'cause I can't shut people's thoughts out.

SANDY: What does that mean?

THERRY: Well, when an individual steps into the envelope, I know more about them than they know about themselves. So from that standpoint I can't...the reason why I live in a Monastery, is that I can't put up a wall between my mind and other people's thoughts or other people's lives or other people's aura. I can't shield that. So I live in a Monastery but I don't mind that.

SANDY: The...I'm not sure I heard that...people who step into this envelope? You, you...

THERRY: The minute...Why do you think or how do you think I've been able to give you the answers that somehow fitted you exactly? I've never seen you before. I've never known you before, in this life, that is. But yet any question that you ask, somehow I give you a response that fits you exactly pinpointed.

SANDY: I think we've discussed the natures of patterns globally.

THERRY: But globally is a far cry from you specifically. The response that I give a question to you, wouldn't be the same as if I'm responding to her questions and to her questions.

SANDY: I think experiencing me over the last couple of days has given you...

THERRY: Ah, I haven't been here.

SANDY: What'd you mean you haven't been here?

THERRY: If you think of the amount of time that you're here or the amount of time that we contact one another, it's very...practically non-existent considering the time that you're here.

SANDY: But I think you're a very quick study!

THERRY: You got that one right. But it's not because I'm a study, it's because the information is there and I cannot shut it off. So the minute you enter the book is there and it's not read serially. It's "Poof!" and it's all there.

SANDY: I have no reason not to take you at your word.

THERRY: It doesn't matter one way or the other.