Arkashean Q&A Session -- 135

SANDY: No, you asked me how I suppose that is.

THERRY: It is because I cannot shut your thoughts off. Absolutely everything that's in your aura is there. The same way you would go some place and read a book, well rather than read with me it's just there and when you ask a question the aura's goes, zz-z-z-z-zz-z like it's going to a special page and I read. It's there. That's the only reason why the responses are so accurate. They fit the need for your situation for the moment. Five minutes from now you ask a different question, you get a different answer based on the need for that moment. And for you it'll be in absolute validity both times. Because it'll meet the needs of the most inner, little part of your thoughts for the moment. That is what makes it possible for you to understand the situation itself, the laws of creation or your life itself. Because surely, I'm not the only one who told you the stuff that you heard from me.

SANDY: Correct.

THERRY: So what's different? Why should it make sense now?

SANDY: 'Cause I'm open.

THERRY: But not at any other time.

SANDY: 'Cause I'm open to it.

THERRY: Well hell, you've been open to it for a long time.

SANDY: Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes no!

THERRY: So why is it effective now? It's that extra stuff that's there which doesn't belong to me, it's part of the "nothing before it's time" and hey, it's there.

SANDY: I mean, for me, I'd have to see what I'd do with it.

THERRY: I can accept that, but it still doesn't matter. The point is, it fits exactly your need for the moment to such a degree, to so deep in your thought that it makes sense and answers questions to you that you've always asked, but you wouldn't be able to understand before...It responds to you on a level deeper than any other questions that you've ever asked and yet you've asked the exact same words over and over. The only difference is, is the difference of what's there and it's more than just, "Hey, I'm ready." It's more than that because you've been ready for a long time. But now, the emotions, the logic, the feelings, the symbiosis, the biology, all of it is finally at one point and it rings your bell. But it's nothing that I've done. And I don't think it's anything that you've done either. I think it's simply the forces of creation at work.

SANDY: So I was just supposed to find you?

THERRY: I suppose that's as good as an excuse as any.

SANDY: Well, I mean.

THERRY: All I'm saying is, in any given situation, there is a level depending on the avenue of your Free Will wherein you use that magic wand and it works.

SANDY: Teachable moments.

THERRY: And the power that's at work is that magic wand that you're using.

SANDY: And I've had that experience before?

THERRY: Yeah you got that magic wand when you descended into my circus. I like to claim it's mine, because after all I'm here.

CELIA: Is Karma only in the Earth Experience?


CELIA: It's throughout the Universe?

THERRY: Yes. It's just that the subset of law which governs Karma is different depending on the level that you're at.

CELIA: So let's say, if you were on a level where you did not ...oh, you say that you have physical bodies on every level?

THERRY: Yes, they're physical to that level.

CELIA: To that level. could you, could pay Karma back for a thought, let's say, some sort of mental...?

THERRY: On a thought level, yes.

CELIA: On a thought level. And in fact we do that here for thought levels too? Like, "Oh boy, I can't wait to kill that guy!" Did I just...?

THERRY: You create Karma based on emotions here, not on thoughts.

CELIA: Oh, based just an intellectual thought wouldn't do it. [Laughter]

SANDY: Thank God!

CELIA: What?

SANDY: Thank God.

CELIA: Thank God. Right...

SANDY: We'd be falling off the buildings and planets and... We'd never get out.

CELIA: But you said on other levels...

THERRY: On the mental plane, thoughts are the tie that binds.

CELIA: Thoughts...Now that gets back to what we've discussed about that we are...each entity is on each of these levels right now, so we're accruing Karma not only here, for something as visible as this, but for whatever we're doing...

THERRY: What is accrued on a level must be paid on that level.

CELIA: But we fact, I could be accruing Karma on another level right this second.

THERRY: Correct, but you would know it, I mean, it's not something you wouldn't know.

CELIA: Oh, I would know it? Because of trickle down?

THERRY: Yeah. You know your own thoughts.

CELIA: So I'm...I'm always conscious of what's going on.

THERRY: Exactly so therefore you'd know it.

CELIA: Oh, oh!

THERRY: So if you're sitting here destroying somebody in your own mind, well...

CELIA: Right.

THERRY:'re accruing Karma on the mental level.

CELIA: Okay.

SANDY: By the same token, if you have a destructive, negative thought and then you...about someone, directed against someone and you say, "Look at what I've just done!" and have remorse and say, "Come on!"

THERRY: You may be equalizing Karma.

SANDY: 'Cause that for me lately...I find myself plunging headlong into that whole warring mechanism and I want... and then I say, "Why am I doing that, there's enough to go around! Stop! Look at what you just thought."

THERRY: Remember, there are two types of deeds, a deed of commission and a deed of omission.

SANDY: So one is the doing and one is the rescinding? That's the equalizer?

THERRY: A possible equalizer.

SANDY: I guess I'm asking, is it enough as my awareness creeps up that I...

THERRY: What happens is the interaction on that level trickles down and as you become less likely to injure people mentally, it takes active form on the physical level and you become less active to act out on it against someone in reality. And as that trickle down continues, then you enter the cycle of omissions and you go through experiences wherein primarily they have an opportunity to do to you what you did to them and you don't accept their attack as an attack. Hence you equalize the Karma. Instead of attacking when they are attacking you, you get into the stage of "Understand, Forgive and Love" and your internal state stays peaceful and that's the equalization state. So again, it's the meshing of all the levels together until finally it comes down to reality.

SANDY: What I do...what I do to help because I have this timing planning problem, is I think Teflon, it's not sticking.

THERRY: Whatever works.

LYDIA: Is what you were talking about, not being so upset at things that used to upset you? That's the...

CELIA: Could you commit or omit completely devoid of any emotional attachment?


CELIA: And if you did so, therefore because the...emotions...

THERRY: That's what was so scary about the Nazis.

CELIA: Oh no, what I meant was just...

THERRY: I mean they were the closest thing this planet ever wants to come in contact with as Evil. To be able to commit all of that horror and just like "Poof!" It's nothing...

CELIA: Yeah, they were like robots. Oh but then, obviously, that doesn't matter, you still have to pay, it's that what you do?


CELIA: So the emotion doesn't have anything to do with the Karma then, it's the deed?

THERRY: No, it depends on the level.

CELIA: This the earthly...?

THERRY: See, on this level the presence or the absence of emotion is the tie that binds.

CELIA: So they were honest....

THERRY: So if you commit evil such that there is no emotions other than just "Hey..." then you are going pretty hoppity skip towards the Path of Oblivion.

CELIA: Now if you...if included in that...if your emotion, let's take a Nazi soldier, he believes he's doing the right thing, or would you say, "No, that's bullshit," he couldn't...

THERRY: Yeah but at least the thing is the emotions were present, so therefore he just got a helluva a headache to wake up to, but at least he'll wake up...

CELIA: But somebody completely devoid...

THERRY: But somebody who commits or omits with no emotion, he's already so close to pure evil that in the following life, he won't come back as human.

CELIA: Oh okay.

LYDIA: It's like psychopaths?

THERRY: He will descend into the Hell of his own Thoughts.

LYDIA: It's like psychopaths?

THERRY: Yeah, but psychopaths have emotions.

LYDIA: They do?

CELIA: Yeah.


LYDIA: I thought that was the definition of a psychopath as having no remorse or no...

THERRY: No perceived emotions.

LYDIA: Pardon?

THERRY: No perceived emotions.


CELIA: That's like with the whole intent, they feel they're doing right, they feel they're owed or whatever, so it's still a very...just don't talk to them...! Don't just talk to them. I'm not sitting next to you anywhere... [Giggle]

LYDIA: Ah!!! I'm sorry...I just felt something in my hair...

SANDY: That's what I like about these two, I have my own and then I can take theirs on too. Wait! Something else I forgot to worry about! Beware the alligator!

THERRY: Oops! It's my fingers!

SANDY: This is my hair!

THERRY: Who pulled my tail?

SANDY: [Laugh]

LYDIA: Sorry I just felt something in my hair. Sorry, what were you saying? [Chuckle]

CELIA: I don't even remember.

PETER: So in the case of the Nazis, does the Affinity Factor uhm come into play when they're several levels of people working?

THERRY: In the case of the Nazis, not all Nazis, just the select few, they will, into the in-between time, from the in-between time, they will enter the suicide loop and at the end of the suicide loop, they will find themselves into Oblivion. Part of their suicide loop will be a part of the experience in their in-between time will be their transmutation from Earth to whatever they find themselves.

PETER: What Celia was talking about was, about the soldiers who, because it was a kind of...

FRANK: "I'm following orders..."

PETER: You know, to them they could justify it because that was what they were told to do because it was a kind of collective consciousness of the whole nation.

THERRY: Yeah but it's not the same because they had emotions.

PETER: So they were denying themselves those emotions?

THERRY: They weren't pure evil like the way some...a few Nazis were.

FRANK: You're basically... when you're classifying, Mengel, the bigwigs...

THERRY: The bigwigs...

FRANK: The bigwigs...Eichmann, Adolf...

CELIA: When you talk about a suicide loop though, they would have had to commit suicide?

FRANK: They did!

THERRY: They did.

CELIA: Oh, I didn't know that all of them...

LYDIA: What do you mean they did?

FRANK: They did. Hitler committed suicide. Well, Eichmann was hung but uhhh...

THERRY: See, the minute they took a life...well, in the case of Eichmann, he will be reborn on earth...The minute you commit murder period, you have made a reservation for suicide.

LYDIA: Huh? Really? But...

CELIA: Oh! I didn't know that.

FRANK: What? As a form of remorse?


FRANK: You're going to do yourself in because you killed yourself in one lifetime, you're going to do yourself in the next lifetime?

THERRY: But it's not remorse, that's not the reason...

FRANK: Well, that's not the right word.

THERRY: The governing factor is as the wheel turns and you discover that there's nobody there to commit murder against, then you commit it against yourself.

FRANK: Yourself...?

THERRY:...and that too is murder, except that when you commit it against yourself it's called suicide and the Universe has a special stage for you to play on for awhile.

LYDIA: But why wouldn't they just be making a reservation to be murdered, why would it have to be suicide?

THERRY: When you do it to yourself, the final act is always self. Everything begins and ends with the self. It's the law. It's the Magic Circle.

SANDY: So after they're done satiating murdering needs, then they kill themselves. It could be lots of time in between.

CELIA: Does this mean that every soldier that's ever killed in a war must commit suicide?

THERRY: Yes, yes. And it doesn't have to do with soldier either. Anyone who has committed murder, anyone.

SANDY: By hitting somebody with a car, it doesn't matter?

THERRY: It doesn't matter how. If you have committed a murder, you have made a reservation for a suicide loop.

FRANK: Well, Celia's thing, living on the grand suicide scale...

SANDY: That's why I didn't want to hit that dead cat!

LYDIA: No, I didn't realize that.

CELIA: No, I was thinking...

THERRY: Well if that cat's already dead it doesn't matter.

SANDY: Yeah I know but just in case!

THERRY: Yeah I understand.

FRANK: You're envisioning this, all these people who've shot and killed people in a war...

CELIA: Well, I'm, I'm...the amount is what....Let's suppose, if you were the pilot who drops a bomb that kills five thousand people, do you then have to go through this payback five thousand times?

THERRY: You may get murdered five thousand times but you only commit suicide once.

CELIA: You only commit...

THERRY: No-one ever, ever does it twice...

CELIA: Oh right, you said.

THERRY: I mean this is one game that ain't enjoyable. No-one ever, ever repeats it, at least no-one has ever since I've known it...

CELIA: Yeah. whatever the length of my memory tells.

CELIA: Yeah.

SANDY: Is this only human to human?

THERRY: It doesn't matter. Murder is murder.

SANDY: Doesn't matter if it's human to animal?

THERRY: The only thing that guarantees here is that if you murder an remember, there's a difference between murder and kill, but if you murder an animal, that one guarantees that you've made a reservation to go down to that level. You've already got your transfer and your ticket.

SANDY: So people who hunt?

THERRY: They've got their ticket.

SANDY: Wow! What about stepping on ants and things like that?

THERRY: Again, there's a difference between murder and kill.

SANDY: I mean deliberately stepping on, deliberately killing a bug as opposed to, it was under my foot when I was walking down the street.

THERRY: They have their ticket. Again, that's not all that clear-cut because we have to take into account that there is a Karma that belongs to the level of the Planet. And the law of the Planet is, Kill and be killed, eat and be eaten. Anything that belongs to that level the Karma is paid by simply being on this planet, being killed, be killed, eat and be eaten. But anything above that, it becomes a personal Karma.

SANDY: So in other words, if I am getting a spider out of a bathtub because I'm not comfortable letting him just be there even if I'm not using it and even if I decide to destroy him and flush him down the toilet, that's part of...

THERRY: "Kill and be killed, eat and be eaten." "As you eat, so shall you be eaten." It's parts of the cycles of life.