Arkashean Q&A Session -- 136

CELIA: As opposed to like just being malicious and plucking the legs out of a spider? Is that still part of Kill and be killed?


CELIA: That's not like murder because you're being malicious?

SANDY: Then by being eaten...?

THERRY: See, nobody can say exactly where the line is...

CELIA: Uh-huh.

SANDY: Can you be eaten by psychotic thoughts or cancer or...


LYDIA: Why do people who murder have to become suicides? That's the first time I heard that!

THERRY: Because the final end of murder is murder of self.

LYDIA: Oh, so it's like a cycle!

THERRY: What you do to others, you do to yourself. That's the law - "Each unto his own kind." That's the Magic Circle. Everything begins with the self and ends with the self. So what you do to others, you do to yourself. That's the law. So obviously if you kill somebody, you have to kill yourself. That's the end result. That's the closing of the loop.

LYDIA: I didn't ...I thought it was just, what you do to others will be done to you.

THERRY: Exactly. What you do to others, you do to yourself, that's the law. The fact that the other is also true is besides the point. But the closing of the loop is, whatever you have done to others, you will do to yourself.

LYDIA: It's different. [Chuckle]

CELIA: What I meant about dropping the bomb was, okay, you killed five thousand people, must you come back five thousand times and be killed or is there some sort of long as you suffered the pain that you've caused. In other words, do you have to physically be killed?

THERRY: Remember the law, that it takes at least ten times the pain to get out as it took pleasure to get in?

CELIA: Yeah.

THERRY: I think that falls under that.

CELIA: This whole world must be completely...

THERRY: It's a perfect trap.

CELIA: It certainly is. Oh boy! I mean if you think about all the wars.

THERRY: Why do you think the sign that I hung on the door. ..


THERRY: "Abandon all hope all ye who enter here!" So without the special interventions of the higher forces, you will be here forever.

CELIA: We were talking about hari-kari and all the...when suicide was honorable and all these crazy things. I mean, the kind you come up with, is that just another game? Karma's identical, it has nothing to do with what excuse you come up with?

THERRY: Yes. Obviously those who commit hari-kari, they're simply closing a loop.

CELIA: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Remember, the Affinity Factor will find some way for you to close that loop.

SANDY: What a concept!

THERRY: Pardon?

SANDY: What a concept.

THERRY: I still can't hear you.

SANDY: I said what a concept, to think that they're closing a loop that somehow on that culture's journey, they figured that out. I mean that's part of a tradition.

THERRY: There are lots of different ways of committing hari-kari. You don't have to use a knife.

SANDY: Right, that's really ritualized and stylized.

THERRY: There are lots of different rituals too. Going to the tallest building and calling up the newspapers and then jumping, that could be a pretty good ritual too.

SANDY: Splash it!

LYDIA: Well, stuff...I mean if where...

SANDY: Someone did that from Celia's building, the one across the street recently.

CELIA: Yeah, my building.

SANDY: It was your building?

CELIA: Yeah.

LYDIA: Is the definition of suicide when you like, take your life in one fell swoop? Or what if you're a smoker for forty years and eventually you die of cancer? I mean in a sense you gave yourself the cancer. If that suicide? Is that considered suicide or...? So dying from disease is also suicide?

THERRY: No, Karma.

LYDIA: I mean but would you pay the Karma for suicide?


LYDIA: Oh okay.

CELIA: Yeah, I was wondering about that because I was reading about all these writers who you know, at forty they were found dead in the street. They're tons of writers found drunk, I mean they just kill themselves. Dylan Thomas, you know...

LYDIA: Yeah people who've killed themselves with booze or just, you know...

CELIA: Yeah a slower process.

LYDIA: ...smoking themselves to death or eating themselves to death.

THERRY: But it's still suicide.

CELIA: But not the suicide loop though?

LYDIA: But not the kind where it's like you go into the loop for suicide, right?

THERRY: Suicide by definition, automatically leads you into the loop, automatically....

LYDIA: That's when you just...

THERRY: Remember you have to have different methods of closing a cycle to meet the needs of every individual. And remember also the law, "The creation of the One is and of itself, by implication, the creation of the other." That means if you have one, you must have the other. So if you have a fast, you must have a slow. And so therefore, that creates the continuum and now you have everything in between. It's the law of Repeated Patterns.

CELIA: Yeah I'm really getting...

LYDIA: I'm so confused.

CELIA: Well, I'm getting confused about the suicide thing, I mean...

THERRY: Alright, let's take, let's take first...

CELIA: You chose your own dreams, right? You can...

THERRY: No, no, wait a minute, first let's chose...let's understand a pattern.

CELIA: Okay.

THERRY: 'Cause that's always the very first level of law.

CELIA: Okay.

THERRY: The law states that "The creation of the one is in and of itself the implication of the creation of the other." That means that if you have something that is fast, then you've got to have something that is slow. That means now you have two opposite poles, fast/slow. That's duality, that's a continuum, therefore you have everything that's in between fast and slow. Now, do you understand the pattern?

CELIA: Yeah.

THERRY: Now then, if you have a tall, you're going to have a short. If you have a fat, you're going to have a skinny.

CELIA: Right.

THERRY: Automatic. Now then, let's take it to a deed. If you're going to run across the yard, you can also walk across the yard. So you have your fast and you have your slow. Now you can fall off a building and go "Wheeeee! Splat!" That's pretty fast, but it's pretty slow considering how long it takes for you to fall. Well if you don't want it that fast, do what she's doing - smoke. So now you can die, it takes 20, 30, 40 years, you'll have lung cancer, you die! So she chose the slow method. Either case, the circle will be closed. The loop will be closed.

CELIA: Okay, but everybody's going to die. I mean, of course, you've heard about the people...

THERRY: Yeah, everybody's going to die. And what better opportunity to use that death to close a cycle?

CELIA: To use the death...

LYDIA: But will my death be the same as if I had jumped off a building?


LYDIA: I'd go into the suicide loop?

THERRY: Well, in its own time, yeah. That's only if in fact your death is caused by the cigarette. Just because you smoke that does not automatically imply that your death will be because of your habit of smoking. But if your death is caused because of the habit of smoking, then that's the slow loop to suicide.

LYDIA: So there's no way to know 'cause people get cancer who don't smoke too.

THERRY: Well, what difference does it make? We don't have to worry about that anyway. Karma takes care of that.

HARRY: But isn't one's intention important too? If two people smoke and one dies and one doesn't, they still have the same relative intention...?

THERRY: No, Karma takes care of that. It's all part of Karma.

LYDIA: Well I guess it'd be important because I mean, I wouldn't consciously want to be committing suicide.

THERRY: There is a priority in terms of what takes effect in any given life. Right now she's smoking like a chimney, that doesn't necessarily imply that she's going to die because she's smoking. It could be she's going to die because of something else simply because something else has priority. When a person is born, before their birth, during the time that they are choosing a channel, when you break a circle, you have already created the birth and death of the beginning and the end. So whatever means she is going to die, will all depend upon where in the ring the cycle is broken. Once you break a ring, you use one ring for the entrance and the other end is the exit.

CELIA: So you could choose a particular set of genes that would give you a particular disease that will kill you. Is that right? Am I right so far?

THERRY: And spend the rest of your life...

CELIA: And because you did that...

THERRY: And spend the rest of your life doing what kills everybody else...

CELIA: Okay.

THERRY:...but you won't die from it because your death is ordained to be those genes...

CELIA: Out of your own Free Will and therefore of that it's deemed a suicide?


CELIA: Oh I don't get that. My goodness! Well then sounds like everybody commits suicide.

THERRY: Everybody's committed murder. Everybody that has committed murder will commit suicide.

CELIA: Oh, everybody's committed murder!

THERRY: Everybody that has committed murder will commit suicide. But just because you committed murder in this life doesn't mean that you're going to commit suicide in this life. That means when the cycle of murder is over, it will end by suicide.

CELIA: Yeah.

THERRY: And it's kind of difficult to believe that people would go life, after life, after life, after life, after life, after live considering the violence of this planet and never have committed murder.


THERRY: So I think that it's a fair shot that everybody's got their ticket already. So it's silly to worry about it.

SANDY: I'd be shocked if I found out I didn't commit murder, I mean, looking at my temper now.


THERRY: So it's useless...this is one of the areas where it's stupid to think about specifics. The pattern takes hold and the pattern governs.

SANDY: Why...what would be a reason...I heard you talking about diabetes....what would the reason be that Frank would chose a faulty pancreas?

THERRY: There are many twists and turns in life. If you commit a harm against someone, it doesn't matter if it's an unforeseen result. The fact is, if you do something when you know harm will come from it, but you do it anyway, that harm's going to come back to you. So obviously, at some point, either he has done something that has caused a breakdown of the liver, could've been a sword through somebody's side or he decided to look at the game and says, "I wonder what's that like? Ooops! That magic wand, I keep forgetting!"

SANDY: It could've been an innocent thought, so to speak. Or forgetful.

THERRY: Not so innocent but a thought nonetheless. In which case, he either is doing it because it's a new lesson to learn or he's paying back for stopping somebody else's pancreas from working.

SANDY: So one could be wisdom and one could be uhm...

THERRY: One could be what?

SANDY: One could be wisdom?

THERRY: Or the search thereof.

SANDY: Or one could be punitive.

THERRY: No, Karma's not punitive, never has been. You can't call anything that has to come into effect via cause and effect as punitive. Punitive implies that there is a mind force there that wants to get even.

SANDY: Well because he took a pancreas for a pancreas.

THERRY: But that's cause and effect, that's not punitive. It's retribution.

SANDY: Okay.

FRANK: Look at it in terms of Celia's illness. That's more or less a disease of the brain. Neurons, everything stems from the brain. And how would that apply, you're talking about she stuck a knife through someone's head in one life possibly?

THERRY: Or chances are, hit him over the head with a club.

CELIA: What'd he say?

LYDIA: "Or chances are, hit him over the head with a club.?

CELIA: Well, I'm a little confused about that one because the two things that I've been working on are abandonment and the slowing down with this mobility. Obviously, MS does that great.

THERRY: Right.

CELIA: But now something else has entered in...

THERRY: So the MS could be there to create a stage for you to work on things that you need to work on.

CELIA: Right but that's different than me clubbing somebody on the head.

THERRY: Yeah but we said it could be, we didn't say it is.

CELIA: Oh, this is...

SANDY: That's the other side of the wisdom thing.

THERRY: Yeah there could be a whole lot of them.

CELIA: Oh, oh I see!

THERRY: I mean it could be that you stubbed your toe and the reaction hasn't stopped yet.

CELIA: Right.

THERRY: There's all kinds of possibilities.

CELIA: Oh yeah, wow! So you could in fact be born blind, not out of anything...not out of a cause and effect thing more out of...not so that you've committed.

THERRY: Because of seeking wisdom.

CELIA: Because you're seeking something that could only come out of being born blind.

THERRY: You're seeking an understanding that can only be had by walking that road.

CELIA: Okay.

THERRY: That's one of the reasons why it's so important not to judge harshly others. You should never condemn another for the path that they have chosen to learn. After all in the end of things, the only difference between you and them is time. Besides I have a couple of hours left.

SANDY: A couple of millennium, but who's counting because I'm having fun. [Giggle]

THERRY: [Chuckle] You said that one right...[Pause] What if...

FRANK: Again, you're talking again, knowing what can happen to you, if it's her suicide loop, if you want to put it that way.

THERRY: What if it's the Affinity Factor giving her that in order for her to close the cycle.

FRANK: That's true also, in those terms.

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

FRANK: I'm looking at it as a here and now thing.


FRANK: I mean ten years ago I would've said, "Okay, yeah, that's a definite give." But now, there's really no excuse for it on a personal, medical level or whatever.

THERRY: I agree with you, on a medical level, there's no need, there is a cure for diabetes.

FRANK: No, there's no cure.

THERRY: On a medical level there is a cure for diabetes.

FRANK: Which is...

THERRY: If the doctors knew there, that they'd be famous.

FRANK: Well, basically right now, what's available is just something to keep you on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

THERRY: I believe they have experimented ...

FRANK: The island cell transplants?

THERRY: Before the isles have been transplanted they have experimented by taking some chemicals from Iraq, mixed it with the eyes of a pig and then translated it into the pancreas and it works. The only problem is, our government being smart the way they are, decided we need more tests.

FRANK: Okay, well then the same thing would be that there's a cure for cancer and a cure for AIDS.

THERRY: As a matter of fact, there is and it's very quickly coming because AIDS is going to be combated by immunization the same way polio and measles were and according to the patterns of the planet, that's due to show up any time now. I would be very surprised if it doesn't show its face within the next six months or more.

SANDY: Six months?

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

FRANK: Well, I hope for the sake of the existing world as it is, that it does come that quickly.

THERRY: Yeah but something else will come to take its place.