Arkashean Q&A Session -- 137

FRANK: Granted, you know... Well, it took a few hundred years between the Great Plague in Europe and this to strike so...

THERRY: Well hell we have to prune the garden somehow!

FRANK: I'm not saying the Plague was no garden of roses, but it's still a miserable...

THERRY: Do you realize that if it hadn't been for the Plague that mankind would not have come forward the way it did? It was the necessities that were brought about...

FRANK: As a result of...

THERRY: The Plague which brought the change that came, while a deed or happenstance from one point of view may be seen as being somewhat on the other side of good, that automatically does not make it bad.

FRANK: Well my feeling is that this plague today was a manmade plague.

THERRY: I agree with you.

FRANK: It was a man-made plague. No matter where it originated from...

THERRY: I agree with you.

FRANK: We were just talking illness Celia, no problem.

CELIA: You're talking about AIDS?

FRANK: Yeah, well everything in general.

CELIA: 'Cause I walked in and I heard you say manmade and I thought...I just wondered if you were talking about AIDS.

THERRY: There was a number of plagues that mankind has designed that can be classified as manmade. Syphilis is one of them.

SANDY: There's an upswing in that too now.

THERRY: Yeah. Do you know where syphilis originally came from?


THERRY: Interspecies sexual behaviors.

SANDY: Really? Man and sheep and things like that?

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

FRANK: Well, that's what they said, that AIDS started with a monkey in Africa, quote one African had sex with a monkey.

LYDIA: Blame it on those fucking Africans again, boy I tell you! [Chuckle]

FRANK: In Ethiopia, right, I'm telling you, this is where...this is where they had said years ago that the whole thing started.

SANDY: But they were in love...

FRANK: They were in love...

THERRY: So it was okay.

SANDY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Actually it didn't. It started out in a laboratory.

FRANK: Right, that's what I'm saying but that was the thing.

SANDY: Started out where?

FRANK: In a lab...

THERRY: Laboratory.

FRANK: Bunsen burners...she's giving me a strange look. A laboratory.

SANDY: Gotcha.

THERRY: Some people were looking for biological warfare instruments...

FRANK: It's like that Andromeda Strain novel years ago.

THERRY: Yeah. Yeah but the Andromeda Strain had come from space, so it's not exactly the same.

FRANK: But they had cultivated it in a lab...

THERRY: Uh-hmmm.

FRANK: ...and all hell broke loose.

THERRY: Maybe you're thinking about a different movie than I'm thinking of, because the one I'm thinking of is that a satellite crashed into Earth, blew open and in that satellite there was a speck of cosmic germ, cosmic plasma which killed off a whole town and all the surrounding areas and there were only two survivors - a lady and an old man...

FRANK: That was the Andromeda Strain.

THERRY: Then they took those two in the laboratory and experimented, but they never found a cure for that. That simply mutated itself into a harmless flaw.

FRANK: This hasn't...This hasn't run its course.

SANDY: Why would it hit an already stigmatized population? To help the population in one way or the other, to strengthen them politically or to annihilate them?

THERRY: The laws of Earth are such that pruning...

SANDY: What?

THERRY: Prunings are regular in many different ways. Some are manmade, others are by design.

FRANK: So you're talking like the polio epidemics, influenza epidemics...?

SANDY: So the homosexual population needed to be thinned out?

THERRY: No because....First of all, you had homosexuality on this planet almost longer than you had women and men...Now it is not any specific ethnic risk that is targeted so much as its an attitude that is targeted.

LYDIA: It's a what?

FRANK: Attitude...

SANDY: Attitude that is targeted.


SANDY: So in other words, the promiscuity in that population...

THERRY: Right. why it festered more...

THERRY: Right.

SANDY: And now it's catching up...

THERRY: Yes, so it's not a's not any specific person, place or thing, it's an attitude. On Planet Earth, remember it is the emotions, present or absent that is the tie that binds. So if a people can't control themselves because of the need of the moment...

SANDY: Yeah right, right.

FRANK: Sodom and Gomorrha

SANDY: Right.

THERRY: Revisited.

SANDY: Hmmm.

THERRY: If you had it once, you'll have it again.

SANDY: Yeah, I was trying to make sense of why that population would be affected.

THERRY: Well, there are many ways for Anubis to walk his garden.

SANDY: There are many...?

THERRY: Ways for Anubis to walk his garden.

SANDY: Okay. True.

THERRY: Overcrowding will always bring destruction of the plants or that which is overcrowded, simply because of their own waste products or their own folly. Sometimes I think that's why war is such a favored sport.

SANDY: 'Cause you can have fun and accomplish something.

LYDIA: Could I get back to the murder/suicide thing for a second?


LYDIA: You say you only commit suicide once, suicide being a result of committing murder. Does that mean that you only commit murder once?


FRANK: You can commit murder five thousand times, but you'll hit suicide just once.

THERRY: What you're missing is, you begin a cycle, you start out with a perfect ring that is closed, right? When you break that ring, a deed is what breaks it. Murder is what breaks this particular ring. The deed that heals it, puts it back together is suicide. But as you go around the ring, you could murder and be murdered billions of times but ultimately, before the end of that journey you will heal every ring that you have broken.

CELIA: And by the end of the journey, do you mean the whole journey?

THERRY: Yeah. You will heal.

CELIA: You mean of us?



THERRY: Before the end of the journey every individual will heal every single ring they have broken. That's a basic pattern. In the murder ring, suicide is the healing of that ring, of the murder ring.

CELIA: But then, it's not likely that you would murder after the suicide 'cause you said people don't do that twice.

THERRY: Correct.

CELIA: Meaning with the suicide thing, also comes...

THERRY: When you come back from the suicide loop, life becomes one of the most sacred things around you.

CELIA: Oh, so you wouldn't commit suicide...

THERRY: There would be a...

CELIA: Likewise, you would never murder...

THERRY: You would stand there and let yourself get killed rather than murder.


LYDIA: So we need more suicides.


SANDY: What an anti-dote! [Chuckle]

LYDIA: Stop this murdering cycle right now! Here everybody take the cyanide!


FRANK: Back to James Smith! Hand out the Kool-Aid!

LYDIA: You have the right one there!

THERRY: No, that was murder, that wasn't...James Smith was primarily murder. It was only...

FRANK: Because of the way he kind of gathered these people into that one thought?

THERRY: You know how he did that, don't you?

SANDY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Oh you're really not committing suicide, you're just giving a symbolic drink as though you are!

SANDY: They didn't know what they were drinking?

THERRY: Until one day they were and that's murder.

SANDY: They didn't know what they were drinking?

THERRY: Well some of them knew that they were committing suicide, but he got the other people thinking there by saying they're not really committing it, they're just giving a symbolic drink...

FRANK: A ceremonial...

THERRY: A ceremonial cup that held nothing but when it really came time and they told them, "Now is time, this one is not ceremonial," the majority of the people balked and said, "No!" But he forced it anyway and that was murder.

SANDY: How did he uhm force them?


SANDY: How did he force them?

FRANK: Basically he had other people hold other people's mouths open and shoved it down their throats.

THERRY: While others he cut their throats or shot them.

PIERRE: Great! Efficient guy.

CELIA: Once you become an Arkashean student...

THERRY: Pardon?

CELIA: Once you become an Arkashean student does that pretty much ensure that you're going to go in that direction every lifetime or could you skip and decide to "Oh maybe I'll skip it this lifetime."

THERRY: Depends on the avenue of Free Will.


THERRY: Remember, Free Will by definition means you can do any damn thing you want. You still have that magic wand.

CELIA: But then it might be harder to get back and get involved.

THERRY: But there's always a law that states those who make a practice of getting smart always get smarter and those who make a practice of getting dumb, always get dumber.

CELIA: Okay.

THERRY: So because of that he who is on the path to wisdom will always seek wisdom and add more knowledge. He who is on the path for knowledge will have more wisdom and will only seek knowledge. 'Cause knowledge is physical, wisdom is divine.

SANDY: Wisdom is what?

FRANK: Divine.

THERRY: Did that address your question?

CELIA: Oh yeah!

SANDY: Wisdom is divine?

FRANK: Knowledge is...

SANDY: Powerful?


THERRY: Physical.

SANDY: Knowledge is physical...

FRANK: Wisdom's Divine.

THERRY: Wisdom is Divine. See every bit of knowledge you have, you can't take with you. It stays behind. It's simply wirings of the brain that make it possible for you to do whatever it is you do on the physical level but it's all left behind. When you descend into the physical, the only thing you bring with you is the wisdom that you've attained and the only thing you take with you is the wisdom that you've attained. Everything else stays behind.

SANDY: So when they say you can't take it with you, they don't mean everything!

THERRY: Correct. They mean only that which is physical stays in the physical.

SANDY: Well, that is comforting. That's comforting...that wisdom is cumulative.

THERRY: It's the only thing that is except Karma and that too is a form of wisdom.


LYDIA: Is it possible to share another level?

SANDY: Uh-hmmm. When you go through another life cycle, do you bump into somebody that you knew from another life cycle?

LYDIA: Oh! Oh!

SANDY:...and recognize them and they you?

CELIA: Does that explain the immediate ping you get when you meet somebody? That I guess the déjà vu that "I've been here before" kind of thing.

LYDIA: [Chuckle]

CELIA: Uhm, when we once talked about that agreement or contract that we...that Lydia and I had signed to never go to war, is this done on another level?

THERRY: You guys didn't sign a contract to never go to war. You guys go to war.

CELIA: Isn't that how it was worded?

THERRY: When you signed the contract it was being unconditional.

CELIA: Oh, unconditional!

LYDIA: Oh, right!

THERRY: There's a difference. You guys have wars, you just get over them and don't let it interfere with your friendships.

CELIA: Because it's unconditional.

THERRY: ...because it's unconditional.

CELIA: Is that...because I often wondered, well first of all, that's on the level that we make these agreements?


CELIA: And then I thought, was that like, so you say "Okay, I'm going to go down and act like an asshole, but I'd better...Hey, I'll pick this person here and a few people...." You can do it with a few people? Just so I'll have a little safe haven so...this is so thought out that this game that we play.

THERRY: Yeah, but it's not committed from that point of view of thinking it all out. It just happens based on necessity.

CELIA: It just happens? Then, then...

THERRY: See, "love," although it is a condition of the planet, it's powerful to outlast death. And if love is the right kind, if it borders the state of love rather than the condition of love, then as the two individuals reincarnate they will automatically because the love that is still there, create an unconditional relationship.

CELIA: Oh. So it's not just a decision you make...

THERRY: Correct. the in -between time.

THERRY: Well it's a decision from the standpoint from the original cultivation...

CELIA: The original...

THERRY: It is that decision that created the original love. But after the original love was created, then that decision, that love itself, the Affinity Factor is such that it creates an unconditional afterwards, you know, cause and effect.

CELIA: And will it always be like that, if you happen to be in the same...

THERRY: By definition, an unconditional means...

CELIA: Forever.

THERRY: Correct.

CELIA: There's nothing in your power you can do to screw that up?

THERRY: Correct. By definition, if it's unconditional then that means that nothing will ever screw it up. If it's possible to screw it up, then it will ...