Arkashean Q&A Session -- 138

CORALINE: Therry can you sing the song of Death?

THERRY: Okay. Now then, before Christianity's Garden of Eden came into being, long before Christianity itself came into being, there was a Garden. But, it was a different garden. For the lack of a better term, there was an Arkashean Garden. The residents of that Garden were not limited to just humankind. There were in fact the entire Continuum of the Life Force and the Mind Force and Death was the Keeper. The Garden of course existed within Castle Keep and therefore a part of the Garden existed in all 144 various Dimensions and all veins of Creation and in all, Death was the Keeper. And in those days of old, it was said that Death would walk his Garden. As he walked he would prune. But he would not prune indiscriminately. For Death too must follow Recursive Dialusion. It was said that Death would watch, stand by. And when he found any specific Life Form who became holy, he would guard that Life Form.

Again, for the purpose of this tale, let's understand the term "holy" as we're using it. One must bear in mind that it is not necessary to be perfect in order to be holy. You need only be a little less barbaric than everyone else around you. Therefore if you become a little less barbaric, you became holy in the eyes of Death. Anyway, getting back to the tale - the tale incidentally is the "Song of Death." Anyway, let me continue singing. As Death walked the Garden, he would prune and as he found the individual Life Forms to be a little more holy, he would come to protect them. And it was resolved that more of this kind would be promulgated. And thus their numbers increased. And when there came a time that there was enough of this new kind, Death would prune and the old would die and only the "new kind" would survive. Now Death would not prune all of the old kind. It would always leave one (1) or two (2) in order to have the original stock. Even though it meant that one (1) or two (2) could often corrupt some of the new stock, it was necessary to keep some of them, but more than not, the old would die. And when we say the old now, it is not strictly chronological age. It was the old barbaric type, the unholy man or the unholy life as opposed to the new holy one. And slowly over time, each Life Form began to evolve through reincarnation. And as more of this continued, a bond came into being between the various residents of the Garden. And then with time, peace came into being. A measure of tranquility came into being, honor came into being and now we're working on love. It is said that soon, Death will walk again and there'll be another major pruning. Thus is the Song of Death. Okay.

LAUREN: When you mean, when he walks again, a major pruning, you're talking about uhm, it might be a war, something that would wipe out most of the civilization?

THERRY: Well, I don't know about most, but it will certainly thin the Garden quite a bit.

CORALINE: And by getting rid of the old ones and allowing the new ones, the young ones can come in that...

THERRY: Now don't...don't make a mistake by using your language by using the word "young" to equate the opposite of the word "old" because in language you are now speaking chronological age and this is not where it applies.

CORALINE: Well, what does it mean that you...

THERRY: When you say...when you're using the old ones...

CORALINE: Oh, you mean the older ideas, older more barbaric...

THERRY: Right, the more barbaric of the specie...

CORALINE: And if they are removed, then they come back again with the opportunity to do the same exact... being the same older state again?

THERRY: According to reincarnation...


THERRY: They learn on other levels and then they come back. And if they are threatening to bring the old ways back, they are killed again.

CORALINE: It sounds like you're...I mean, it's the individual's own Free Will to put them in that position. It just seems that this is sounds so different in that Death picks and chooses, that type of thing.

THERRY: Yes but it's done by law. Death is only the Keeper. He's not the deciding factor. So you can't make the statement that Death picks and chooses, 'cause that's not true! Death is simply the instrument of law.

CORALINE: I thought that, for instance, there's Karma for a country, there's Karma for a town, for a group, country and world, etc., etc. And that the Karma for the Planet to get itself blown up, nobody's going to get spared. Isn't that true?

THERRY: That would be fine and dandy if you thought that this was the only planet that was a corner of the Garden.

CORALINE: I just thought that maybe some people had to survive in order to keep some ideas going. I mean , if everybody's gone, there's no-one to try and start it up again on this Planet. If they go to another where everything's already going...

THERRY: Well, let's look at it from a different point of view just for the fun of it. Let's play a questioning, "What, if." Would you agree that it is apparent on this Planet, there is more than one (1) kind of dog?


THERRY: There's more than one (1) kind of plant? What if there was more than one (1) kind of Man and what if the Garden was divided so's that each had his own little corner of the Garden such that Man as we know the specie to be was on the Planet Earth but Man another specie would be on a different Planet and so on?

CORALINE: And I guess...

THERRY: That makes it a different point of view now, right?

CORALINE: Well, I'm not sure. If they go to a be reincarnated in a different Planet and a different type of Man, different specie.

THERRY: Well, the point is, your original point of view, puts such a great importance universally upon Man who resides on this Planet. When in fact he's relatively very unimportant.

CORALINE: Well, on this Planet, he's unimportant.

THERRY: The whole Planet is very unimportant relatively. It is possible for this Planet and the specie of Man that exists could be totally obliterated and have no effect whatsoever on the Universal Forces. It is Man's own arrogance who places such importance upon himself, he finds himself so arrogant that he really believes that he is so important that the Universe wouldn't allow him to kill himself off and hence the history of this specie man is one of blood. But the law tells us that Death is the Keeper and when it comes time, he will get rid of the old. And if this specie of Man happens to be among those old, he will be obliterated. Man will either live together or he will die together.

CORALINE: When this specie of Man is obliterated, yet all those...all the entities will be...will go to other Planets and work on themselves, on different Planets in different reincarnations, right?

THERRY: They will have to go to Oblivion.

CORALINE: Oh that's what you mean, the old ones because not necessarily every single individual on this Planet...

THERRY: Correct. But if per se, the entire planet is obliterated, then the entire Planet goes to Oblivion.

CORALINE: Well then, that's how...

THERRY: Man, this specie won't be in existence anymore.

TROY: What?

CORALINE: Well then, this...yet the different entities, they don't...

THERRY: The different spark of life, the life essence will go to Oblivion and it will follow the law of Oblivionites.

CORALINE: Then all of us would go to Oblivion if this Planet gets blown up?

THERRY: Again, you may not. When the pruning comes, those who are ready will be of the new kind.

CORALINE: We'll go to a new planet and be of a different type of specie.

THERRY: Whatever... see the form doesn't matter.

CORALINE: Would it...

THERRY: You're thinking in terms of the Ka or the shape and form of the Ka is important and it's not.

CORALINE: Well, I thought that when you...when an individual...when we first came down, we chose our Life Form.

THERRY: Based upon the needs of this specific...

CORALINE: I thought that it was a family and we would fall under the Family of Man, wouldn't we?

THERRY: Hey, but that's not the whole of it because the Family of Man has many, many, many different forms. I mean, it's spread throughout the Garden.

CORALINE: But you wouldn't go to a Planet and become a horse?

THERRY: Why not?

CORALINE: 'Cause that's not under the Family of Man, I thought. I thought under that whole ...

THERRY: See, you''re blinding yourself. Hear my words, okay? The form and shape of the Ka is unimportant. Whatever the dominant specie of a Planet is, that will be it. Now if you want to limit yourself to humanoids...well hey, this isn't the only Planet that has humanoids!

CORALINE: That's not so bad. I thought that's where they were limited ...

THERRY: No, we're not limited to that because it's life that we're talking about, not forms of life. But if you want to limit the Song strictly to humanoids, the same thing applies. Because remember, if this Planet is obliterated, they'll be a lot more than just humanoid man that will be obliterated. There's lots of other Life Forms on this Planet.

CORALINE: And many of them will go.

THERRY: Not many---all!

CORALINE:'s possible that Man gets wiped out but other Life Forms still survive?

THERRY: Not if this Planet is obliterated!

CORALINE: That's true.

THERRY: You gotta put your thinking back into mode there.

CORALINE: In fact, isn't it true that uhmm, Planets have...Man has destroyed itself on other Planets in the past?


CORALINE: As a matter of fact, individuals came to this planet as a...

THERRY: Man was seeded on this Planet.

CORALINE: To get away from a planet that was going to destroy itself, is that true?

THERRY: Yeah, man is puddle jumping through space, yes.

CORALINE: Puddle jumping! [Chuckle]


CORALINE: I guess I was thinking and limiting myself thinking to just the history of this Planet...what has happened over and over again just on this Planet.

THERRY: Okay, we can limit ourselves to that but it's...

CORALINE: Oh, I don't mean we have to. I meant that's what I was doing.

THERRY: Yeah because if you think of the Song of Death, it is not the history of the Planet. It is the history of Life itself. Remember within the Song of Death, the Garden extends through all Dimensions, in all veins of Creation.

CORALINE: That's a hard concept to...

THERRY: Yeah. Yeah of course the difficulty arises because of the arrogance of Man thinking himself to be the one.

CORALINE: I don't mean to be arrogant. I just don't...

THERRY: Well, I'm not saying or implying that you are arrogant even though your specie is.


THERRY: More than anything else, you are ignorant not arrogant. And obviously the quickest way to dispel that ignorance is through education. And that's what's happening now. 'Cause you increase your level of wisdom. You increase your level of knowledge and that ignorance is dissipated. And then it's simply a question of allowing sufficient time so's that your emotions can catch up to your knowledge.

CORALINE: Why do my emotions have to catch up to my knowledge?

THERRY: So you can stop the stupid romanticizing!

CORALINE: I don't get it! I thought that when my emotions take hold of my knowledge, I had more romance...isn't that true?

THERRY: That's one of the outcomes.

CORALINE: So what do you mean "when your emotions catch up to your knowledge?"

THERRY: When your emotions have caught up to your knowledge, both your emotions and your knowledge will be on the same level. They'll both be in their proper balance.

CORALINE: Oh, I see what you mean! For instance, if I might have knowledge about a certain subject, but emotionally I'm so far behind that knowledge because I'm still taking that subject and putting it in some sort of romanticized context...

THERRY: Yeah and everything...all of your knowledge simply serves as tools to build further illusions so that your emotions can play. Consequently, as you romanticize, you create all kinds of distortions and then you sit and wonder why you can't understand things.

CORALINE: As I said, the Song of Death is very hard for me to understand. I can't place it anywhere. I don't know how to apply it in anything I do. You tell me something like that and what do I do with it?

THERRY: Well, put it as one more thread within the weave.

CORALINE: I mean I get...I can only think like some sort of abstract image of ...

THERRY: It's a beginning. Build yourself a gigantic spider web and the Song of Death is simply one of the many threads. Every law that we taught you, each unto itself is one more thread. That's why in the old days, the spider was revered. Yes, because the spider was the Mirror of the Fabric and the building of the Fabric of so many different threads coming together, ruled by its Creator, the spider. So in the very old days, the spider was considered one of the nature gods. The's one of the only things found in nature that would indeed sacrifice itself to bring forth the new generation and thus Death pruned it and from its own carcass came the new.

CORALINE: The spider kills themself?

THERRY: Yeah it uhm...

CORALINE: Or the mother eats the father, the female eats the male...?

THERRY: No, that's the Black Widow.

CORALINE: Oh, that's only that one?

THERRY: See a spider carries its young alive inside of it...

CORALINE: So what about those egg sacks you see?

THERRY: Well, that's just some of it. Well, a lot of those egg sacks are not really eggs. It depends on the specie.

CORALINE: Do many spiders carry their young inside of them?

THERRY: Yes and they only...they only live for one cycle and as their eggs develop, the young survive by eating the mother...

CORALINE: Oh-h-h-h!

THERRY: And thus she sacrifices herself, she being the old.

CORALINE: So the new generation will come up.


CORALINE: A spider web seems to be perfect as an example of the web of Maya.


CORALINE: All the different dimensions within the species.


CORALINE: Speaking of dimensions...I was speaking to Warren the other day and I asked him what the difference between a dimension and a level is. And I said, you know, I've probably never been to another dimension so I don't know what it is. But I know when Therry talks about other levels I'm beginning to understand that. And he didn't really know what the answer was. He said he did but he couldn't ...he said you'd better ask Therry because he'd give you a better definition.

THERRY: This Dimension is carbon-based. Another Dimension might be silicone-based, or copper-based or gold-based. A Dimension is an area of the Garden who has the same chemical base. Everything that exists in this Dimension is based upon Carbon.

CORALINE: You mean...wait a minute.

THERRY: Carbon is the building block.

CORALINE: Any part of this dimension would be the same chemical base?

THERRY: Yeah, it's carbon-based.

CORALINE: And that could be anywhere in the Universe?

THERRY: Right. This Universe because the Universe of this Dimension is carbon-based even though some of the Life Forms on other planets may not necessarily be carbon-based 'cause they're visitors but this Dimension is carbon-based.

TROY: How far does the Dimension extend? What are the limits of these Dimensions?

THERRY: Well, this particular uhm...the residents of this particular area call the limits of their particular Dimension the Universe.

CASEY: The Physical Universe?

THERRY: The Physical Universe. Obviously your...

TROY: But then you said in this Physical Universe, I thought you said there may be other Life Forms based on other elements in this Physical part of it.

THERRY: Yes, yes.

TROY: Is that what you said?

THERRY: Well that was said in order to have you differentiate the difference between the Universe and its Life Forms.

TROY: Okay, so the Life Forms can they have an element?

THERRY: Well not really, it's limited.

TROY: They don't have to be based on the matrix elements of that?

THERRY: No, 'cause they're visitors but if they are not seeded to this Dimension then they are carbon-based.

WARREN: Oh, okay.

TROY: Question. They're not what you call native?


TROY: Even though they...

THERRY: Right, if they're natives to this Dimension, they're carbon-based. But who knows how long ago they may have invaded and colonized this Dimension.

TROY: Could be longer than we have...

THERRY: That's correct and we're carbon.

CORALINE: You lost me on that one.

THERRY: Well do you know what is means by being native to an area?

CORALINE: Having developed over time...

THERRY: Having been created in that area.

TROY: You're born there!

THERRY: For instance, if I create something in my right hand and I create something in my left hand, whatever was created in the right hand is native to the right hand. Whatever is created in my left hand is native to my left hand. Now if through time a Life Form from my right hand flew to my left hand and colonized it and vice versa, then each hand would have Life Forms which is not native to it even though eons of times may pass and their colony may have taken root there, they're still not native, even though through time, many new generations of the colonized people, the seeded people, would've grown to tremendous numbers, they're still not native.