Arkashean Q&A Session -- 142

CATHY: Well, every time I do what I feel, I always want to talk about things, but in the past, that's blown them and I don't want to keep doing that.

THERRY: So why not play the same role that she plays?

CATHY: Being indirect?

THERRY: Yeah. If she's playing the flirting game, you play the flirting game just a little bit less than she does. If she plays the talking game, you play the talking game a little bit less than she does. Regardless of what she does, you do the same, a little bit less than she does.

CATHY: How come a little bit less? That's a strategy?

THERRY: 'Cause you don't want to take the lead! And you don't want it equal because then you may threaten her. So if you're less, then you're responding and you're giving her positive messages but you're really not doing anything. That way the responsibility is hers, not yours. Of course, that doesn't forgive you from your responsibilities!

CATHY: I know what I was going to ask you and it had to do with that. You had said something about me trapping her and I had told you that that wasn't true because she had been out and she had told me all this stuff about all these relationships that she had had.

THERRY: Just because somebody claims to be Christian, that doesn't make them Christian. And just because somebody claims to be a woman of the world, that doesn't make her so.

CATHY: Well, maybe I was thinking about it wrong but what I was wondering is if this is what you meant. I had lunch with somebody else a little while later the other day and we were talking about some stuff that had gone on in her life and she had said that there was a difference in her life between her first sexual relationship and her first emotional relationship with a woman.


CATHY: And for her, being brought out was different. It was like two different degrees.

THERRY: Yes, definitely.

CATHY: And I wondered if that's what you meant about Eleanor when you were referring that I trapped her because she did say...

THERRY: Not necessarily, no.

CATHY: No? Well if you watch somebody's behavior and it's consistent and you watch them through time and it's consistent and they tell you certain things about their past this life, you know, in their past...What else do you have to go on if you're gonna...

THERRY: Well, it all depends on how biased you are when you're researching the past.

CATHY: Well, obviously I didn't go to Memphis and interview whoever she claimed to live with! [Chuckle]

THERRY: Obviously. But obviously you didn't pay very much attention to her behaviors either. Because equally as obvious, you saw only what you wanted to see in order to get what you wanted. 'Cause if you had been a little bit less biased in what you were looking at, you would have recognized that once the bed scene was over, she'd be over too. I mean that break-up was far too quick and it led me to believe that it was only a conquest which is not uncommon in that lifestyle but then, it's not uncommon in the heterosexual lifestyle either!

CATHY: Well that may have been conquest...

THERRY: Had you been a little bit more observant, with a little less bias in your observation, you might have been able to discern that ahead of time.

CATHY: Well, what would signs be?

THERRY: Well, it's obvious that an individual always puts their best foot forward when they want something.

CATHY: That's true.

THERRY: If you woulda kept that in mind, then perhaps you'd had said to yourself regarding some of the behavior, this is a little bit too good.

CATHY: That makes sense. As far as the trapping her though, that I don't really understand what it applies to, if it's not relational and she's been more than once and dating and had emotional relationships with them...

THERRY: Just because somebody has been screwed, doesn't automatically make it that they want to get screwed every time they meet somebody. Likewise, just because somebody has had a relationship with somebody, doesn't mean that they want relationships with everybody they meet. But they could be easily coerced into it.

CATHY: So you were saying that I was trying to trap her into a relationship?

THERRY: Yes. I'm pretty sure she wasn't fighting it all that much.

CATHY: No, she...

THERRY: But that's beside the point, that's her behavior, not yours. The conversation here is your behavior.

CATHY: Well, I thought you'd meant bringing her out, so at least that's a little better because that is one my taboos, that I have not, as of yet, to my knowledge gone against. And I do try to check and make sure people just haven't had just a one-night stand somewhere...

THERRY: You're in trouble then.


THERRY: It is possible for people to have had sex with many people but never had an emotional relationship with somebody. So the first time that they have an emotional relationship with somebody they've been brought out all over again. Ain't life fun? You gotta remember, that not only the nail gets pounded in, the hammer gets a few blows too. There's more than one side in any situation.

CATHY: So what's that mean in terms of bringing person out then? You have to see if they've had sex a number of times AND emotional...

THERRY: No, you made a blanket statement that you have a taboo against something and I'm simply saying, you're going to have problems.

CATHY: So you can never tell, in other words.

THERRY: In some sets of circumstances, you can never tell. That's part of the rules of the game and it goes back to those unexpected situations, unstable element...

CATHY: So then what's the best course of action? To just throw it away and say you don't care if you bring people out or not. No, that doesn't sound good, that sounds like seduction. To try that they are out as best as you can tell, over time and experience?

THERRY: Each individual has to decide that for themselves, don't they?

CATHY: Yeah.

THERRY: All depends on their Levels of Truth, isn't it?

CATHY: But up until this point, I've been trying to make sure that people have had experiences and knew what the lifestyle was like and have dated awhile and have been in various kinds of relationships.

THERRY: That's fine and dandy, so long as you accepted the fact that nobody's all knowing, all seeing.

CATHY: What does that mean? People don't know themselves?

THERRY: Right. One can lie to oneself as easily as one can lie to others.

CATHY: But I remember you also said it had to do with my intent too.


CATHY: You said that if people lie to me and I try to find out the truth and they still...and they have lied and I can't...I mean I'm not going to go interviewing people in Timbuktu and my intention was not to bring them out...

THERRY: But what they do is independent of your intent and what you want to do. If you have it in your mind that you want to get into their pants...if you have the intentions to get into somebody's pants, then obviously, what you see, what you hear and what you do, are all going to be somewhat biased, independent of what the other person says, thinks or does. The Level of Truth. Remember, evil's biggest tool are emotions and desires. Those two in combination has a way of changing many things. And therefore, that's the seed of the absolute necessity of having your values systems all absolute axioms because if they're absolute axioms, it doesn't matter what your wants and your desires are, you're not going to betray them. That's why they serve as guidance.

CATHY: Absolute axioms means "no buts?"

THERRY: Exactly, no pun intended.

CATHY: Well, it's a bit frustrating because when you talk your Level of Truth, I've got a value of not bringing people out and now, it doesn't matter what I do pretty much, I'm not going to be able to tell if I'm bringing them out or not! Not really, not according to truth.

THERRY: One can only do the best that one can, if one is honest about being the best that one can. The rest belongs to the world. One cannot fight Evil in the world, one can only fight it within themselves. It's obvious, that if you are the best that you can be, then the rest is the other person's responsibility. Just because you want to be the best that you can be, doesn't mean that you should suddenly become a martyr and take on the rest of the world's problems and relieve them of the responsibility of their own pain. But at the same time, if you are in fact going to be the best that you can be, it means that you can't start trading off because of "Oh, but this is a different thing. It's a different set of circumstances." I mean, where have I heard that before? This is different...the only difference is, you're a little hotter than usual, that's all.

CATHY: I was just going to say, that if I was willing to be celibate then half my problems with staying with my values wouldn't be there because that's the thing that generally gets me! Well anyway, that was what I was going to say.

THERRY: Okay, until next time.

CATHY: [Pause] I was just saying that a lot of emotions are corralled into the sexual arena, both positive and negative.

THERRY: Well, you have to bear in mind that sex or the sexual-based systems is the number one of mankind's strenuous battles.

CATHY: With...battle with what? Themselves?

THERRY: Yeah. Under the Laws of Creation the will to procreate is the number one strongest urge of all Life Forms, so obviously because of that Man is going to have one helluva battle because Man has succeeded in wrenching control out of the cycles of nature. So Man has it 24 hours a day whereas the other Life Forms have it within their seasons. It makes a big difference.

CATHY: Lots of their trap is within their seasons?

THERRY: It's no trap at all. You simply obey the laws of the herd or whatever and it goes. But with Man, there's a whole side issue of sexual-based behaviors, which doesn't exist at all in the other Life Forms. How a man walks, how a woman walks, how they look, how they move their hands, how they twinkle their eyes and all of this bullshit-eating game is all a side issue of the sex-based behaviors. All of this stuff doesn't even exist for the other Life Forms. They just are what they are. They get horny, they get screwed, their heat cycle passes and they're back on their own again. Not so with Man.

CATHY: Hmmm. Interesting. Can you speak more on the subject of Good versus Evil?

THERRY: Okay, uhh, Good versus Evil are opposite ends of the Continuum. Many people think in terms of, they're at war with one another. While it is true that they are at war with one another, but not at war with one another in the sense that Man makes war. Uhmm a good way of looking at it would be, a magnet. You have a North Pole and a South Pole. You put the two together and they draw one another towards each other. But if you put two South Poles or two North Poles, they repel one another. The concept or the Continuum of Good and Evil is like that. Now as magnets will draw things to them such as ferrous irons and stuff like that, so too the Continuum of Good and Evil will draw its parallel to them, in this case, it's the lives of men. Well, again, the way magnets work, I'm using magnets because they're easier to have the world understand them...the North Pole of a magnet will draw anything towards it that is opposite in its nature. The same thing with the South Pole of a magnet, will draw anything towards it that is opposite in its nature. It doesn't have to be very much opposite, just so long as it's opposite. Well that's the way Good and Evil works. The difference is, is that Good transforms people into holiness; Evil transforms people into being trapped within the Maya of Earth. Do you understand that so far?

CATHY: Yeah.

THERRY: Okay. Now, there are different degrees both ways. I mean, it's never a case of "Yes" and "No." It's case of there are shades of differences, there's a whole Continuum. You may be drawn towards one side of the Continuum one minute on one subject, about one person or one thing and totally on the other side, the next minute. It's never a continuous thing, but overall, you're either serving the Light Force or the Dark Force. Okay?

CATHY: You had said that Good and Evil are Forces, not entities.

THERRY: Yes, they are Forces.

CATHY: What's the difference...?

THERRY: Just like the force of attraction and repelling with the magnet. What happens is that as those Forces or as both ends of the Continuum attracts its metal, in this case it's Man, then people get involved and they start serving either the Light Side or the Dark Side and they use their own minds to go to war.

CATHY: Is the Good and the Evil that are attracting people, are they attracting its opposite or its same? Does Good attract evil people or good people?

THERRY: Yes, evil peoples. Good people simply become part of the magnet. They're simply absorbed as part of the Light Side.

CATHY: So the magnet only works in terms of its opposite.


CATHY: How are good people attracted to the Light?

THERRY: They are part of the Light.

CATHY: Okay.

THERRY: Again, here it's important to understand that Good and Evil per se, intrinsically don't exist because they are simply two opposites of the Continuum. Again it's important for you to understand differences in definitions between Good and Evil and Holy versus Unholy. When you speak of Good or the Light Side and stuff like that, what you're talking about is a system where you will grow in a direction of Free Will. You will grow in a direction such that you will be freed from the Trap of Maya. On the other hand, if you're talking about the Dark Side or Evil or whatever, then that simply means that you are involved in a system that's drawing you into your illusions, it's drawing you down to Earth, it's tying you down to the lower realms of Creation, physical earth. Okay?

CATHY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Okay. Now the problem comes is, when Man gets involved in it because Man has a whole lot of things that the Law itself does not have 'cause Man has Free Will. Then you get into the downright physicalness of war and that's the problem of the Earth. If Man followed Law intrinsically then we'd have no problems. There'd be homeostasis within Creation but that homeostasis must also be viewed as stagnation because there'd either be neither growth nor downfall. That was what originally existed before the Great Force. But now, that Man is involved in it, you have an inequality. The state of homeostasis doesn't exist anymore. So you have a battle of Entropy.

CATHY: Entropy, what does that mean?

THERRY: The process of falling apart and becoming chaotic.

CATHY: I thought that you'd told me that Evil runs away from life?

THERRY: Always does.

CATHY: But now you're saying that...

THERRY: Because there's an innate fear. Remember for every attraction, there is an equal and opposite rejection. So good for the Light Side becomes the work towards freeing yourself from Maya. Good for the Dark Side becomes trapping yourself deeper and trying to trap others deeper into Maya. So for both sides the term good is relative. What is good for one becomes bad for the other etc.

CATHY: Well how can the Light both attract and repel the Dark at the same time?

THERRY: The Light doesn't attract the Light.


THERRY: It absorbs the light. They become one and it attracts the Dark.

CATHY: How does it does the Light attract and repel the Dark at the same time?

THERRY: It doesn't repel the Dark. It attracts the Dark.

CATHY: So in the Dark...

THERRY: But remember, when you're dealing with Man, you're not dealing with strict law, you're dealing with other aspects. There's the unstable elements involved. There's the Man's Excessive Ego, his wife's ego and there's the emotions, there are value systems, there's a whole fabric, which belongs the Illusion of the Trap of Maya, which you have to deal with. And there's always other areas of Dialusion or law that states that "Things that are, tend to remain, tend to want to remain" such that if things are Dark, they tend to want to remain Dark. If things are growing towards the Light, they tend to want to remain to grow towards the Light. And if things are going towards the Darkness, they tend to want to remain to go towards the Darkness, so that's the automatic repulsion there. As those that are in darkness draw or are drawn towards the Light, the natural defense of Fear will reject the Light. It's the plain Laws of Motion, 'cause after all, everything that exists is controlled by the Laws of Motion.

CATHY: The Laws of Motion being what?

THERRY: Frequency.

CATHY: Could you explain on that?

THERRY: Well, nothing stands still. It doesn't matter what it is, if you could find an instrument fine enough when you looked at something, like even a dead piece of wood, it's still vibrating, it's still moving and it is its special movements that made it to be recognized as a tree as opposed to an ant or an animal or an insect.

CATHY: So the Laws of Motion means something in motion tends to stay in motion?

THERRY: Rather than start their motion, they simply change form. That's why energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be converted.

CATHY: Okay.

THERRY: Now the average individual, for them all of this is invisible, transparent, but for the individual who are on their deathbed, it becomes very apparent to them because they start dealing with the rends and the borders between the two worlds.

CATHY: So what do they see?

THERRY: They see things that average humans do not see because they approach their death, depending on their Karma, as they approach their point transition, they're sitting sorta on the fence in between two worlds and they get inputs from both.

CATHY: Do they see everything that is Good and Evil?

THERRY: I don't think that they use those terms unless they happen to be very heavily Christian and even then, I don't think they actually truly think in those terms.

CATHY: So what terms do they look at it as?

THERRY: Cares of the world. The same as anybody else does. They still have to deal with the Illusions and the games and the roles that they've been playing all of their lives. Just that now they begin seeing their roles differently such as one person may discover that he spent all of his life looking to build power or money and now because he's at his point, he realizes that it was nothing. His money and his power never served him. He just spinned his wheels all of his life. And so it is with other people, all their life they believed in a certain concept but now that they're at that point of transition they come to realize that it's been the biggest joke of their life.

CATHY: You said that most people...

THERRY: That's the reason why in many instances, people have a heart attack and they broach transition but they never quite make the transition. Well, when they come back and recover, the experience has so drastically changed their life that they're just totally different because at that point, they've come to know the absurdity of their values, the absurdity of their behaviors and they just reconcile themselves to that inappropriateness and they change.

CATHY: You said that everybody gets a chance to look at the Emotions of Death three times.

THERRY: Well you have to bear in mind that in the process of life, the Universe is unfolding, regardless of what and it's unfolding on all levels and by Dialusion, nature does nothing without warning you first. So that's true with life too. Hold it a minute...As people live their lives, they're very busy playing their own games, playing the roles. Well, somewhere along that road, the Hound of Hell touches them. At that time, they experience the Emotion called Death and they make a very quick evaluation in their lives. Now this happens three times in their lives. For absolutely everybody, it happens at least three times. The third time is always at the point of death. Or let's say...let's not say the third time, let's say the last time this occurs is definitely at the point of death. That is why quite often, you will...if you investigate people's lives, there's a total change in their life. Some people are very high doctors and they chuck it all and they start over and they go some place, they move away. The cause that makes those radical changes is because they experience the Emotion Death. And the Emotion Death, not the Fear of Death, because that's just Fear, but the Emotion Death, that's one of the five basic emotions, it always causes a very big, a very strong re-evaluation of everything. It may not necessarily tell you what you should do, but it will certainly tell you if what you're doing is not appropriate for your state of growth. Many people when they experience that Emotion they go into a very big and very long and very deep depression. Quite often they'll stay depressed until they go see a psychiatrist or some...they have some other thing to set them on their game path again.

CATHY: If a person...when you die, things that you take with you are your values and your reference points.


CATHY: Do you leave everything else here?

THERRY: What else can you take with you?

CATHY: Personality.

THERRY: No, that all stays behind.