Q & A From Seminars

In the course of events, as more and more people attended special seminars, it was discovered that the same questions were asked over time. [The seminars in question have reference to the course of study called Mirrors Of Arkashea.] The seminars, in addition to teaching the laws of creation much like they were taught to Pharaoh Akhenaten by an even more ancient order of Lemurian Monks, address the specific concerns that most students have about exactly how to merge this spiritual wisdom into their everyday life.

Allow us to share their concerns with you. Please accept that all the names and places have been changed to protect the true identity of the individuals. If there is a pattern which causes anyone to think that they recognize a specific individual, please accept that more than one person is involved in asking the questions; therefore, the recognition of any single person is merely a coincidence. We have not only changed the individual's name, in many cases we have also changed the student's gender.

However, in all cases, the questions are as they were asked. We thought it best if the student's actual words remained unchanged. The unedited questions will, in most cases, betray the turmoil and the emotions that each was feeling during the time.

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