The Ba: The Borrowed Astral body
(The seed from which comes our physical bodies)

A discussion about the ancient Lemurian Magi's view of the physical body. This discussion seeks to enlighten seekers of the many levels of our body. It looks at our physical body not from this life's point of view, but from the point of view of the other side of life. The passing topics are:

  1. The symbols of the physical and their different levels of meaning,
  2. The Earth Experience,
  3. The box within a box concept of the physical body,
  4. Astral Planes of existence,
  5. Limitations exerted because of being physical,
  6. Layers of Maya, Karma.

Bemusement: Levels of Responsibility
(The game makes the difference)

A discussion about the difference between being bemused and being confused. Basically, it speaks of it as a difference of responsibility vs. one's hidden agenda.

The Big Bang: Is It Really The Beginning
(Did it really bang... or, did it just ooze into being?)

A discussion about the difference between science's version of creation and the ancient Magi's version. The ancient Magi did not believe that the big bang occurred in exactly the same way that science believes. The ancient Magi believed that the big bang wasn't a bang, so to speak, it was simply the beginning of the process of oozing creation into being. The passing topics are:

  1. Where the physical limits are placed,
  2. Where the astral limits are placed,
  3. The layers of time and space with respect to Matter,
  4. Astral Plane of Common Reality,
  5. The pattern and the force of creation,
  6. The original cause for the cause of change,
  7. The force of change upon creation.

Biological Time: That Aspect Of Time That Controls Us
(The clock that controls our physical body)

A discussion about the difference between the different types of TIME, and how each type has its own control over every life-form that resides upon all three levels of The Earth Experience-- Lower Earth, Middle Earth, and Higher Earth.

Blasphemy: A Quick Road To Hell
(Some debts can never be repaid)

A short discussion on the meaning of blasphemy. The passing topics are:

  1. The continuum of Blasphemy,
  2. Can Blasphemy occur by accident,
  3. Blasphemy vs. the God complex.

The Blood Mendella:
( An Individual's Double-Gate)

A short discussion on what reserves an individual's body for him/her alone. The passing topics are:

  1. Placental type Barriers,
  2. The Force of Creation.

Build-Up Force vs. Tear-Down Force: The Duality of Creation
(Could they be the two sides of the same door?)

A discussion about the two sides of the same door of creation. The Build-up forces are the forces which cause the growth in all things, while the Tear-down forces are the forces which cause death and decay in all things. This is a discussion how both must be present if life as we know it is to occur. It discusses how each (growth and death) becomes a modifier of the other.