Castle Keep:
(The Vessel That Holds The Carbon Universe)

A short discussion about the bubble within a bubble, within a bubble pattern of creation. The discussion touches upon what is necessary for a would-be traveler to achieve the ability to Astrate, or the ability to Project. It also touches upon the constant exchange between different states of experiences, and how REALITY becomes ILLUSIONS based upon one's level of observation.

Change: The Only Guarantee
(The Continuum Of Change Created Life)

A discussion about how it was the Continuum of Change that created life as we know it. The passing topics are:

  1. The six points of power,
  2. The how-to of change,
  3. Trade-offs toward change,
  4. Change and Other-World Teachers.

Chi: A Prime Building Block
(Multiple Levels Of Creation)

A discussion about The Chi Of Creation (the prime Unity factor) and how the Unity Factor is repeated within each individual as the main part of the ID system. The discussion touches upon all three aspects of the creation of Chi -- The Unity Factor, The Duality Factor (Primedial Force and Primordial Force), and The Triunity Factor (Conductivity, Receptivity, and Frequency). A Pictograph traces the replication of The Chi's three levels.

Commission: First Step To Predestiny
(Can it really be equalized?)

A discussion about the difference between a positive commission and a negative commission. It is another how-to of understanding, seeking to graph the opportunities an individual might have to commit a karmic deed. It speaks of how there are two ways to commit a misdeed: firstly, to do something when it should not have been done; secondly, to fail to do something when it should have been done.

Communication: The First Trap
(The true creator of Man?)

A discussion on how it is communication, itself, that is the true creator. Passing topics are:

  1. The three layers of communication -- Denotative, Connotative, and The-Psycho-symatic-effects-of-language,
  2. How the human mind cannot think without symbols,
  3. Differences between Man's Illusions,
  4. The difference between the illusions that belong to the species vs. the illusions that belong to the individual.

Condemnation: The Root of Rejection
(The road to a self-imposed hell)

A discussion on how Man, the species and Man, the individual is at war in many different ways. It speaks of how the war is played out via the condemnation of others just because they choose different ways of learning, of experiencing life, in general. Topics are:

  1. Prejudices,
  2. Being held back from achieving meaningful communication with one's higher self,
  3. Paradigm shifts and learning,
  4. The process of mastering one's own negativity.

Continuums: The Basic Building Block of Creation
(Differences within sameness and sameness within differences)

A discussion on the unit of creation. The Continuum was said to be one of Pharaoh Akhenaten's most important discovery. Taught by priests from a still more ancient land -- priests from Lemuria's Temple of Light -- Akhenaten was introduced to the laws of Repeated Patterns and how they [the laws] united to create The Continuum. The passing topics are:

  1. The fabric-like aspects of Creation,
  2. Dual Continuums,
  3. Double-Cross,
  4. The Great-Force,
  5. The Mind-Force,
  6. Continuum of Belief,
  7. The Continuum of Creation,
  8. The First Law of Illusion,
  9. Double-Gates,
  10. The Continuum of Change,
  11. The God-Head of Creation,
  12. Sea of Un-created Futures,
  13. The Unity of the Great Void,
  14. The Ankh, Seven Rivers of Creation,
  15. Differing Time Lines,
  16. Continuum of Karma,
  17. Continuum of The Life-Force,
  18. The Maya,
  19. Oblivion,
  20. The Astral Plane of Common Reality,
  21. The Continuum of Pleasure vs. The Continuum of Pain,
  22. The Continuum of Self,
  23. A discussion on how one's excessive ego tend to disrupt logical thinking,
  24. The three parts of self (Ka, Ba, BaKa),
  25. Karmic needs,
  26. Continuum of Fear,
  27. Continuum of Freedoms vs. Predestiny,
  28. Continuum of Friendship -- Man's link to his species,
  29. The five different parts to Mutual-satisfaction-of-needs.

Cosmic Man: The Twin Species of Humanity--The male and the female
(The real future lies in the past)

A discussion on why the cosmic image of the twin species Human is a man walking down the road with his head on backwards. It touches upon the two basic time frames that govern Man in his everyday life. It seeks to help the reader understand how it is possible to exist in, and be governed by, two types of time at the same time. Topics are:
The placing of our limits,
The fear of responsibility.

Creation's Triunity: The Laws of Creation
(Duality within Unity)

A discussion on the Triunity Factor and how it controls and/or governs all of life as we know it. Topics are:

  1. The Broken Cross,
  2. The Magic Circle,
  3. The power of The Ankh.

Cycle of Lives: The Gift/Curse of Reincarnation
(How many chances do we get before The Universe gives up?)

A discussion about Other-World Teachers and how they are a prime determiner of who and when we are allowed to reincarnate into another life. It seeks to aid the reader understand how The Affinity Factor moves people around so they can be at the right place and the right time to meet their respective destiny. It speaks on the cycle that is involved when Man seeks to equalize their karmic misdeeds' for-bonds, against bonds, and with-bonds.

Ceremony: Rites of the Cleansing
(Before the Rites of Donning)

Direction for performing The Rites of Cleansing that precedes The Rites of Donning.

  Ceremony: Rites Of The Donning
(after The Cleansing but before Rising sun)

Directions for The Rites of Donning.

Ceremony: Worship at Sunrise

Directions for the Greeting the Sun ceremony