Death: The Process
(The Face Of Reincarnation)

A discussion on the death process, and how an individual slips in and out of the In-Between Time The In-Between Time is that time when an individual is too dead to be called alive, but the individual still has too much life to be called dead. Caught in between life and death, the individual experiences what seems to be another type of life, wherein the individual seeks to detach from the illusions that belong to the life that is ending. The individual's In-between Time is when all the Karma that is going to be equalized in that life is equalized. The Karma that remains is tallied against the individual's future as the reincarnation process is entered.

Delimiters: Guardians Of Creation
(Placental-type barriers)

A discussion of the way creation is put together; such that, neighboring parts do not spill over into each other. It is the laws governing delimiters that is allowing for diversity within sameness. The prime law of Earth's Eat and be eaten, kill and be killed is discussed with respect to the individual's Karma. Limitations of the level of observation are discussed with respect to the law which governs same. It is advised that care should be taken when seeking limitations, as the individual just might find them.

Density: A Prime Placental Barrier
(The nature of creation)

A discussion of one of the most important placental-type barrier that is used to govern and to modify a life-form's environment. The Monograph discusses how one's density often limits the possibilities of life, and the place a life-form might occupy along the food chain because of it. Most important, the ability to travel asterally is discussed, with respect to the density makeup of the different bodies that an individual uses to experience life on planet Earth's Astral Plane of Common Reality.

Deluge, Dialuge, and Dialusion:
(Multiple Levels Of Creation)

A discussion on the different levels of existence upon the many different planes where existence is possible. The would-be traveler learns what to expect when s/he travels, for the first time, to other worlds, to other dimensions, or to other levels of Reality.

Dimensions: The Divisions Of Matter
(Levels of physical reality)

A discussion on the pattern that is used to separate Matter into the different planes of existence. The seeker learns about Royal Steering-Currents -- laws that govern all of creation;
Common Steering-Currents -- laws that govern a specific level of creation;
and how each of the above has its own effect upon the other. The Monograph Dimensions discusses the Magic Circle -- the top part of the Ankh -- with respect to the now known 35 levels of control.

Drama: The Tie That Binds
(The stage upon which we play our games)

A discussion on how it is drama that is the tie that binds the species human to its Karma. It discusses the difference between A Happening and A situation, with respect to the attachment of sentimentality to the events of the A Happening that causes the Muse to trap the individual in his/her games.

Duality: Differences Within Sameness
(Levels of Individuality)

A discussion about the second manifestation of the power of creation: Duality. It discusses how duality is governed, basically, by two laws which are in their own right Royal in nature. It validates the Royal nature of the laws by attaching the symbol of The Master Builder. Unfortunately, the symbol for the Master Builder -- just one panel from The Broken Cross -- has been so misused that few can look upon it for what it truly is. The Monograph discusses the dual path into The Grand Maya -- The Absence and The Presence. It discusses the first of the Double-Gates -- the Isis/Anubis Double-Gate as it shows its symbol.