Earth: Just One Of Many
(Home for Man, Or is it a karmic prison. . .)

A discussion of the impact that the species Man has upon the different levels of planet Earth. There is also a discussion on how there are more than one earth-type planets that are in different stages of completions through-out creation. It also discusses how Man has been puddle-jumping from planet to planet as it develops. There is also a discussion about the difference between human kind, specifically the species Man, and the Family of Man. It seeks to teach various levels of The Magic Circle 's and The Broken Cross' effect upon creation.

Energy: Higher, Higher Earth's Nine Energy Planes
(The seed's roots reach down to create lower, Middle Earth)

A discussion about the personal experience of an individual who actually died and came back to life again. It speaks of being massaged into consciousness upon The Ninth Energy Plane Of Existence by beings of pure light. The experience within The City of Lights teaches about the mechanism of the past, the percent , and the future by following the very threads which create them. In exchange for special service to the whole, a gift is given that will allow the individual to reintegrate past lives much like a multiple personality reintegrates the different personalities that caused memory/behavioral disfunction. As a result of the reintegrating process, the individual's memory spans centuries.

Ego: The Continuum of Self
( The Ego vs. The Excessive Ego)

A discussion about how Other-world Teachers seek to teach the difference between an individual's ego and an individual's excessive ego. It attempts to teach how the threads of an individual's Karma go a long way towards determining the limits of experience. It teaches how Man, the individual, is only a chemical factory that is based upon different aspects; such as, the balance of the various chemicals within the body, the balance that gives an individual awareness, and the balance that will achieve both, give an individual mobility and modify the given mobility by establishing a system of changing limits.

Emotion's Interchange Interface: The Process of Communicating to One's Self
(The connection that keeps the link between our bodies)

A discussion on an important aspect of the creation of individuality -- specifically, what is called an individual's Emotion's Interchange Interface. The discussion seeks to teach the link between the different layers of an individual's awareness. It seeks to teach how the mechanism that ties the Ka, the Ba, and the BaKa work, with respect to the communication that takes place between the different levels of existence.

Entropic Continuum:
( The Loss of Energy Causes Explosions)

A discussion on the mechanism which governs the continuum of diminishing returns. It seeks to teach the process of obtaining control over one's emotions, and the process thereof.

Equalizing Karma:
(Original Cause for Reincarnation)

A discussion on the difference between the three types of karmic debt which must be equalized before an individual can free themselves from the wheel of justice which Man calls Karma. It speaks of the three types of bonds which cause karmic debt -- the for-bonds, the with-bonds, and the against-bonds. It seeks to explain just how one can tell the difference between a commission and an omission. It tells of the two types of commissions -- failing to do something when that something should be done, and doing something when that something should not be done. It also speaks of the process of equalizing each type of bonds, regardless if the bonds are of the commission type, or if they are of the omission type.

Essenes Of Arkashea:
(People Of Essence)

A discussion of the difference between the people that history knows as The Essenes that come from The House of Egypt and the people that history knows as The Essenes that come from The House of Isreal. It speaks of the Triune Forces of creation -- Isis: Goddess Of Life, Anubis: God Of Death, and Ptoh: The Preserver. It speaks of the condition under which Isis gave the species Man the awareness called Life -- The Alliance Of The Rule, The Magic Circle, and The Broken Cross. It speaks of the on-going war that existed between the priests of Amen Re and Pharaoh Akhenaten, which led to Pharaoh's death by poison. It speaks of The Hunt wherein the followers of Akhenaten were hunted down in the streets of the city and killed where they stood. It speaks of the first exodus from Egypt by the People Of Essence into the land of Hebren (the first exodus came before the Hebrew nation became slaves in Egypt).

Essence Of Life:
(Threads Of Awareness)

A discussion of a journey to the other side of life, as we know it, and back. Remembrances of a short period upon The Earth's Experience's most highest Astral Plane--the ninth Energy Plane. Remembrances of a short period among the residents of The City Of Lights. So near to Orthodontiks... yet so far. Remembrances of a short time when the choice between which side of the placental-barrier was to be home belonged to the traveler.