Galaxies: Man's final destination?
(Creator of Gravity, Giver of Time)

A discussion concerning the various separations within The Grand Maya. If we look at all of creation as a single onion, then each layer of the onion has a very specific purpose; such as, a dimension, a universe, a galaxy, a star-system, a solar system, a planetary system, an ecology system, and other necessary creations... such as the different species that reside upon the Astral Plane of Common Reality, and the makeup of the individuals of any given species the continuum of life, itself.

Games: The Mechanisms of Experience
(Man's Only Tool For Growth)

A discussion concerning the mechanism by which "the twin species: Human" gains experience. It speaks of how the human species is composed to two sub-species called "Male" and "Female." Further, there is a discussion about Predestiny, Free-will, and Growth; more specifically, it speaks of how the three impact upon the two sub-species--Male and Female.

Guardians: Gabriel and Ariel
(The Two Sides Of The Same Door)

A discussion seeking to detail how we humans are not alone. It speaks of how illusion created the state that the twin species found itself in. It touches upon the different stages of life... especially the twin species' greatest gift--The Hound Of The Hell Of One's Own Thoughts. It speaks how this guide hunts down each individual in the forest of illusions and gives each the chance to be led back along the path that condemned them to their private hell. It speaks of how this will happen only once during each lifetime. If the individual will not follow, they cannot be saved during that life's period. Being saved... more accurately, saving themselves from the trap of the Hell of One's Own Thoughts is, indeed, an exercise in free-will.

Genesu: The Icon Of Trust
(The Inner Walk With Self)

A discussion seeking to detail the special gift of trust. There are many things that Man can trust during his/her life. So, too, there are many levels to trust. This discussion speaks of how there is a special mechanism within each individual that can determine what to trust and what not to trust. This mechanism comes from very deep within the individual -- It is called Genesu.

God: The Great Force
(The First Cause Of All Causes)

A discussion seeking to respond to questions that have been asked for centuries. "Is God truly a 'what'... If God is a 'what', then, what is God?"... "However, if God is a 'who' then, who is God?... Is God Male, or Female?... Where did God come from?... Did God really create all that is... or did God only cause the creations to come into being?"

Grand Awakening : The Continuum Of Awareness
(The Reintegration Of One's Past)

A discussion of the different layers of an individual's dreams of separation from the whole. It speaks of how what we call our awakened state is our 'home' state of awareness. It is usually called The Astral Plane of Common Reality. It speaks of how the next three states of awareness we call dreams, the borders of which can be changed. It speaks of 'The Descent' into The Grand Maya and the ramifications of that descent in the world of the physical. It seeks to give understanding of the laws which governs the different levels of creation.

Group: A Karmic With-Bond
(Individualism vs. The Species)

A discussion of the three different types of bonds that exist; specifically, it seeks understanding of the ramifications of belonging to a group, with respect to that group's Karma.