House of Judea vs. House of Egypt: Twin Paths Into Destiny
(To speak of one is to speak of the other)

A discussion on how there are two intertwined sects of Essenes that have remained closely connected throughout history. It speaks of how Western Man cannot know himself without first following the path of his past. It speaks of the different exodus from Egypt. It speaks of how most Westerners think there were only one... at the time of Moses. It speaks of how the Nation of Hebrews came to be into slavery under the House of Egypt -- While it does not deny the writings of the Jews, it does have a slight different point of view. Most noted, is the separation between the two houses.

Judgment Of Bethlehem: A Sacredness hard earned
(Seat of Rebellion)

A discussion on how Western Man views the little town of Bethlehem -- because of religion. It speaks of a people fighting for freedom. It speaks of a great lie because of the honor of freedom. It speaks of a nation that is divided against itself.