Ka: The Physical Body
(The Borrowed Body)

A discussion on how what we know of as the physical body is not the only body that we use to experience various realities. It speaks of the nature of what we call "reality" and how the ancients knew a different reality than we do today. It speaks of the laws of repeated patterns and how the repeating of patterns create differing levels of existing -- such as a level of dreams that haunts our reality. It speaks of how a law, specifically, "The force that is evoked to create a phenomenon is that same force that maintains the created within the boundaries which created it."

Karma: The Power Of Justice
(The power behind reincarnation)

A discussion on the pairing of Life-Force and Mind-Force. It speaks of how nothing is for free, that everything has a price that must be paid. It speaks of "The Tree of Life." It speaks of the balance between free-will and Predestiny. It speaks of the limitations placed upon the ability to change, and the eight opportunities that exist for change. It speaks of group Karma, and the nine levels of bonds which tie each to a specific Destiny. It tells that the nine levels of bonding are:

  1. The For-bonds;
  2. The With-bonds;
  3. The Against-bonds;
  4. The Love-bonds;
  5. The Games-bonds;
  6. The Illusions-bonds;
  7. The Friendship-bonds;
  8. The SoulMate-bonds;
  9. The Business-bonds.
  10. The Karmic-Chord which attaches us each to our Destiny.