Pain & Patience
(The Tools Of Man)

A discussion about the only two tools that the TwinSpecies: Human has to escape their self-created Karmic Trap. It speaks of how each individuals' lust after Individuality drove them out of Heaven and into the Hell-of-their-own-thoughts. Their journey took them through the trackless void, and finally, when their pain was great enough, they prayed for want to be freed from their desires of Individuality. An OtherWorld Teacher guided them as they descended into The-Soul-Of-Man; where each, through a long process of reincarnation, could find the holy path that would lead to their origin... Heaven.

(Nature's Receipts)

A discussion about how even nature creates using receipts. It seeks to teach ten of the many pairings that were used... that are used by the forces of creation to create the known physical Universe. The ten receipts are:

1. Animation;
2. Size;
3. Shape;
4. Malleability;
5. Form;
6. State;
7. Density;
8. Pigmentation;
9. Non-matter;
10. combining to make compounds.

Path To The Tree Of Life
(The Way Of Essence)

A discussion on the multilevel of The Earth Experience. It speaks of while The Earth Experience is divided into three major levels -- lower Earth, middle Earth, higher Earth -- the TwinSpecies: Human resides upon middle Earth; specifically, lower middle Earth. It speaks of the nature of reality being composed of part illusion and part real. It speaks of the important seven layers of each individual:

1. Astral Plane Of Common Reality (home for the stage upon which we live our everyday lives... home for the individual's physical body);
2. Alfa Plane (home for each's individuality, home for an individual's Ka);
3. Emotional Plane (home for an individual's mobility);
4. Beta Plane (home for an individual's higher-self, home for that which survives the death process, home for an individual's Ba, home for that part of each individual that is said to make all decisions that are to take place upon the Astral Plane Of Common Reality);
5. Mental Plane (home for an individual's ability to communicate);
6. Thada Plane (home for an individual's Ba's Baka, seat for the ability to Project via the individual's Emotional Interchange Interface's trickle down aspects);
7. Spiritual Plane (home for an individual's Astral Body... that which does the actual traveling during Astration -- the individual's out-of-the-body experiences).

(The Breakdown Of Law)

A discussion of how when a loss of reference points are encountered, confusion rules. It speaks of the laws governing The Blood Mendella, and how an individual's physical body cannot be used by another spiritual being, regardless if that being is disincarnate or not. It speaks of how Man has a history of seeking to absolve themselves of their bad behavior by trying to place the blame for their own behaviors upon some disincarnate spiritual being they choose to call a devil.

Planes vs. Levels
(Differences Within Sameness)

A discussion on the nine major planes that go into the make-up of The Earth Experience, and how each of the planes of experience are divided into different levels according to the points of a continuum which rules over the specific experience that is the basis of that plane. The points of the continuum might represent the individual's level of awareness... not everyone shares the same level of awareness... some seem more smart than others. Still, the points of the continuum might represent a life form's degree of mobility... some people are slower than others in all ways.

Psychological Screens
(The Nature Of Reality)

A discussion on how, because of the claim to uniqueness, each individual is condemned to live out life in a world that is all his own (living within his World Of Alfa)... how he lives in a reality of his own creation... how it is the viewing of the A happenings of The Astral Plane Of Common Reality from within his World Of Alfa that creates his true reality... how each individual creates an illusion that is to be played out upon the stage of The Astral Plane Of Common Reality... and then descends into that illusion to experience what he calls individuality.

PrimedialForce vs. GreatForce
(Two Sides Of The Same Door)

A discussion concerning the first of the great Magic Circles to come into existence -- Recursive Dialusion, PrimedialForce, PrimordalForce, and GreatForce. The discussion seeks to further explain how the twin path into creation -- the absence and the presence -- are really merely two different types of Time/Space Continuums -- LinearTime and FabricTime. While LinearTime has a past, a present, and a future, the FabricTime does not... All it has is the now.

Path To Wisdom 
(The Continuity of Wisdom Versus  the Temporality of Knowledge)

A short discussion on the effects of fallen angels descending and being bound by the limitations and the karmic continuum of the Earth experience.