Reality: The Illusion Of Separation
(The Stage Upon Which We Play)

This is a discussion upon the nature of Reality as most know it to be. In truth, as we learn, we discover that reality is not as simple as we think. The discussion seeks to teach the bubble within a bubble, within a bubble concept of understanding... wherein we share our reality with others who share our bubble. It seeks to speak of how we are not alone in our Astral Plane Of Common Reality. . . in that, we don't live in a vacuum... It seeks to speak of the automatic limits each must apply... hopefully only to themselves... It seeks to teach that one's rights end, absolutely, where another's rights begin to rule the moment. It seeks to speaks upon That Which Is Real and how there's an interaction with That Which Is Illusion... more importantly, it seeks to tell that it is the interaction of the two, not the presence or the absence of the two that creates one's reality. It speaks of Placental Barriers that divide our world from the world of others who share the same space. It speaks of prime laws that were used... that are used to create the physical reality that we know. It speaks about the interaction between Time's Magic Circle -- OrthodontiksTime (FabricTime), SideralTime (LinearTime), PsychologicalTime (a combination of FabricTime and LinearTime governing what we know as space), and BiologicalTime (the laws which govern our growth and decay cycles)... It speaks of the following laws:

  1. That which exists shall be dual in its nature, but triune in its effects;
  2. The creation of the one is, in itself, the implication of the creation of the other;
  3. The Force which is evoked to create is that same Force which maintains;
  4. The Force which is evoked to place a creation in an illusion is the same Force which maintains said creation within the boundaries of that illusion;
  5. That which exists shall exist within cycles which are governed by the laws of Repeating Patterns;
  6. Every individual shall have the chance to deceive himself. If the chance is acted upon, said individual will lie, will cheat, will steal... even unto murder to get what he thinks he wants from any given situation;
  7. Upon the face of purity, upon the face of non-darkness, upon the face of all things, even upon the six points of power, my mind shall conceive. With the power of the lights of the illumination of illusion, peace shall walk my heart and seven rivers shall flow from my mind; and, issued forth from each river shall come all things high and low, each unto its own level, after its own kind;
  8. Even the darkest spirit can find forgiveness... can find freedom from the hell of his own thoughts if he is willing to gaze deeply into the eyes of his own hound of hell, and thus be led back from the condemnation that keeps him trapped within the hell of his own creation;
  9. It is The World Of Illusion which is the driving force for Reality; and, within that Reality, it is the level of observation which creates the phenomenon; and, within each phenomenon, it is the Law Of The Moment which dictates the needs of the situation which brings forth the stage upon which we play our games; and, within these games, it is the interaction between the true needs and the acquired needs of The Law of The Moment which determines the roles we play in any given life; and, during any given life, it is the true needs and the acquired needs of our dreams, of our hopes, and of our desires that will determine the interaction of the Six Points Of Power over our emotions within any given illusion; and, with the satisfaction of the needs of our Illusions, The Magic Circle is fulfilled upon that level of experience.

Repeating Patterns
(Cause & Effect Of Continuity)

This is a discussion of how uniqueness, if it exists at all, exists only for a very short time. It speaks of how each law is evoked to do its thing, then it is changed in some way and re-used to continue the process of creation... each time the law is re-used, it is used upon a lower level of experience, thus creating differences within a large bubble of sameness... It speaks of the following laws:

  1. Unity: The unity of PrimedialForce;
  2. Duality: The first of the dual aspects of GreatForce--being passive;
  3. Duality: The second of the dual aspects of GreatForce--being active;
  4. Triunity: The first aspect of the triune nature of Triunity--Conductivity;
  5. Triunity: The second aspect of the triune nature of Triunity--Receptivity;
  6. Triunity: The third aspect of the triune nature of Triunity--Frequency.

Its speaks of how Man is trapped in LinearTime, but is governed by FabricTime... It touches upon a possible nature of God.

Royal Steering Currents
(Cosmic Traffic Cops)

A discussion of what makes Royal Concepts as opposed to regular concept... What makes a Royal Steering Current as opposed to what makes a Steering Current. It seeks to explain how it is the difference between the two that makes life as we know it possible. It speaks of how the ability for Language is Royal to MindForce, but only a Steering Current to LifeForce.

(Fate Walks The Roads)

This is a short discussion regarding OtherWorld Beings that visit our Astral Plane of Common Reality... the most important OtherWorld Visitor is Ruthe... said to visit Earth only when Earth is in the process of changing its seasons from the death-grip of winter to the new birth cycle of spring, and only when the moon is in the three day cycle of being full... It speaks of how seemingly unwanted changes are brought into an individual's life upon the very early dawn meetings of Ruthe.